The 10 Best Places to Eat in Ishigaki-jima Island, Okinawa

Ishigaki Island is a place you need to stop by to visit more remote islands such as Taketo Island or Iriomote Island. For this reason there may not be many who spend much time at Ishigaki Island itself. However, the cuisine here is a must try! To just pass it up for other islands is a waste. Stay awhile longer to enjoy all Ishigaki Island has to offer. Today we will show you where you must eat.

1. Kunatsuyu

1. Kunatsuyu
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Yaeyama Soba is the Okinawan soba that can be enjoyed in the Yaeyama area. The best place to enjoy this soba is here at Kutsunayu. The exterior of the restaurant looks like a traditional house and is marked by the stone wall and the hibiscuses. The soba that can be enjoyed here is thin, round and straight in a clear soup with a clear stock flavor. Unlike Okinawa soba this soba comes topped with thinly cut pork and fish baloney but does not included pickled ginger.

If you come with extra space, please enjoy the Yaeyama Soba Set. There are very special items that accompany the sob in this dish. The wooded atmosphere of the shop is very relaxing. Since the hours are short we recommend you head out early so you can maximize your enjoyment here.

Name: Kutsunayu
Address: 203 Ishigaki Ishigaki City Okinawa prefecture.
Phone: +81-980-82-7646
Hours: 11:00 to around 14:00
Closed Sundays

Map: Map to Kutsunayu

2. Ishigakiya

2. Ishigakiya
photo by im.winnie   /   embedded from Instagram

Ishigaki Beef is sold nationwide. The particular brand of beef must be raised within the Yaeyama district for an allotted amount of time and be of the black coated variety.

If you wish to eat this beef we recommend this specialty shop. Enjoy the highest quality beef from this special brand through the courses offered here. You can enjoy sirloin steak, top loin, and special upper plate.

Aside from Ishigaki beef you can also enjoy local chicken and island vegetables. No matter what you order you can enjoy the delicious food that Ishigaki naturally produces. The shop is made out of special wood as well and the atmosphere created is one that will not be forgotten. Enjoy luxurious beef here.

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Name: Charcoal Grill Specialty Shop Ishigakiya
Address: 547-7 Ishigaki Ishigaki City Okinawa prefecture.
Phone: +81-980-82-4400
Hours: 11:30〜14:00 / 17:00〜21:30
Closed Tuesdays

Map: Map to Charcoal Grill Specialty Shop Ishigakiya

3. Funakuranosato

3. Funakuranosato
photo by edwardyue   /   embedded from Instagram

The location for this restaurant is extremely spacious and the buildings are made up of many different older homes. Here you can enjoy a Yaeyama atmosphere with your 5 senses. You can enjoy the local cuisine in the evening but we can also recommend the soba dish at lunch for 1800 yen. The homemade noodles are the center piece served with natural mozuku, mimiga, and jimami tofu (peanut tofu). You can also enjoy individual dishes if you choose.

Every evening in one of the buildings there is live music with song and an Okinawa three-wired instrument. If you wish to enjoy the live music and dinner be sure to reserve your seats ahead of time!

Name: Funakuranosato
Address: 2468-1 Arakawa Ishigaki City Okinawa prefecture.
Phone: +81-980-82-8108
Hours: 11:00〜14:00 / 17:00〜22:00

Map: Map to Funakuranosato

4. Tofu no Higa

4. Tofu no Higa
photo by skyhigh_life   /   embedded from Instagram

This shop is located in the middle of sugar cane fields. They have been making tofu here from over 60 years ago. Their speciality is their curdled tofu. When you arrive at the shop you will be guided in one of two directions by signs that say “Those who like the heat” and “Those who are weak to heat”. Depending upon which way you choose you will be guided to sit outdoors or indoors.

The menu is extremely simple with “Fluffy Tofu Set”, “Fluffy Tofu Soba”, and “Tofu Stir-fry”. You can choose the “Senior Fluffy Tofu Set” for 350 yen! It comes with rice porridge, egg roll, and bean curds. The good news is you do not have to be a senior to enjoy this awesome menu at this awesome price. This gentle dish is perfect for a stomach wearied from travels.

Name: Tofu no Higa
Address: 570 Ishigaki Ishigaki City Okinawa prefecture.
Phone: +81-980-82-4806
Hours: 6:30〜15:00
Closed Sundays

Map: Map to Tofu no Higa

5. Hitoshi

5. Hitoshi
photo by kazutaka   /   embedded from Instagram

If you want to enjoy maguro (tuna) on Ishigaki Island, this is the place to go. It does live up to its title as “Maguro Speciality Shop”.

Sometimes is may be unavalible due to catch conditions but if you can, we recommend you try the “Maguro sushi”. The fresh tuna is served in each grade of fat content. With 4 piece of regular sushi and 6 pieces of wrapped sushi for 980 yen, it is a wonderful deal. Another popular menu item is the “Ishigaki Beef Sushi”.

The texture of the meat is one that will melt in your mouth. What is wonderful is that despite the Ishigaki brand of beef being used, it is not sold at such an extravagant price. When you visit, be sure to try these two items.

The assorted sashimi is also wonderful and a good quantity. This shop sells not only maguro but also other fish at very reasonable prices. It is always crowded so be sure to make a reservation.

