The 10 Must-have Local Gourmet in Hiroshima!

Although there are a lot of famous sightseeing places including Itsukushima Shrine and Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, not many people know the local gourmets other than Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki. Now, here’re some recommendations if you are interested in eating. When you think “visiting Hiroshima doesn’t happen so often…” these are the best 10 restaurants! So, let’s explore!

Denko Sekka

Denko Sekka
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Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki is a savoury crepe with cabbage, pork, and noodles as the ingredients. “Denko Sekka” is one of the most popular Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki restaurants and has an easy access – located near Hiroshima Station in the building on 6th floor!

Although there are other Okonomiyaki restaurants, Denko Sekka is definitely the most popular. You would be so amazed at how it looks and how big it is. Made hot and soft inside, you will see the real ability of serving an authentic Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki. There’s no reason not to try!

Name: Denko Sekka
Address: Full Focus Building Level6, 10-1, Matsubara Town, Minami Ku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima
Phone: +81-82-568-7851
Time: 10:00-22:30
Close: None
Access: Walk 2 mins from Hiroshima Station

Map: map to Denko Sekka

Hiroshima Ramen Hira no Ya

Hiroshima Ramen Hira no Ya
photo by getunoko   /   embedded from Instagram

One of the Japanese soul foods – Ramen. Japan has a wide variety of local Ramen depending on the region from north to south, and having the local Ramen could be the best part for many people when going on a trip. When it comes to Hiroshima Ramen, it means Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen which can be seen in Hiroshima city.

“Hiroshima Ramen Hira no Ke” is the most popular Hiroshima Ramen restaurant. The broth made of pork has a nice smell and the noodles are quite chewy and nice too. Even Ramen fanatics recommend this restaurant for Hiroshima Ramen. If you want to try some food in Hiroshima, this is the best place!

Name: Hiroshima Ramen Hira no Ya
Address: 1-3-15, Bi no Sato, Saeki Ku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima
Phone: +81-82-942-0596
Time: (Weekdays)11:30-15:30/18:00-23:00 (Weekends/Pub) 11:00-15:00/18:00-22:00
Close: Monday
Access: Walk 7 mins from Rakurakuen Station

Map: map to Hiroshima Ramen Hira no Ya

Kaki Ya

Kaki Ya
photo by y.shimokawaji   /   embedded from Instagram

When it comes to the local gourmets in Hiroshima, oysters, which have been called the milk of the sea, are one of the best. Actually, Hiroshima is the largest producer of oysters in Japan. Why not try those oysters once you are in Hiroshima?

If you want to enjoy oysters in Hiroshima, “Kaki Ya” in Miyajima is quite nice. There are a wide variety of menus filled with oysters such as fries, rice, pickles, and the stock. This would be the place for oyster fanatics to visit immediately. Being creamy and nice, oysters in Hiroshima are definitely the best!

Name: Kaki Ya
Address: 539, Miyajima Town, Hatsukaichi City, Hiroshima
Phone: +81-829-44-2747
Time: 11:00-18:00
Close: Irregular
Access: Walk 15 mins from Momijidani Station via Miyajima Ropeway

Map: map to Kaki Ya

Anagomeshi Ueno

Anagomeshi Ueno
photo by toriyuyyy   /   embedded from Instagram

Anagomeshi is the local food in the coastal area of the Inland Sea of Seto. It would be a bit easier for you to imagine if I say this dish is an Anago (conger-eel) version of eel rice box. “Anagomeshi Ueno” is a long established restaurant specialising in Anago in Minajima Guchi. You can either have it in the restaurant or take that away.

You can enjoy its taste of hot conger-eels if you choose to have it in, or bento box is great itself as well. The restaurant is not located in Miyajima but in Miyajima Guchi on the side of the main island, so just be careful not to go to Miyajima! The restaurant which is said to be the most popular for the local gourmet and Anagomeshi, and this is a must-try once you are in Hiroshima!

Name: Anagomeshi Ueno
Address: 1-5-11, Miyajimaguchi, Hatsukaichi City, Hiroshima
Phone: +81-829-56-0006
Time: 9:00-19:00
Close: None
Access: Walk 2 mins from Miyajimaguchi

Map: map to Anagomeshi Ueno


photo by takarp1   /   embedded from Instagram

The local gourmet in Takada city of Aki where Hiroshima Kagura is being popular – “Yasha Udon”! The word “Yasha” means a female ogre from Kagura. When you say a lady ogre, you know it would taste hot and salty! The soup is a mixture of 2 spices; chilli and chilli oil. Not only that, this is the simple dish with pork and spring onions!

If you are keen on trying this dish, why not visit “Gonbee” in Touji Village in front of Kagura Gate that feels a retro atmosphere. Now you should try this Hiroshima’s hidden gourmet!

