Top 10 Tourist Attractions & Best Things to Do in Kurume, Fukuoka

When you think about sightseeing in Fukuoka, you think lots of people go to Hakata or Moji. They both are popular sightseeing spots. But what do you think Kurume? Maybe you can’t think of anything. So we have some tips for you! Kurume is good place for relaxing. Today, we would like to introduce our tips in Kurume.

1. Kora shrine

1. Kora shrine
photo by mamiya66   /   embedded from Instagram

“Kora shrine” is located at 312 meters high on Mt.Kora, and it is for good luck, long life and traffic safety. It was built more than 1600 years ago. If you walk about 20 minutes in trail, you will see the shrine that has miraculous water.

These days, lots of people visit since it’s known as spiritual shrine and also to enjoy night view. In the shrine, there are lots of stairs so make sure to wear comfortable shoes.

Name: Kora shrine
Address: 1 Miimachi, Kurume, Fukuoka
Phone: +81-942-43-4893

Map: Map to Kora shrine

2. Kurume Hyakunen park

2. Kurume Hyakunen park
photo by patcha_yuji   /   embedded from Instagram

The park was built in 1989 as memorial park for 100th year of Kurume city. It is a place for local people to get gather, in spring lots of tourist visit since they hold “Kurume azalea festival”.

The azalea was given Tatebayashi, Gunma prefecture that is over 300 years old and also you can see local azalea. In 2017, the festival will be held from April 5th to May 5th and that is their 60th festival.

Also you can see about 200 cherry blossoms at Chikugo river in the end of March to early April. How about going there in April that you can see cherry blossom and azalea together?

Name: Kurume Hyakunen park
Address: 2432-1 Hyakunen koen, Kurume, Fukuoka
Phone: +81-942-32-4882

Map: Map to Kurume Hyakunen park

3. Ishibashi culture center

3. Ishibashi culture center

“Ishibashi culture center” is a place that has Kurume city museum, Kurume city library and Ishibashi Syozo memorial museum. It has been 60 years in 2016 since it opened. Since it opened, it has rose garden and rose became a symbol flower of the place. In May and October, it gets most beautiful.

Ishibashi culture center and museum are not free but rose garden is free. If you can visit when it blooms, you are lucky!

Name: Ishibashi culture center
Address: 1015 Nonakacho, Kurume, Fukuoka
Phone: +81-942-33-2271
Time: 9:00~17:00 (From May to September, until 19:00)
Close: Monday (If it is holiday, it opens)

Map: Map to Ishibashi culture center

4. Michi-no-eki Kurume

4. Michi-no-eki Kurume
photo by sagami0212   /   embedded from Instagram

Michi-no-eki Kurume is popular as Michi-no-eki that has more than 1100 places all over Japan. It is very convenient to stop for toilet, rest, restaurants,and shop during driving. This Michi-no-eki got best 10 for “ Michi-no-eki that made them happy to go” in 2015.

It has store that sells local fresh vegetables, snack and local sake, it has “Hotomekian” that serves local meal and café that you can eat ice cream using local milk. It is located only 10 minutes from high way, so how about stopping there?

Name: Michi-no-eki Kurume
Address: 221-33, Kozuka, Zendouji cho, Kurume, Fukuoka
Phone: +81-942-47-4111
Time: 9:00~18:00
Close: third Wednesday, December 31st to January 3rd

Map: Map to Michi-no-eki Kurume

5. Kurume azalea forest park

5. Kurume azalea forest park
photo by mikankk   /   embedded from Instagram

“Kurume azalea forest park” was opened in 1987 as memorize that Kurume azalea was chosen prefecture tree. It is also good for good view.

In the park, about 62000 azalea that is 100 kinds are planted and they get most beautiful in middle April to early May. It also has trail, that is resting place for local people. You can see colorful azalea anywhere in the park. Let’s go there with sack lunch!

