The Best 10 Sushi Restaurants You Must Eat in Okinawa

When you think of Japanese food, sushi quickly comes to mind. But depending on where you go, and the person who makes it, the experience can vary greatly. What is sushi like in Okinawa, using their fresh seafood and made by their experienced sushi chef? Let me introduce you to some of the sushi restaurants you’ve gotta try out if you’re in Okinawa. On your next trip, why not try them out yourself?

1. Kawaji Hon-ten

1. Kawaji Hon-ten
photo by sugargoofy   /   embedded from Instagram

To the locals, this may be considered the best sushi in Okinawa. When seated at the counter seats, you can enjoy watching the sushi chef demonstrate his skills. They’re picky in the freshness of the fish, using mainly the seasonal seafood from Japan, while Okinawa ships their seafood all over Japan.

The size of the pieces are little smaller, which makes it easier for women to eat, and you can really enjoy the taste of the seafood in each bite. They also offer sashimi, as well as fried and grilled dishes that go great with sake. Private rooms are also available for you to relax and enjoy with your family or friends.

Name : Kawaji Hon-ten
Address : Okinawa, Naha-shi Matsuyama 2-7-13 Compass Bldg. 1F
Phone Number : +81-98-863-0404
Restaurant hours: 5pm ~ 2am
*Sundays and Public holidays only till 12am
Closed days : Mondays

Map: Maps to Kawaji Hon-ten

2. Kouwa Sushi

2. Kouwa Sushi
photo by annabellerrt   /   embedded from Instagram

When you want to go to a sushi shop casually, this is the place! With a relaxed atmosphere, they offer both a sushi bar and Japanese-styled table seats. You can come for a little drink and sushi, or come in to just have a quick meal. It’s a popular place to drop by for any situation.

Customers from abroad visit often, and they have the major sushi rolls that are common abroad. Fresh fish is a must, with avocado and other vegetables to make a healthy meal. Aside from that, salads, chanpuru, and many other dishes are available and popular amongst the ladies.

Name : Kouwa Sushi
Address : Okinawa, Nakagami-gun Chatan-cho Miyagi 2-91
Phone Number : +81-98-926-4663
Restaurant hours : 5pm ~ 11pm
Closed days : Irregular

Map: Maps to Kouwa Sushi

3. Yume-Sushi

3. Yume-Sushi
photo by tkcymd   /   embedded from Instagram

Located in the lively Kumoji area, and surrounded by many restaurants, Yume-sushi has a calm relaxed atmosphere. Many people come to try the pacific bluefin tuna from Tsukiji or Yamakou that’s offered here.

Popular among the locals, the lunch time special is recommended. With 10 pieces of sushi, grilled fish, chawanmushi (savory egg custard), udon, a small side dish, and dessert, altogether it costs only 1800yen! If you’re in the mood for variety of good food in one meal, this is for you.

Other than counter seats, there are also tables and private rooms available. They have a great collection of beer, Japanese sake, Awamori, and Shochu that you can enjoy with your sushi.

Name : Yume-sushi
Address : Okinawa, Naha-shi Kumoji 3-9-10 Sono Bldg. 1F
Phone Number : +81-98-987-7610
Restaurant Hours : 11:30am ~ 2:30pm / 5pm ~ 11pm
Closed Days : none
*Sunday lunch times closed.

Map: Maps to Yume-sushi

4. Fukuzushi

4. Fukuzushi
photo by stella1177   /   embedded from Instagram

Located along big hotels in the Onnason resort area, Fukuzushi keeps its old-fashioned feel in its restaurant and loved by the locals. The owner goes to find his fresh seafood each morning from the markets and keeps it at an affordable price.

Of course the sushi here is great, but the set meals are what draws people in. With specialties like sashimi, tempura, and grilled fish with butter, they use the best and fresh Okinawa ingredients for the fish and the vegetables. With a welcoming atmosphere, you would want to come again and again.

Name : Fukuzushi
Address : Okinawa, Kunigumigun Onnason Nakama 2212-1
Phone Number : +81-98-967-8868
Restaurant Hours : 5pm ~ 11pm
Closed Days : Irregular

Map: Maps to Fukuzushi

5. Tsukiji Aozora Sandaime

5. Tsukiji Aozora Sandaime
photo by sotaroiwabuchi   /   embedded from Instagram

With the main restaurant located in Tsukiji, this one in Okinawa offers Edo-style sushi using Okinawa’s great foods. The great thing about this shop is that it’s in the food stand village, making it easy to casually stop by and enjoy some sushi.

You can try Okinawa’s original sushi with the Irabucha fish and Agu pork. A definite recommendation is their specially chosen set of 10 pieces of sushi for 3,000yen. The seafood used depends on the best from each season.

You can order just the pieces you want, or by having it in a bowl. The counter seats surround the sushi chef, making it easy to have fun conversations with the people sitting nearby.

