The 10 Best Luxury Hotels and Ryokans in Hakodate, Hokkaido

Hokkaido is a big prefecture and Hakodate gained fame as it developed as a port town and many items came in from various countries. Hakodate is full of western buildings and you can enjoy the buildings, history and culture everywhere and from just walking around you can enjoy everything you see. Hakodate is a place where you would like to spend time staying and visit various sightseeing spots so we hope this article helps you find a good stay to stay at!

1. La Vista Hakodate Bay

1. La Vista Hakodate Bay
photo by ong_r1030   /   embedded from Instagram

If you are going to stay in Hakodate, many people will recommend you this hotel. If you stay here once, you will want to stay again and it is very convenient for sightseeing in Hakodate. The lobby and guest rooms are very classic and beautiful. Even if you are tired from walking around the city, you will be able to relax.

There are 6 kinds of rooms such as single rooms and twin doubles. There are only shower booths in the guest rooms but there is a natural hot spring ‘Kaikyo no Yu’ on the top floor. Not only is there an ‘iwaburo’ (rock bath) but there are also baths made from special ceramic and cypress. The view of Hakodate is also wonderful and you can stretch out your arms and legs.

After you stay at the hotel, you can enjoy the wonderful breakfast. The breakfast includes Japanese and western food and they also serve fresh seafood including salmon eggs, shrimp, and squid so you can make your own seafood bowl. There are guests who come here for this breakfast and we recommend it to people who want to enjoy such a wonderful breakfast.

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Name: La Vista Hakodate Bay
Address: 12-8, Tokyokawa-cho, Hakodate-shi, Hokkdaid
Tel: +81-138-23-6111

Map: Map to La Vista Hakodate Bay

2. emi Hakodate-ya

2. emi Hakodate-ya
photo by smokey.d.monkey   /   embedded from Instagram

It is not a big hotel, but you can make yourself at home here as they provide wonderful service. On the 1st floor living room, you can enjoy coffee, sparking wine, Hakodate milk ice cream and there are drinks which you can enjoy from your check-in to 22:00.

You may want to get something to drink after you arrive at the hotel or after you take a bath. In all 26 Japanese and western style bedrooms, there are coffee mills so you can enjoy your coffee, too. They also serve great food with a variety of fresh Hakodate seafood including sushi.

For breakfast, you can enjoy tuna, salmon eggs, squid and make your own seafood bowl. The chef also cooks bacon or steak for you and you can enjoy curry from the Furano North Country. The hot spring is a natural hot spring so you can enjoy all of their services!

Name: emi Hakodate-ya
Address: 3-10-3, Yunokawa-cho, Hakodate-shi, Hokkaido
Tel: +81-138-36-2000

Map: Map to emi Hakodate-ya

3. Four Points by Sheraton Hakodate

3. Four Points by Sheraton Hakodate
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On September 1st, 2016, this hotel was ‘re-branded’ as the first foreign affiliated brand hotel in Hakodate. The best point about this hotel is its location as you can walk from JR Hakodate Station and the Hakodate Morning market. They are also very popular for their wonderful service.

They offer various kinds of room types such as single, double・twin, and all rooms are spacious so you can relax. They also have the ‘night-view twins and sweet rooms’ where you can enjoy the night view even more.

On the 13th Floor, they have the night view bar Estelado and their happy hour is from 18:00 to 19:30 and you can enjoy up to 2 drinks for 500 yen each. For breakfast, you can enjoy the buffet style where they also serve lots of food produced in Hokkaido. It may also be a good idea to take a walk and visit the morning market to eat breakfast.

Name: Four Points by Sheraton Hakodate
Address: 14-10, Wakamatsu-cho, Hakodate-shi, Hokkaido
Tel: +81-138-22-0111

Map: Map to Four Points by Sheraton Hakodate

4. Wakamatsu Hot Spring Ryokan

4. Wakamatsu Hot Spring Ryokan
photo by relux_jp   /   embedded from Instagram

“Wakamatsu Hot Spring Ryokan” was started in 1922 and the Showa Emperor stayed here in 1954. The ryokan is filled with traditional Japanese items and they are especially popular for their wonderful Japanese food.

