The 10 Best Places to See Cherry Blossom in Okinawa, Japan

Many enjoy viewing the blossoms in the spring. The cherry blossoms in Okinawa are of a different variety than those found in the rest of Japan. They will be in bloom from the end of January to mid-February. Yes the oceans of Okinawa are beautiful but so are the early blossoms!

1. Nakijinjo ato

1. Nakijinjo ato
photo by mik0t049   /   embedded from Instagram

This is the remnants of the Nakijin Castle. The blossoms found here are different than the ones found on the main island of Japan and are darker in color.

2017 was the 10th anniversary of a festival in which the blossoms of the park are lit-up. The lit-up castle and blossoms are absolutely magical.

Many people come annually for this very special view of nature and history. Come and experience the beautiful blend!

Name: Nakijinjo ato
Address: 5101 Imadomari Nakijinson Kunigami-gun Okinawa Prefecture
Phone: +81-980-56-4400

Map: Map to Nakijinjo ato

2. Nago Chuo Park

2. Nago Chuo Park
photo by justtinetine   /   embedded from Instagram

Nago Chuo Park is the park that surrounds the remnants of the Nago Castle. This is the main location for the annual “Nago Cherry Blossom Festival”. The festival was begun in 1902 with the opening of the agricultural school.

The blossoms found here are the darker cherry blossoms. Here you can enjoy 2 km of paths with the blossoms on both sides creating a tunnel. The catch-phrase of this festival is “Japan’s Spring Begins Here”. The blooming begins in the end of January and the peak of the beauty is the beginning of February.

People from all over Japan come to enjoy this beginning of spring to Japan and it is named in the top 100 places to view cherry blossoms in Japan.

Name: Nago Chuo Park
Address: 2-4 Kusuku Nago City Okinawa Prefecture
Phone: +81-98-866-2408

Map: Map to Nago Chuo Park

3. Yogi Park

3. Yogi Park
photo by yyyuka2424   /   embedded from Instagram

This park is located only a 15 minute walk from the bustling Kokusai street in Naha City.

There are jungle gyms and seesaws here for children to enjoy. There is also a steam engine sent for the children of Okinawa who do not have major trains they use in day to day life. Though the park is small, children will enjoy their time here.

Here, every February to March, 400 cherry blossom trees will bloom alongside the river. During this time there is the “Naha Cherry Blossom Festival”. Here you can enjoy not only the beauty of the blossoms but also the beauty of the traditional culture of Okinawa through different presentations.

In the park you will also find palm trees. It is a sight to see palm trees alongside the cherry blossoms.

Name: Yogi Park
Address: 1-1 Yorimiya Naha City Okinawa Prefecture

Map: Map to Yogi Park

4. Yae-dake

4. Yae-dake

To the height of 453m you can reach by car so this is a wonderful location to visit on a car trip. Along the road you will also find the darker cherry blossoms so the whole ride will be surrounded by blossoms.

If is said that there are 7000 cherry blossoms trees on this hill and it is known as one of the best sights for cherry blossom viewing in the prefecture. In the middle of the park is a forest of cherry blossom trees. Here is where you will find a festival that runs from the end of January to the beginning of February that celebrates the blossoms.

There are many different events held during the festival and many food booths are also here to be enjoyed. However, it is also very busy during this time so you will likely get stuck in traffic. However, it is a sight you will not want to miss when viewing cherry blossoms in Okinawa!

Name: Yae-dake
Address: Ookayou Motobu-cho Kunigami-gun Okinawa Prefecture
Phone: +81-980-47-2101

Map: Map to Yae-dake

5. Kakazu Takadai Park

5. Kakazu Takadai Park
photo by kazunari_hayashi   /   embedded from Instagram

This is a wonderful park to view the blossoms that is well loved by the locals.

This was the sight of heavy battle during the war of Okinawa. Now there is an observatory built here wishing for peace. This observatory will allow you to get a good view of the surrounding area.

Along the road and path all the way to the observatory your will find cherry trees in bloom and it is a lovely atmosphere.

This location does have over 100 stairs so for those who are less mobile we recommend taking the longer slope road. Children and adults alike can enjoy it here and there are special areas especially for children to enjoy!

Name: Kakazu Takadai Park
Address: 1 Kakazu Yonowan City Okinawa Prefecture

Map: Map to Kakazu Takadai Park

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6. Yaese Park

6. Yaese Park
photo by ryochan93   /   embedded from Instagram

This is a park near the middle of Yaese-cho and it made within the remnants of the Yaese Castle. Though it is the remnants there is none of the wall here but there are remnants of the main shrine area.

