The 10 Best Places to see Autumn Leaves in Osaka!

Where do you go for autumn leaves this year? This time we recommend Osaka and the surrounding area. Of course Kyoto is famous for autumn leaves in Kansai, but you can not miss Osaka as well. The reason is that while wild nature spreads to the north and south of Osaka Prefecture, there are many places which attract visitors in the city and many types of trees, so you can enjoy various colors depending when you see! This time, we will recommend you places for autumn leaves in Osaka.

Meiji no Mori Minoo Quasi-National Park

Meiji no Mori Minoo Quasi-National Park
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It is a very famous natural park in the northern part of Osaka Prefecture which you can enjoy the beauty of nature. It has also been designated as one of the “Resorts of Forest Baths”, and when you ask the locals in Osaka, it is a place that will definitely come up as a spot of colored leaves.

Since The site of this natural park is large and vertical, and its elevation is wide from 100 meters to 600 meters, the best time to see changing the leaves in the park changes slightly depending on the locations. From mid-November, depending on the locations, it can be enjoyed until the beginning of December.In addition, Ryuanji Temple which is adjacent to this park is very famous for colored leaves. As the size of the parking lot is small, you better to go by public transportation.

Name: Meiji no Mori Minoo Quasi-National Park
Address: 1-18 Minookoen, Minoo, Osaka
Phone: +81-72-721-3014
Access: 5 minutes walk from Mino Station

Map: map to Meiji no Mori Minoo Quasi-National Park

Kabusanji temple

Kabusanji temple
photo by kabusanji   /   embedded from Instagram

Located amid the mountains near Takatsuki City, there is Kabusanji Temple which is famous for Bishamon Heaven as a place of pilgrimage of mountain faith. As there are many kinds of trees here, you can enjoy autumn color gradation from orange to deep red. Many tourists visit here during the fall foliage season.

The second half of November is also referred to as the best season, however in fact we would like to recommend the early winter of early December in particular because at this time you can enjoy the collaboration of snow and autumn leaves! Even if autumn is over and you still feel like enjoying the fall leaves, why don’t you visit this temple?

Name: Kabusanji temple
Address: 3301-1 Hara, Takatsuki-shi, Osaka
Phone: +81-72-688-0788
Time: (usually): 9:00 to 17:00(winter season): 9:00 to 16:00
Access: 20 minutes by car from Takahata Station

Map: map to Kabusanji temple

World Expo Memorial Park

World Expo Memorial Park
photo by shou0222   /   embedded from Instagram

The Expo Memorial Park, which was built using the site of the Osaka Expo in 1970, has been planted with many kinds of trees until now under a project to return the developed land to the forest again. The number is actually about 10,000 different kinds of threes (20 types of different threes)! This park is also a popular tourist place in Osaka.

The types of trees that will turn into autumn leaves and delight your eyes are also diverse, for example, maple, platanus, ginkgo and trident maple. They entertain visitors for a wide range of seasons, mainly in November around Nishioji, Higashioji and Momiji Waterfall. When visiting Osaka, please enjoy this beautiful views!

Name: World Expo Memorial Park
Address: 1 Senribanpakukōen, Suita, Osaka
Phone: +81-6-6877-7387
Time: 9:30 to 17:00
Close: Wednesday
Access: 3 minutes walk from Expo Memorial Park Station

Map: map to World Expo Memorial Park

Katsuo-ji Temple

Katsuo-ji Temple is a Shingon Buddhism temple located in the mountains of Mino city. It is especially famous here in the name of “KKachi ​​Daruma”. It is also famous for the craftsmanship that comes out in Essays in Idleness.

The autumn leaves in the temple that make use of the majestic nature are truly solemn! In the site of 26,400㎡, “Momiji Festival” full of magnificent autumn leaves is held throughout November, and you can enjoy arches of autumn leaves. In addition, you cannot miss the special light up! During the period from the beginning of November to the end of November, the autumn leaves are overlapped with the amber colour temple. You can see that from the sunset to the evening on weekends. Please note that during this time, it is difficult to visit by public transport. Enjoy the beautiful scenery!

Name: Katsuo-ji Temple
Address: 2914-1 Aomatani, Minoo, Osaka
Phone: +81-72-721-7010
Time: (weekdays): 8:00 to 17:00(Saturday): 8:00 to 17:30(Sunday): 8:00 to 18:00
Access: 20 minutes on foot from Senri Central Station

Map: map to Katsuo-ji Temple

Kyuan-ji Temple

Kyuan-ji Temple
photo by masao.nishi   /   embedded from Instagram

Near the Fushio Onsen in the north of area of Ikeda City, there is a temple called Kyuan Temple, which is famous for having Senju Kannon as the main shrine. This temple is also rich in historical topics, and is also famous for its “Kaya” tree, which is derived from the famous Japanese shogun “Toyotomi Hideyoshi”.

Even in Osaka, in the area around Ikeda, cultivation of plants and flowers is very popular, and Kyuan-ji is also designated as the 15th place of “The top 25 flowered Temple in Kansai”! As for the colored leaves, the third Sunday of November is “Momiji Festival”. How about enjoying the colored leaves in the flow of a slow time, away from the coffins of the city in the season of colored leaves?