They use locally produced food in Hokkaido and you will be amazed with their beautiful dishes and presentation of food. You can enjoy your dinner in your rooms or at the private rooms in the restaurant and also enjoy the traditional Japanese breakfast.

There are 24 Japanese style rooms and all of them have an ocean view. There is also a maisonette room where they have a Japanese room on the 1st floor and bedroom on the 2nd floor with a Jacuzzi and it is recommended for couples and families.

The hot springs have an ocean view too and there is a marble open-air bath, cypress bath for ladies, and a granite bath for men. You can enjoy the view both in the summer and the snowy view in the winter and also take a look at the hot spring pouring out which is 57.6℃ near the entrance as it has been there since the ryokan was started.

Name: Wakamatsu Hot Spring Ryokan
Address: 1-2-27, Yunokawa-cho, Hakodate-shi, Hokkaido
Tel: +81-138-59-2171

Map: Map to Wakamatsu Hot Spring Ryokan

5. Villa Concordia Resort & Spa

5. Villa Concordia Resort & Spa
photo by iluslumi   /   embedded from Instagram

The location is very convenient as it is between the two sight-seeing spots, the Hakodate Red Brick Warehouse and the Hakodate Ropeway. There are only 10 rooms and it is a small hotel but is a fashionable Scandinavian style and you can feel as though you are living in your second house in Hakodate.

The restaurant Le Vent won its Michelin star in 2012 and uses home-made herbs and fresh seafood and organic vegetables for its dishes and its French toast which you can order for breakfast is absolutely fabulous! You can also enjoy lunch and dinner so even during a long stay you won’t be bored.

The Spa Concorida on the 2nd floor is also very popular and there are only a few shower beds in Japan and here is where you can try one.

They also use the American skin care brand Sundari and you can get body massages, foot massages and facials here so you can heal your tired body after a long day here. You need to make reservations so please make a reservations when you know your plans.

Name: Villa Concordia Resort & Spa
Address: 3-5, Suheiro-cho, Hakodate-shi, Hokkaido
Tel: +81-138-24-5300

Map: Map to Villa Concordia Resort & Spa

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6. Route Inn Grantia Hakodate Ekimae

6. Route Inn Grantia Hakodate Ekimae
photo by alienyaoyao   /   embedded from Instagram

If you visiting Hakodate, you might want to enjoy the food and sight-seeing and save money on the hotels. If so, this is the place for you! It is located right in front of JR Hakodate Station and there are also courtesy buses from the airport to the hotel.

The single, double, twin rooms are suitable for you and your groups. There is also a family double room where there are 2 beds placed together into 1 bed and so you can sleep with 3 people on the bed. This room is suitable for families and for a trip with your friends.

On the 13th floor, there is the natural spring “tabibito no yu” and you can enjoy the hot spring and there are also massage chairs in the relaxation corner where you can also enjoy the night view.

The morning breakfast buffet may not serve many kinds of food but is only 850 yen. If you book a room via the hotel website, you can get a free breakfast. The hotel is also close to the Hakodate morning market so you can take a walk to the market.

Name: Route Inn Grantia Hakodate Ekimae
Address: 21-3, Wakamatsu-cho, Hakodate-shi, Hokkaido
Tel: +81-138-21-4100

Map: Map to Route Inn Grantia Hakodate Ekimae

7. Bourou Noguchi Hakodate

7. Bourou Noguchi Hakodate
photo by yshr0203   /   embedded from Instagram

This is the place you want to stay for a special event or an anniversary. There are SUITE, WAMODERN, and OHITORISAMA rooms and all of them are very fashionable. They are all different in their characteristics and the SUITE is a western style or western and Japanese style. It is a maisonette and spacious with an open-air bath.

The WAMODERN’s concept is the Taisho era and there are old traditional items placed. The bath is a cypress bath and you can enjoy the natural hot spring. OHITORISAMA is perfect for when you are traveling alone but you can also stay with two people.

The food served is named ‘Chimie’ and various kinds of dishes using the seasonal specials. The squid used is especially popular and you can also enjoy the Hakodate view from the open-air bath on the top floor. There is also a lounge on the same floor so you can enjoy the night view. Here is the place to spend a luxurious time!

