10 Best Sweets Shops You Must Try in Hiroshima!

Hiroshima prefecture is one of the best tourist cities in Chugoku area. There are many delicious sweets made with local fruits and original confections! If you want to know what they are like, read this list of the 10 Best Sweets Shops You Must Try in Hiroshima. They all offer unique and delicious sweets made in Hiroshima. Enjoy yourself!


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When people think about Hiroshima, Miyajima’s “Momiji Manju (maple leaf shaped bun)” comes to their mind. At Momiji-do, however, fried version of momiji manju, “Age Momiji” is on offer. It is momiji manju coated with batter and fried, and popular among not only locals but also tourists who visit Miyajima.

Tastes really nice. You can eat freshly fried hot “Age Momiji” with tea or coffee at their cafe, or you can eat while walking. Flavors include Anko (sweet azuki bean jam), Custard, and Cheese. If you fail to buy at Miyajima, you can get one at their branch shop, Hiroshima Bullet Train Exit Location. Enjoy their “Agemomiji” with crispy outside and nice unique texture inside.

Name: Momiji-do Original Location
Address: 448-1, Miyajima-cho, Hatsukaichi CIty, Hiroshima
Phone: +81-829-44-2241
Time: 9:00am-6:00pm
Close: Occasional
Access: 4-minute walk from Itsukushima Jinja

Website: http://www.momijido.com/shop.htm
Map: map to Momiji-do Original Location

“Dolce Honten”

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“Dolce Honten” is a very popular gelato shop that offers excellent gelato made with local fruits of the season and best selected ingredients. Located along Shimanami Cycle Road which is really popular among tourists traveling around “Shimanami Kaido” and cyclists come from not only all over Japan, but also from overseas. Setoda Ikuchijima is famous for its lemons and is the largest producer. Of course, those lemons are used for their gelato.

There are a variety of gelatos including ones with various citrus fruits flavors other than Lemon: Haruka Citrus, Decopon, and Hassaku Orange. Being produced at local farms, all of them are extremely fresh. Also, Onomichi Peach and Fig, and Hakata Salt flavor are available. They crank out gelatos that taste really great with nice flavors extracted from the local fresh ingredients. You will not want to miss their juicy tasty gelato. Enjoy it watching a beautiful view of Seto Inland Sea at their cozy wooden deck, or cafe space.

Name: Dolce Honten (Original Location)
Address: 20-8, Hayashi, Setoda-cho, Onomichi City, Hiroshima
Phone: +81-845-26-4046
Time: 10:00- Sunset
Close: Open 365 days a year
Access: 30-minute drive from Onomichi Station

Website: http://www.setoda-dolce.com/
Map: map to Dolce Honten (Original Location)

“Sabō Komon”

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Onomichi is an elegant city with its nostalgic townscape, slopes and alleys. In this pretty town, there is a long standing coffee shop, “Sabō Komon”. It has been there for more than 30 years being loved not only by tourists but also by the locals. Their specialty is fresh made waffles. Inside the house is not too bright and their flower shaped lamps look chic in the retro atmosphere.

Their waffles are really great with crunchy outside and super fluffy inside. Looks big but tastes so good that you can easily eat up. The best would be “Butter Waffle & Coffee Set”. In summer, their fresh “Setoda Lemon Soda”, or cold “Ice Waffle (Waffle with Ice cream)” would taste so nice. Behind this place, there is a take out shop called “Galetterie Common”, so you can order to-go. Perfect for eating while walking or a gift.

Name: Sabō Komon
Address: 1-2-2, Nagae, Onomichi City, Hiroshima (In front of Senkōji Ropeway Platform)
Phone: +81-848-37-2905
Time: 9:00am-7:00pm
Close: Tuesdays
Access: 15-minute walk from Onomichi Station

Website: http://www.common.jp/about/index.html
Map: map to Sabō Komon


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“Karasawa” is a very popular for its specialty, “Ice Monaka (Ice cream wafer)” stuffed with their homemade ice cream made with milk and eggs. Located at a street along shoreline of Onomichi. Inside the house, there is a cafe space with retro interiors that make the place look like an inside of old wooden school building. People can eat their products watching Onomichi Suido [water channel] and Mukaishima.

