The 10 Best Hot Springs (Onsen) in Fukuoka

When you think about the hot springs of Kyushu, you are likely to think of the most famous location such as Beppu, Kurokawa, and Unzen. However, there are also many wonderful hot springs for relaxation in Fukuoka Prefecture! Fukuoka has large cities but also abundant hot springs. Why not come here to be refreshed. Today we will introduce places you can enjoy in a day. Please consider visiting them when you visit Fukuoka.

1. Taisenkaku

1. Taisenkaku
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Asakura City is on the border between Fukuoka Prefecture and Oita Prefecture. In this city is home to the largest hot springs of Fukuoka Prefecture. The location we would like to recommend among these is “Taisenkaku”. This is both a sulphur spring and an alkaline thermal hot spring. Both of these qualities are great for the improvement skin conditions.

Greenery surrounds the “Jungle Bath”, and “Kappa no Yu” is located halfway outdoors. There are several varieties of shampoo and body soap available in the women only “Uta no yu”. Local flowers and trees surround the outdoor bath “Keiryu no Yu”. In this way there are many types of baths available. This is the perfect location for those who wish to enjoy many baths at one location.

Name: Taisenkaku
Address: 20 Hakishiwa Asakura City Fukuoka Prefecture
Phone: +81-946-62-1140
Hours: 11:00~20:00

Map: Map to Taisenkaku

2. Amandi

2. Amandi
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From 1200m underground a slightly alkaline natural hot springs comes. “Amandi” is where this can be enjoyed. “Amandi” is an Indonesian word meaning peace (”aman”) and bath (“mandi”). As its name indicates, this is wonderful hot springs to enjoy a time of relaxation.

There are two different bathing areas with one being “Wa” themed and the other being “Bali” themed. Especially the “Bali” themed bath is one that brings the Bali atmosphere alive with interior items straight from Bali. Here you can enjoy a resort atmosphere. There are many types of bath available such as the flowing bath, outdoor bath, Jacuzzi, electric bath, sauna and others.

On Sundays and Holidays they are open from 7:30 in the morning so you can enjoy a morning bath. You can also enjoy others spa treatments such a rock treatments with natural rocks straight from China. You can also rent a family bath to use with just your family.

Name: Amandi
Address: 832-1 Haruda Chikuno City Fukuoka Prefecture
Phone: +81-92-926-2655
Hours: 10:00~24:00
※Sunday・Holidays different fee for 7:30~10:00

Map: Map to Amandi

3. Manyonoyu

3. Manyonoyu
photo by junji_drago_asai   /   embedded from Instagram

This one is located in the center of Hakata and is great for easy access. Also, because the facilities are open 24 hours a day this, hot springs is just convenient over all. The water is brought from the famous Yubuin in Oita Prefecture and Takeo in Saga Prefecture fresh each day. You can enjoy outdoor baths as well as large indoor baths, the family bath, an herb sauna, and other types of bath so you will be able to enjoy this location for a long time.

The restaurant also comes with alcohol, snacks, and meal items so you can come and enjoy without concern to where you will have dinner. You can also enjoy spa treatments, massages, and scrubs. You can also use the nap rooms and the relaxation room with TV and reclinable sofa free of charge. If you pay the late night fee you may also stay late into the night. This can be useful is you are looking to keep your lodging fees down.

Name: Manyonoyu
Address: 2-3-66 Yutaka Hakataku Fukuoka City Fukuoka Prefecture
Phone: +81-949-54-0123
Hours: 24 hrs a day

Map: Map to Manyonoyu

4. Kirara Hoshino Onsenkan

4. Kirara Hoshino Onsenkan
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If you want to enjoy the hot springs surrounded by the great outdoors in Kyusu, “Kirara Hoshino Onsenkan” is the place for you. Here the hot springs are unique and will make your skin feeling as good as new! This hot springs is wonderful to relieve muscle pain and tiredness. It is a wonderful place to enjoy after a day’s travels.

You can enjoy two different types of outdoor bath. “Miharashi no Yu” is an outlook bath while “Mori no Yu” is surrounded by rocks and trees. These are traded between the women and men every other day. The daytime view is beautiful but so is the night time view. Because the hot springs is located in a tranquil mountain range you can enjoy a sky full of stars and the hot springs at once.

On the 26th of each month you can enjoy this bath for only 250 yen per adult and 100 yen per child. There are also personal bath areas available for rent, which is a service perfect for couples and families.

Name: Kirara Hoshino Onsenkan
Address: 10780-58 Hoshinomura Hakishiwa Asakura City Fukuoka Prefecture
Phone: +81-943-52-2082
Hours: 10:00~22:00

Map: Map to Kirara Hoshino Onsenkan

5. Yamatsubasa Munakataoumaru Natural Hot Springs

5. Yamatsubasa Munakataoumaru Natural Hot Springs
photo by blueclover_zakka   /   embedded from Instagram

This the hot springs of highest class in Fukuoka. This is a location only for day visits but you can enjoy your whole day here with the long hours.

Here there are many baths allowing you to enjoy the hot springs in an even more wonderful way. One of the baths is 18m across. Others are perfect for a single person to enjoy. There is also the outdoor bath in the shape of a moon, a mist sauna, and family baths.