Name: Bourou Noguch Hakodate
Address: 1-17-22, Yunokawa-cho, Hakodate-shi, Hokkaido
Tel: +81-138-59-3556

Map: Map to Bourou Noguch Hakodate

8. Hakodate Danshaku Club

8. Hakodate Danshaku Club
photo by minoeigo.minokiti   /   embedded from Instagram

If you want to enjoy a long stay in Hakodate, here is the place. There are 52 rooms and all rooms have a living room, kitchen, bath with a view, and a balcony. They also have a fridge and microwave so you can enjoy food you bought in the market.

On the 1st floor, there are washing machines you can use so it is convenient for long trips. It is located 3 minutes away from Hakodate Station by foot and is very convenient.

Their concept is ‘the city is your dinner table’ so they will give you information about good restaurants. There is also a café in the hotel so you can order breakfast but they also deliver breakfast from the morning market which is popular. Please do not forget to make reservations until the day before.

All rooms are spacious but if you staying with your family or in a group, the fourth room is recommended. There is also a dog friendly room where they have a dog circle and pet deodorant sheets so we recommend here for long trips with your dogs.

Name: Hakodate Danshaku Club
Address: 22-10, Ootemachi, Hakodate-shi, Hokkaido

Map: Map to Hakodate Danshaku Club

9. La Jolie Motomachi by WBF

9. La Jolie Motomachi by WBF
photo by kr4s4t6002   /   embedded from Instagram

This is the place for ladies traveling by themselves of in groups. There are 20 rooms in the hotel and all of them have their own concept and interior. The Simons beds will help you sleep well and there are also coffee makers in all of the rooms.

You can also choose whether you like the Laura Ashely or Mikimoto amenities. During the day you can enjoy Japanese tea or black tea in the lounge and from 17:00 you can have sparkling wine and Heartland beer. The breakfasts are also special.

The chefs cook dishes with eggs and the omelets are fluffy and popular. There is also home baked bread, fresh vegetables and salad and it is great for women who are being careful about their diet. There is also a seafood corner so even if you like Japanese food you will be able to enjoy your breakfast.

There are staff who have passed the ‘Hakodate Kentei’ so you can ask them about the sight-seeing spots in Hakodate and take a walk. When you get back to the hotel, you can rest your arms and legs in the bath for guests.

Name: La Jolie Motomachi by WBF
Address: 6-6, Suehiro-cho, Hakodate-shi, Hokkaido
Tel: +81-138-23-3322

Map: Map to La Jolie Motomachi by WBF

10. Ryokan Ichinomatsu

10. Ryokan Ichinomatsu
photo by yoon_redmarble   /   embedded from Instagram

We would like to recommend you to this traditional Japanese hotel if you would like to enjoy food and a hot spring. The hotel floors are all tatami and you will wear ‘tabi’ (a kind of Japanese sock) when you move around in the hotel.

When you leave the hotel, the tabi will be yours so it will be a souvenir for you, too. When you arrive at the hotel, they will serve you ‘yokan’ and you experience the Japanese style service here.

The Japanese garden was made more than 70 years ago by a gardener from Kyoto and the hotel is surrounded by the garden. This is why you will have an excellent view of the garden from all of them rooms and you can rest in the quiet atmosphere in all of the guest rooms.

You can enjoy the various seasons from breakfast and dinner in your room. You can also enjoy the Yunokawa hot spring in the various baths and the bathtubs use cypress and there are open-air baths. If you would like to enjoy the Japanese atmosphere and relax with the fabulous food and hot spring, here is the place to go with your family and in groups.

Name: Ryokan Ichinomatsu
Address: 1-3-17, Yunokawacho, Hakodateshi, Hokkaido
Tel: +81-138-57-0001

Map: Map to Ryokan Ichinomatsu

Let’s stay at the fabulous hotels in Hakodate!

Did you enjoy the article? The view of both the ocean and city is something special in Hakodate. You will want to see the view forever so if you have a long vacation, please visit Hakodate. There are nice hotels and ryokans waiting for you and you can enjoy the great food! If you are traveling to Hokkaido, please consider visiting Hakodate. We’re sure you’ll have a great time!

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