Popular Gifts In Atami! The Best 10 Souvenirs You Must Get

Located just 40 minutes away from Tokyo, there is a city called Atami – which is one of the most popular resort spots where you can enjoy hot springs. If you have a chance to visit Atami, just try those 10 souvenirs!

Original Wonton

Original Wonton
photo by pochi1028   /   embedded from Instagram

Daiichirou, a Chinese restaurant established in 1933, is located just 15 minutes away from JR Atami station on foot. This restaurant, which has been introduced on a wide range of media, offers an authentic Chinese food with an affordable price. It is popular not only for couples, but also for families or a group of people.

The way they serve fresh fish has not been changed a bit, and its taste is so original. You can take the popular menu called “fried wonton” away. A huge piece of wonton has a crispy texture and it is slightly bigger than the ordinary fried wonton.

Name: Daiichirou
Address: 4-2, Chuo Town, Atami City, Shizuoka
Phone: +81-557-81-3767
Access: Walk 10 mins from Kinomiya Station

Website: http://e-sites.jp/web/daiichirou/
Map: map to Daiichirou

Kibi Mochi

Kibi Mochi

A confectionary shop, which has been in operation for more than 100 years, has been featured in newspaper. When there was an imeperial villa, the shop used to give them the confectionary.

One of the most popular items here is called “Kibi Mochi”. This item was recognised in a brand “ATAMI COLLECTION A-PLUS” by Atami Chamber of Commerce and Industry. They also offer some seasonal items, so it is worth checking them out!

Name: Wakanaya
Address: 3-3, Chuo Town, Atami City, Shizuoka
Phone: +81-557-81-2441
Access: Walk 9 mins from Kinomiya Station

Map: map to Wakanaya

Onsen Enmei Manju

Onsen Enmei Manju
photo by a.natsuking   /   embedded from Instagram

Once you visit hot springs in Japan, you will see “Onsen Manju” everywhere. Enmeido, located just 10 minutes away from JR Atami Station, is believed to be the first shop that invented this damplings. It is on the way to the city hall, so why not try this place when you go on a sightseeing?

Onsen Manju here was made by the first owner to pray for the long life of the tourists who visited the hot springs in the Taisho era. There is no additives added, and the skin contains plentiful brown sugar and the red jelly bean is completely home made. Why not try and take it home as a souvenir?

Name: Enmeido
Address: 3-28, Kamijuku Town, Atami City, Shizuoka
Phone: +81-50-5834-0605
Time: 9:00-20:00
Close: Wednesdays (Irregular)
Access: Walk 10 mins from Atami Station

Map: map to Enmeido

Benichidori Monaka

Benichidori Monaka
photo by kamocham17   /   embedded from Instagram

The name of “Benichidori Monaka” was after a brand of plums from Atami. This confectionary can be purchased from “Minami Seika” and this shop is located just 20 minutes away from JR Atami Station on foot.

Around the shop, there is a water park and you will see a lot of families during the summer season. They often visit this store to shop after they enjoyed in the park. There are both Japanese and Western sweets, and it is known as a shop which sells “Daidai Manju”.

Name: Minami Seika
Address: 6-27, Shimizu Town, Atami City, Shizuoka
Phone: +81-557-82-3806
Time: 9:00-19:00
Close: Wednesdays
Access: Walk 17 mins from Atami Station

Map: map to Minami Seika

Amatai Himono

Amatai Himono
photo by amoncat1112   /   embedded from Instagram

A long established dried fish shop “Kamatsuru” in Atami – the 5th owner runs this shop now. He visits the fish market everyday to select the best fish of the day as he gets the request from customers.

How they make dried fish seems simple, but in a traditional way. Of all, “Sweet Dried Snappers” are one of the most popular items. You can just choose one from more than 30 kinds!

Name: Kamatsuru Himono
Address: 10-18, Ginza Town, Atami City, Shizuoka
Phone: +81-557-81-2172
Time: 8:00-18:30
Close: None
Access: Walk 11 mins from Atami Station

Website: http://www.kamaturu.co.jp/
Map: map to Kamatsuru Himono

Miki Seika

Miki Seika
photo by aromochipon   /   embedded from Instagram

“Neko no Shita” is the item that “Miki Seika”, established in 1948, has been selling. As its name, it might sound too cute for you if you love cats – Neko no Shita is one of the longest sellers. You can find this shop in a back alley just behind Atami Ginza shopping street.