Name: Kyuan-ji Temple
Address: 697-1 FushiochōIkeda, Osaka
Phone: +81-72-752-1857
Access: 11 minutes by car from Hankyu Ikeda Station

Map: map to Kyuan-ji Temple


Kishiwada is famous for the Danjiri Festival, but the Ushitaki mountain range, which is famous for colored leaves, spreads in the southeast. The most popular spot among the area is Daiitokuji. Perhaps the greatest attraction here is the overwhelming beauty of the colors that shine in the National Important Cultural Property “Tahoto Tower”.

The red of maple and the yellow of ginkgo produce a brilliant vermilion of the Tahoto tower and a perfect encounter with bliss. In addition, it is famous for the contrast of moss and autumn leaves, the contrast of three waterfalls and autumn leaves in the valley. It is a very famous shrine in Sakura, but don’t miss the autumn leaves you can enjoy throughout November!

Name: Daiitoku-ji
Address: 1178 Osawacho, Kishiwada, Osaka
Phone: +81-72-479-0035
Access: About 30 minutes by car from Kumeda Station

Map: map to Daiitoku-ji


photo by midori3737   /   embedded from Instagram

Go into the mountain area from Sakai City, Osaka, there is “Okukawachi Momiji Park” at the back of Kawachinagano city area. The highlight of this area which the valley is beautiful is the “Yusemomiji”, a large old JJapanese maple tree that is said to be 1000 years old at Enmyo-ji Temple. It is also designated as “The Top 100 Best Nature In Osaka”, and it is also said that it is an ancient tree related to the historic great man “Kobo Daishi”.

This magnificent tree, 9 meters high and approximately 15 meters square, is a natural monument in Osaka, and as the name of Enmyo-ji, you might feel you could live long by looking at it. Of course, not only Enmyo-ji but also the whole valley can enjoy wonderful autumn leaves in November. Please take a moment to experience this wonderful scenery here.

Name: Enmei-ji
Address: 492 Kamigaoka, Kawachinagano, Osaka
Access: 14 minutes from Nankai Takano Line Kawauchi Nagano Station

Map: map to Enmei-ji

Nagai Botanical Garden

Nagai Botanical Garden
photo by h_storm   /   embedded from Instagram

Nagai Park near Osaka Tennoji has a large botanical garden. Its size is over 24 hectares. Such a vast area has various trees planted for several decades. Beautiful flowers bloom in spring and summer.

Examples of trees with beautiful autumn leaves include Japanese maple, Japanese enkianthus, and Metasequoia. The period is also long from the end of October to the beginning of December! How about the foliage hunting in this botanical garden while enjoying the down town foods of Osaka such as Pork Cutlet near Tennoji. This might be a unique Osaka experience! It is a recommended autumn place to enjoy both Osaka local foods and autumn leaves.

Name: Nagai Botanical Garden Address: 1-23 Nagaikoen, Higashisumiyoshi Ward, Osaka
Phone: +81-6-6696-7117
Time: (March to October): 9:00 to 17:00(November to February): 9:00 to 16:30
Close: every Monday (in the case of public holidays, the next day) / year-end and year-end
Access: 10 minutes walk from Nagai Subway Station

Map: map to Nagai Botanical Garden

Osaka Castle Park

Speaking of historical buildings in Osaka, it is “Osaka Castle”. This is one of the most popular tourist spots in Osaka, and many people visit every day. “Osaka Castle Park” is located around Osaka.

This Osaka Castle Park is full of nature which you can observe various animals and plants around the Osaka Castle Tower in the center. In the fall season, you can enjoy beautiful autumn leaves.It is a recommended place especially for those who want to see beautiful autumn leaves in the center of Osaka! When you come to sightseeing in Osaka, why don’t you visit here?

Name: Osaka Castle Park
Address: 3-11 Osaka Castle, Chuo Ward, Osaka
Access: 6 minutes on foot from Morinomiya Station

Map: map to Osaka Castle Park


When introducing the autumn leaves spot in Osaka, there is a place that can not be ignored. That is “Midosuji”, which is the main street in Osaka city. Here you can enjoy Ginkgo foliage with a different flavors from the red foliage with a red maple or maple.

The recommended period is late November to early December. You can enjoy the majestic golden autumn leaves by the Ginkgo trees lined in this Midosuji. This Ginkgo rowing tree has been made conscious of the Champs Elysees in Paris before the war. If you have come to Osaka sightseeing, why don’t you stop by?

Name: Midosuji
Map: map to Midosuji

Enjoy the Beautiful Autumnal Scenery in Osaka!

How did you like our recommendations? This time we introduced 10 recommended autumnal spots in Osaka. There are many other places in Osaka, however even if it is colored leaves in Osaka, you can enjoy variations from the golden colour of Ginkgo to the maple of crimson, and there are plenty of spots that you can enjoy until the early winter! Why don’t you go to Osaka this fall and enjoy local foods and fall foliage hunting at the same time?

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