Want To Visit Zoo In Japan? The Best 10 Zoos You Must Try In Your Life!

In nature, animals can get wild – but many people think they are cute and adorable. When you want to see them in a relaxing atmosphere, it is zoo. Not only for families, but also couples or just yourself alone can enjoy this beautiful place! In this article, I will introduce the top 10 zoos that you must try in Japan.

Fuji Safari Park

Fuji Safari Park

If you are keen on seeing animals without the cage, “Fuji Safari Park” in Susono City is the best spot – where you can drive in the park to see the animals. Although you might need a car or take a bus to get here, this park is so popular as animals are kept outside which is close to their native environment.

Other than a Safari zone, there are other zones that you can actually touch some animals. Also not only during the day, but also at night you will see the nocturnal animals that you won’t get to see during the day!

Name: Fuji Safari Park
Address: 2255-27, Fujiwara, Suyama, Susino City, Shizuoka
Phone: +81-55-998-1315
Time: 9:00-17:00 (subject to change depending on the season)
Close: None
Access: Drive 15 mins from Susono Interchange

Website: http://www.fujisafari.co.jp/
Map: map to Fuji Safari Park

Ueno Zoo

Ueno Zoo

“Ueno Zoo”, located just 5 minutes away from JR Ueno Zoo on foot, is one of the most popular zoos in Japan where a lot of tourists visit every day. One of the reasons for that – is that a baby Giant Panda was born in 2017, and everyone loves it!

The zoo has more than 400 species of animals and you might find it hard to walk through completely, so there is a guided tour that you can join too. But if you think “a guided tour is a little too much…”, then find a newspaper called “ZOO TODAY”, so that you will know the newcomers to the zoo!

Name: Ueno Zoo
Address: 9-83, Ueno Park, Taito Ku, Tokyo
Phone: +81-3-3828-5171
Time: 9:30-17:00 (Subject to change depending on the season)
Close: Mondays (in case it is a public holiday, the following day is closed) / New Years
Access: Walk 5 mins from JR Ueno Station

Website: http://www.tokyo-zoo.net/zoo/ueno/
Map: map to Ueno Zoo

Asahikawa City Asahiyama Zoo

Asahikawa City Asahiyama Zoo

When it comes to the zoo in Hokkaido which is surrounded by rich nature, many of you might think of “Asahikawa City Asahiyama Zoo”. There is a bus from Asahikawa Airport directly linked to the zoo so it is quite easy to reach this place.

In the zoo, there are some spaces where you can see polar bears, and seals etc so that you will know the ecologies lives of them! There is a night safari in summer (refer to the calendar), and you can enjoy the zoo at night and learn about the nocturnal animals. If you have a chance to visit Japan, this is where you must try!

Name: Asahikawa City Asahiyama Zoo
Address: Kuranuma, Higashi Asahikawa Town, Asahikawa City, Hokkaido
Phone: +81-166-36-1104
Access: Walk 30 mins from Kita Hinode Station

Website: http://www.city.asahikawa.hokkaido.jp/asahiyamazoo/
Map: map to Asahikawa City Asahiyama Zoo

Tobu Zoo

Tobu Zoo

“Tobu Zoo” in Saitama is not an ordinary zoo, it also has an amusement park next to the zoo! Located just 10 minutes away from the station on foot, this is one of the popular sightseeing spots.

In the zoo where you will find approximately 120 species including a white tiger, there are quite a few events such as a horse riding, and GaGa walking which lets you see goose walking through. Those are the must-experience events! Try this zoo once you are in Saitama.

Name: Tobu Zoo
Address: 110, Suga, Miyashiro Town, Minami Saitama Gun, Saitama
Phone: +81-480-93-1200
Access: Walk 10 mins from Tobu Zoo Station

Website: http://www.tobuzoo.com/
Map: map to Tobu Zoo

Tennoji Zoo

Tennoji Zoo

Located in a popular sightseeing area Osaka, there is “Tennoji Zoo” just 5 minutes away from the station on foot. It was opened in 1915 and has a history of more than 100 years – having about 200 species including elephants and lions.

It also includes reptiles and small animals, so you will see a wide variety of animals! Also mainly at the weekends, there is a guided tour to listen to the stories of them. If you have a chance to visit this city – Tennoji, you cannot miss “Tennoji Zoo”.

Name: Tennoji Zoo
Address: 1-108, Chausuyama Town, Tennoji Ku, Osaka City, Osaka
Phone: +81-6-6771-8401
Time: 9:30-17:00 (until 18:00 on Sat/Sun/Pub in May and Sept)
Close: Mondays (in case it is a public holiday, the following day is closed)
Access: Walk 5 mins from Zoo Station

Website: http://www.city.osaka.lg.jp/contents/wdu170/tennojizoo/
Map: map to Tennoji Zoo

Fukuoka Zoo & Botanic Gardens

Fukuoka Zoo & Botanic Gardens

There are about 120 species including lions, cheetahs, and wildcats, and more than 1,000 kinds of plants in this “Fukuoka Zoo and Botanic Gardens” located just 15 minutes away from Odori Station. Zoo area is directly linked to Botanic Garden area.

