The Best 10 Breakfast Shops You Must Eat in Tokyo

The breakfast should be taken properly as it is the start of the day. Then you can be active onwards. It would be the same, even if you are on your trip. Especially, the delicious and healthy breakfast will bring you the source of energy to visit around the sightseeing spots. I’m introducing to you the carefully selected popular breakfast shops in Tokyo.

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1. Good Morning Café

1. Good Morning Café
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The “Good Morning Café” in Shibuya-ward in Tokyo is a fashionable breakfast Shop with an open feeling in which you can relax. You can enjoy the orthodox breakfast with a cup of coffee, some toast and some yoghurt. Besides, they offer the Assai-palm and the hamburgers which are in fashion and a substantial breakfast.

They have some seats on the outside terrace and you can feel the crisp morning there. On a fine morning, please visit there and have a nice breakfast.

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Name: Good Morning Café
Address: c/o Tokyo Taiikukan Pool building 1-17-1 Sendagaya Shibuya-ward Tokyo
Tel: +81-3-5775-4800
Access: just a short walk from the Sendagaya station


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This shop is famous for the delicious ice-coffee. The café has been loved for a long time by the locals. The especially popular breakfast at the “COFFEEHOUSE Soreiyu” is the condensed milk and fresh cream on toast. It is the Soreiyu’s signature breakfast.

At a glance, it looks too sweet, but actually, it has quite a plain taste and the mild sweetness of the condensed milk is very tasty. As it is a breakfast, people on their diet shouldn’t feel guilty, even though this breakfast is sweet. Please try the famous condensed milk on toast together with their delicious ice-coffee.

Address: 3-15-7 Nishiogi Minami Suginami-ward Tokyo
Tel: +81-3-3332-3005
Access: a 3-minute-walk from the Nishiogikubo station

3. February Café

3. February Café
photo by hakodate.lemon   /   embedded from Instagram

Asakusa is really popular as a sightseeing spot. Many visitors from all over Japan as well as overseas come and enjoy the place every day. The “February Café” in Asakusa where you can enjoy a breakfast cheaply is popular. You can have the bread from the famous bakery in Asakusa, “Pelican” in this café.

As you can have your breakfast in the relaxed atmosphere, the shop has been supported by the locals as well. You can swap the morning bread for the cheese toast for the same price. It is an attractive selling point, isn’t it?

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Name: February Café
Address: 1-7-8 Kaminarimon Taito-ward Tokyo
Tel: +81-3-6802-7171
Access: a 1-minute-walk from the Tawaramachi station

4. American

4. American
photo by yuriapr   /   embedded from Instagram

The “American” is located in the high-class shopping town, Ginza. The signature menu of this shop is the large sandwiches! Generally speaking, thinly sliced bread is used for sandwiches, isn’t it? But at this “American”, they offer the sandwiches which are made with the thickly sliced bread and the stuffed fillings.

The thickness of the bread is surprising 10cm! It seems to satisfy people who want to eat their breakfast substantially. If you can’t finish it all, they will give you a pack for taking it back with you. It will be convenient for your lunch.

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Name: American
Address: 4-11-7 Ginza Chuo-ward Tokyo
Tel: +81-3-3542-0922
Access: a 1-minute-walk from the Higashi-ginza station

5. Le Pain Quotidien Shibakoen-shop

5. Le Pain Quotidien Shibakoen-shop
photo by mizutamasatomi   /   embedded from Instagram

Even after the Sky Tree was built, the Tower of Tokyo is still a popular symbolic figure of Tokyo. You can have your breakfast leisurely at the “Le Pain Quotidien”, viewing the Tower of Tokyo. The surroundings of the Tower have a lot of trees, so you can feel as if you are doing the forest bathing.

The shop is famous not only for its location but also the delicious bread. They offer various types of breakfast menu. Especially the omelette with the substantial fillings is very popular. You are in Tokyo all the way from far away, so why don’t you have a delicious breakfast, viewing the famous spot in Tokyo?

Name: Le Pain Quotidien Shibakoen-shop
Address: 3-3-1 Shibakoen Minato-ward Tokyo
Tel: +81-3-6430-4157
Access: a 1-minute-walk from the Onarimon station

6. Maison Landemaine Tokyo

6. Maison Landemaine Tokyo
photo by himeka7   /   embedded from Instagram

Speaking of a breakfast for mature people, a cup of coffee is essential, isn’t it? I’d like to recommend the “Maison Landemaine Tokyo” to coffee lovers. Their homemade proud croissants are very popular. This shop has been introduced on TV many times.

