Don’t miss it! The 10 Most Popular Sightseeing spots in Tosu!

Saga prefecture is situated between Nagasaki prefecture and Fukuoka prefecture. Tosu city in Saga prefecture is the key point of transportation, which has Shin-tosu station of Kyushu Shinkansen and the junction among the Kyushu Expressway, the Nagasaki Expressway and the Oita Expressway. It is also located 1 hour drive from the Fukuoka Airport and the Saga Airport. Let’s walk through the 10 must visit sightseeing spots in Tosu city!

The Best Shopping spot in Tosu! “Tosu Premium Outlets!

The Best Shopping spot in Tosu!
photo by m.tokushima.andsan3   /   embedded from Instagram

“Tosu Premium Outlets” is one of the Kyushu’s largest outlets shopping mall, opened in March 2004. It was designed to recreate the townscape of southern California. It holds about 150 famous brand shops of fashion, shoes, cosmetics, interior decorations, kids goods, and more, inside and outside Japan.

A wide parking lot is available, so you can drop by on the way of driving. It also offers direct shuttle bus service from Fukuoka and Tenjin, which costs only 1,000 yen for return trip with advance booking. There is a food court offering a variety of cuisines like Chinese, Western, fast foods. You can spend a whole day here. Playing facilities for kinds are also provided for family visitors. Worth visiting!

Name: Tosu Premium Outlets
Address: 8-1 Yayoigaoka, Tosu city, Saga
Phone: +81-942−87−7370
Time: 10:00~20:00

Map: map to Tosu Premium Outlets

Spend a Relaxing time in Tosu, at “Manzaiji Temple”!

“Manzaiji Temple” is a temple of Rinzai sect Nanzen-ji school, situated among quiet mountains of the 400 meter height, 20 minutes drive from the center of Tosu city. It was opened by Iko Tokuken the Zen master 600 years ago. The 4 Buddhist statues preserved from its opening have been municipally designated as Important Cultural Properties. All of them are quite valuable from the Muromachi, or the Chosen-Korai period.

This temple holds zazen meeting in the early morning every Thursday, which anyone are welcomed to join. With advance reservation, you can also have lenten fare. You can enjoy rhododendron in bloom in the mid April and Hydrangea in June. This is the temple to spend a calm time in a quiet atmosphere.

Name: Manzaiji Temple
Address: 2118 Kawachimachi, Tosu city, Saga
Phone: +81-942−82−5377

Map: map to Manzaiji Temple

Unique Sightseeing spot in Tosu, “Nakatomi Memorial Medecine Museum”

Unique Sightseeing spot in Tosu,
photo by mitonato   /   embedded from Instagram

“Nakatomi Memorial Medecine Museum” was opened in 1995 as the part of commemorative events celebrating the 145th anniversary of Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Co., Inc. This is a unique museum themed in “medicine”. Tosu is the area where “Tashiro Baiyaku (Tashiro-style medicine selling)” happened in the middle of the Edo period. It was regarded as one of the Japan Four Famous Styles medicine selling along with Toyama Baiyaku of Toyama prefecture, Yamato Baiyaku of Nara prefecture, and Omi Baiyaku of Shiga prefecture. The preserved documents related to “Tashiro Baiyaku” were designated to important tangible folk-cultural properties in 2016.

It holds the documents related to the current medicine on display on the 1st floor, and the goods and selling tools related to “Tashiro Baiyaku” in the periods from the Edo to the Showa on display on the 2nd floor. One of the eye catching displays is a room on the 1st floor which skillfully reproduces “the Alban Atkin chemist” actually existed in London at the end of the 19th century. The room has 20,000 pieces of the documents and has retains the original appearance. Highly recommended for sightseeing.

