Superb Sushi In Mie! The Best 10 Sushi Restaurants You Should Try!

Mie, where there is Ise Bay, is renowned for its superb seafood such as Japanese lobsters, oysters, abalones, and skipjack tunas. That makes it possible to have some sushi restaurants which offers you those superb seafood, for instance, the ones in one of the popular areas “Okage Yokocho”, the ones in the Ise Grand Shrine area, or even the ones in hidden gems. Now, I will introduce the restaurants loved by the tourists as well as the locals.

Sushi Akatsuki

Sushi Akatsuki
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“Sushi Akatsuki” is a sushi restaurant that is located along the National Route 260, just in front of “Restaurant Matsumura”. Inside the restaurant, there are 25 seats – 5-6 counter seats, 2 table seats, and 3 tables at the room with tatami mats. Reservation is strongly recommended as this restaurant is extremely popular.

The lunch set meal comes with the authentic sushi, some small dishes, and even the steamed egg custard. The steamed egg custard contains so many ingredients including ginkgos, conger eels, shiitake mushrooms, firefly squids. Its light flavour is very nice. Also, Sushi Akatsuki has a wide variety of sake. Why not try now?

Name: Suhi Akatsuki
Address: 1460-2, Kouga, Ago Town, Shima City, Mie
Phone: +81-599-45-5586
Time: 11:30-14:00 / 17:00-21:00
Close: Wednesday
Access: Drive 7 mins from Shima Shinmei Station

Map: map to Suhi Akatsuki

Yokocho Kimiya

Yokocho Kimiya
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Okage Yokocho in the Ise Grand Shrine area is where you can feel like you are travelling time to the Edo era. The cityscapes are made with the traditional wooden buildings, and the sushi restaurant “Yokocho Kimiya” is in the 2 storey traditional Japanese building with 55 seats.

One of the most popular menus is Nigiri of Matsuzaka beef. You can just get ones at the restaurant to take away and it is great walking around while eating them. Meat itself is very soft and has a mouth melting feeling. Also, Japanese lobsters are what you must try as well as this Nigiri! They are fresh and chewy – and there are more menus such as bluefin tunas and rockfish.

Name: Yokocho Kimiya
Address: 47, Uji Naka no Kiri Town, Ise City, Mie
Phone: +81-596-23-0840
Time: 11:00-22:00 (reservation required for a visit after 20:00) (Wednesday only 11:00-17:00)
Close: None
Access: Walk 15 minutes from Isuzugawa Station



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The building itself was renovated from the old townhouse – “Inase” is an extremely stylish and modern sushi restaurant. There is a BGM of the classic jazz in a relaxing Japanese modern atmosphere. Although there are seats at the counter, standard rooms, and rooms with tatami mats, checking the availability and making the reservation prior to your visit are strongly recommended.

There are a few courses that you can choose depending on your budget. Basically, it comes with 5 dishes including an assorted sashimi, 6 types of Nigiri and the rice dish as well as the dessert. Any of those superb ingredients – tuna, Matsuzaka beef, salmon roe, sea urchin, red bream and tempura, are just wonderful. The course will let you have the dessert at last, and will sure make you satisfied from the beginning to the end. Enjoy the gourmets in Mie!

Name: Inase
Address: 5-1-35, Jinkyu, Ise City, Mie
Time: 11:30-14:00 / 17:00-21:30
Close: Monday (Irregular)
Access: Walk 20 mins from Ise City Station

Map: map to Inase


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“Komada”, a sushi restaurant renovated from a part of the old house, actually has only 6 seats at the counter, and the only menu here is a “Chef’s selection”. The shop itself seems so neat and tidy so that you can get so relaxed while eating sushi. The owner is quite obsessed with all the nationally grown ingredients, craft beers, sake, and plates.

They serve only great dishes such as tilefish that matches wasabi soy sauce, chewy sea cucumber, freshly grilled adductor, superb medium fatty tuna, and sea urchin. Although it pretty much depends on the season, it only costs 18,000 yen per course and you can get full of amazing sushi!

Name: Komada
Address: 2-14-18, Kawasaki, Ise City, Mie
Phone: +81-596-28-7747
Time: 18:00-22:00
Close: Irregular
Access: Walk 14 mins from Ise City Station

Map: map to Komada

Heiwa Sushi

Heiwa Sushi
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“Heiwa Sushi” was established in 1919, and is a short distance from Masuo Station. They have the seats at the counter, semi private rooms, and fully private rooms. You might find it a little too luxury as this restaurant seems so sophisticated, but it has a friendly customer service in a cozy atmosphere.

Kuwana city, where this restaurant is located, is renowned for its locally grown clams. March is the best season to try them at Heiwa Sushi. The texture is quite addictive!