No matter which menu you order, you can have a cup of coffee or tea as many times as you want! That’s why from early morning the shop is bustling with their customers. The most popular menu is the omelette set. One ¥500 coin is enough for it. You can enjoy the omelette, the freshly baked bread and a cup of coffee as many times as you want. Some people make it a rule to order the set menu every time.

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Name: Maison Landemaine Tokyo
Address: 3-1-5 Azabudai Minato-ward Tokyo
Tel: +81-3-5797-7387
Access: an 8-minute-walk from the Roppongi station

7. Yaesu Hatsufuji

7. Yaesu Hatsufuji
photo by yukikouma   /   embedded from Instagram

Since the foreign culture arrived in Japan, especially, nowadays, the western-styled breakfast has been rapidly increasing. However, the visitors who want to try the Japanese-styled breakfast can enjoy it at the “Yaesu Hatsufuji”. This shop is a tavern where you can enjoy drinking at night. In the morning, they offer the Japanese-styled breakfast for a reasonable price. Many business workers come and enjoy it every morning.

They serve the order quickly after receiving an order. So, people who are in a hurry are very happy. The most popular one is the “sunnyside-up set menu” for ¥520. It is located in the center of Tokyo, but the price is very reasonable. Of course the taste is excellent!

Name: Yaesu Hatsufuji
Address: c/o Yaesu Chikagai Kita 1-go 2-1 Yaesu Chuo-ward Tokyo
Tel: +81-50-5815-6131
Access: just a short walk from the Tokyo station

8. Ginza Capital Hotel Iris

If you are a person who wants to choose your favorite foods for your breakfast, the buffet-styled restaurant is the best for you. The “Ginza Capital Hotel Iris” in Tsukiji opens at 6:30 in the morning. You can set off for sightseeing earlier.

This shop offers a breakfast for ¥1,512. If you buy a ticket in advance, it will be ¥1,050. The dishes are all tasty and there is variety in the menu. The Japanese word to mouth comments are high-graded about their quality. Please get enough energy for your Tokyo sightseeing from this breakfast.

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Name: Ginza Capital Hotel Iris
Address: 3-1-5 Tsukiji Chuo-ward Tokyo
Tel: +81-3-3543-8211
Access: a 2-minute-walk from the Tsukiji station

9. PRONT IL BAR Tokyo-station Ichibangai-shop

9. PRONT IL BAR Tokyo-station Ichibangai-shop
photo by aegis.cazz.1   /   embedded from Instagram

You can have your morning-set menu for ¥390 at the “PRONT IL BAR Tokyo-station Ichibangai-shop”. The set-menu is simple with a boiled egg, the salad, a cup of coffee and some toast. But it has been attracting many people. It is just in front of the ticket barrier of the Tokyo station. If you are in a hurry, it is very convenient.

They offer their proud curry and rice to stimulate your appetite. It has been said that eating curry in the morning is good for you, so it is suitable for people who are conscience about their health. They have the area for smokers, so it is popular for tobacco lovers as well.

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Name: PRONT IL BAR Tokyo-station Ichibangai-shop
Address: 1-9 Marunouchi Chiyoda-ward Tokyo
Tel: +81-3-5219-6640
Access: at the Chuo Exit on the Yaesu Basement at the Tokyo-station

10. Kyobashi Senbikiya

10. Kyobashi Senbikiya
photo by hyezzang1231   /   embedded from Instagram

The “Senbikiya” is a famous fruits’ shop dealing with the high-class fruits for more than 100 years in Tokyo. This shop which has been run by the “Senbikiya” offers the delicious breakfast with its proud fruits. It is especially popular with ladies. The shop is crowded from morning onwards.

The recommended menu is the “fruits morning-set”. They offer the seasonal tasty fruits and it is given high-marks on the word to mouth column. It is just right for people who are health-oriented.

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Name: Kyobashi Senbikiya
Address: 1-1-9 Kyobashi Chuo-ward Tokyo
Tel: +81-3-3281-0300
Access: a 10-minute-walk from the Tokyo station

Let’s Enjoy the Breakfast in Tokyo!

What is your impression about these articles? There are many delicious breakfast shops in Tokyo. You can surely find your favorite one in Tokyo. Those shops are all very popular ones. Their breakfast wouldn’t let you down.

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