5 tourist spots you must visit if you come to Kagawa, also known as “Udon prefecture”!

You might imagine that “udon” is the most popular thing in Kagawa prefecture.
Yes, of course udon is delicious, and one of the essential things you have to experience in Kagawa. However, there are also many places you have to visit!
We will introduce 5 attractive tourist spots you are sure to fully enjoy.

“Ritsurin Park” is a great scenic spot which the people of Kagawa are proud of.

“Ritsurin Park” is designated as one of the National Special Places of Scenic Beauty, so you really should visit here when you come to Kagawa.

Actually, this place was also given three stars, which is the highest rating in the famous French travel guidebook of Japan, which recommended it as worth a special journey.
As a result, not only Japanese tourists, but also many foreign people visit this beautiful Japanese garden.

As you walk around the garden here, you can observe the views in front of you changing – one after another.
Therefore, it is said that the garden is “ippo ikkei” (one step, one scene).
Please take in the beauty with all of your five senses.

Ritsurin Garden – A living window into Japan’s past.

“Kotohira-gu Shrine” a.k.a.“Konpira-san” is the one of the most famous sightseeing spots in Kagawa.

“Kotohira-gu Shrine,” which is also commonly called “Konpira-san” is the most famous shrine in Kagawa.
The most famous part of this shrine is its extremely long staircase, consisting of 785 stairs to the main shrine, and 1,368 stairs to the rear shrine.

For hundreds of years, many people have climbed these steps to pray for their happiness.

This is the main shrine, which appears in front of you after you have climbed the first 785 steps.
And the great view, waiting for you there at 251m above sea level, will make you forget your exhaustion.

A “Yellow Charm for Happiness” is believed to help you avoid sickness and misfortune. The yellow color stands for the ripening of rice and barely.
So you might want to get one as a souvenir.

Konpirasan – the famous Pilgrimage of Shikoku (Kagawa)

“Sanuki Mannou Park,” one of the largest flower parks in Shikoku.

“Sanuki Mannou Park” is the only state-operated park in Shikoku, located on the north-east side of “Mannou Pond,” which is one of the largest ponds in Japan.
You can enjoy beautiful flowers such as, tulips, hydrangea, cosmos, etc. in the huge garden all year around.

Spring is an especially good time for seeing flowers, starting with rape blossom (late February to late March), and narcissus (or daffodils – early to late March).
Tulips (late to mid-April) and nemophila (late April to early May) are in bloom and at their best in the middle of spring, and Shirley poppies are coming into bloom from mid-May to early June.

We recommend renting a bicycle to ride around in the vast park and enjoy seeing the beautiful scenery.
This is a great spot for a picnic, so we recommend that you come here with your family.

Seasonal Blooms Welcome Visitors at Shikoku’s Greatest Flower Garden – Sanuki Mannou Park (Mannou Town, Nakatado District, Kagawa Prefecture)

The northernmost tip of Shikoku, “Takei-Kannon Cape”

“Takei-Kannon Cape” is the northernmost tip of Shikoku, located on the northern end of the Aji Peninsula which is relatively close to the center of Takamatsu City.

You will find a monument reading “The northernmost tip of Shikoku” when you climb down about 100m from Kagawa Prefectural Route 36, which encircles the peninsula.

There is a Torii gate standing on the big rock on the tip of cape, and you can see a complete view of Shodoshima Island in the Setouchi Inland Sea.
For a great view, we recommend that you visit here in the morning – otherwise the cape sinks into the shade in the afternoon because of the high cliff just to the south of the cape.

Takei-Kannon Cape
Address/5340-1, Aji-cho, Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa
Phone/087-871-4082 (Takei-Kannonji Temple)

Traveling around to 8 great viewing spots on the “Goshiki-dai” and “Goshiki-dai Skyline” (mountain highway)

“Goshiki-dai” is one of the well-known scenic spots in Kagawa.

Driving on the mountain highway called the “Goshiki-dai Skyline,” that runs north and south, is very enjoyable. From here you can get great views of the islands in the Setouchi Inland Sea.

The view from the “Seto Inland Sea Folk History Museum,” close to “Osakihana View Point” is tremendous (see the picture above)!
Enjoy a cozy drive through the forest and see the beauty of the many islands of the Setouchi Inland Sea.

Goshiki-dai and Goshiki-dai Skyline
Address/Takamatsu-shi and Sakaide-shi, Kagawa

Perhaps people who know Kagawa very well would like to add that “there are many other nice places which we want to introduce!”
Well, shall we go find your favorite treasured spots in Kagawa?

Text by Megumi Yamada

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