Name: Nakatomi Memorial Medicine Museum
Address: 288-1 Konoemachi, Tosu city, Saga
Phone: +81-942−84−3334
Time: 10:00~17:00
Close: Mondays (or the following day if a Monday falls on a public holiday) / Year-end and new-year holidays

Map: map to Nakatomi Memorial Medicine Museum

Sightseeing in Nature of Tosu at “Ochozu-no-taki”!

Sightseeing in Nature of Tosu at
photo by sachy_fs   /   embedded from Instagram

“Ochozu-no-taki” is located in the area which used to be the practice place in the mountains. It is saida that the name came from the fact practitioners purified themselves at this waterfall. You can see “Dai-ni-no-taki (the 2nd waterfall)” after 10 minutes walk from a parking lot, which has about 5 meter height. Another 10 minutes walk takes you to “Dai-ichi-no-taki (the 1st waterfall)” with 22 meter height and 6 meter width. Dynamic spray and sounds of the waterfall refresh your body and mind totally!

You can enjoy its cool and fresh environment there especially in summer. Do not forget to wear shoes with slip resistance. There is “Numagawa River Pool” built with water of Numagawa River nearby, where you can enjoy during the summer holiday season only. Camping site is situated close to it, so best for families and group visitors to have fun.

Name: Ochozu-no-taki
Address: Tateishi, Tosu city, Saga
Phone: +81-942−85−3605

Map: map to Ochozu-no-taki

Must-have Dish in Tosu, “Toriko-don & Tosun Curry Roll”

Must-have Dish in Tosu,
photo by k0_ta_   /   embedded from Instagram

Must-have local gourmet on the visit to Tosu. Both “Torikodon” and “Tosun Curry Roll” are relatively new local dishes not to be missed. “Torikodon” refers to a variety of dishes cooked with local chicken and eggs. Currently, more than 30 different restaurants serving Chinese food, Western food, pasta, udon noodles, serve original “Torikodon”.

The best spot for these dishes is “Cafe de Blue”. It is locally well-known as the famous spot of parfait. It offers a variety of dishes such as Japanese meatloaf of Sagagyu beef, pizza, pasta and so on. Worth visiting during sightseeing!

Name: Cafe de Blue
Address: 716-1 Shukumachi, Tosu city, Saga
Phone: +81-942−83−5617
Time: 11:00~24:00
Close: the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of every month

Map: map to Cafe de Blue

Amazing view of Cherry blossoms in spring! Great spot with Beautiful Night scenery, “Asahiyama Park”

Amazing view of Cherry blossoms in spring! Great spot with Beautiful Night scenery,
photo by io_1962   /   embedded from Instagram

Asahiyama Park is a park spread in the low mountain with 130 meter height, which is well-known for its beautiful cherry blossoms in Tosu city. In spring, a beautiful tunnel is created by cherry blossom trees on both sides of the road to the mountain top. You can enjoy the panorama view of Tosu city, Kurume and Oguri, from the top both in the daytime and at night. It can be the very hidden gem of Tosu to enjoy both cherry blossoms and lit up cityscape at night especially in spring.

This is the place where Asahiyama Castle was built in 1332, where was used by the time of the Sengoku period. It still has its remains, so history lovers can enjoy walking around. It is in a walkable distance from Shin-Tosu station of Kyushu Shinkansen. Worth adding to your plan of sightseeing in Saga prefecture.

Name: Asahiyama Park
Address: Muratamachi, Tosu city, Saga
Phone: +81-942−85−3605

Map: map to Asahiyama Park

Sightseeing spot of Tosu with a History, “Azumaya Shrine”

Sightseeing spot of Tosu with a History,
photo by tsuguyuusako   /   embedded from Instagram

Azumaya Shrine has its opening in 662 when the spirits of the Atsuta-jingu Shrine were imparted to transfer. It is the very shrine with a long history. In the shrine, there are the front shrine with the spectacular roof picture and the main shrine with Nagare-zukuri style alongside 600-year-old big camphor. The existing buildings are estimated to have been constructed in 1846. The mountain torrent flowing in the shrine turns into a natural pool in summer. A lot of kids play in water in the heated summer.

