10 Most Popular Onsen Facilities and Japanese Inns You Must Visit in Kumamoto!

One of the best things to do while on traveling Japan is to have an experience of onsen. Just taking a bath in onsen removes your fatigue and gives you a great relaxing experience. There are many onsen spots in Japan, and this time, those of Kumamoto, Kyushu are featured. So, here are the 10 Most Popular Onsen Facilities and Japanese Inns You Must Visit in Kumamoto. Enjoy onsen as well as attractions when you visit Kumamoto.

Perla no Yubune

Perla no Yubune
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“Perla no Yubune” is an onsen facility of a resort hotel, “Hotel Alegria Gardens Amakusa” standing on a hill surrounded by Amakusa’s navy blue ocean. The hotel’s site is 50000 sqm (about 12 acres) large with beautiful nature environment. Located in Hondo, Amakusa. The onsen facility is available for guests who are staying at the hotel for free, and visitors with a fee.

Other than those two, 5 chartered themed baths, a maifan stone bedrock bath, germanium bath, and oil lymphatic massage are on offer. Perfect place to get relaxed. There is a restaurant, “Sazanka”, which serves fantastic “Kaisen Chanpon [seafood noodles]”. It has won the first prize of Chanpon Grand Prix. Tastes so nice with umami of Amakusa’s seafood and veggies. This is the place to visit when you travel to Amakusa, Kumamoto!

Name: Perla no Yubune (Hotel Alegria Gardens Amakusa)
Address: 996, Hirose, Hondo-machi, Amakusa City, Kumamoto
Phone: +81-969-23-2626
Time: 5:00am-8:00am/11:00am-11:00pm
Access: 15-minute drive from Amakusa Airport

Website: http://hotel-alegria.jp/perla/
Map: map to Perla no Yubune (Hotel Alegria Gardens Amakusa)

Hana no Bandai

Hana no Bandai
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“Hana no Bandai” is good for one day trip. Located at the far end of Hirayama Onsen behind Sanga Onsen. This facility is owned by the Onsen Inn “Ichiboku Issou” nearby, and available for the guests who stay at the inn for free. The characteristic of the water of Hirayama Onsen is its thickness. Since it is like a moisturizer, it is famous as a hot spring that works for skin.

Also, esthetic service is on offer, which is done by all hands. Their Dr. Fish Foot Bath is popular too. Fish will eat your dead skin cells! It has a restaurant that offers breakfasts and lunches with various dishes. On top of that, their desserts are fantastic being served in a nice stylish plate. This place would be perfect for women. Enjoy until your heart’s content staying at “Hana no Bandai” when you visit Kumamoto.

Name: Hana no Bandai
Address: 4998, Jin no Uchi, Hirayama, Yamaga City, Kumamoto
Phone: +81-968-44-0887
Time: 10:30am-10:00pm
Close: 1st and 3rd Tuesdays
Access: 30-minute drive from Shin Tamana Station

Website: http://hananobandai.com/
Map: map to Hana no Bandai


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“Agannasse” is an Onsen Complex Facility located in Kikunan Onsen that is known as a spa for beauty. Its name means “Come on in” in Kumamoto dialect. The highlight of this facility is its wide content that allows guests to have a relaxing day.

Focusing on caring about women guests, they are making every effort to make their facility better. Everywhere is kept clean, of course, there is a women-only relax room, salt sauna, armatic therapy room, and even a hair salon. Add “Agannasse” to your must-visit list.

Name: Kikunan Onsen Spa Resort Agannasse
Address: 3-10-1, Tsuruhada, Kita-ku, Kumamoto City, Kumamoto
Phone: +81-96-344-1126
Time: 10:00am-12:00am
Close: Open 365 days a year
Access: About 13-minute walk from Kumaden Shin Suya Station

Website: http://agannasse-spa.jp/
Map: map to Kikunan Onsen Spa Resort Agannasse

Kusamakura Onsen Tensui

Kusamakura Onsen Tensui
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“Kusamakura Onsen Tensui” is located on a small mountain that has lots of orange fields. From there, Ariake Sea and Nagasaki’s Unzen Fugen Dake (mountain) behind the sea can be seen. The view is incredibly scenic. Especially the sunset view with the sea is breathtaking.

