The 5 Best Zoos You Must Visit in Okinawa, Japan

Okinawa is well known as a tourist destination and there are many sights to see. However, maybe visiting different places everyday you might become tired. Then is the time to visit one of Okinawa’s zoos to enjoy the cuteness of the animals. Here we will introduce you to 5 zoos of Okinawa that you will want to check out for a time of relaxation.

1. Uchina Farm

1. Uchina Farm
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This is one of the better known zoos of Okinawa. Here there are some of the Yonaguni Island Horses. There are only about 100 of in this species in the world. You can also find zebras which can only be found here in the whole prefecture. There are other smaller animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs that you can interact with. There is also a pony-ride station that especially children can enjoy.

This zoo is located on a spacious 28 hectares. When walking around the whole zoo you might find it even a bit tiring! Thankfully, there is a tractor that circles the park to make your day here easier.

You can also enjoy the restaurant located within the zoo. If you want a unique souvenir, how about “Mango Wine”? This wine won the “JAPAN WINE CHALLENGE” of 2016 and is made with the best mangos of Okinawa.

Name: Uchina Farm
Address: 1018 Mabuni Itoman City Okinawa Prefecture
Phone: +81-98-997-2793
Hours: 9:30~17:30
Closed Wednesdays

Map: Map to Uchina Farm

2. Okinawa Zoo & Museum

2. Okinawa Zoo & Museum
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This is a wonderful place to visit with children. There are many fun areas to explore and see including the “Wonder Museum”. Here there is a lake, field and ride area.

In the zoo area there are mammals, birds, fish, and reptiles. Over 1000 animals of 200 different species are taken care of here. You can get to know the animals that live on our earth and be in awe of the amazing forms of life.

You can see the animals such as the hippopotamuses, kangaroos, and ant eaters being fed or you can experience feeding the monkeys and horses yourself. In the petting zoo area you can pet different smaller animals such as chicks and guinea pigs. Not only is the zoo here fun but also the other activities available. This is a wonderful place to bring children!

Name: Okinawa Zoo & Museum
Address: 5-7-1 Goya Okinawa City Okinawa Prefecture
Phone: +81-98-933-4190
Hours: 9:30~17:30
Closed Tuesdays・New Year and Year End

Map: Map to Okinawa Zoo & Museum

3. Mini Mini Zoo

3. Mini Mini Zoo
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The origin of this zoo is a when the owner of a chicken farm began to care for more animals. “Mini Mini Zoo” then opened in 2002. On the spacious grounds you will find walibi, ostriches, tortoises, and squirrel among the approximately 40 varieties.

The owner has made this experience free due to his desire to give people the opportunity to see and touch the animals and learn to care for and love them.

You can also enjoy fresh baked goods with fresh eggs at the “Tamagoya”. Here you can enjoy cream puffs, puddings, roll-cakes and other desserts. Many people visit Mini Mini Zoo just for the experience of the desserts offered here. Relax over a delicious dessert after you enjoy viewing the different animals.

Name: Mini Mini Zoo
Address: 660 Akamichi Uruma City Okinawa Prefecture
Phone: +81-98-973-4243
Hours: 8:30~19:00
Entrance: Free

Map: Map to Mini Mini Zoo

4. Neo Park Okinawa

4. Neo Park Okinawa
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This zoo is where the animals are allowed to run free within the grounds of the zoo. You will find and area themed after the Lake of Nakuru in Kenya and another “Flamingo Lake” area. You can also enjoy the “Amazon Jungle”, and the “Flowers and Birds of Oceania”.

Here there are many types of birds such as flamingos, emu, and crowned cranes. We can recommend you purchase bird food before you enter the park. When the birds realize you have food they will very quickly come near to you.

Within the zoo the “Okinawa Keiben Train” runs and you can enjoy the park from the train as well. The conductor will tell you about the zoo. Enjoying this ride also gives you the most information about the park. Be sure to enjoy the petting zoo area where you will find giant tortoises and capybara.

Name: Neo Park Okinawa
Address: 4607-41 Nago Nago City Okinawa Prefecture
Phone: +81-980-52-6348
Hours: 9:00~17:30

Map: Map to Neo Park Okinawa

5. Motobu Genkimura

5. Motobu Genkimura
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“Motobu Genkimura” is where you can enjoy the creatures of the ocean. There are many different activities that allow you to enjoy fully the wonderful nature and blue oceans of Okinawa!

The most popular of these activities is that in which you get to swim with the dolphins. You can enjoy the “Dophin Walking Tour” that allows you to get very close to the dolphins as well as the “Dophin Royal Swim” or “Swim with the Dolphins” that allows you to swim with the dolphins. You can also enjoy the opportunity to feed them.

If you are with children, there are special programs for them as well. They can enjoy the experience of taking care or dolphins or farm animals, steering a large ship, or making desserts. They can also make money to be used within the park through their work. This is a wonderful place for children and adults alike to enjoy the animals and the rest of what the park has to offer.

Name: Motobu Genkimura
Address: 410 Hamamoto Honbucho Kunigamigun Okinawa Prefecture
Phone: +81-980-51-7878
Hours: 8:00~18:00

Map: Map to Motobu Genkimura

Enjoy the cute animals in Okinawa!

What do you think of the zoos available in Okinawa? You might have been amazed to see what is offered. Each location provides a unique experience for you to see and interact with a great variety of animals. If you have some time or need a time to relax from the regular business of traveling, visit one of these zoos. You can be sure you will have a wonderful time!

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