Name: Gonbee
Address: 4627, Hongo, Midori Town, Takada City, Aki, Hiroshima
Phone: +81-826-54-0888
Access: Drive approx. 30 mins from Mukaihara Station by car

Map: map to Gonbee


photo by takeuchu   /   embedded from Instagram

Onomichi Ramen is a Shoyu Ramen with thin and wide noodles and the mince of back fat as a topping. However, different restaurants offer the different types of Ramen as Onomichi Ramen also includes the one based on chicken broth with Hirako sardines.

“Shuukaen” is the first established restaurant offering Onomichi Ramen with back fat and some customers even mention this place is the best! It is too popular and always form a line in front of the restaurant. It is recommended for women since its interior is beautiful and clean. You can enjoy this dining experience as well as sightseeing at Senkoji Temple. This is a must-try once you are in Hiroshima!

Name: Shuukaen
Address: 4-12, Toyohimoto Town, Onomichi City, Hiroshima
Phone: +81-848-37-2077
Access: Walk 15 mins from Onomichi Station

Map: map to Shuukaen

Furukawa Shokudou

Furukawa Shokudou
photo by taxitrip_asakuru   /   embedded from Instagram

“Fuchu Yaki” is an Okonomiyaki which used to be a home made cooking, using boneless pork rib instead of mince. It looks a bit thiner than the actual Okonomiyaki and slightly smaller too. “Furukawa Shokudou” is a long established restaurant specialising in Fuchu Yaki. It’s been loved by the locals for 50 years since the restaurant was opened in Hiroshima.

Not too sure, but the reason that Fuchu Yaki served here is crispier than the Okonomiyaki could be the mince used for Fuchu Yaki instead of the boneless pork rib. Just try and have fun tasting this beautiful dish!

Name: Furukawa Shokudou
Address: 898-1, Fuchu Town, Fuchu City, Hiroshima
Phone: +81-847-41-4401
Time: 11:00-21:00
Close: Wed
Access: Walk 10 mins from Fuchu

Map: map to Furukawa Shokudou

Sera Winery

Sera Winery
photo by moririn14   /   embedded from Instagram

Sera Wine is one of the local wines in Sera town of Hiroshima prefecture. This wine is fruity and quite easy to drink. The grapes, being the ingredients for wine, are cultivated in 30 wineries in Sera town, Hiroshima prefecture. If you are interested in purchasing one, just visit the shop in “Sera Winery”.

Here in this shop, there are a wide variety of wines and also other local products of Sera town. There’s also a tasting plan as well, so you can try it on the spot if you don’t drive. Grapes being highly nutricious, Sera wine is amazing!

Name: Sera Winery
Address: 518-1, Kurobuchi, Sera Town, Sera Gun, Hiroshima
Phone: +81-847-25-4300
Time: (Mar-Dec) 9:00-17:00 (Jan-Feb) 10:00-16:00
Access: Drive 20 mins from Bingo Mikawa Station by car

Map: map to Sera Winery

Yama no Ke Honten

Yama no Ke Honten
photo by hisashiotaka   /   embedded from Instagram

Thin noodles in Kure city of Hiroshima is also one of the best local gourmets in Hiroshima prefecture. As its name, noodles are thiner than the standard ones. But there is a reason that the noodles are so thin. It is because the thiner it is, the quicker it boils up! Also, the soup sticks more onto the thin noodles.

If you want to try this Udon, “Yama no Ke Honten” is strongly recommended. This place is one of the most popular restaurants. Sweet broth goes quite well with the thin noodles, with an affordable price. If you visit Kure city, why not try at least once?

Name: Yama no Ke Honten
Address: 3-7-10, Nakadori, Kure City, Hiroshima
Phone: +81-823-22-8176
Time: 11:00-18:00
Close: Tuesday
Access: Walk 14 mins from Kure Station

Map: map to Yama no Ke Honten

Muratake Souhonke

Muratake Souhonke
photo by maus6250   /   embedded from Instagram

Wani dishes have been enjoyed for so long by many people in Miyoshi and and Shoubara city of Hiroshima. Wani actually means sharks but not crocodiles. Wani lasts long enough so that it has become a familiar fish people living somewhere far from the sea.

“Muratake Souhonke” is one of the most recommended places for Wani dishes. Located 5 minutes away from Miyoshi Station by car, an authentic sashimi of Wani can be experienced. Also, you can try a meal course of Wani dishes. Seafood in Hiroshima literally is the best!

Name: Muratake Souhonke
Address: 6-1-8, Tookaichi City Higashi, Miyoshi City, Hiroshima
Phone: +81-824-63-0666
Time: 11:00-15:00/17:00-22:00
Close: None
Access: Drive 5 mins from Miyoshi Station by car

Map: map to Muratake Souhonke

Eating Around The Recommended Dish in Hiroshima!

How was the article? I have introduced the beautiful dishes in Hiroshima. There are a variety of menus including the standard ones like Okonomiyaki, and the unique ones. Which one did you find interesting the most? In Hiroshima, there are a lot of sightseeing spots. This is a great place for foods and sightseeing!

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