The Best 10 Ramen Shops You Must Eat in Fukuoka

There are so many historic sites such as temples and the castle to see in Fukuoka. There is also famous shopping malls and a space themed theme park. The food here is also superb and the best known of this is ramen! Fukuoka ramen is so popular that tourist consider it a must when visiting and there are also those who come for the sole purpose of eating ramen. Today we will introduce delicious ramen that can be found here.

1. Hakuryu

1. Hakuryu
photo by zerosen1016   /   embedded from Instagram

Nearby this shop are the large mountains of Otoinu (185m) , Takashiro (381m), and Wakasugi (681m) that you can enjoy. The ramen here is a reasonable 400 yen for a very rich taste. It is topped with scallions and pork for which this shop is known.

There may not be many attractions nearby but the mountain but the ramen here is certainly worth the time it takes to get here. Enjoy the view and ramen when you visit!

Address:Fukuoka Prefecture Kasuyagun Suemachi Tabiishi86-337
Closed Wednesday
Access:13 min from Sue Chuo Station

Map: Map to Hakuryu

2. Bokunoie

2. Bokunoie
photo by takuya45   /   embedded from Instagram

Between the outlook where you can enjoy a 120 degree panoramic view and the Japanese garden built on the plot of the villa of the Kuroda Family you can find the Torie district. Here you can find a home-like ramen shop, “Bokunoie”.

The shop entrance may seem like road stop front. However, inside you will find the taste that hits the spot. Thin noodles mixed with pork broth for two days is served for just 450 yen.

The dish, Chanpon, which Fukuoka is also well known for is only 600 yen. You can also have a fried rice for 450 yen. There are many delicious looking items on this menu that will surely satisfy you.

Address:Fukuoka Prefecture Fukuoka City Jyonanku Torikai 7-2-14
Closed Tuesday
Access:7 min from Beppu Station

Map: Map to Bokunoie

3. Mengikijyo Genei

3. Mengikijyo Genei
photo by ysn0116   /   embedded from Instagram

“Near SUITO FUKUOKA” where you can experience traditional Hakata crafts for just 500 yen is found this ramen shop. You can see them making the ramen from the beginning at a screen at “Mengekijyo Genei”.

This ramen shop does not look like a ramen shop from the front. However, the ramen prepared here is that with which there is no denying it was made with care. Seafood and soysauce makes the deep flavor found here.

The ramen is delicious and the theater here is an opportunity you will not find anywhere else. Please visit and experience!

Name:Mengekijyo Genei
Address:Fukuoka Prefecture Fukuoka City Chuoku Yakuin 2-16-3
Access:10 min from Yakuin Odori Station

Map: Map to Mengekijyo Genei

4. Tonkotsu Ramen Raizo

4. Tonkotsu Ramen Raizo
photo by kero_74   /   embedded from Instagram

There is a row of pines planted to protect the city from sand. Near the beach here can be found this shop.

The pork here is from Kagoshima, which is well known for its pork. The toppings are rather simple but the mushrooms provide the perfect touch to the soup.

You may also top you ramen with spicy greens and these also go well with the ramen to make the ramen itself that much more delicious. The noodles are also special and be choosen to your desired texture!

Name:Tonkotsu Ramen Raizo (Shin Miya shop)
Address:Fukuoka Prefecture Kasuyagun Shinmiyamachi Harugami 817-1
Hours :11:00~3:00
Access:32 min from Kyusandaimae Station

Map: Map to Tonkotsu Ramen Raizo

5. Genkotsu

5. Genkotsu
photo by atsushi2684   /   embedded from Instagram

Sawaraku, which is near to the ocean, has many ocean related sites. The Fukuoka tower, Beach park, along with the other attractions make the area seem like a resort area. “Genkotsu” is the ramen that can be found here.

1 serving here is 550 yen. The soup is a rather thick pork broth. Also, the ingredient are all natural so even those who are sensitive to other ingredients can enjoy here.