Also, there is a museum to learn more about the animals and you will see some stuffed specimens and skeletal specimens. At the museum, there is an animal advisor, so if you have any questions, you can ask them! When you fully enjoyed the zoo and the botanic gardens, you can just try a ferris wheels and a merry go round before going home!

Name: Fukuoka Zoo & Botanic Gardens
Address: 1-1, Minami Park, Chuo Ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka
Phone: +81-92-531-1968
Time: 9:00-17:00
Close: Mondays (in case it is a public holiday, the following day is closed)
Access: Walk 15 mins from Yakuin Odori Station

Website: http://zoo.city.fukuoka.lg.jp/
Map: map to Fukuoka Zoo & Botanic Gardens

Ishikawa Zoo

Ishikawa Zoo
photo by naccyu_   /   embedded from Instagram

With a concept “Enjoy, Play, and Learn”, “Ishikawa Zoo”, designed as the animals can live freely, was opened in 2001. This is a facility with a barrier free so that literally anyone can enjoy!

Also, this zoo tries to protect animals to save the injured animals, raise them, and let them go home using their knowledge of wild animals. Quite a few events such as a night zoo in summer and an interaction section in spring are to be held every year so as its concept, this is a zoo where you can enjoy, play and learn!

Name: Ishikawa Zoo
Address: 600, Tokuyama Town, Nomi City, Ishikawa
Phone: +81-761-51-8500
Time: (Apr-Oct) 9:00-17:00, (Nov-Mar) 9:00-16:30
Close: Tuesdays (in case it is a public holiday, the following day is closed), New Years
Access: Drive 20 mins from Komatsu Interchange

Website: http://www.ishikawazoo.jp/
Map: map to Ishikawa Zoo

Nogeyama Zoo

Nogeyama Zoo

Yokohama, one of the most popular destinations in Japan, has a zoo called “Nogeyama Zoo” which is located just 15 minutes away from the station on foot. It is close to Minatomirai where there are a lot of popular places including Red Brick Warehouse and Yokohama Landmark Tower.

Surprisingly, the entry is free of charge. Although it is free to enter, there are more than 1,000 species! You will see peacocks walking through just in front of you and there is a museum specialising in reptiles too.

Name: Nogeyama Zoo
Address: 63-10, Oimatsu Town, Nishi Ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa
Phone: +81-45-231-1307
Time: 9:30-16:30
Close: Mondays (in case it is a public holiday, the following day is closed)
Access: Walk 15 mins from Sakuragicyo Station

Website: http://www.hama-midorinokyokai.or.jp/zoo/nogeyama/
Map: map to Nogeyama Zoo

Kyushu African Safari

Kyushu African Safari
photo by ohana6966   /   embedded from Instagram

“Kyushu African Safari” is an experience based zoo with 2 areas; an animal zone and an interaction zone.

In an animal zone, you will drive the zone to see the animals in a free environment. The animals such as bears, lions, and giraffes and come so close to you!

Name: Kyushu African Safari
Address: 2-1755-1, Minamihata, Usa City, Oita
Phone: +81-978-48-2331
Time: (Mar-Oct) 9:00-17:00, (Nov-Feb) 10:00-16:00
Close: None
Access: 24 mins from Kamekawa Station

Website: http://www.africansafari.co.jp/
Map: map to Kyushu African Safari

Kobe City Oji Zoo

Kobe City Oji Zoo

When it comes to the city zoo, you might think of the small one. But “Kobe City Oji Zoo” is one of the middle size zoos with 130 species and 800 animals. And, did you know they have pandas here?

Panda is one of the most popular animals in zoo – unfortunately pandas here haven’t given birth yet, but there are not many zoos in Japan that you can see the ecologies of pandas. Once you are in Kobe, visit this zoo and spend your time while relaxing!

Name: Kobe City Oji Zoo
Address: 3-1, Oji Town, Nada Ku, Kobe City, Hyogo
Phone: +81-78-861-5624
Time: (Mar-Oct) 9:00-17:00 (Nov-Feb) 9:00-16:30
Close: Wednesdays (open on public holidays), New Years
Access: Walk 5 mins from Nada Station

Website: http://www.kobe-ojizoo.jp/
Map: map to Kobe City Oji Zoo

Let’s Go Out To See The Adorable Animals In Zoo!

How was it? I have introduced the best 10 zoos you must try in Japan. Those adorable animals make you relax just to look – both adults and children can enjoy together! When you visit Japan, why not try to interact with the animals?

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