This park itself is located on a high piece of ground so it is a wonderful place to view the Southern portion of Naha City. You can also see to the Kerama Islands. There are 500 cherry trees along the path here and you can enjoy the “Yaese Cherry Blossom Festival” from mid-January to the beginning of February.

From 6 to 9 p.m. the area is lit up and is beautiful. You can also enjoy traditional presentations to share the beauty of the culture. Come enjoy the beauty of the cherry blossoms!

Name: Yaese Park
Address: Tomori Yaese-cho Shimajiri-gun Okinawa Prefecture

Map: Map to Yaese Park

7. Manko Park

7. Manko Park
photo by sabrinazuraimii   /   embedded from Instagram

This is not actually a lake but the remnants of a lake. You can enjoy the mangroves here within the city and the nature left here is absolutely beautiful.

Here many creatures live and over 100 types of birds, bugs and fish have been recorded making their home here. In 1999 reservations were made to protect this type of land through the Ramsar Convention.

There are approximately 1000 cherry blossom trees here and it is a wonderful place to walk and enjoy. We recommend walking with your head looking up into the blossoms.

The peak of the blossoms is beginning of February to mid-February. There is also a festival held at this time. This is a great place with easy access from the city so please visit!

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Name: Manko Park
Address: 3-23-1 Kohagura Naha City Okinawa Prefecture
Phone: +81-98-951-3239

Map: Map to Manko Park

8. Oujima no Kannondo

8. Oujima no Kannondo
photo by tomoko_nawa   /   embedded from Instagram

This island is located 40 minutes by car from Naha Airport. It is a small island of 2km connected to the main island of Okinawa by a bridge. Mozuku is produced here and “Mozuku Tempura” is something here you must try as some people come just for this purpose.

In the middle of the island is where Kannondo can be found. It was given as a present in exchange for the help given to a distressed ship in the 1600s. The Kannondo is to protect the gold Kannon statue housed inside.

Unfortunately during the war both were lost and what is found here are only replicas. However, the cherry blossoms in this area are spectacular.

In the island there are family homes with cherry blossoms as well so a walking around is the perfect way to enjoy the different blossoms in natural locations.

Name: Oujima no Kannondo
Address: 108 Tamagusukuou Nanjyo City Okinawa Prefecture
Phone: +81-98-946-8817

Map: Map to Oujima no Kannondo

9. Shikinan Park

9. Shikinan Park
photo by popchan78   /   embedded from Instagram

This castle was made for the Ryukyu family in 1799 and it was also where guests from other countries where welcomed. The design is such that you can enjoy the scenery while walking around the lake.

The buildings surrounding the lake are painted with red paint in a Chinese fashion and are very beautiful with the surrounding gardens. This is an atmosphere only found in Okinawa.

In 2000, this site was chosen as a world heritage site. There are not too many but there are some cherry blossoms in the park and they are just the perfect accent for the already beautiful historical site.

This park does not have too many people despite is being very near to the bustling Naha City. It is a wonderful place to enjoy a walk!

Name: Shikinan Park
Address: 421-7 Maaji Naha City Okinawa Prefecture
Phone: +81-98-855-5936
Closed Wednesdays

Map: Map to Shikinan Park

10. Izumi no Kumenosakura

10. Izumi no Kumenosakura
photo by miki.aroma   /   embedded from Instagram

Most of the cherry blossoms in Okinawa are of the darker variety. However, the cherry blossoms found here are of a different variety, Kumeno Sakura, and are lighter in color.

When they first bloom they are white and they change gradually into their pink color. These trees have been grafted into the original darker pink varieties since 2007.

Currently the number of trees is reaching 1000 and in 2017 the 1st cherry blossom festival was hosted here.

Enjoy a unique variety of cherry blossoms here!

Name: Izumi no Kumenosakura
Address: Izumi Motobu-cho Kunigami-gun City Okinawa Prefecture
Phone: +81-980-47-2300

Map: Map to Izumi no Kumenosakura

Come Enjoy the Early Cherry Blossoms of Okinawa!

We introduced to you 10 lovely locations to enjoy the blossoms of Okinawa. In Okinawa the blooms are slightly earlier in January or February. Come enjoy the blossoms slightly early when you visit Okinawa. The other sights and gourmet here are also worth the visit! Come and see all Okinawa has to offer!

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