“Onda-mai” is the festival held once 12 years to pray for a good harvest, which has been designated as the important intangible folk-cultural properties in Saga prefecture. Highly recommended!

Name: Azumaya Shrine
Address: 1385 Ushiwaramachi, Tosu city, Saga

Map: map to Azumaya Shrine

Hidden Hot Spring in the forests of Tosu! “Kazokuburo Onsen Yamaboshi”

Hidden Hot Spring in the forests of Tosu!
photo by semicharmedman   /   embedded from Instagram

Fancy hot springs in Tosu? This is the spot for you. Each building with an old private house style in the forests has a private hot spring, “kazokuburo (family bath)”, which is like a luxurious Japanese hotel. The hot spring is served on pay-on-demand with a timer, which keeps fresh and clean quality.

After checking in and receiving the room plate and coins for the hot spring service at the reception building, go to the assigned bathroom, plug a bathtub, charge the hot spring timer to have the hot spring in your bathroom. Once you charge, you can have the hot spring run for 40 minutes. Each bathtub is made from different materials such as Japanese cypress, Mikage granite. Highly recommended for those who would like to enjoy bathing! Best for refreshing after sightseeing and shopping too.

Name: Kazokuburo Onsen Yamaboshi
Address: 2867 Kawachimachi, Tosu city, Saga
Phone: +81-942−85−1443

Map: map to Kazokuburo Onsen Yamaboshi

Make the world’s only one gift in Tosu at “Gyorenbo Gama (kiln)”

Make the world's only one gift in Tosu at
photo by mitunorisuefuji   /   embedded from Instagram

Gyorenbo Gama was opened by the former master, Matsuo Jiro, in 1966 and named the kiln after the ancient Chinese poem. It used to produce tablewares for daily usage like tea cups, coffee cups, rice bowls with the motif of fish and birds. Currently, Jiro’s son, Matsuo Ichiro, has succeeded after the former style and produced his original style.

You can not only buy the pottery works, but also experience making pottery by yourself. No experience required. You can make your own work with kind assistance. It takes only 30 – 60 minutes to paint a mug or a rice bowl. Must-visit sightseeing spot in Saga.

Name: Gyorenbo Gama
Address: 1520 Tateishi, Tosu city, Saga
Phone: +81-942−83−3085
Close: Wednesdays

Map: map to Gyorenbo Gama

Enjoy the Superb Gourmet of Tosu at the Sightseeing spot, “Hanayashiki”!

Enjoy the Superb Gourmet of Tosu at the Sightseeing spot,
photo by rainbow98   /   embedded from Instagram

“Hanayashiki” is a restaurant built in the site of about 13,000 square meter by the lake. It is locally famous for beef steak. You can spend an elegant time listening to live performance of piano, violin and flute.

It costs 5,000 – 7,000 yen for premium wagyu beef loin or fillet steak, but you can enjoy a lunch steak course only for 1,900 yen available until 15:00. The course includes appetisers, salad, cooked rice, soup and dessert, which is reasonable. You can also enjoy walking around the building by the lake after a meal. Fresh green leaves in the early summer and colored leaves in autumn will amuse you. Enjoy beautiful gourmet in a beautiful location in Saga.

Name: Hanayashiki
Address: 296-1 Yubimachi, Tosu city, Saga
Phone: +81-942−83−2000
Time: 11:30~16:00 / 17:00~21:00
Close: Year-end and Beginning of a year holidays

Map: map to Hanayashiki

Travel around the Must-visit sightseeing spots in Tosu!

Here is the 10 must-visit sightseeing spots in Saga prefecture, Kyushu. A variety of sightseeing spots to enjoy its history, great nature, and delicious local dishes! Tosu is not a big city, but you can spend a relaxing time somehow. Worth visiting for sightseeing and local gourmet!

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