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Name: Maguro Speciality Shop Izakaya Hitoshi (Ishigando shop)
Address: 197-1 Ogawa Ishigaki City Okinawa prefecture.
Phone: +81-980-88-5807
Hours: 17:00〜24:00
Closed most Sundays

Map: Map to Maguro Speciality Shop Izakaya Hitoshi (Ishigando shop)

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6. Island Vegetable Café Hellow Beach

6. Island Vegetable Café Hellow Beach
photo by motiti_26   /   embedded from Instagram

Just as the café name indicates, this is a place with a lot of island vegetables in the dishes. You can be seated inside on tatami or outside on the terrace overlooking the ocean. On the board, the vegetables and where they are produced is posted. You can trust that the vegetables were made in a pure environment on the island and enjoy them till you are full. All of the dishes including the curry, loco moco, and hamburger are all wonderful.

Between 11a.m. and 3 p.m. is lunch time. During this time you can enjoy a drink bar including Pineapple Sanpin tea, flavored tea, and coffee. You can also enjoy white wine from California! During café time you may have one drink of your choice and during dinner there is an all-you-can-eat island vegetable buffet. Each time during the day offers something different and you will want to visit multiple times!

Name: Island Vegetables Café Hellow Beach
Address: 192-2 Maezato Ishigaki City Okinawa prefecture.
Phone: +81-980-87-0865
Hours: 11:00〜23:00

Map: Map to Island Vegetables Café Hellow Beach

7. Pengin Shokudo

7. Pengin Shokudo
photo by tn22408   /   embedded from Instagram

Here you can enjoy the vegetables and tofu of the island. They also used the edible chili oil that became nationally famous from Ishigaki Island. In this island chili pepper, turmeric, island sesame, and brown sugar is used. Over ten uniquely Okinawan ingredients are used to create this sauce. Usually chili sauce is only used with pork pot stickers. However, here it is used in many different dishes such from vegetables to meat and tofu to noodles.

The dishes here are complete handmade and therefore not unlimited. Therefor be sure to reserve your place ahead of time. Come enjoy amazing dishes with Ishigaki Island chili oil.

Name: Pengin Shokudo
Address: 199-1 Okawa Ishigaki City Okinawa prefecture.
Phone: +81-980-88-7803
Hours: : 11:30~sold out/ 18:00~22:00
Closed Sundays and some other days

Map: Map to Pengin Shokudo

8. Ichigoichie

8. Ichigoichie
photo by h_kathy2.0   /   embedded from Instagram

This is where you can have the delicious seafood available on Ishigaki Island. This fish are sent fresh here from the fishing boat “Shiosaimaru” and are presented in many different fashions. What we can recommend depends on the catch of the day but you will always want to try the “Shiosai Platter”.

There are also non-seafood dishes such a bitter cucumber stir-fry, Okinawa-style stewed pork cubes, and mozuku. You can also enjoy coconut crab and the sashimi of giant clam. If there are items you are not familiar with, begin by ordering them! Orion beer, Ishigaki Island beer and other alcoholic drinks are also available. Every evening there is live music so come enjoy the bounty of Ishigaki Island with Ishigaki Island music.

Name: The Izakaya of Fishermen Ichigoichie
Address: Pureness Ishida 1F 216 Okawa Ishigaki City Okinawa prefecture.
Phone: +81-980-87-0926
Hours: 11:30〜14:00 / 16:00〜24:00
Closed for lunch on Wednesdays

Map: Map to The Izakaya of Fishermen Ichigoichie

9. Okashi no Marche

9. Okashi no Marche
photo by kanabun720   /   embedded from Instagram

Kunpen is a very popular souvenir of Ishigaki Island. When you write it in Chinese characters the meaning is “fragrance rice cakes”. If you know this you could be a professional is Ishigaki Island. In years past this was a delicacy for the kings of the Ryuku kingdom. They are a delicious treat you are bound to get hooked on.

These have been produced and sold by Miyazaki Okashiten since 1922. The outside is like a cookie and the aroma is one of peanuts and sesame. At this shop you can also enjoy over 20 varieties of cakes and cream puffs. There are also over 30 items that make the perfect souvenir from Ishigaki Island. Visit here for a delicious treat and all your souvenir needs!

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Name: Okashino Marche (Direct sale location for Miyazaki Okashiten)
Address: 4 Misaki-cho Ishigaki Ishigaki City Okinawa prefecture
Phone: +81-980-82-4822
Hours: 9:30〜20:30

Map: Map to Okashino Marche


photo by modokame   /   embedded from Instagram

JA Ishigaki beef is used in the steaks and hamburgers here at CORNER’S GRILL. The menu item you do not want to miss when you visit here is the hamburger with 100% Ishigaki beef! The patty is 150g and is quite large. You can have it with avocado and cheese for 2050 yen but if you consider that it is 100% local it is quite the deal. This is a dish that will be sure to satisfy you.

There are also other side dishes such as onion rings and garlic shrimp available. You may also be able to take-out the cheeseburger and avocado cheese burger based on the conditions of the beef production on the island. If you do not have time you can buy it before you flight so you don’t have to miss out on this amazing experience!

Address: Jyosai bld. 1F 253-1 Okawa Ishigaki City Okinawa prefecture.
Phone: +81-980-82-8050
Hours: 11:00〜18:00
Closed Sundays


Come Enjoy the Gourmet of Ishigaki Island!

What did you think? Undeniably one of the luxuries of vacation is the cuisine experience. Being able to experience the local food is something everyone wants to do. When you visit Ishigaki Island, be sure to taste the flavors only available here. You are bound to find a marvelous new favorite and make unforgettable memories.

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