10 Stargazing Spots in and around Tokyo!

When you went to the countryside, have you ever been surprised at the full starry sky that you see when you look up at the sky at night? The unforgettable beauty of the starry sky that you spend every day in the heart of Tokyo. However, in the city center where the city is bright and the air is not clear at night, it is difficult to see the starry sky. So, this time, we will introduce 10 beautiful spots that can not be seen in such daily life in Tokyo, or around Tokyo, which is accessible from Tokyo. In addition, this time, we introduce 1) parks in Tokyo, 2) spots full of nature in and around Tokyo, 3) spots with full-scale telescopes, and spots that can be seen in beautiful starry sky divided into 3 spots to go. Please go out for a starry sky like a planetarium!

1) A place where the starry sky is beautiful in Tokyo!

Do you feel that you can not see the beautiful starry sky in Tokyo? Especially when you are in central Tokyo, the air is not clear, so even if it is night, you will see only a few bright and sparkling star in the sky. However actually there is a spot to look at the beautiful starry sky from the center of Tokyo! First of all, we will introduce three recommended spots where you can see the beautiful starry sky in central Tokyo! In fact, there is a famous starry sky nearby.

1.Yumenoshima Park

1.Yumenoshima Park
photo by futaba_imai   /   embedded from Instagram

Yume no shima Park is a popular spot for seeing the beautiful starry sky in Tokyo. Yume no shima Park boasts a huge site area, and there is a barbecue area where you can use it for free. You can enjoy a barbecue with friends in the daytime. After enjoying such a barbecue, you can take a walk in a large park or visit the tropical plant building on the grounds, and there are many places to enjoy in Yume no shima park.

At night, it is possible to see the beautiful starry sky in Tokyo despite the lack of surrounding city lights. You can, of course, take a seat on the vast grass and watch the starry sky of Tokyo while lying down. We can enjoy barbecue in the daytime and can enjoy starry sky at night. If it is a dream island park, it seems to be able to make a summer full of memories in one day! Why don’t you go to the recommended spot “Yume no shima Park” which you can enjoy celestial bodies in Tokyo?

Name: Yumenoshima Park
Address: Yutonoshima, Koto-ku
Phone: +81-3-3522-0281
Access: From subway Yurakucho Line, JR Keiyo Line, Rinkan Line “Shin-Kiba Station” 15 minutes on foot

Website: http: // www. Yumenoshima.jp/
Map: map to Yumenoshima Park

2.Shakujii Park

2.Shakujii Park
photo by rui_kuwa_38   /   embedded from Instagram

The “Shakujii Park,” which also has Sanhoji Pond, which used to be one of the Musashino 3 major spring ponds, is one of the largest parks in Tokyo in terms of the abundance of nature. Many cherry trees, including Somei Yoshino, are also planted, and are also recommended for spring viewing.

Shakujii Park which gives you the nature in Tokyo, is actually famous as an astronomical observation site. There are many trees in the park and few artificial lights, so it is said that you can enjoy the starry sky.

In addition, it is so popular that some people come to see at Shakujii Park when meteor showers are observed. Imagine looking at the starry sky near the Sanhoji pond, would you feel like being romantic? There is no doubt that you just want to shoot! Of course, it is wonderful to go to Shakujii Park for astronomical observation with family and a couple’s date. Take a trip to see the beautiful starry sky of Tokyo.

Name: Shakujii Park
Address: Shakuji-dai 1or 2-chome, Shakuji 5-chome, Nerima
Phone: +81-3-399-6950
Time: 7 minutes on foot from Ishigami Park Station
Website: https://www.tokyo-park.or.jp/
Map: map to Shakujii Park

3.Kinuta Park

3.Kinuta Park
photo by ai_yunji   /   embedded from Instagram

In Setagaya, there is a park named “Kinuta Park,” which is crowded with families on weekends, as a spot which you can see the starry sky in Tokyo. Kinuta Park has a good access from central Tokyo, and it’s also attractive that you can feel at ease.

Kinuta Park is a family park where the grass spreads, is perfect for having a picnic in the daytime, it is also nice to look at the starry sky while lying down at night. If the weather is fine, forget about being in Tokyo and spend a leisurely day in Kinuta Park.

Also, there is an athletic square in the park, so your child should be satisfied! Why not take a look at the starry sky slowly at Kinuta Park, which has a good access from central Tokyo, in a residential area?