Name: Kurume Azalea forest park
Address: 299-354 Miimachi, Kurume, Fukuoka
Phone: +81-942-30-9165

Map: Map to Kurume Azalea forest park

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6. Taiho ramen

6. Taiho ramen
photo by nissy_tn   /   embedded from Instagram

Did you know Tonkotsu ramen was born in Kurume? There are lots of ramen restaurants in the city but our suggestion is “Taiho ramen”. The soup is strong and tasty.

This restaurant was introduced in “Michelin guide Fukuoka and Saga 2014”. It worth go!

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Name: Taiho ramen honten
Address: 11-8 Tourihokamachi, Kurume, Fukuoka
Phone: +81-942-33-9881
Time: 11:00~21:00
Close: New year

Map: Map to Taiho ramen honten

7. Arima memorial museum Kurume castle ruins

7. Arima memorial museum Kurume castle ruins
photo by masagon108   /   embedded from Instagram

Kurume castle ruins is a house that Arima family lived for about 250 years. It has Shinoyama shrine, Togo museum and Arima memorial museum in it.

Especially it is great to see Arima memorial museum as they have historical information and art and crafts that are related to the family of Arima.

In the castle, about 30 cherry blossoms are planted so you can enjoy Hanami in spring. If you like castle or history, how about visiting there?

Name: Arima memorial museum Kurume castle ruins
Address: 444 Shinoyama, Kurume, Fukuoka
Phone: +81-942-39-8485

Map: Map to Arima memorial museum Kurume castle ruins

8. Chikugo river fireworks festival

8. Chikugo river fireworks festival
photo by 25ai25   /   embedded from Instagram

Chikugo river fireworks festival started in 1650 by Arima Tadayoshi. It has over 360 years history and one of the biggest events in west Japan.

Since 1965, the name has been changed to “Chikugo river fireworks festival” and it is held on August 5th every year. About 18000 fireworks are shot from two places. It is very heartwarming to watch the beautiful fireworks in the summer night sky.

Name: Chikugo river fireworks festival
Phone: +81-942-32-3207

Map: Map to Chikugo river fireworks festival

9. Kitano Tenmangu

9. Kitano Tenmangu
photo by s2b1m5   /   embedded from Instagram

“Kitano tenmangu” is built in 1054.The God of shrine in Sugawarano Michizane who is God for study. The red building is beautiful, also the tree that is 900 years old and is selected as natural monument of the prefecture is good to see.

Also there is a fairy tale about water imp named Kappa. The river near the shrine, you can see 4km long street with cosmos and in autumn all leaves in this area turn to red. Please visit in autumn if you plan to go there!

Name: Kitano Tenmangu
Address: 3267 Kitanochonaka, Kurume, Fukuoka
Phone: +81-942-78-2140

Map: Map to Kitano Tenmangu

10. Naritasan Kurume bunin

10. Naritasan Kurume bunin
photo by kinn2017   /   embedded from Instagram

“Naritasan Kurume bunin” is opened in 1958 in Kurume as another brunch of Mt. Narita Shinshouji temple in Chiba. The symbol is 62 meters high kannon statue which is one of biggest kannon in Japan, it has 18 of 3k diamonds between eyebrow.

The baby is 13 meters long so you can imagine how big the statue is. You can climb to the shoulder. Also it has “India village. Heiwadai butto gokurakuden” that is 38 meters high. You will be surprised how big it is once you see it. If you visit Kurume, please visit this place!

Name: Naritasan Kurume bunin
Address: 1386-22 Kamitsu, Kurume, Fukuoka
Phone: +81-942-21-7500

Map: Map to Naritasan Kurume bunin

How about enjoying sightseeing in Kurume?

Lots of people think Hakata or Kita kyusyu when they hear Fukuoka, but now you know there are lots of places to go in Kurume too. It shows different colors season by season. You should see places in Kurume that haven’t been known with your eyes. Please visit Kurume when you visit Kyusyu!

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