If You Buy Souvenirs In Oshigakishima Island! The Best 10 Products You Must Get!

One of the most popular destinations among the islands in Okinawa – it is “Oshigakishima Island”. Starting from here, you can visit Taketomi Island, Iriomote Island, and Obama Island which is called “Island Hopping”. But what you cannot miss is to get the local products in each island, and of course in Oshigakishima Island too. Now, I will introduce the best 10 souvenirs you must get in Oshigakishima Island!

Shio Senbei Florentin

Shio Senbei Florentin
photo by honey.milk.t.888   /   embedded from Instagram

One of the traditional confectioneries in Okinawa, “Shio Senbei”, has been arranged from a French confectionery, “Florentin”. Caramelised almonds and the taste of Shio Senbei are literally the best combination. Only selected ingredients, such as butter from Hokkaido and honey and salt from Oshigakishima Island, are used. There are 2 flavours – salted caramel, and brown sugar caramel. Brown sugar comes from Hateruma Island.

Senbei is made one by one, so it is not something they can mass-produce. And thus, it is basically limited to a few serves. If you are lucky enough to find it, just buy it immediately! This is one of the most popular souvenirs in Oshigakishima Island.

Name: Shio Senbei Florentin
Address: 727-1, Oshigaki, Oshigakishima City, Okinawa
Phone: +81-980-83-4833
Price:2,000 yen (10 pieces)
Producer:Miyagi Kashi
Website: http://miyagikasiten.com/florentins/
Map: map to Shio Senbei Florentin

Brown Sugar Chocolate

Brown Sugar Chocolate
photo by kassans_92   /   embedded from Instagram

Royce is a company that sells chocolates and some confectioneries, and has its head office in Sapporo. Now it has made the original chocolate with brown sugar grown in rich nature of Iriomote Island and Obama Island. Brown sugar which contains a plentiful mineral is blended well with a beautiful chocolate of Royce and that makes a mild sweetness!

It lasts for 4 months and is individually wrapped in cute packagings, so they can be great souvenirs for kids, women, and colleagues. You can get them literally anywhere in city or hotels!

Name: Royce Oshigakishima Island Brown Sugar Chocolate
Price:702 yen (32 pieces)
Website: http://www.royce.com/goods/list/?in_category=C008

Shimabuta Gorogoro

Shimabuta Gorogoro
photo by misa_faidama   /   embedded from Instagram

“Shimabuta Gorogoro” is a miso that pork mince of Sangenton is blended. There are no additives in it – and just some seasonings such as brown sugar, sake (Awamori), garlic, and chili are contained. You can either put this onto steamed rice, or use this as a seasoning for stir fry.

This is an award winning seasoning. If you like hot and spicy, Keema curry flavour with a long pepper. It tastes so addictive! Great for souvenir.

Name: Shimabuta Gorogoro
Phone: +81-980-83-5814
Price:648 yen
Website: http://go-ya.asia/

Hanaori Minsa Pattern Masking Tape

Hanaori Minsa Pattern Masking Tape
photo by delicious_kelly   /   embedded from Instagram

One of the traditional fabrics in Yaeyama – it is a “Minsa” that has the weft and the warp of fabrics are to be weaved. There is a meaning “Forever in all ages” behind this. Especially the one with little flowers is often used by travellers to wish for a safe trip.

And that one, called “Hanaori”, has turned into a masking tape and people seem to love it! There are 5 colours in one set, and if you put 5 colours together, it becomes a traditional pattern of Minsa. Because this is the most popular product ranked in a first place, they are often not available. If you have a chance to find one in Oshigakishima Island, buy it for your loved ones!

Name: Hanaori Minsa Pattern Masking Tape
Address: 1129-2, Arakawa Wakikawahara, Oshigakishima Island, Okinawa
Phone: +81-980-83-0039
Price:1350 yen (5 colours)
Producer:Mineya Atelier
Website: http://shop.mineya.com/
Map: map to Hanaori Minsa Pattern Masking Tape

Oshigakishima Island Chili Oil

Oshigakishima Island Chili Oil
photo by ri_uk_ku   /   embedded from Instagram

Once edible chili oil was one of the trends in Japan, and this “Oshigakishima Island Chili Oil”, which was developed by Penshoku Restaurant in Oshigakishima Island, got so much attention then too. It contains an island chili, island pepper, turmeric, brown sugar, and garlic etc. The ingredients are selected, and the product itself is home-made.

Basically you need to reserve to get one, but there are some that you can buy on the spot. But note that there would be a limited stock, so making a reservation prior to your visit is strongly recommended! Some other places including airport are to sell those chili oils, which are useful as a seasoning for Ramen and tofu, too.

Name: Penshoku Restaurant Oshigakishima Island Chili Oil
Address: 191-1, Okawa, Oshigaki City, Okinawa
Price:846 yen (100g)
Producer:Oshigaki Penguin
Website: http://penshoku.com/
Map: map to Penshoku Restaurant Oshigakishima Island Chili Oil

Juicy & Black

Juicy & Black
photo by osana3456   /   embedded from Instagram

If you go out for meals, you have a lot of chances to eat “Juicy”. Juicy is simply a seasoned rice with vegetables, and this is what you can try at the hotel, or restaurants in city. If you like it, than bring it back as a souvenir! But just one thing – do you think the rice could be a option for souvenir?