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Name : Tsukiji Aozora Sandaime
Address : Okinawa, Naha-shi Makishi 3-11-17 Kokusai-douri Food stand village
Phone Number : +81-70-5690-9333
Restaurant Hours : 11am~11pm
Closed Days : Wednesdays

Map: Maps to Tsukiji Aozora Sandaime

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6. Uozushi Kousetsushijousou Honten

6. Uozushi Kousetsushijousou Honten
photo by oyakatasommelier   /   embedded from Instagram

Located right in front of the Makishi Kousetsu Fish Market, it’s open from 12pm to serve you delicious sushi! With fresh seafood from all over Japan, they also serve sashimi, fried dishes, and soups.

You can order one at a time, but you’ll probably want to try out their recommended sets. The inside of the restaurant can be seen from the outside, making it easier to check before going in. The fortune paper attached to your chopsticks just adds a little more fun to the experience.

Name : Uozushi Kousetsushijousou Honten
Address : Okinawa Naha-shi Matsuo 2-11-11 Ooshiro Bldg. 107
Phone Number : +81-98-860-9651
Restaurant Hours : 12pm ~ 11pm
Closed Days : None

Map: Maps to Uozushi Kousetsushijousou Honten

7. Magurotonya Yazaemon Okinawa Aeon Haebaru-ten

7. Magurotonya Yazaemon Okinawa Aeon Haebaru-ten
photo by tkcymd   /   embedded from Instagram

In Okinawa, even the sushi train shops are great! There are 6 of the “Magurotonya Yazaemon” restaurants in Okinawa, and with this one being inside of the Aeon Haebaru shopping center, you can stop by easily after your shopping or sight-seeing.

The original restaurant is in the Misaki port of Kanagawa prefecture, and there is a definite confidence in the quality of tuna being used. Special items like fatty tuna and the head portion of the tuna meat are a must-try! There’s a wide variety of alcohol and it’s a fun place to visit with your family or friends.

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Name : Magurotonya Yazaemon Okinawa Aeon Haebaru-ten
Address : Okinawa, Shimajirigun Haebarucho Miyahara 264 Aeon Ryukyu 1F
Phone Number : +81-98-851-7916
Restaurant Hours : 11am ~10pm
Closed Days : None

Map: Maps to Magurotonya Yazaemon Okinawa Aeon Haebaru-ten

8. Sushi Izakaya Hamaton

8. Sushi Izakaya Hamaton
photo by chow_king_hei   /   embedded from Instagram

With an at-home comfortable feeling, Hamaton is a popular restaurant in Okinawa. The owner is from Hokkaido, and his character and the volume of the sushi for its price is great! With seasonal seafoods being used for its set meals, it boasts great prices, with 10 pieces starting from 1,000yen.

It’s an izakaya that started from a sushi restaurant, so first of all, the sushi here is obviously great. The izakaya menu has many kinds of sake and you won’t mind even going there by yourself, though going with a group of friends or family will be great fun. If you don’t like having to go to a fancy place for sushi, you can come here to have some great sushi casually.

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Name : Sushi Izakaya Hamaton
Address : Okinawa, Naha-shi Tsubogawa 1-2-9
Phone Number : +81-98-854-6202
Restaurant Hours : 6pm ~ 12am
Closed Days : Mondays, 4th Tuesdays of the month, Year-end & New year holidays

Map: Maps to Sushi Izakaya Hamaton

9. Takarazushi

9. Takarazushi
photo by suchiorg   /   embedded from Instagram

Popular amongst the locals, Takarazushi has many regulars coming in often. Walking through the shop curtain of what looks like a fisherman’s banner, the restaurant feels like an izakaya, with fresh seafood that you can see swimming in the little pond.

Along with the sushi, they also offer Okinawa-style stewed pork, gurukun fish, and other Okinawa specialties. You can even try the rare Agu pork as sushi here! You can order the side dishes if you want to just have a light meal along with Awamori liquor.

With the friendly owner, you’ll want to stay longer and longer, even if you go by yourself. It’s a great place to visit and experience this kind of atmosphere along with the locals.

Name : Takarazushi
Address : Okinawa, Nago-shi Oominami 1-4-15
Phone Number : +81-98-052-4747
Restaurant Hours : 5pm ~12am
Closed Days : Mondays

Map: Maps to Takarazushi

10. Kaitenzushi Ichibantei

10. Kaitenzushi Ichibantei
photo by tepy_shayne   /   embedded from Instagram

If you want to eat a lot but for a cheap price, Ichibantei is the place! Located in the American Village of Chatan, it’s an easy sushi train shop to stop by while you do some shopping or sight-seeing. Though it’s a sushi train system, it’s a proper sushi where the sushi chef makes each piece by hand.

With Okinawa’s seasonal seafood, great fresh fish and sushi rolls available, one plate start at 100yen and can go to about 600yen. There is an English menu to make things easier for travellers from abroad, and you can also order take out.

Name : Kaitenzushi Ichibantei
Address : Okinawa, Nakagamigun Chatan-cho Mihama 15-67 American Village, Umaimono Gurume-kan 1F
Phone Number : +81-98-926-3054
Restaurant Hours : 11:30~11pm
Closed Days : None

Map: Maps to Kaitenzushi Ichibantei

Let’s eat lots of sushi in Okinawa!

We hope this was helpful! With Okinawan specialties, and seasonal seafood from all over Japan, Okinawa has so many great sushi restaurants with fresh seafood and other ingredients. You can meet some great chefs and locals to add to your great experience in Okinawa!

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