Address:Fukuoka Prefecture Fukuoka City Sawaraku Taguma 1-10-7
Closed Monday
Access:12 min from Noke Station

Map: Map to Genkotsu

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6. Ramen Uminari

6. Ramen Uminari
photo by nobubu0608   /   embedded from Instagram

Nakasu is the best known entertainment district in Kyusu. It is also known as the battle field for gourmet. You can also find the nationally important historical hall and the “Fukuhaku Deai Bridge”. Both culturally and historically this is a place you will want to visit.

The shop here has gained recognition as #1 in the “Ramen Walker Fukuoka” for 3 years straight from 2013 to 2015. You will not regret visiting here!

Name:Ramen Uminari (Nakasu shop)
Address:Fukuoka Prefecture Fukuoka City Hakataku Nakasu 3-6-23 Wada bld. 1F Kakugo
Closed Sunday
Access:5 min from Nakasu Kawabata Station

Map: Map to Ramen Uminari

7. Hakata Ikousha

7. Hakata Ikousha
photo by atsuko_lineat   /   embedded from Instagram

This shop is 300 m away starting point for the popular “Hakata Walking Tour” that visit many differet sights in Hakata. It is a good place to visit on your way to or from the tour or other tours available in the area.

Here the soup is made with 3 types of shoyu, 20 types of spices, and 5 types of stock to create the most marvelous of tastes. This broth is enjoyed with then noodles. There are also the popular crisp gyoza. Please try this ramen while you tour the area!

Name:Hakata Ikkousha (Hakata main shop)
Address:Fukuoka Prefecture Fukuoka City Hakataku Hakataekimae 3-23-12 Kouwa bld. 1F
Closed Wednesday
Access:5 min from Hakata Station

Map: Map to Hakata Ikkousha

8. Horin

8. Horin
photo by daiki._   /   embedded from Instagram

This shop is somewhat removed from the bustling Chuo district. This is the renewed version of a “member-only” ramen shop and the quality shows it. It is said that it is the first place in Japan to put hot-pepper in tonkotsu ramen.

The broth itself is quite “sweet” but mixes well with the pepper paste. Please stop by when shopping in Fukuoka.

Address:Fukuoka Prefecture Fukuoka City Chuoku Harukichi 3-21-15
Access:2 min from Tenjin Minami Station

Map: Map to Horin

9. Ajiichiya (Mohikan Ramen)

9. Ajiichiya (Mohikan Ramen)
photo by keihirokanyama   /   embedded from Instagram

There are many different shops and styles of ramen in Fukuoka city but Kurumeshi is the birthplace of “tonokotsu ramen”. This is something that happened around 80 years ago.

“Ajiichiya”, also known as “Mohikan ramen”, is a very popular shop in Kurumeshi. The soup is the specialty here and it is made with Kurume’s special salt. The noodles are very thin but this creates the wonderful taste.

The most popular menu of course is the “Mohikan Ramen”. This is a dish that you finish with a refill of fried ramen. There are other dishes available such as “tonkotsu rice” and “scallion ramen”. No matter what you choose you will not be disappointed.

Name:Ajiichiya (Mohikan Ramen)
Address:Fukuoka Prefecture Kurumeshi City Tsubukuhonmachi 221-11
Closed on 3rd Wednesday
Access:2 min from Shikenjyo me Station

Map: Map to Ajiichiya

10. Hakata Issou

10. Hakata Issou
photo by t.nakajima.feb11   /   embedded from Instagram

This shop is so popular that is it always lined up! You purchase you decide on you menu item and then join the line. Their main dish is tonokotsu ramen. However, you can also choose to have a flavored egg and pork ramen. Be sure to try this ramen as well!

Name:Hakata Isso
Address:Fukuoka Prefecture Fukuoka City Hakataku Hakataeki Higashi 3-1-6
Access:9 min from Hakata Station

Map: Map to Hakata Isso

Enjoy Fukuoka Ramen to Your Heart’s Content!

I am sure you were impressed by the ramen of Fukuoka. Each and every shop seems as it would be the most delicious. Fukuoka is a great place to visit for gourmet, shopping and beautiful sight. When you visit here ramen is must! Please do try a few different ramen shops when you visit.

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