In the restaurant you can enjoy beer and snacks. You will also find Tai-style stretches in the relaxation salon. Here you can also enjoy scrubs and all-hand treatments. This is a wonderful place to restore yourself after a day before full of seeing the sights.

Name: Yamatsubasa Munakataoumaru Natural Hot Springs
Address: 474 Oumaru Munakata City Fukuoka Prefecture
Phone: +81-940-37-4126
Hours: 10:00~24:00
Closed 3rd Wednesday of month

Map: Map to Yamatsubasa Munakataoumaru Natural Hot Springs

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6. Koibataru Kawanoeki Funagoya

6. Koibataru Kawanoeki Funagoya
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“Funagoya Kawanoeki” is a shop and hot springs in one location. This location opened in 1824 and is one you can enjoy over night. Here you can also enjoy magnesium baths and sodium bicarbonate baths.

You can enjoy the indoor bath with a large window for openness, baths for lying down in, and rock baths. The dark reddish-brown colored bath contains much calcium and magnesium.

There are many other free foot baths to use. Next door you can buy vegetables, fruits and other products made locally. Please stop by to get gifts to take home.

Name: Koibotaru Kawanoeki Funagoya
Address: 298-2 Ooaza Oshima Chigo City Fukuoka Prefecture
Phone: +81-942-52-8866
Hours: 10:00~21:000
Closed Tuesdays

Map: Map to Koibotaru Kawanoeki Funagoya

7. Hakatayu

7. Hakatayu
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“Hakatayu” uses the oldest hot spring that has a history of 1300 years. The location of “Hakatayu” itself was open in 1860 and the building is one that allows you to enjoy the atmosphere of those times. Here the water is always running in afresh.

The water comes from 260m below the ground and it not changed in condition or temperature. The high temperature bath with radon does smell a bit like sulfur. If you are looking for the most natural bath this is it!

You can also enjoy the tatami areas on the 2nd floor for free. You can also take home 2L for 100 yen. If you are interest why not try this “take-home bath”?

Name: Hakatayu
Address: 1-14-5 Yumachi Chikuno City Fukuoka Prefecture
Phone: +81-92-922-2119
Hours: 9:00~21:00

Map: Map to Hakatayu

8. Teriha Spa Resort

8. Teriha Spa Resort
photo by sachi_zima   /   embedded from Instagram

This is the highest class spa resort in Kyusu. There are so many baths that you cannot possibly enjoy all of them in one day. There is the outdoor bath put together with rocks and a “high-carbon concentration” bath to improve blood circulation. You may also enjoy the aroma bath that changes depending on the season. When you enjoy the bath that allows you to lie down, you may begin to feel drowsy. You will have trouble deciding which bath to enjoy.

There are 3 different types of jet baths to enjoy as well as an electric bath. When you pay an extra fee you can enjoy a private family bath or bedrock treatment. You can also enjoy the collection of 20,000 thousand books available. This is perfect to enjoy with your family.

Name: Teriha Spa Resort
Address: Teriha Garden Square 5-2-15 Teriha Kashi Higashiku Fukuoka City Fukuoka Prefecture
Phone: +81-92-683-1010
Hours: 9:00 a.m. ~3:00 a.m.

Map: Map to Teriha Spa Resort

9. Qkamura Shikanoshima

9. Qkamura Shikanoshima
photo by wakuya_n   /   embedded from Instagram

This is located on a resort island a 40 minute drive from Hakata. This is a mineral filled hot springs especially popular with women.

Of course we would like to recommend to you the wonderful quality of water but also the view of the “Genkainada” ocean available from here. We highly recommend you enter the bath at sunset to enjoy the best view of the day.

This is a location with great access from Hakata but also abundant nature. The island is not so big but there are many places to see so please enjoy exploring the outdoors and hot springs.

Name: Qkamura Shikanoshima
Address: 1803-1 Katsuma Higash-ku Fukuoka City Fukuoka Prefecture
Phone: +81-92-603-6331
Hours: 11:00~15:00
Closed the 3rd Tuesday of month

Map: Map to Qkamura Shikanoshima

10. Wakasuginoyu

10. Wakasuginoyu
photo by yujjj   /   embedded from Instagram

Maybe you would like to enjoy the hot springs but are not a fan of joining large numbers of people in the bath. If possible you would like to enjoy the bath with just your family. If this is the case “Wakasugi no Yu” is the location we can recommend. You can enjoy the family bath at an unbeatable price.

There are 10 different family rooms available. What is amazing about this location is that the each time the baths are cleaned out so you can enjoy a fresh bath with your family.

On the weekends you must reserved the private baths for groups of two of more. However, on weekdays you can choose to enjoy it to yourself. In the public bath areas there are many different types of indoor and outdoor baths to enjoy with more variety to be enjoyed on the weekends.

Name: Wakasuginoyu
Address: 679 Wakasugi Sasaguri-machi Kasuya-gun Fukuoka Prefecture
Phone: +81-92-957-4126
Hours: 10:00~23:00
Closed Thursdays

Map: Map to Wakasuginoyu

Be Relaxed by the Hot Springs of Fukuoka!

What do you think? There are many different sites to be seen in Fukuoka but there are also just as many hot springs to go with it. Don’t miss this opportunity to view the sights and relax in the hot springs all in one trip!

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