Neko no Shita is actually a cookie called langue de chat. It breaks easily, so you need to be careful when taking it away! But it still tastes nice when it breaks.

Name: Miki Seika
Address: 3-4, Nagisa Town, Atami City, Shizuoka
Phone: +81-557-81-4461
Time: 9:30-18:00
Close: Thursdays / 1st Sunday / 3rd Wednesday
Access: Walk 12 mins from Atami Station

Website: http://www.mikiseika.com/
Map: map to Miki Seika

Tsurukichi Youkan

Tsurukichi Youkan
photo by tsurukichi_yokan   /   embedded from Instagram

“Tokiwagi Youkan” in Atami is a family owned shop which has been in operation for 4 generations. This is a small shop in Izu, but it has been introduced in magazine, and in some events too – some of you might have heard of the name.

Of all, “Tsurukichi Youkan Daidai” is the most popular item here. The orange looking is cute and cool, but not only that, it tastes amazing of course. You can keep them for about 3 months in a fridge, so you don’t have to worry how long it lasts. If you have a chance to visit Atami, this is the place you must visit!

Name: Tokiwagi Youkan
Address: 9-1, Ginza Town, Atami City, Shizuoka
Phone: +81-557-81-4421
Access: Walk 12 mins from Atami Station

Website: http://tokiwagi-yohkanten.com/
Map: map to Tokiwagi Youkan

studio iiro

studio iiro
photo by marikoutaka   /   embedded from Instagram

An atelier where you can experience a glass blowing – it is “Studio iiro”. It takes just an hour and a professional staff will teach you how to do it, and you can get your original one! How about trying a glass blowing to look at an example created by the staff?

It takes only 5 minutes from Atami Station by driving, or, you just need to walk for 20 minutes and you can enjoy having a walk on the beach after the lesson! Looking at the beautiful scenery of the beach is amazing. You will sure make a great memory of glass blowing!

Name: Studio iiro
Address: 579-41, Izuyama, Atami City, Shizuoka
Phone: +81-557-88-1160
Access: Walk 20 mins from Atami Station

Website: http://studio-iiro.com/
Map: map to Studio iiro

Akao Herb & Rose Garden

Akao Herb & Rose Garden
photo by yu0118kara   /   embedded from Instagram

After you enjoy one of the popular sightseeing spot “Herb & Rose Garden”, why not get your favourite herb at the shop? There are 5 courses that you can make something. Of all, “Herb Soap” is the most popular course among the tourists. It takes only 30 minutes to make one, and it is not expensive at all. You can make it with your favourite odor!

Also, you can make one with a pastel colour if you like, so it looks great for the interior. If you don’t have enough time, there is another course which takes just 15 minutes to make a fregrance! Are you keen now?

Name: Akao Herb & Rose Garden
Address: 1027-8, Kamitaga, Atami City, Shizuoka
Phone: +81-557-82-1221
Time: 9:00-17:00
Close: Tuesdays in December and January
Access: Drive 11 mins from Atami Station

Website: http://www.garden-akao.com/
Map: map to Akao Herb & Rose Garden


photo by furupo_sns   /   embedded from Instagram

The only boiled fish paste shop in Atami, “Yamadaya”, is located 5 minutes away from Atami Station on foot, so you can visit this place while waiting for trains. They offer a wide range of boiled fish paste, and you can even order what you like! You can get one with some wordings and pictures, and moreover – there is no additives.

Especially, “Fisher Person Taga, Wakame” is one of the popular items here – and for this product, plenty of seaweed caught in Minami Atami by a female fisher person is used. Inside the shop, you can try the freshly made boiled fish paste, so besides the souvenir, you can enjoy the hot boiled fish paste while enjoyin a walk around!

Name: Yamadaya
Address: 10-1, Sakimi Town, Atami City, Shizuoka
Phone: +81-120-82-3170
Time: 9:00-18:00
Close: 1st January
Access: Walk 5 mins from Atami Station

Website: http://yamadaya-web.co.jp/
Map: map to Yamadaya

Get The Souvenir In Atami!

How was it? In this article, I have introduced the best 10 souvenirs you must get once you are in Atami. Do you know which one you want to get? As Atami is fairly close to Tokyo, there are a number of tourists every year. Not only souvenirs, but also enjoy your sightseeing first! Have fun!

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