You cannot take your eyes off the view! 5 photogenic spots in Ehime prefecture./Ehime prefecture

Are you a lover of photo-shooting?
Or perhaps you think that you are not so good at taking pictures.
But it doesn’t matter.
We assume that you cannot help taking pictures of these photogenic spots in Ehime!
We will introduce some of these spots to you today.

“JR Shimonada Station,” the most well-known unmanned train station in Japan.

The sea, sky, and an unmanned train station.
There are only these 3 elements together, but this combination has made “JR Shimonada Station” very popular, and it has become one of the great locations in Japan for filming movies.

The station is located 30km away from the center of Matsuyama city.
It is about a 1-hour drive from Matsuyama, but you can enjoy the scenery more if you take the train to get here.

The railroad track is on the other side of the station.

This place was once “the closest station to the sea in Japan,” and it seems that the station is standing on the sea!
We definitely recommend that you come visit here, and feel the atmosphere of this beautiful blue station.

JRShimonada Station
Address/Okubo, Futami-cho, Iyo-shi, Ehime
Access/About 70 minutes by local train from JR Matsuyama Station

“Gallery Coffee Shop Kokemushiro” with a carpet of moss on the ground

“Gallery Coffee Shop Kokemushiro,” located in Nan-yo area in Ehime, is a place where all visitors can feel healing and comfort.

JR Shimonada Station
Address/Okubo, Futami-cho, Iyo-shi, Ehime
Access/About 70 minutes by local train from JR Matsuyama Station

“Gallery Coffee Shop Kokemushiro” with a carpet of moss on the ground

“Gallery Coffee Shop Kokemushiro” located in Nan-yo area in Ehime is the place where all visitors can feel the healing and comfort.

Right after walking through the entrance, you can see the sight of the ground totally covered with moss. It is breathtaking!

The view from the window inside is also like a beautiful masterpiece painting.
On a sunny day, you can have a cup of coffee on the wooden deck outside, and feel the beauty of the moss.

Gallery Tea House Kokemushiro: Be Healed by the Delicious Air & the Forest Floor Covered in Moss.

“Dogo Onsen area” is a popular tourist spot, especially for women.

“Dogo Onsen (hot spring)” is always a highly rated spot for sightseeing, especially for women.

“Enman-ji Temple” is known as a temple of matchmaking, and many women come to this place for this reason.
This temple is located at the back of Dogo Onsen Honkan (main building), and the hundreds of colorful “Musubi-dama” in the temple are so photogenic!

The retro shooting gallery with lined-up kewpie dolls is also very cute – and you cannot help taking some photos there.
Also, playing the shooting game after bathing is exciting and so enjoyable!

Dogo Onsen – Steeped in History

“Namegawa Keikoku,” a secluded region with a beautiful river.

“Namegawa Keikoku (gorge)” is said to be one of the most secluded regions with a river, and you can fully enjoy the superb views which differ from season to season.
It is only less than a 1-hour drive from the center of the city.
You can climb up the mountain stream between early summer and early autumn, so be sure to wear the clothes which can get wet!

This pothole was created by pebbles moving with the whirl of water in this slight depression on the riverbed. It looks so beautiful with its emerald green color.

With its beautiful views, we recommend this place the most: “Oku-no-Taki (Ryu-no-Hara)” (The Innermost Falls, a.k.a. The Belly of the Dragon).
The mysteries of nature have been created over a very long time, and they show us its astonishing beauty.
Let’s go and be captivated by this wondrous world deep in the forest.

Namegawa Keikoku (gorge)
Address/Myoga, Toon-shi, Ehime
Phone/089-964-4414 (Industries Creation Department of Toon City Office)

“FESPA,” a resort on an isolated island in Setouchi

Last, we introduce you to “FESPA,” a resort hotel located on Yuge-shima Island in the Setouchi Inland Sea. You can get a great view of the sea from every room of this hotel.

Not only from the rooms, but also from the open-air bath, the restaurant, and the terraces…, you can enjoy a great view of the sea from anywhere in this hotel!

This is the view from my room’s balcony.
It is like the beach with white sand, the azure sea, and the blue sky are all welcoming my visit!

Please spend your own time bathing in the open-air bathtub with this amazing view of Setouchi all to yourself, just like a scene from a movie.

Resort Hot Spring Hotel on an Outlying Seto Inland Sea Island!

Now, would you like to set off on your trip to Ehime with your camera?
Which one is your next destination?

Text by Megumi Yamada

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