The Best 10 Sushi Restaurants You Must Eat in Fukuoka

Fukuoka is facing one of the greatest ocean areas for fishing due to the currents. This makes Fukuoka prefecture a treasure house of fish. This means there is every kind of sushi shop available. There are those you would want to visit for your anniversary and those that you can visit without concern about the price. Today we will introduce many different types of sushi shops that will match your wants and budgets.

1. Tenzushi

1. Tenzushi
photo by miyu0302   /   embedded from Instagram

“Tenzushi” has received high reviews from the many people who have visited. They provided the top quality of sushi. It has a hideout atmosphere about it. The second generation owner follows in the tradition of the first owner and seeks to provide the highest quality of fish from the season. It is said that the absolute best is found here.

Their sushi is the best so there is no need for a side menu or alcohol menu. There is only a “chef’s selection” menu and it is served with just salt and citrus. The look and taste are both perfect and definitely worth heading to Hakata to enjoy!

Name:Tenzushi Kyomachi shop
Address:Fukuoka Prefecture Kitakyushu City Ogura Kitaku Kyomachi3-11-9
Hours:12:00〜15:30 / 17:00〜21:00
Closed on Mondays
Access:4 minute walk from Ogura Station

Map: Map to Tenzushi Kyomachi shop

2. Sushi Gyoten

2. Sushi Gyoten
photo by sanghyun0822   /   embedded from Instagram

“Sushi Gyoten” received 3 stars in the “Michelin Guide for Fukuoka and Saka of 2014”. The outdoor design of bamboo is one that gives off a certain atmosphere. They are very particular to the fish that they bring in for preparation and turn away those they do not approve off so you can be sure you will receive only the best.

The counter seats surround the shop owner and with wonderful speed he prepares the sushi for your enjoyment. Here they also serve many types of Japanese sake so you can enjoy the best sake with the best sushi.

This was always a place where it was difficult to get a reservation but even more so since it received its Michelin stars. When you plan on going please make a reservation!

Name:Sushi Gyoten
Address:Fukuoka Prefecture Fukuoka City Chuoku Hirao 1-2-12 Inoue Bld. 1F
Hours:12:00〜14:30 / 18:00〜23:00
Access:3 minute walk from Yakuin Station

Map: Map to Sushi Gyoten

3. Sushitakao

3. Sushitakao
photo by sohjirou.y   /   embedded from Instagram

Here you are to remove your shoes to enter and beginning with the outside of the store the atmosphere is stylish. Here they provide to best of the season and are well known for their perfectly seasoned sushi.

The sushi chef here was trained in Tokyo. For this reason the presentation of the fish is one to make it seem wasteful to eat. The rice does not overtake the flavor of the fish but combines in the perfect manner to accentuate the flavor of the fish.

The menu is “chef’s selection” and we can also recommend enjoying your sushi with sake. Some visit here every time they come to Fukuoka and it is by no doubt one of the top 1 or 2 sushi shops in Fukuoka City.

Name:Sushi Takao
Address:Fukuoka Prefecture Fukuoka City Chuoku Watanabedori 5-15-4 City Paris Bld. Minami Tenjin 1F
Closed Sundays

Map: Map to Sushi Takao

4. Kikuzushi

4. Kikuzushi
photo by hi.de04   /   embedded from Instagram

“The sweetest fish of the day” is the motto of this shop and when you visit here you can meet with some delicious sushi! There is amazing care choosing the fish for preparation and preparing the sushi is what make this sushi the best. The rice chosen to go with the sushi and the red vinegar used with the rice also pays a big role in the finished piece.

This was a shop originally in Hakata and the current owner has previous experience in a 5 star hotel. Because this shop is located in a residential district there are many repeaters and it has been loved by the locals for many years. Come and enjoy the “sweetest fish available”.

Address:Fukuoka Prefecture Kasugai City Kasugaikoen 3-51-3
Hours:12:00〜14:00 / 17:00〜22:00
Closed on Mondays

Map: Map to Kikuzushi

5. Sushi Kawasho

5. Sushi Kawasho
photo by hal_t0806   /   embedded from Instagram

This shop began in 1947 and has a care about its sushi that is always season appropriate. Everything in the store from the furnishings to the chopsticks is prepared with care to make the best experience for you. The sushi you will have here is very luxurious.

However, actually the “chef’s selection” with 8 pieces of sushi is a very reasonable 4000 yen. For lunch you can enjoy 10 pieces of sushi, soup and seasonal fruit for just 5000yen. All the items on the menu are priced so that you can enjoy without too much concern.

You can enjoy watching the chef at work at the counter seats but you can also find individual rooms for groups of 2 and up, perfect for special days!