Well if you are worried, then the one called “Juicy Kamaboko” is strongly recommended! Juicy Kamaboko is a rice ball wrapped in boiled fish paste (Kamaboko). “Yaeyama Kamaboko”, produced originally in Okinawa, is to be purchased at “Kinjo Kamaboko” where the traditional method of making Kamaboko has been kept using the locally grown ingredients.

Name: Juicy & Black
Address: 73-9, Shinei Town, Oshigaki City, Okinawa
Phone: +81-980-82-3084
Time: 7:00-18:00
Close: None
Price:2,010 yen (4 pieces)

Website: http://www.kanbukuya.com/
Map: map to Juicy & Black

Brown Sugar Peanuts With Shells

Brown Sugar Peanuts With Shells
photo by skysky___195.mas   /   embedded from Instagram

Everyone loves this – “Brown Sugar Peanuts With Shells” are one of the most popular souvenirs in Oshigakishima Island! So, it is a roasted peanuts with brown sugar. You may find a lot of products with brown sugar, but it actually tastes different depending on the condition that it was grown. That means, each brown sugar has a different taste and flavour.

For this product, brown sugar comes from Iriomote Island. The one from Iriomote Island has a mild sweetness. Comparing to the standard sugar, brown sugar is said to have more calcium and potassium – so this amazing product of peanuts, just be careful not to eat too much at once!

Name: Brown Sugar Peanuts With Shells
Address: 3, Misaki Town, Oshigaki City, Okinawa
Phone: +81-980-84-1752
Price:378 yen
Producer:Oshigakishima Island Churashimaya
Website: http://xn--mhsv56ejldj26b.com/
Map: map to Brown Sugar Peanuts With Shells

Island Pudding

Island Pudding
photo by joecheung821   /   embedded from Instagram

What everyone loves is “Pudding”! In Oshigakishima Island too – there is a locally made pudding that only the selected ingredients are used. Fresh milk from a dairy cow, which is grown in rich nature of Oshigakishima Island, fresh eggs, sugar made from sugar canes grown in Oshigakishima Island, and even salt too. Those ingredients are locally grown and nice.

They have a wide variety of flavours – from the standard ones to the one with purple yam, with honey, with brown sugar syrup, and with caramel; there are 7 flavours in total. However, one of the best products here is a pudding. Try one!

Name: Island Pudding (6 serves)
Address: 3rd Sun Light Building Level 1, 3, Misaki Town, Oshigaki City, Okinawa
Phone: +81-980-87-5741
Price:2,800 yen
Producer:Oshigakishima Island Pudding

Website: http://www.ishigakijima-purin.com/
Map: map to Island Pudding (6 serves)

Island Chili Sausage

Island Chili Sausage
photo by theofficial0621   /   embedded from Instagram

Island Chili Sausage

“Moromi Pork” – a pig grown in a sunny and warm weather with unrefined sake. The fatty parts taste slightly sweet, and the meat itself is so soft. “Jugobanchi” is successfully making a ham or sausage of Moromi Pork, directly purchased from a farm. And amazingly, Moromi Pork is to be purchased only at this shop in Oshigakishima Island!

All seasonings such as island chili, mint, lemon grass and salt are locally grown, and brown sugar which is essential for this product is made from sugar canes in Iriomote Island. Especially sausages with island chili and pepper are one of the most popular products here and it literally goes well with alcoholic drinks! You can get one at the airport too.

Name: Island Chili Sausage
Address: 15-6, Shinei Town, Oshigaki City, Okinawa
Phone: +81-980-87-8686
Time: 10:00-19:00
Price:535 yen (4 pieces)
Producer:Jugobanchi Ham / Sausage Oshigakishima Island

Website: http://www.15banchi.com/
Map: map to Island Chili Sausage

Oshigaki Salt

Oshigaki Salt
photo by askkape   /   embedded from Instagram

One of the most known products in Oshigakshima Island – it is salt. This salt is made 100% from beautiful sea water taken in islands of Yaeyama 1.5km away and 20m in depth. This is the only ingredient. Day and night, it is boiled down in a low heat for the whole 3 days.

As salt is one of the essential seasonings when cooking, this can be the best souvenir! And it is light too – if you don’t want to carry the big items for souvenirs. What’s more, they hold some workshops to make salt if you make a reservation prior to your visit, so you can try make salt with your kids! This is strongly recommended!

Name: Oshigaki Salt
Address: 1145-57, Arakawa, Oshigaki City, Okinawa
Phone: +81-980-83-8711
Producer:Oshigaki Salt
Website: https://www.ishigakinoshio.com/
Map: map to Oshigaki Salt

Get Souvenirs That Everyone Loves In Oshigakishima Island!

How was it? I have introduced the best 10 souvenirs in Oshigakishima Island, Okinawa. It is so much fun to choose gifts, isn’t it? You might want all of them as they are so attractive. If you have a chance to visit Oshigakishima Island, get one for your loved ones and make them happy. And – don’t forget to buy something for yourself too!

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