The 10 Best Luxury Hotels and Ryokans in Okinawa, Japan

Many tourists visit Okinawa, and there are so many hotels, ryokans and guest houses to choose from. Your preference would vary such as staying in a luxury hotel and receiving the best customer service. Or saving the cost while enjoying cooking or eating out. Today, I’m going to introduce some hotels, from the luxury hotels you’d want to stay once in a lifetime, to condominium style or petit-hotels where you can enjoy with your family and friends.

1. Oriental Hills Okinawa

1. Oriental Hills Okinawa
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If you are thinking about staying luxuriously in Okinawa, this is the one for you. In the gigantic 20,000㎡ area, there are only 14 rooms. All the rooms are suite-type villa and have a private pool. There are two types of suites; executive suite accommodating two guests, and oriental suite accommodating four guests.

The room has a big bathroom with a separated shower booth and a jacuzzi. There are many restaurants to choose from, Japanese, French, Sushi, and Teppan style. The hotel’s great customer service begins at the moment you land in Okinawa, with their complementary airport pickup service.

Name: Oriental Hills Okinawa
Address: 79-1 Serakaki, Onna-Son, Kunigami-Gun, Okinawa
Tel: +81-120-162-078

Map: Map to Oriental Hills Okinawa

2. Hyatt Regency Naha

2. Hyatt Regency Naha
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This is the perfect hotel for sightseeing in Naha city and south part of the island. The hotel just opened in July 2015. It has a convenient access by 3 mins on foot from Kokusaidori St and 7 mins on foot from Yui rail Makishi Station. Once you step into the hotel, a tropical resort appears in front of you.

You will enjoy the best hotel stay, even it is so close to downtown. The hotel offers 294 rooms including 14 suites. Eight types of rooms are available. From single use to group use, you can enjoy in any of your travel style.

The rooftop has a pool and jacuzzi, which all guests can use with no charge. There will be a live music performance three times a day at the top floor bar. Their breakfast buffet is also the popular feature of the hotel stay. 50 kinds of menu using Okinawan local food will be served. If you are looking for a hotel with breakfast buffet, this would be the great choice.

Name: Hyatt Regency Naha
Address: 3-6-20 Makishi, Naha City, Okinawa
Tel: +81-98-866-8888

Map: Map to Hyatt Regency Naha

3. Sunny’s Stay

3. Sunny’s Stay
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You have visited Okinawa many times and want to stay reasonably. You are looking for a hotel which is close to the beach and is a convenient location for shopping and dining. This hotel makes your dream come true. There is Alaha beach right in front of the hotel and Mihama American Village where you can enjoy shopping and dining is within a walking distance.

All rooms are equipped with kitchen and a washing machine, so cooking on your own is also an option. The hotel offers a free bicycle rental so that’d be very useful when you need to go somewhere.

All rooms are ocean view so you will have the beautiful scenery from your room. The room types are from one room type for single use, to 4LDK type which accommodates 8 guests. You can enjoy your long stay in Okinawa, just like living in here.

Name: Sunny’s Stay
Address: 2-16-2 Chatan, Chatan -Cho, Nakagami-Gun, Okinawa
Tel: +81-120-187-208

Map: Map to Sunny’s Stay

4. Moon Ocean Ginowan Hotel & Residence

4. Moon Ocean Ginowan Hotel & Residence
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This is the place with both great customer service and a casual style of condominium. All rooms are ocean view and the marina appears in front of you. The sunset is also amazing and you can see it while taking a bath. There are six types of spacious rooms. All rooms have kitchen inside and the hotel offers rental cooking equipments and dishes. Therefore, the long stay would not be an issue at all.

There is a convenient 24 hours grocery store in a walking distance. The dining offers breakfast, lunch, dinner, and bar. It is a condominium type hotel, yet you can receive great service just like a hotel. Highly recommended for families with children.

Name: Moon Ocean Ginowan Hotel & Residence
Address: 558-8 Uchidomari, Ginowan City, Okinawa
Tel: +81-98-890-1110

Map: Map to Moon Ocean Ginowan Hotel & Residence

5. Alma Resort Garden House

Since you are in Okinawa, you want to spend time in Okinawan atmosphere. If that’s the case, this place is perfect for you. It is located at the foot of Yaeoka, where “The earliest Sakura festival” is held from the end of January to the beginning of February.

This Garden House is a one floor house, and you can stay just like you are living in Okinawa. Drinking Orion beer at Engawa while looking at the garden filled with many local plants is the joy you can have if staying at this house.

A rental service for BBQ equipments and a portable clay cooking stove is available, so having BBQ there is a fun activity as well. You can get ingredients from a local grocery store.

There is a big roof in the terrace area, so don’t worry about rain. Up to six adult guests can stay in a room. A PC with internet access is available in the room. They have futons for bedding, which is also a fun part of enjoying the Japanese atmosphere.