Being surrounded by orange fields, it smells so nice when the blossoms bloom. It feels like you are in a paradise on earth. There is a restaurant that serves delicious dishes, but at “Tensui Orange Mura”, people can harvest oranges and enjoy barbecue. This place is popular among the locals for its quality meat. You can stop by on the way or back to “Kusamakura Onsen Tensui”. It is highly recommended.

Name: Kusamakura Onsen Tensui
Address: 511-1, Oama, Tensui-machi, Tamana City, Kumamoto
Phone: +81-968-82-4500
Time: 10:00am-9:00pm
Access: 25-minute drive from Tabaruzaka Station

Map: map to Kusamakura Onsen Tensui

Tsunagi Onsen Shikisai

Tsunagi Onsen Shikisai
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Tsunagi Onsen Shikisai

“Tsunagi Onsen Shikisai” is an onsen facility located at Ashikita-gun in the southern Kumamoto, which is close to Minamata. Beautiful Shiranui Sea can be seen from there. This facility is built by taking advantage of natural rocks and stones. If you go through a rock tunnel made by excavating a hole, you would see a big bath facility and a outside bath with a waterfall. And by going up further with a retro trolley, you would be amazed at a great view from an outside bath located halfway up the cliff. So scenic and highly recommended.

There is a restaurant in the facility, and they serve fresh quality seafood dishes from the Shiranui Sea that faces Tsunagi-machi. Ribbon fish is especially famous. It is rare to see Ribbon fish sashimi or Ribbon fish over rice even in other areas of Kumamoto. They also serve game dishes since recently gibier is getting popular in Japan. “Tsunagi Onsen Shikisai” is the perfect onsen facility for travelers. Why not visiting?

Name: Tsunagi Onsen Shikisai
Address: 435, Iwaki, Tsunagi-machi, Ashikita-gun, Kumamoto
Phone: +81-966-78-4126
Time: 10:00am-9:00pm
Close: 1st Wednesdays
Access: 10-minute walk from Tsunagi Station

Website: http://www.town.tsunagi.lg.jp/shikisai/
Map: map to Tsunagi Onsen Shikisai

Kashima Yumoto Suishun

Kashima Yumoto Suishun
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Kashima Yumoto Suishun

“Kashima Yumoto Suishun” is a rare type onsen facility that is situated in a big shopping mall, “Aeon Mall Kumamoto” nearby Kumamoto City. People can enjoy both shopping and taking a bath at onsen. There is also a cinema complex, so people can stay there whole day.

Its exterior is elegant Japanese style. You may not think the building is an onsen facility. Inside is really clean and there are 13 types of baths. The hypertonic carbonated bath is rare even in Japan, and it keeps your body warm for a long time after bath.They also have Wheelbarrow Sauna, Bedrock bath, and Fitness gym. Staff are all nice and kind. Their restaurant is highly admired for its delicious food. Great place for both groups and individuals. Stop in when you visit Kumamoto.

Name: Kashima Yumoto Suishun
Address: Aeon Mall Kumamoto, 2232, Aza Nagaike, Ōaza Ueshima, Kashima-machi, Mashiki-gun, Kumamoto
Phone: +81-96-237-4126
Time: Mon-Sat 9:00am-1:00amSun, National Holidays 6:00am-1:00am

Website: http://suisyun.jp/kashima/
Map: map to Kashima Yumoto Suishun

Shiki no Sato Kyokushi

Shiki no Sato Kyokushi
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Shiki no Sato Kyokushi

“Shiki no Sato Kyokushi” is a natural onsen leisure facility located at 500 m (about 1640 ft) above sea level, halfway up Kuradake close to Kikuchi City that is famous for the Kikuchi Gorge. There is not only an onsen facility but also mountain huts, caravan site, a roofed barbecue place, indoor swimming pool, and even the animal square where people can touch animals. In summer, this place is packed with families and kids association members.

Their restaurant offers excellent Jingisukan [grilled lamb dish]. You cannot eat that anywhere else. They also serve game dishes of boar meat.In the “Fureai Doubutsu Hiroba [animal square]”, there are kangaroos on the loose, llamas, and sheep. Really popular among kids since they can get really close to kangaroos. Ideal place for families.