Name: Heiwa Sushi
Address: 800, Yada, Kuwana City, Mie
Phone: +81-594-22-0989
Time: 11:30-14:00 / 17:30-21:00
Close: Wednesday / 3rd Tuesday of the month
Access: Walk 3 mins from Masuo Station

Map: map to Heiwa Sushi

Kiyozushi Souhonten

Kiyozushi Souhonten
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“Kiyozushi Souhonten”, located a short distance from Kuwana Station, is a sushi restaurant with the gorgeous exterior of Japanese-style restaurant. There is a small bridge inside the restaurant – the interior will not make you bored at all! The seats vary from the counter to the huge room with tatami mats – so this restaurant is literally suitable for any occasions.

Even though the restaurant serves the authentic sushi, its lunch meals are pretty much affordable. Some menus even cost only around 1,000 yen. The Sushi Course comes with tuna, mackerels, shrimps, squids, conger eels, rolled egg, and bluefin tuna roll etc., plus, you can also try the steamed egg custard which contains a lot of ingredients. The restaurant is often so busy that making a reservation is strongly recommended prior to your visit.

Name: Kiyozushi Souhonten
Address: 476-82, Oji Kuwana, Kuwana City, Mie
Phone: +81-594-22-1557
Time: 10:00-22:00
Close: Obon / New Years
Access: Walk 5 mins from Kuwana Station

Map: map to Kiyozushi Souhonten

Nao Sushi

Nao Sushi
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“Nao Sushi” is an authentic sushi restaurant with a friendly and relaxing atmosphere. It might be a little hard to find the restaurant as it is hidden in a parking space with a small sign. The restaurant itself is quite small, but has seats both at the counter and in the room with tatami mats. And they offer an affordable menu which is one of the attractions.

You must try fresh conger eels from Ise Bay here. There is a set meal of conger eels bowl with an affordable price, and it lets you experience the real taste of conger eels. If you choose lunch, it comes with a salad and an egg custard. Also, “Assorted Sashimi” is one of the best! You can have garfish, flounder, scallop, and whitebait.

Name: Nao Sushi
Address: 5-21, Daimon, Tsu City, Mie
Phone: +81-59-223-1649
Time: 11:30-24:00
Close: Sunday
Access: Drive 9 mins by car from Tsu Shinmachi Station

Map: map to Nao Sushi


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The restaurant “Otoya”, established in 1908, has an easy access from Ugata Station. Although it is a sophisticated old-established restaurant, there is a friendly atmosphere that the tourists and the locals should love. With an affordable price, you can enjoy an authentic sushi here!

Especially “Tekone Sushi” costs just 1,000 yen with pickled skipjack tuna, Japanese Shiso, ginger and seaweed on top of rice. Also “Seafood Bowl” (2,500 yen) is one of the most recommended menus. You can taste the freshest ingredients possible! You can also choose Sushi rice, or otherwise the standard steamed rice.

Name: Otoya
Address: 1692, Ugata, Ago Town, Shima City, Mie
Phone: +81-599-43-0074
Time: 11:30-13:30 / 17:00-21:00
Close: Wednesday (and irregular)
Access: Walk 3 mins from Ugata Station

Map: map to Otoya

Marumitsu Sushi

Marumitsu Sushi
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“Marumitsu Sushi” is a sushi restaurant located in Toushi Island. You can reach the island by ferry operated by city council from Toba Satahama Harbour, so that you can feel as if you have fun with a cruise as an activity. Inside the restaurant has a relaxing and friendly atmosphere, and just a short walk distance away, there is a beach – isn’t it amazing?

Depending on the season, they offer different ingredients, but red sea urchins and Japanese lobsters taste great! If you are lucky enough, you will see how they taste nice and will be addicted! “Omakase Set Meal” is one of the most popular menus as you can have a grilled turban shell, soup, sashimi, and Nigiri! The one that the restaurant recommends is actually the best after all!

Name: Marumitsu Sushi
Address: 1106, Toushi Town, Toba City, Mie
Phone: +81-599-37-2314
Time: 11:00-21:00 (reservation required at night)
Close: Irregular
Map: map to Marumitsu Sushi


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One of the most popular restaurants in Okage Yokocho is “Sushikyu”. With a townscape of traditional houses and restaurants, the exterior of this restaurant looks amazing. If you choose to sit in a window seat, you can overlook Isuzu River just right in front of you. Enjoy the authentic Sushi while hearing the sound of a wind bell in summer! What a luxury experience!

“Tekone Sushi” has been loved by the locals, and tastes great with a skipjack tuna, and Sushi rice! Skipjack tuna has a mouth melting feeling while being chewy. It literally tastes amazing with soy sauce too. There are 3 kinds starting from 1,250 yen. Check this out!

Name: Sushikyu
Address: 20, Uji Nakanokiri Town, Ise City, Mie
Phone: +81-596-27-0229
Time: 10:30-19:30
Close: 1st and the last day of the month and Tuesday
Access: Drive 10 mins from Isuzu River Station by car

Map: map to Sushikyu

Let’s Enjoy The Authentic Sushi In Mie!

How was it? Fish and seafoods caught in Ise Bay are something you must try once you are in Mie! What you can get in Mie is totally depending on the season. Not only your favourite seafood, but also try the recommended dish! If you want to try something you have never had before, then ask the staff and the chefs!

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