Name: Alma Resort Garden House
Address: 2-1 Inoha, Motobu-Cho, Kunigami-Gun, Okinawa
Tel: +81-980-48-2824

Map: Map to Alma Resort Garden House

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6. The Ritz Carlton Okinawa

6. The Ritz Carlton Okinawa
photo by akiko.momoji   /   embedded from Instagram

This is the perfect hotel for those who want to enjoy golf. It is located right next to the popular golf course, “Kanehide Kise Country Club”. There are 97 rooms and all of them are very spacious with more than 45㎡. All rooms have an amazing view, especially from the east side rooms you can enjoy the sunrise, and from west, the sunset.

The bath room filled with marble stones has a separated bathtub and a shower booth. Bath amenities of “Asprey” from England will give you an amazing bath time experience, and heals your body after a long day of sightseeing and activities.

It is not close to the beach, however, there is a free pickup service to the closest beach, Kise beach. If you are planning to enjoy both golf and the beach, this is the hotel for you.

Name: The Ritz-Carlton Okinawa
Address: 1343-1 Kise, Nago City, Okinawa
Tel: +81-980-43-5555

Map: Map to The Ritz-Carlton Okinawa

7. Pension and Cafe Terrace Tachigaa

7. Pension and Cafe Terrace Tachigaa
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The owner himself built this pension by taking 30 years of time, in the huge 106,700 square feet area. The first floor is a cafe and the second floor is the pension for only one group. The 100㎡ size room has a loft. Various trees and plants are growing in the site, and two waterfalls will give a grace atmosphere.

You can see the ocean right from the terrace, and enjoy the green nature in the site. The cafe on the first floor offers not only drinks and sweets, but also pasta, pizza, and lunch menu. This hidden jam is not widely known so don’t miss it! It might be hard to make a reservation since there is only one room available, but it is worth going for it.

Name: Pension and Cafe Terrace Tachigaa
Address: 519-1 Miyagi, Higashi-Son, Kunigami-Gun, Okinawa
Tel: +81-980-43-2186

Map: Map to Pension and Cafe Terrace Tachigaa

8. Umibe no Yado Amaneku

8. Umibe no Yado Amaneku
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This is a family running small hotel with just two rooms of twin and family suite. Twin room is the size of 20㎡. The family suite is the size of 25㎡. Kitchen is available in the rooms so it’s great for families. Okinawan plaster is used for walls and solid wood material is used for floors, therefore, just staying here gives you the great experience of Okinawa.

There is a bathtub in the terrace where you can see the ocean. You will be able to have a relaxing time while enjoying the great view right in front of you. Breakfast is available upon request.

Rental BBQ equipments are also available (with charge) , so get some ingredients and enjoy BBQ with your family and friends. The owner family has a dog and three cats, so if you are an animal lover, you’ll love it.

Name: Umibeno Yado Amamiku
Address: 3398 Imadomari, Nakijin-Son, Kunigami-Gun, Okinawa
Tel: +81-980-56-2345

Map: Map to Umibeno Yado Amamiku

9. United Resort Yomitan

9. United Resort Yomitan
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Have you ever wanted your own cottage in a resort area? This is something that makes you feel like you have your own. Palm trees and Bali style decorations bring the atmosphere of a resort hotel in Bali Island. The spacious 90 ㎡ rooms are set with asian style furniture and decorations. Great for long stay as well with fully equipped kitchen and a washing machine.

The entrance and the rooms are auto locked and only guests can enter the site. Group guests can enjoy the stay with plenty of beds, two single beds, one double bed, and one rollaway bed.

The hotel is located on a hill, and it gives a great view of the town and the ocean from the living room and the balcony. The world heritage site “Zakimi Castle” is only 30 mins on foot from the hotel so you can enjoy a little walking there.

Name: United Resort Yomitan
Address: 538-1 Senata, Yomitan-Son, Nagagami-Gun, Okinawa
Tel: +81-98-989-3880

Map: Map to United Resort Yomitan

10. Kaiza

10. Kaiza
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This hotel is built on the hill slope looking down the ocean and has only four rooms. Surrounded by green trees and tropical flowers, you will also find the Banyan forest right behind the hotel. The tree house in the forest reminds you of the childhood secret base.

To enjoy the stay in the beautiful nature, there is no TV and bathroom is shared . There is an outside bathtub you can use privately and it is a bali style design. Taking shower is common in Okinawa over a hot bathtub, so this is a great point that you can spread your arms and legs and relax in the tub.

If you like to enjoy the view of the ocean, or read a book in a hammock at Engawa, you’ll enjoy this place. Their breakfast will be served with freshly baked bread and Okinawan vegetable dishes. Please note that children from newborn to 12 years are not be able to stay here. This is the hidden place where adults can enjoy quitely.

Name: Kaiza
Address: 56-1 Tamagusuku Aza Tamagusuku, Nanjo City, Okinawa
Tel: +81-98-949-7755

Map: Map to Kaiza

Enjoy the stay in Okinawa!

Depending on what you are looking for, you will find the perfect place to stay. Luxurious hotels will offer the “omotenashi” great customer service. Condominium style hotels will give you the experience of living in Okinawa. All of the hotels I introduced are really great ones and it’d be hard to choose. Take your time and choose your best option. Enjoy the stay in Okinawa!

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