Name: Kinuta Park
Address: Okura 1-chome, Kinuta Park, Setagaya
Phone: +81-3-3700-0414
Access: 20 minutes on foot from Tokyu Denentoshi Line Yoga Station

Website: https://www.tokyo-park.or.jp/
Map: map to Kinuta Park

2) Go a bit out of central Tokyo and enjoy the starry sky!

A little away from central Tokyo, the landscape is different from the urban area. There are many green spots that could not be seen in central Tokyo. Of course, because the air is clear, there are various spots which you can see the beautiful starry sky! This time, we picked up 5 places where the stars look beautiful from Tokyo suburbs to remote islands. Just a little away from Tokyo, so beautiful starry sky is spreading.

4.Lake Okutama

4.Lake Okutama
photo by morroo4575   /   embedded from Instagram

Okutama is popular as a spot which you can feel the whole of nature with a full body in about 2 hours by car from within Tokyo. “Okutama Lake” is an ideal place for astronomical observation, which spreads out when the perfect starry sky is sparkling at night. Of course you can also feel the nature with plenty of minus ions during the day. Astronomical observation in a park in Tokyo is also wonderful, but it is also good to go out to Okutama and watch the starry sky when there is time for holidays!

Okutama, which you can feel the nature regardless of the season, is especially recommended because you can have barbeques and play along the river in the daytime in summer. When the weather is fine and you have time, head to Okutama Lake, which is a little distance from the center of Tokyo, and look for a starry sky that you can not see in the planetarium, and do astronomical observation!

Name: Okutama Lake
Address: Okutamachohara, Nishitama-gun
Phone: +81-428-83-2152
Time: About 15 minutes from JR Ome Line Okutama Station by West Tokyo Bus, getting off at Okutama Lake Stop, just a short walk
Website: http://www.okutama.gr.jp/
Map: map to Okutama Lake

5.Hoshi Furu Mori

5.Hoshi Furu Mori
photo by tatsuki310   /   embedded from Instagram

We would like to introduce you as a starry sky observation spot in Kanto, which is easily accessible from Tokyo. From the name, it is a spot that looks like the starry sky looks beautiful, but here you can not betray your expectations.

Hoshi Furu Mori has a log house and there is also a campsite which you can stay. As for camping sites, you can also rent camping equipment such as tents, so it is a recommended spot for camping beginners who enjoy the camp even if they go out of their hand, not to mention people who do not have all the equipment. In a log house it is also possible to see a starry sky that you can not usually see in the downtown area of ​​Tokyo with your naked eyes at night.

Name: Hoshi Furu Mori
Address: 2543 Kamichocho, Numata City, Gunma Prefecture
Phone: +81-278-23-7213
Time: about 15 minutes by car from Numata IC
Website: http://www.star-forest.com/
Map: map to Hoshi Furu Mori


photo by okap_21.photo   /   embedded from Instagram

Happogahara which is a famous as a azalea spot, is a hidden attraction that nobody knows if a person who likes astronomical observation. If you try access there using only public transportation from Tokyo will be a difficult, but it is located within a distance of about 3 hours one-day trip by car. As the promenade is well maintained, it is a recommended spot for hiking.

In June, it will be full of tourists visiting to see the superb view of Rangetsutsuji of about 200,000 shares that will be at their best. There are many people who go home after seeing azalea, but please wait until it gets dark. You can see a beautiful starry sky if you look up at the sky because there are few surrounding lights. It is also nice to shoot the azalea in the daytime with the camera in one hand and the starry sky in the night. Please enjoy the Happogahara that you can not taste in the big city Tokyo.

Name: Happogahara
Address: Shimo Isano, Yaita City, Tochigi Prefecture
Access: 40 minutes by car from Yaita Station

Map: map to Happogahara


photo by sbabbbbb   /   embedded from Instagram

Hachijojima, which can be reached in 50 minutes one-way from Tokyo Haneda Airport, is a popular tourist attraction with plenty of nature that can be easily reached from Tokyo. If you look up at the sky at night in Hachijojima, you can see the beautiful starry sky. The air is clear and there are few city lights, if you look up to the sky at night in Hachijojima, you can see the starry sky that you can not see from the center of Tokyo.

In the daytime, go hiking in the famous Hachijo Fuji, or go to the Hachijojima lighthouse, and let your body and mind free from the noises of Tokyo. Why don’t you go on a refreshing journey to see the beautiful starry sky to Hachijojima, which is closer than you think? Of course, it is also great for shooting!