Name: Shiki no Sato Kyokushi
Address: 2934-10, Fumoto, Kyokushi, Kikuchi City, Kumamoto
Phone: +81-968-37-3939
Time: 10:00am-9:00pm
Close: 3rd Thursdays (Close on every Thursday from Nov to Mar, Open during Jul and Aug )
Access: 40-minute drive from Akamizu Station

Website: http://shikinosato.sh-yuwa.com/
Map: map to Shiki no Sato Kyokushi

Yumigahama Onsen Yuraku-tei

Yumigahama Onsen Yuraku-tei
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Yumigahama Onsen Yuraku-tei

“Yumigahama Onsen Yuraku-tei” is an onsen inn located close to Yumigahama Beach in Kami Amakusa. The beach is so close that you can walk there. “Yurakutei” is famous as one of the best cave baths of Japan. This onsen was dug up by hands of one family members. Surprising! The spring quality is super high that many onsen lovers highly admire. They adopt a free flowing system, so the water keeps coming directly from the source and it doesn’t stay. Lots of fans visit this onsen from not only inside the prefecture but also outside area.

It is great to visit this place for one day trip, but would be fantastic to stay because it is such a nice inn that serves great dishes cooked with Amakusa’s fresh seafood. The ambience of the inn is also mystic and wonderful. This is the definite must-visit place while you are in Kumamoto.

Name: Yumigahama Onsen Yuraku-tei
Address: 5190-2, Yumigahama, Ōyanomachikami, Amakusa City, Kumamoto
Phone: +81-964-56-0536
Access: 20-minute drive from Misumi Station

Website: http://yurakutei.jp/
Map: map to Yumigahama Onsen Yuraku-tei

Yamabiko Ryokan

Yamabiko Ryokan
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Yamabiko Ryokan

“Yamabiko Ryokan” is an onsen inn located in “Kurokawa Onsen” town that is well known in Japan. This place has one of the biggest baths in the town, “Sennin Buro”, which is a spacious outside bath decorated with huge rocks, being surrounded by greens. People can enjoy their bath time with sunlight coming through trees in the daytime, and with beautiful stars in the sky at night.

This inn is also known as a “Certified Baby Friendly Inn”, and also as a pet friendly accommodation with a special bath for dogs. Perfect for family guests and those who take pets with them. Some people think Kurokawa Onsen is a little too elegant, but you don’t have to worry about it here. Have a great time at Kurokawa Onsen, Kumamoto.

Name: Yamabiko Ryokan (Inn)
Address: 6704, Manganji, Minami Oguni-machi, Aso-gun, Kumamoto
Phone: +81-967-44-0311
Access: 40-minute drive from Miyaji Station

Website: http://www.yamabiko-ryokan.com/
Map: map to Yamabiko Ryokan (Inn)

Hage no Yu Onsen Ryokan Sansui

Hage no Yu Onsen  Ryokan Sansui
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Hage no Yu Onsen  Ryokan Sansui

In Okuaso, there is a popular onsen area, called “Waita Onsen-kyo”, which is easy to access by car. This area is not touristy with no onsen towns, but it has a simple greatness. The way clouds of steam generated by subterranean heat drift in mountains looks so scenic and thrills you. It is so popular and ranks as high as Kyushu’s famous attractions such as Yufuin and House Ten Bosch.

“Ryokan Sansui” is located on a small mountain of Hage no Yu Onsen in “Waita Onsen-kyo”. This inn offers a great time in a beautiful natural environment. People can visit just for taking a bath without staying. Their various baths include: bath for gents, bath for ladies, and 11 chartered baths. Among many, “Sennin no Yu” is highly recommended. It is an outside mixed bath located at the highest point of this place. The view from the bath is superb. The outer rim of Mt. Aso can be seen with the clouds of steam. It would be great to visit and get relaxed at a place like this.

Name: Hage no Yu Onsen Ryokan Sansui (Inn)
Address: 3044, Nishizato, Ogunu-machi, Aso-gun, Kumamoto
Phone: +81-967-46-4547
Access: 25-minute drive from Hikiji Station

Website: http://oguni-sansui.com/
Map: map to Hage no Yu Onsen Ryokan Sansui (Inn)

Enjoy Onsen in Kumamoto!

How was this article? Hope these 10 Most Popular Onsen Facilities and Japanese Inns You Must Visit in Kumamoto would be helpful. Among many famous onsen facilities of Kumamoto, these are the best of the best. Kumamoto also has lots of popular attractions and delicious local food. Visit once. You would like it!

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