The 10 Best Unagi Restaurants You Must Eat in Okinawa, Japan

Don’t you want to eat good eel in Okinawa? People may think eel in Okinawa?! There are not many places you can eat good eel with cheap price in Okinawa but there are places that serve local or Japanese eel. When you are tired with the heat of Okinawa, how about charge energy with eel? Today, we would like to introduce places to eat eel in Okinawa, top 10!

1. Hiko honten

1. Hiko honten
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It is a Japanese restaurant that is often used for celebration or family unite. Even local people suggest this place to eat eel in Naha. It looks luxurious restaurant but it is not that expensive.

They have table seats, counter seats and private room, so either you go alone or with group, it shouldn’t be a problem. If you go alone, they usually take you to counter seats, but you can see chief make sushi in front of you.

You can eat seasonal course meal, and local or Japanese eel meal. It is 1944 yen and up for unadon, 2970 yen for hitsumabushi. Their main menu is eel but they also serve teisyoku like katsu or tempura, and sushi. If you want to enjoy your meal in good mood, please visit!

Name: Hiko honten
Address: 4-15-23 Omoromachi, Naha, Okinawa
Phone: +81-98-941-5057
Time: 11:30~16:00 / 17:30~ 22:00
Close: none

Map: Map to Hiko honten

2. Ajinomise bonbon

2. Ajinomise bonbon
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It is an eel restaurant that has been opened for more than 40 years at the central of Naha. It is an eel restaurant but they also have snack for beer. Also they have lots of shochu so there are lots of local people who visit during the day.

It is popular as you can eat good eel with cheap price. The secret is how the owner chose eel. Not only cheap but he choose Japanese eel with good quality. You can eat unadon for 1030 yen!

They cook after they get order. They also have unajyu and kabayaki teisyoku. They also have menu called “Bonbon soba” which is Okinawa soba with red soup and also they have some for taking home. If you feel you want to eat eel in Okinawa, please visit!

Name: Ajinomise Bonbon
Address: 2-8-30 Matsuo, Naha, Okinawa
Phone: +81-98-863-4696
Time: 10:30~20:00
Close: Wednesday

Map: Map to Ajinomise Bonbon

3. Restaurant Kaiyo

3. Restaurant Kaiyo
photo by magarimame   /   embedded from Instagram

It is a restaurant in Nago and always crowded with local customers. Eel and steak are their main menu but they also have sushi, raw fish and tonkatsu. You can eat unajyu for 700 yen for lunch time which is from 11:00 to 15:00.

Even it is not lunch time, you can eat teisyoku or kabayaki from 1000 yen to 2000 yen. It is not only cheap but the meat is soft and not stinks. It looks like an old restaurant but they hace counter seats, table seats and tatami seats. You can take all menu to go.

Name: Restaurant Kaiyo
Address: 4-2-18 Ominami, Nago, Okinawa
Phone: +81-980-53-0832

Map: Map to Restaurant Kaiyo

4. Unagi Owada

4. Unagi Owada
photo by kotaro110   /   embedded from Instagram

If you feel you want to eat eel in main island, central area, Owada that has been opened for 40 years is where to go. They use juice that has been added since they opened and that matches eel. The price depends on the weight and size but it is from 1400 yen to 4000 yen.

It is an eel restaurant but they also serve tonkatsu, fried oyster and chicken katsu too. They also have seasonal fish too. They have menu called nankotsu soki soba which serves only 20 plates a day. It takes 8 hours to make it. They have counter seats and tatami seats so local family often visit too!

Name: Unagi Owada
Address: 3-8-2 Matsumoto, Okinawa
Phone: +81-98-937-4048

Map: Map to Unagi Owada

5. Mansaku

5. Mansaku
photo by kyoheitogashi   /   embedded from Instagram

It originally started in Naha in 1976. They had to close once because of renovation of the road and mover present location from 2015. It had been popular when it was in Naha too and even now, people come from there.

They have been adding the sauce from when they opened and matches with eel from Okinawa and Kyushu. They get the best eel at that moment and cook with Kanto style.

They also have alcohol like beer, awamori and sake. They also have soba, tenjyu and kamonegidon. It re opened in 2015 so it is still new. How about visiting?

