The 3 Best Outlet Malls You Must Visit in Kyushu, Japan

How to enjoy traveling is various sightseeing, gourmet, landscape and hot springs. Kyushu has the best sightseeing spots and recommended gourmet in the whole country. Among them, I will introduce shopping spots this time! Since I went to Kyushu anyhow, I would like to shop for local specialties and memorabilia of travel, etc! So I will introduce three outlet malls that I would like to go in Kyushu. There’s no mistake if you go here!

1. Tosu Premium Outlet

1. Tosu Premium Outlet
photo by tosupremiumoutlets   /   embedded from Instagram

There are also premium outlets in Saga Prefecture · Tosu, with nine outlets in Hawaii, Los Angeles, South Korea, Malaysia and other countries.

It is built on the image of the skyline in southern California, it is the fourth open in the country. There are about 150 shops including famous overseas brands, inner, miscellaneous goods, interior, cosmetics etc. Although it is an outlet, the assortment is adequate.

Also, there are lots of excavations at a fulfilling lineup that I can not think of so-called B-class items such as surplus items and season delays.

There is also a bargain once in a semi-annual period, even if it is just a price discount from a worthy price, so if you find something you like, get it immediately! There is also a big parking lot so it’s safe to rent a car.

Also, it is convenient to access in Nishitetsu and Tenjin Express Bus Terminal in about 45 minutes for a direct bus that operates daily.

If you are tired of walking on a large premises, you can also take a rest at the food court. When you are hungry, you may try eating Tonkotsu ramen at one of the famous Hakata Ramen stores. If you go shopping it is here!

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Name: Tosu Premium Outlet
Address: 8-1, Yayoigaoka Tosu City, Saga Prefecture
Phone: +81-942-87-7370
Opening hours: 10: 00-20: 00
Closed: Third Thursday of February

Map: Map to Tosu Premium Outlet

2. Marinoacity Fukuoka

2. Marinoacity Fukuoka
photo by zuki.11   /   embedded from Instagram

Marinoacity Fukuoka “is the largest urban resort shopping mall in Kyushu. It was born in the Marinoa area in 2000, and more than 170 shops are gathered. It is close to 30 minutes from the center of Fukuoka, so the locals are also a casual spot to go out.

There are three outlet buildings and the Marina Side building, which mainly includes eating and drinking establishments. Shops such as fashion, interior, select shop, sporting goods, etc. are located in the outlet building, Japanese food, Italian cafe, etc. are collected in the Marina Side building.

There is even a Ferris wheel which can enjoy a skywalk of about 60 m in height, about 50 m in diameter, and 12 min. Per round for a sky wheel in the premises.

Facing the yacht harbor, the view from the Ferris wheel is also the best! In the night, the Ferris wheel is colored with about 6000 illuminations, and you can enjoy the night view of the port by walking on boardwalk.

Each shop is pretty good value though the product differs from previous season items and sample items at that time. It is not unusual to be 50 to 80% off.

Recommendations are domestic first outlet cosmetic specialty shop “Serel” and Belgian chocolate brand “GODIVA” a cafe where you can drink a chocolate drink. Drive, do not you go for a moment? There may be bargains!

Name: Marinoacity Fukuoka
Address: 2-12-30 Odo, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka
Phone: +81-92-892-8700
Opening hours: 10: 00-21: 00
Closed: Open all year round

Map: Map to Marinoacity Fukuoka

3. Trias

3. Trias
photo by tiara512   /   embedded from Instagram

“Trias” is a shopping mall with a vast site of about 270 m 2 / east west, about 500 m north and south, 270 000 m 2. Its size is about 5 if it is Tokyo Dome.

By purpose, it is divided into 4 zones of “shopping walk”, “amenity coat”, “variety chapter”, “entertain place”, and stores such as fashion, accessories, sporting goods and restaurants.

We also have movie theaters, mini zoos, 100 yen shops and more. There are shops specialized for outlets, stores that handle casual fashion brands such as crocodile and ABC-MART, and interior goods and cosmetics, miscellaneous goods imported directly from Ross.

The restaurant is also rich in variety, such as ramen and fast food, Chinese food for Indian food, and Italian. If there is only this, lunch and dinner are not troubled.

There are also drugstores and costco, and even if there is something necessary during the trip, it seems to be no problem. Mini zoo also has small animals such as capybara and tortoise that can give and taste bait, so even if you come with children you can enjoy it enough.

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Address: 1111 Kamiyamachi, Kasuya-gun, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan
Telephone: 092-931-9100
Opening hours: Depends on stores
Closed: Open all year round


Enjoy shopping at Kyushu outlet!

Do you like it? Do you think that a wide shopping mall is somewhat exciting? It seems that brands that I was interested in are cheaper or unexpected items will be found. Because none are wide shopping malls, maybe they will stay long lasting? It is such a place that everyone can enjoy from children to adults! When you have plenty of time, please come and visit us. Why don’t you find your favorite dish?

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