Name: Hachijojima
Address: 2345-1, Okago Hachijo-cho, Hachijo-jima, Tokyo
Map: map to Hachijojima

8.Nanohana View Terrace

8.Nanohana View Terrace
photo by 1020yam   /   embedded from Instagram

Here on the way to Yabitsu pass from the town of Hadano, here is the ” Nanohana View Terrace”. It is also famous as a spot which you can see the night view beautifully, and it is said that a couple often visits on a date.

From Nanohana View Terrace, you can see from Sagami Bay to Enoshima, and it can overlook the famous place of Kanagawa. Besides there is a large wooden observation deck on Nanohana View Terrace, and the view seen from there is also exceptional. From Nanohana View Terrace, you can see the night view beautifully, but it is popular when the starry sky looks beautiful.Since there are few lights around, you can see the starry sky that you can not usually see in Tokyo. Why don’t you go to the recommended spot ” Nanohana View Terrace” where you can enjoy both the night view from the starry sky and the view that can only be seen at night?

Name: Nanohana View Terrace
Address: Hanano 1059-5, Kanagawa Prefecture
Access: 45 minutes by bus from Chino Station

Map: map to Nanohana View Terrace

3) Tokyo suburbs! Astronomical observation while learning the starry sky at the observatory with a large telescope!

Looking up, the starry sky is full. It’s beautiful and romantic, isn’t it? I think everyone is impressed by the large panorama of the 360-degree starry sky that opens in front of you. However, this is not the only way to enjoy the starry sky. Would you like to go through the telescope lens to observe the starry sky? Here we will introduce two recommended observatories with large telescopes in the suburbs of Tokyo. Please enjoy the taste different from the starry sky that spreads on the other side.

9.National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

9.National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
photo by naomi.k.ishikawa   /   embedded from Instagram

Of course, astronomical observation outside is wonderful, but it is good to see the starry sky with a splendid telescope that is not at home sometimes. In addition, if there is a comment by the facility, knowledge about the stars that you have only seen so far will increase, and astronomical observation should become more fun. Mitaka City has recommended spots where you can experience such an experience in Tokyo.

The Mitaka National Astronomical Observatory is located on the Mitaka Campus of the National Center for Astronomy in Japan, and is used as an inter-university joint institution for researching astronomy. Such Mikasa National Astronomical Observatory holds a regular observation event twice a month, and the general public can also see the sky with a 50 cm telescope. You can listen to the commentary of the planet that you can see that day at this gazebo, and you should be able to see the starry sky while having more fun. Why don’t you go to the Mitaka National Astronomical Observatory to acquire knowledge of stars such as constellations, summer triangles, and winter triangles?

Name: Mitaka National Astronomical Observatory
Address: 2-21-1 Osawa, Mitaka City, Tokyo
Phone: +81-422-34-3600
Time: Odakyu Bus “Ahead of the Astronomical Observatory” getting off immediately
Website: http://www.nao.ac.jp/
Map: map to Mitaka National Astronomical Observatory

10.Dodaira Observatory

10.Dodaira Observatory
photo by hirukokonotsu12   /   embedded from Instagram

Dodaira Observatory on the summit of Dodaira in Saitama has accommodations such as Mongolian tents (gels), log houses, and places for barbecues. At Dodaira Observatory, they hold starry sky observation party at 19-21 o’clock every 2nd and 4th Friday of every month.

At this starry sky observation party, you can see stars using a 91 cm reflector telescope. By looking through this telescope, which is never at home, you can see with a naked eye the starry sky you have only seen in a planetarium on a sunny day. If you are lucky, you may be able to see meteor showers and galaxies.

Name: Dodaira Observatory
Address: Tohogawa Town Ono 1853, Hiki-gun, Saitama Prefecture
Phone: +81-80-2373-8682
Access: 60 minutes by car from Kanetsu-do Higashi Matsuyama IC or Arashiyama Ogawa IC

Website: http://www.nao.ac.jp/
Map: map to Dodaira Observatory

Let’s go to the Tokyo metropolitan area and Tokyo suburbs to see the starry sky!

This time, we introduced 10 recommended spots which you can see the starry sky beautifully in Tokyo / Tokyo suburbs. In the usual busy life, there may be people who can not afford to look up at the sky and look at the stars. Even if you are busy every day, why don’t you use holiday time to go out to see the perfect starry sky? The beautiful starry sky should have a great relaxing and refreshing effect! The meteor shower is also a must see! Let’s go on a trip out to see the perfect starry night on a sunny night!

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