The octagon shaped wafers of “Ice Monaka” are crunchy and flavory, and its ice cream inside tastes nostalgic. Give it a bite, and you will feel a nice wafer texture, and it is not too sweet. Their Cream Zenzai (a bowl of Japanese dessert with ice cream) is also good. Its ice cream is called “Tamago [egg] Ice”. If you order “Ice Monaka” to go, they will put it in a paper bag for you. There is a bench called “Karasawa Bench” in front of the shop, from which ships sailing on Onomichi Suido can be seen. Eating “Ice Monaka” sitting there feeling a sea breeze is awesome. Try when you travel to Onomichi!

Name: Karasawa
Address: 1-15-9, Tsuchido, Onomichi City, Hiroshima
Phone: +81-848-23-6804
Time: 10:00am-7:00pm ✻Nov-Feb 10:00am-6:00pm
Close: Tuesdays (Wednesdays when a national holiday comes on Monday)
✻Nov-Feb Tuesdays, 2nd Wednesdays
Access: 8-minute walk from Onomichi Station

Website: https://www.ice.jcom.to/
Map: map to Karasawa

“Mikami Kanei-do”

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Mikami Kaneido is a famous sweets shop located in a city with a Japanese elegance, Miyoshi. Their most popular specialty is “Miyoshi Meika Ganso Yoshu Cake (liquor cake)”, which has been made for over 40 years since its release. Wrapped individually in a bag with retro looking letters printed on. Once you open it, a nice smell of brandy and rum soaking into the sponge comes up.

Fresh local eggs are used for the cake. They sell individually, a 5, 6, 10, and 14 pack of them, depending on needs, and sending service is available.You will not forget the taste of this light sweet cake with a nice flavor of liquor. If you get drink easily, however, you need to be careful. It has a lot in it.

Name: Mikami Kanei-do
Address: 84-13, Hatajiki-machi, Miyoshi City, Hiroshima
Phone: +81-824-62-6940
Time: 8:30am-6:30pm
Close: Tuesdays, Sundays

Website: http://www.takahashishikou.co.jp/kabusefuta/visitor/mikami/mikami.html
Map: map to Mikami Kanei-do


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“Fukuzumi” is a famous sweets shop that offers unique fried cakes, called “Fry Cake”. Located at a shopping street called Renga-dori [brick street] in Kure City. Actually the fried cakes are crispy fried manju (bun stuffed with azuki bean jam). Fresh fried ones taste nice, of course, with crispy outside and fluffy bun stuffed with moderately sweet koshian (smooth azuki bean jam). It is like a small donghnut stuffed with anko. Available from one.

So, why not trying their fresh made hot fried cake with its nice smell? If you order it to go, reheat it in a toaster oven to make it delicious again. Great for a gift as a souvenir from Hiroshima!

Name: Fukuzumi
Address: 4-12-20, Naka-dori, Kure City, Hiroshima
Phone: +81-823-25-4060
Access: 15-minute walk from Kure Station

Map: map to Fukuzumi

“Edelweiss Yogashi-ten”

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Edelweiss Yogashi-ten is a long standing cake shop that has been in Kure City for over 40 years. Its white retro exterior, lamps, signboard edelweisses are printed on, they all look nice and elegant. Inside the shop, there is a stairwell, and their wooden interiors offer a warm bright atmosphere.

Their specialty is a soul food of Kure people, “Cream Pie”. The white cream pie with lots of whipped cream on a tart crust looks really sweet, but its sweetness is mild. The airy whipped cream goes well with its other stuffing, jiggly custard pudding, and the tart crust is nice moist and has a bit saltiness extracting the sweetness of whipped cream and custard.Other than that, various whole and slices of cakes are on offer. At their 2nd floor, there is a cafe where people can enjoy their cake set. Have a great tea time with their delicious “Cream Pie”.