Name: Mansaku
Address: 1061 Maeda, Urasaku, Okinawa
Phone: +81-98-917-1285
Time: 11:00~ 15:00/17:00~ 22:00
Close: Tuesday

Map: Map to Mansaku

6. Kappo Hitokuchi

6. Kappo Hitokuchi
photo by BSSZgZDAwL9   /   embedded from Instagram

It is a Japanese restaurant where uses seasonal food in Naha. It is like a small restaurant in town. They use products from local and also they serve fish and vegetables. You can eat eel from Okinawa here. They cook after they get order with Kansai style.

Because of that, it would take about 20 minutes, so while you wait, you can eat small snack or beer. Fish is also popular too. They have raw fish, cooked fish and boiled fish. Please try!

Name: Kappo Hitokuchi
Address: 7-24 Higashi, Naha, Okinawa
Phone: +81-98-864-2610

Map: Map to Kappo Hitokuchi

7. Wadahei

7. Wadahei
photo by unagiwadahei   /   embedded from Instagram

It is an eel restaurant that is located near Kariyushi beach that is in resort area Onnason. There are lots of resort hotel near the restaurant and near route 58. It is good to stop during driving.

They have table seats, and kotatsu, so it is easy for group or family with kids. Main eel meal is 2000 yen to 4500 yen. Their most popular menu is hitsumabushi that you can taste three kind of the way you eat.

They also have hitsumabushi that they use Okinawa black beef. It might be good to eat with Beer or Awamori at night. Please visit!

Name: Wadahei
Address: 2615 Nakama, Onnason, Kunigashira, Okinawa
Phone: +81-98-967-7820
Time: 11:00~22:00
Close: random

Map: Map to Wadahei

8. Furusato

8. Furusato
photo by meshigram   /   embedded from Instagram

It is located between route 58 and Alaha beach. It is in residence so it might be a little difficult to find but it is a famous restaurant for people who know eel restaurant.

It originally started in Futemma for 30 years and moved to Kitaya in 2001. They have kotatsu table and table seats. It is small but they have a garden too.

They use Japanese eel and cook with Kansai style. They cook after they get order so it will take about 15 minutes, so while you are waiting, let’s eat crunchy bone rice cracker. If you feel you want to eat good eel in Okinawa, please visit!

Name: Furusato
Address: 1-3-15 Kitamae, Kitaya, Nakagashira, Okinawa
Phone: +81-98-926-0048

Map: Map to Furusato

9. Una café

9. Una café
photo by yuwokinawa   /   embedded from Instagram

Eel at fashionable café? It doesn’t sound right but it is famous for where you can eat good eel. The owner used to own French restaurant for long time and he was impressed with the taste of eel that he ate at “Unacho” in Tokyo.

He didn’t like eel before but that eel made him like it. Then he thought he wanted to have where people can eat eel in Okinawa then opened “Una café” in August 2014. They get Japanese eel from Unacho and cook at the café.

You can eat unajyu for 1800 yen with miso soup, dessert and coffee. You can drink coffee as much as you want. They play Jazz inside the café and decollate with seasonal flowers. Even if woman goes alone, it is fine to go.

Name: Una café
Address: 1-32-2, Minatogawa, Urazoe, Okinawa
Phone: +81-98-943-2919
Time: 11:00~ 17:00

Map: Map to Una café

10. Ichimugi shokuhin

10. Ichimugi shokuhin
photo by te27levin   /   embedded from Instagram

It is a store for bento box. It is convenient when you want to eat big eel with cheap price. It is a store that sells only for going out and has been loved for long time.

They use Japanese eel and they don’t use frozen. And the price is from 650 yen~ 1000 yen. Their suggestion is 1000 yen meal. They are all popular so they would be sold out soon. If you want to charge energy in hot Okinawa, this might help you. Please try!

Name: Ichimugi shokuhin
Address: 2-13-1 Nakama, Urazoe, Okinawa
Phone: +81-98-877-9502

Map: 「一麦食品」への地図

Let’s eat good eel in Okinawa!

Today, we introduced where to go to eat eel in Okinawa, Top 10. We introduced from expensive restaurant to cheap place but have you found where you like? Please enjoy eel in Okinawa!

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