The 7 Best Must-Buy Souvenirs at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka

Being the 15th anniversary since the park opened, this year at Universal Studios Japan is especially lively! There are many events to be excited about and USJ is sure to invite you into a world of dreams.
When you think of USJ, what is the first exciting thing that pops up in your head? All sorts of attractions and beautiful, breathtaking shows, playing with cute characters are of course extremely fun!
But when someone asks you what else you can enjoy in USJ, isn’t the answer, “The cute souvenirs you can only buy inside the park”? There are countless numbers of souvenirs to choose from, from your favorite character goods or USJ-limited snacks! In this article we will introduce our top 7 recommended souvenirs you can buy!

1. Harry Potter wands

1. Harry Potter wands
photo by aiai_orange   /   embedded from Instagram

There are many amazing attractions in USJ, but one of the most popular areas in the park is the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. In this area you can see and feel the wizarding world all around you, and of course you can buy Harry Potter souvenirs! Fans can’t get enough of the high-quality wizarding world souvenirs.

The one we recommend the most in this wonderful area is the magic wand. No witch or wizard is complete without one! The details of the wand are such that they look exactly like the wands actually used in the movies. You can buy a wand of your choice and take a picture in front of the Hogwarts Castle.

Name: Magic Wand
Where you can buy it: Olivanders’s shop, Wizarding World of Harry Potter area
Price: 3500 yen each

2. Bertie Bott’s Every Flavoured Beans

2. Bertie Bott’s Every Flavoured Beans
photo by rilril821   /   embedded from Instagram

Another one of the recommended souvenirs that you can buy in the Harry Potter area are the Bertie Bott’s Every Flavoured Beans that those of you who watched the movie or read the books would know all about. These beans are exactly like the ones that Harry and his friends ate in the movies. There are of course delicious fruit flavors, but there are also snot flavored and vomit flavored jelly beans, which Ron ate in the movies and looked absolutely disgusted with.

These jelly beans are perfect for sharing with a group of friends and trying to guess the flavors. Also it’s a popular gift, so you can buy it for some of your friends too!

Name: Bertie Bott’s Every Flavoured Beans
Where you can buy it: Honeydukes, Wizarding World of Harry Potter
Price: 1800 yen

3. Moppy plush toy

3. Moppy plush toy
photo by reinn   /   embedded from Instagram

There are many characters loved by everyone in the park, and the Sesame Street characters are one of them. Did you know that there is actually a new Sesame Street character that was born in the amusement park? That character is a lovable, pink character named Moppy.

Moppy’s pink and fluffy body is said to bring happiness to everyone. There are lots of Moppy goods in the park, but we recommend the Moppy plush toy, with which you can enjoy the fluffiness. She’s really adorable!

Name: Moppy plush toy
Where you can buy it: Moppy’s Lucky Spot, Hollywood Area
Price: Medium size 3200 yen, Small size 4200 yen

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4. Spiderman pens

4. Spiderman pens
photo by 48sakko   /   embedded from Instagram

Spiderman is one of the most popular hero’s in the park attractions. You can of course buy many Spiderman souvenirs inside the park. We recommend the pen set!

In this pen set are 5 types of pens with different colors and patterns. You can separate them and pass them out to your friends as gifts, or you can keep them all to yourself! If you’re a big fan of Spiderman, or if you have a friend that loves Spiderman, this souvenir is definitely the one for you.

Name: Pen Set
Where you can buy it: Amazing Spiderman store, New York area
Price: 1900 yen

5. Snoopy’s pair strap

5. Snoopy’s pair strap
photo by maaaho127   /   embedded from Instagram

The most popular, famous dog character in the world? That would be Snoopy. There are so many Snoopy goods in the park that you might have some trouble choosing the best one. Also there are lots of Snoopy goods that you can only find and buy inside USJ, so we encourage you to take a look around!

We recommend the Snoopy pair strap, which you can maybe attach to your phone of bag and always have Snoopy with you. The pair straps are red and black, and they have heart accessories on them. They’re so cute and fashionable!

Name: Snoopy Pair Straps
Where you can buy it: Snoopy Studio Store, Universal Wonder Land
Price: 1500 yen

6. Elmo’s face mug cup

6. Elmo’s face mug cup
photo by sasamachi   /   embedded from Instagram

Elmo is one of the most popular characters of Sesame Street. This mug cup has a three-dimensional drawing of Elmo’s face on it, making it look like Elmo’s face is popping out. The impact and cuteness of Elmo’s face makes it a popular souvenir. You can use it daily!

When you drink coffee or tea with this mug cup, Elmo’s cute face is sure to help you relax! It is very popular as a souvenir for women, so maybe you can buy it for your girlfriend too.

Name: Elmo’s Face Mug Cup
Where you can buy it: Cinema 4-D Store, Hollywood area
Price: 1030 yen

7. Pink Panther’s Sparkling Wine

7. Pink Panther’s Sparkling Wine
photo by s.saryu   /   embedded from Instagram

There are a lot of people who don’t know this, but other than drinking alcohol in a restaurant at USJ, you can also buy it as a souvenir! That souvenir is sparkling wine, with a fancy Pink Panther silhouette on the bottle.

The wine itself is also a light pink color, and taste is of course delicious. The bottle looks fashionable too, so many grown-ups like to buy this sparkling wine. It is perfect for those of you who love cute stuff, and of course, for those of you who love alcohol!

Name: Pink Panther’s Sparkling Wine
Where you can buy it: California Confectionary, Hollywood Area
Price: 1200 yen

Don’t forget to buy interesting souvenirs during your visit in USJ!

There are many interesting souvenirs to buy in Universal Studios Japan, the amusement park that keeps getting better. There are of course many other souvenirs other than the ones we introduced in this article, so you can have fun choosing which souvenir would be best for your friends and family. Please enjoy shopping as well as the amazing attractions and rides in Universal Studios Japan!

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