Name: Edelweiss Yogashi-ten Kure Hon-dori Location (Cake Shop)
Address: 3-4-6, Hon-dori, Kure City, Hiroshima
Phone: +81-823-21-0637
Time: 9:00am-7:00pm (Cafe 10:00am-6:30pm)
Close: Mondays
Access: 17-minute walk from Kure Station

Map: map to Edelweiss Yogashi-ten Kure Hon-dori Location (Cake Shop)

“Backen Mozart”

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“Backen Mozart” is a sweets shop for that is famous for its wild oat cookies. They also offer wonderful butter cake”, “Cake au Beurre Hiroshima”, that is originally made with butter and local milk produced by Sagotani Farm. The rectangle shaped cake wrapped with a paper foil looks like real butter.

Even after removing the paper foil, it still looks like white butter. If you cut it, however, you will know that is really a cake for sure. Butter melts easily, so make sure to cut it as soon as possible. This cake is layered with nice moist sponge cake and apricot jam, and tasty with a flavor and texture of crushed almonds. Its buttercream covering the cake is lighter than it looks and tastes mild. It would be also nice to freeze it lightly. You can enjoy an ice cake texture.

Name: Backen Mozart
Address: 5-2, Horikawa-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City
Phone: +81-82-241-0036
Access: 9-minute walk from Hon-dori

Website: http://www.b-mozart.co.jp/cake_o_beurre.html
Map: map to Backen Mozart

“Patisserie Alpha”

photo by yuichi.sakuraba   /   embedded from Instagram

“Patisserie Alpha” offers a very popular product, their original “Yaki Mont Blanc (baked chestnut cake)”, which is designated as “The Hiroshima Brand”. Fresh baked Yaki Mont Blanc are on offer every morning at this sweets shop.

Once you eat you will know it is not the same cake as it is called “Mon Blanc (cream based cake)” in Japan. Its outside is really crunchy as it looks, and its inside is nice moist sponge cake with a whole chestnut. It is not too sweet at all. The flavor varieties include: staple Plain, Chocoalate, Guérande Salt, Hiroshima Lemon, Matcha Green Tea, Cafe au Lait, and Caramel. Try some and find one you like! They sell individually, a 6, 8, 12, and gift pack. It would be good for a gift as a souvenir from Hiroshima.

Name: Patisserie Alpha
Address: 1F, 4-23, Hasgimoto-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City
Phone: +81-82-511-3840
Time: 9:00am-6:00pm
Close: Mondays
Access: 10-minute walk from Hiroshima Station

Website: http://www.patisserie-alpha.com/
Map: map to Patisserie Alpha


photo by 78mama914   /   embedded from Instagram

“PATISSERIE may” is a colorful, fairy-tale-like cake shop. Their interiors are really cute, which would be loved by girls. Located in a residential area a few minutes walk from Kita Exit of Hiroshima Station. A variety of baked sweets and colorful delicious-looking cakes are displayed in showcases.

Their specialty is “Hanjuku Cheese Cake (half baked cake)”, that has been really popular since its foundation despite it is small and looks very simple compared to their other cakes. The one bite cheese cake tastes really nice with a mosit fluffy soufflé-like texture. It is like its rich cheese is melting in your mouth. Flavor varieties include: Plain, Chocolat, and Matcha Green Tea.The fluffy smooth “Hanjuku Cheese Cake” will make you feel happy for sure! It is their bestseller!

Address: 1-15, Wakakusa-cho, Higashi-ku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima
Phone: +81-82-261-4485
Time: 9:00am-8:00pm
Close: Mondays
Access: 12-minute walk from Hiroshima Station

Website: http://cacon2.sakura.ne.jp/site/sample/index.cgi?code=may&kihonnum=04
Map: map to PATISSERIE may

Enjoy Delicious Sweets in Hiroshima!

How did you like it? This article was about the 10 Best Sweets Shops You Must Try in Hiroshima! There are many places that offer distinctive sweets made with fresh local ingredients of Hiroshima. This prefecture is packed with attractions and delicious local food. Try their fantastic sweets when you travel to Hiroshima!

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