A roundup of the attractions in Onomichi, such as superb views, nice food, and accommodations!/Onomichi-shi, Hiroshima

Onomichi is the city full of places where you might like to visit if you stop by for sightseeing.
Maybe one day is not enough for you to fully enjoy the city at all, but we will introduce you some spots so you can get a feel for the attractions of Onomichi.

#1 The superb view of Onomichi, the pride of Japan.

Onomichi City was designated as a“Japan Heritage” site in 2015 under the title “A Miniature Garden City from the Middle Ages Built Around the Onomichi Channel.” About 6.7 million people come to this city for sightseeing every year.
The peculiarities of Onomichi are its retro townscape, maze-like alleys, and the views of temples, shrines, and private houses mixed together.

This is one of the great views you will get after you climb up the steep slopes.
You will be amazed by the beauty of the scenery from the hills in Onomichi.

Onomichi is also called “the town of slopes,” and this geographical feature provides so many superb views.
You should wear the clothes suitable for walking and getting to these sights when you visit Onomichi!

Onomichi City – Where Temples, Cats, and Bicycles Collide (in a Good Way!)

#2 “The Cat Trail” is a must-visit spot for cat lovers!

The narrow slope heading to the hill behind Ushitora Shrine, located close to the ropeway platform for Senko-ji Temple, is called “The Cat Trail.”

Maybe you will feel like you are straying into a mysterious world when you climb up this path.

You will find an herb garden called “The Onomichi Herb Garden Bouquet d’Arbres” with 100 kinds of herbs and a charming cafe.

This is a popular spot among women, as you can have a cup of herb tea as you take in the views of the townscape of Onomichi.
This narrow path which makes use of old things which have remained and become fused with nature, and where new spaces have been born – is worth a visit.

The Cat Trail: You’ll Want to Walk it at Least Once When Visiting Onomichi!

#3 Characteristic foods of Onomichi City!

You should make a point of visiting the Station building next to the JR Onomichi Station.
Why? Because you can get some Onomichi food which is well-known but to the few in the first basement floor of“Onomichi Fukuya,” the local department store.

The picture above is “Lemon-ha-zushi” (lemon leaf oshizushi) sold at “Onomichi Funaben.”
Yes, Hiroshima prefecture produces more lemons than any other prefecture in Japan, and lemons from the Setoda area are fully used for this sushi lunchbox.
Other ingredients on sushi rice is also mostly from local, so you can enjoy the seasonal taste of Setouchi!
*”Lemon-ha-zushi” is only sold on weekends and national holidays.

If You Visit Onomichi, You Must Try The Fragrant Lemon Leaf Oshizushi of Onomichi Funaben!

And there is one more great spot for enjoying some food.
“Shimaya Iwagiya” is a kind of shop which sells local specialties from Iwagi-jima Island in Ehime.
Maybe you are thinking “this shop is not for Onomichi,” but still, we would like to recommend this shop because the prices are cheap and taste is delicious, so you can fully enjoy walking around and eating on the seafront!

Our main recommendation is the “Lemon Pork Rice Burger”!
“Lemon Pork” is one of the local brands of pork known for its good taste, bred freely on Iwagi-jima Island (which is also called “Blue Lemon Island.”)
This pork is very popular in the surrounding area, including Onomichi city.
There are 3 kinds of burgers: Shoga-yaki (ginger flavored fried pork), Cha-shu (roasted pork), and tsukune (a kind of meatloaf or meatball).
Can you imagine the great combination of rice and juicy pork…?
If you don’t know yet, then just try it!

Drinks such as their homemade ginger ale are also popular, so get one for strolling around the seaside!

Shimaya Iwagiya
Address/1-12-13, Tsuchido, Onomichi-shi, Hiroshima
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/shimayaiwagiya

#4 A retro-style guesthouse & a hot new hotel

One accommodation we recommend is “Guesthouse Anago-no-Nedoko” in the area of “Onomichi Machiya” in Onomichi Shopping Street.

The original name of this guesthouse was “Unagi-no-Nedoko” (bed of eel).
This is the Japanese word which stands for Machiya (town house) with a narrow frontage and very deep depth.
And the name changed from “unagi” to “anago” (conger eel) which is the local specialty of Onomichi.
We like this kind of sense of humor!

Maybe you can have a special night while staying on “a bed where you can sleep on the bookshelves” in the mixed dormitory, and reading while surrounded by books .

Anago no Nedoko –sleeping with the fishes?

The number of tourists visiting Onomichi is increasing year by year, so there are a lot of nice guesthouses.
And also, many hotels with a luxurious atmosphere have opened in the last few years.

For example, this is one which opened in 2018, “LOG.”

The most interesting point of “LOG” is that you can trace the process of PRAXIS (the Ancient Greek term for translating an idea into action).
“Studio Mumbai,” which worked on the renovation, values “experiments and verifications.”
Therefore, they carefully verified and repeatedly inspected the materials used for each room, the techniques of plastering, the colors used for painting, and so on.
It took about 4 years from the beginning to the end of the project, and it finally opened in the end of 2018!

You can stop by “LOG” even you do not stay overnight there.
It is nice to spend some time in the garden, enjoy shopping at the shop, chat with your friends at the café, and so on….
“LOG” is located on the mountain-side of Onomichi where you can see the whole view of its tasteful townscape, as well as visit some temples or charming shops.
So, please explore the attractions of Onomichi more deeply while staying at “LOG.”

First in Japan! Premium accommodations produced by “Studio Mumbai.”/LOG (Onomichi-shi, Hiroshima)

Now, you can see how attractive Onomichi is!
But these are not the only spots we would like to recommend you, as there are so many other spots to arouse your curiosity in Onomichi!
Moreover, please give us your recommendation, too!

Text by Megumi Yamada

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