Name:Sushi Kawasho
Address:Fukuoka Prefecture Fukuoka City Nishi Nakasu 5-13
Hours:11:00〜15:00 / 17:00〜22:00
※Opened from 11:00 to 22:00 on Saturdays and Holidays only
Closed Sundays

Map: Map to Sushi Kawasho

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6. Tatsumi Sushi Souhonten

6. Tatsumi Sushi Souhonten
photo by hssh_8   /   embedded from Instagram

Opened in Nagahama in 1980, there are now 4 shops of “Tatsumi Sushi”. The fish are those caught locally and from the best Japan has to offer. They desire here is to “share the most delicious of the day” and this presents itself in the sushi and the staff’s service.

Here the cost performance of lunch is the best. It is offered between 11 and 2 and is available starting at 1900 yen. Apart from sushi there are other dishes available such as salad, chawanmushi, soup, and dessert. This is a shop that is easy to step foot in and there are also many local repeaters.

Name:Tatsumi Sushi Sohonten
Address:Fukuoka Prefecture Fukuoka City Hakataku Shimokawabatamachi 8-5
Closed New Year’s

Map: Map to Tatsumi Sushi Sohonten

7. Yamanaka

7. Yamanaka
photo by aitchjayy   /   embedded from Instagram

Since its opening in 1972, the sushi lovers from everywhere have visited this shop. The fresh fish from the local sea and the chef’s preparations skills both contribute to the finished sushi. Of course the fish used but also the dishes and layout of the sushi is made in the most beautiful fashion.

The counter on the first floor where you can interact with the chef is made of one long 10m Cyprus board. In the carefree environment you can hear about what the chef most recommends for the day. The second floor has smaller rooms for a more personal space to enjoy with family or a group of friends.

Address:Fukuoka Prefecture Fukuoka City Chuoku Waatanabedori 2-8-8
Closed Sunday, Year End, New Year’s, Obon
Access:3 minute walk from Yakuin Station

Map: Map to Yamanaka

8. Sushi Yatai

8. Sushi Yatai
photo by jingspam   /   embedded from Instagram

“Sushi Yatai” is where black container shaped shop is amusing. However, once you enter you can see the view of the ocean to the back side. This shop truly is in the most amazing of locations. Enjoying the waves and sushi is truly a pre-Edo concept.

The menu is “sea’s selection”. This means that whatever offered is the best catch of the day. You can make a reservation for 2 or more with sushi, sashimi, chawamushi, and seafood hotpot for a reasonable 3500 yen!

It also comes with a pass to the nearest bathhouse so you can enjoy all the area has to offer. The distance of this shop is one hour from Hakata but it is worth every bit of the drive!

Name:Sushi Yatai
Address:Fukuoka Prefecture Ongagun Okagakimachi 670-18
Hours:11:30〜15:30 / 17:30〜21:00
Closed Wednesday (but open on Wednesdays that are holidays)

Map: Map to Sushi Yatai

9. Sushi Zanmai

9. Sushi Zanmai
photo by face.yuko.s_trip   /   embedded from Instagram

“Sushi Zanmai” has over 50 chain stores in mainly the Tokyo area. However, it was a chain born in the island that Fukuoka is located on. Their style is much like that of a 24/7 convenience store. For this reason you can enjoy sushi anytime you wish. Especially the Tenjin shop is located a 2 minute walk from Nishitetsu・Fukuoka Tenjin Station making it quite convenient.

The fish here is from Tsukiji and Kyushu and is served for a reasonable price. They are particularly good about their choice tuna. They choose only the best tuna from the world so if you love tuna this is the place to be!

Name:Sushizanmai Tenjin shop
Address:Fukuoka Prefecture Fukuoka City Chuoku Tenjin 2-3-10 Tenjin Pinecrest 1F
Hours:Open 24/7

Map: Map to Sushizanmai Tenjin shop

10. Sushi Yasukichi

10. Sushi Yasukichi
photo by dsk_fjt   /   embedded from Instagram

This shop is within walking distance from Hakata but is in no way your flashy shop. It appears almost as a single house. The only menu item here is “chef’s selection”. In this way only the best are chosen for your meal. Here you can enjoy the taste and the presentation of the sushi.

Inside the shop there are 7 seats at the counter and no private rooms. Therefor you must make an appointment! It sounds as if it is very difficult to get a reservation here but please do not give up and give them a call! In the “Michelin’s Guide of Fukuoka and Saga for 2014” they received 2 stars and are likely the best shop in the Hakata area.

Name:Sushi Yasukichi
Address:Fukuoka Prefecture Fukuoka City Hakataku Hakataekimae 4-3-11
Closed irregularly on Sundays and Holidays

Map: Map to Sushi Yasukichi

Enjoy the Best Sushi of Fukuoka!

There are truly many sushi shops in Fukuoka. The shops mentioned here are just a small portion. Try many different shops and find the one that suits you best. You can also enjoy sashimi and other items the menu may offer including sake. Here the best from the best while eating the best from the best!

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