The 5 Best Zoos in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan

When watching animals, there is a certain level of relaxation that comes over us. In Fukuoka Prefecture there are many places that you can experience this feeling. You can enjoy watching animals that you may be familiar with and others that may be new to you and rare. Today we will introduce some zoos you will not want to miss as you travel through Fukuoka!

1. Uminonakamichi Seaside Park

1. Uminonakamichi Seaside Park
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This park is a spacious 3 km². In the gardens you will find cherry blossoms, tuilips, roses, nemophila, sunflower and cosmos’ in their seasons. In the summer the largest pool in western Japan will open. There are also trampolines and slides available to enjoy. This is a great place for families.

Uminonakamichi Seaside Park 2
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One of the most popular exhibits is the “Animal Forest”. This part of the park was opened in 1981 to help guest enjoy meeting the different animals. There is less cages barring your view of the animals making them easier to watch. You can also hold smaller animals and fee the water fowl and goats. Sometimes there will also be events where you can come in contact with ponies, sheep, or tortoises so please be sure to check the schedule.

Because this park is so spacious it is a place you will want to enjoy the day at. In addition, because most of the paths are paved it is a very friendly place to visit with children. Please visit with your family while travelling through Fukuoka.

Name: Uminonakamichi Seaside Park
Address: 18-25 Saitozaki Daiji Higashi-ku Fukoka City Fukuoka Prefecture
Phone: +81-92-603-1111
Hours: 9:30〜17:30
Closed Days: 12/31, 1/1, First Monday and Tuesday in February

Map: Map to Uminonakamichi Seaside Park

2. Fukuoka City Zoo

2. Fukuoka City Zoo
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Located in the center of Fukuoka City, this zoo is also a getaway spot for the locals. In the zoo you will find elephants, giraffes, gorillas among other mammals. You will also find other birds and reptiles. Living here are about 140 different species. The Arabian oryx, Tsushima Martin and the Clouded Leopard are among the rare species found here.

Fukuoka City Zoo 2
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In the park it is divided between the “Northern park”,“Southern park”, and the “Asian Jungle Canyon”which opened in 2013. The play area in rides such as the“flower cups (also known as teacups)”and a“merry-go-round”.

The “Asian Jungle Canyon” is where you can enjoy animals in an environment closest to how they would be found and we highly recommend you visit! You may also wish to visit the “Children’s Zoo” section of the park where children can touch different types of animals. Come enjoy the plants and animals found here!

Name: Fukuoka City Zoo
Address: 1-1 Minami Kouen Chuo-ku Fukuoka City Fukuoka Prefecture
Phone: +81-92-531-1968
Hours: 9:00〜17:00
Closed Days: Mondays, Year End and New Year’s
※ Opened on Mondays that are holidays and closed on the following days.

Map: Map to Fukuoka City Zoo

3. Torius Friendly Zoo

3. Torius Friendly Zoo
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“Torious” is a giant mall in Fukuoka. Here you can find a shopping area, amusement rides, a movie theater, food, 100 yen shops among other facilities available.

Torius Friendly Zoo 2
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Here is “Torious” you can also find a zoo area with prairie dogs, meerkats, and capybaras. There are also rarer animals such as the Patagonian Mara and the Flat-headed Cat.

It is a very small zoo but there are many different kinds of animals running free. You may find a pig or duck following you! You can also hold guinea pigs and feed other animals as well. Because this is a whole amusement area you can enjoy a whole day here with food, shopping and animals.

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Name: Torius Friendly Zoo
Address: 991 Yamada Hisayama-machi Kasuya-gun Fukuoka Prefecture
Phone: +81-92-976-3277
Hours: 10:00〜18:00
※Open all year

Map: Map to Torius Friendly Zoo

4. Forest of Itozu Zoo Park

4. Forest of Itozu Zoo Park
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In the center most place of Okura surrounded by a beautifully green park is the “Forest of Itozu Park”. Here you will find around 500 animals from 100 different species living in the “Animal Zone”and a “Amusement Zone” with different rides.

Forest of Itozu Zoo Park 2
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In the “Animal Zone”, you can enjoy many different areas with different animals. You can enjoy herbivores such as the elephant, giraffe and zebras as well as carnivores such as the tiger and lions in the “Savanna World”. You can also enjoy lake and river creatures in the “Forest Floor World” and the “Forest Canopy World”. In the “Madagascar World” you can enjoy rare animals such as the Madagascar Lemurs.

The zoo is arranged so that there as possible visible barrier between you and the animals. In addition, there is a petting area where you can touch animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs and feed animals such as the Japanese Macaque and goats. This is a zoo for the young as well as the old and everyone in between so come visit with your family or in other groups.

Name: Forest of Itozu Park
Address: 4-1-8 Itozu Kokura Kitakyusu City Fukuoka Prefecture
Phone: +81-93-651-1895
Hours: 9:00〜17:00
Closed Days: Tuesdays
※Open everyday March through May and August.

Map: Map to Forest of Itozu Park

5. Omuta City Zoo

5. Omuta City Zoo
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The Omuta City zoo is loved by the locals since 1941. This zoo is within the Enmei Park, which is the first comprehensive natural park in Omuta City.

Omuta City Zoo 2
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Here you can find larger animals such as the lion, tiger and giraffe, as well as smaller animals such as the red panda and the capybara. You can also find “birds” such as parrots, pelicans, and flamingos. You can also find species such as the white tigers and porcupines only found here within Kyushu. Come 300 animals from 70 different kinds for your viewing here.

Occasionally you can enjoy petting small pigs or feeding the capybaras. You may also enjoy the rides for children such as the ferris wheel, the merry-go-roun, and the tea cups. In the spring you can also enjoy the sakura blossoms of Enmei Park. We can especially recommend this location in the spring.

Name: Omuta City Zoo
Address: 163 Showa-machi Omuta City Fukuoka Prefecture
Phone: +81-944-56-4526
Hours: 9:30〜17:00
Closed Days: 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month, Year End and New Years
※On holidays the part will be open. However, the following day it will close.

Map: Map to Omuta City Zoo

Let’s Enjoy the Cute Animals of Fukuoka Prefecture!

You may think, “Why visit the zoo on vacation?”. However, there is much more depth to zoos than you may imagine. Each zoo has a theme and purpose with different animals available to see! Many places also offer play areas great for families. Why not stop by between the rest of the sites on your schedule?

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