10 recommended cafes you should visit in Tokyo

A cafe was used to have a strong image of fashionable and sophisticated until a while ago. Of course, there are cafes with fashionable images even now, but recently the number of cafes with various themes has been increasing. In this article, we introduce recommended cafes with a various theme in Tokyo where you can enjoy not only coffee but also other things! Please visit there!

1. Fashion Town in Tokyo! The popular cafe “Mercer Cafe Danro” in Ebisu

1. Fashion Town in Tokyo! The popular cafe mercer cafe danro in ebisu
photo by harumari_tokyo   /   embedded from Instagram

Ebisu is an area with a particularly fashionable image in Tokyo. Here Ebisu, there are many fashionable and stylish shops that you can not easily find in other areas. Now, we introduce our particularly recommended shop, “Mercer Cafe Danro”.

This “Mercer Cafe Danro” is a popular shop located about a 3-minute walk from Ebisu Station. The remarkable feature is that the shop is so fashionable. The sofa seats spread around the fireplace, which is a symbol of this cafe. This cafe is recommended especially for adult women! Please spend an elegant and luxurious time there.

Address: ABCMAMIES 2nd floor, Ebisu Minami 1-6-12, Shibuya, Tokyo
Phone: +81-50-5868-7630
Time: Weekdays: 11:30~15:30 / 17:30~24:00, Weekend & Holiday: 11:30~4:00 on next day
Close: None
Access: 3 minutes from Ebisu Station


2. “Thrush Cafe” to spend relaxing time while touching the nature of Tokyo

2.thrush cafe to spend relaxing time while touching the nature of tokyo
photo by meg_gem8   /   embedded from Instagram

The dining cafe “Thrush Cafe” is located in Happoen in a 5-minute walk from Shiroganedai Station on the Nanboku Subway Line, and offers a relaxing time while enjoying a view of the approximately 33,000 square meters of Japanese gardens. Their meals for lunch and dinner use fresh vegetables produced by partner farmers, and the chefs fully utilize the flavor of the vegetables and serve them vividly, so there are plentiful menus enjoyable for both your eyes and stomach.

Of course, as this cafe is located in Happoen, you can enjoy the rich feeling and you can see the moonlit Japanese garden elegantly if the weather in evening dinner time is fine. In addition, you can enjoy sweets at reasonable price from 14:30 to 17:00. This cafe is recommended if you want to spend relaxing time quietly while touching a little natural in Tokyo regardless of age.

Name: Thrush Cafe
Address: Inside of Happoen, Shiroganedai 1-1-1, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Phone: +81-3-3443-3105
Time: Weekdays: 10:00〜22:00, Weekend & Holiday: 11:30~4:00 on next day
Close: Year End & New Year
Access: 5 minutes walking from Shiroganedai Station

Website: https://www.happo-en.com/
Map: map to Thrush Cafe

3. Enjoying a fantastic night sky at relaxing cafe time “Planetarium Starry Cafe”

3. Enjoying a fantastic night sky at relaxing cafe time planetarium starry cafe
photo by unofumi   /   embedded from Instagram

The unusual cafe “Planetarium Starry Cafe” at Haneda Airport is a cafe where you can enjoy the planetarium just like its name. You can also enjoy the café itself, as well as just chill out while waiting for flight arrivals and departures. There are a lot of variations of the planetarium, such as the appearance of the sky every season, the sky scenery that can be seen in the night flight of the plane, and the popular character’s one.

It is recommended to check in advance because the screening time is fixed each time. In addition, the admission fee is necessary because the planetarium is main of the cafe, and at least one drink is required to order at 520 yen for adults (older than junior high school students) and 310 yen for kids (older than 2 years old). In a fantastic space that you can’t experience in Tokyo, why not forget about daily life while looking at the night sky?

Name: Planetarium Starry Cafe
Address: 5th floor of Haneda International Airport, Haneda Airport 2-6-5, Ohta-ku, Tokyo
Phone: +81-3-6428-0694
Time: 7:00〜23:00
Website: http://www.haneda-airport.jp/
Map: map to Planetarium Starry Cafe

4. You will feel like a detective? ! Cafe “Detective Cafe Progress”, with a unique atmosphere in Tokyo

4. You will feel like a detective? ! Cafe detective cafe progress, with a unique atmosphere in tokyo
photo by aya__1905   /   embedded from Instagram

A cafe produced by Progress, the General Detective Agency, is named “Detective Cafe Progress”. It is a mysterious cafe where the floor of the cafe is painted with a human pattern like when an incident actually occurred. Surprisingly, The shop assistants who are working there are all professional detectives!

This cafe has two faces such as the cafeteria in the daytime and the bar in the night time. You can experience how to collect fingerprints and discover an eavesdropper, and you can also enjoy special makeup for making scars or burns. You can have fun with professional detective staffs while drinking coffee or cocktails. Please come and experience it once you come to Tokyo.

Name: Detective Cafe Progress
Address: 9th Floor of the 2nd Kizuna Building, Ikebukuro 2-47-12, Toyoshima-ku, Tokyo
Phone: +81-3-6698-2263
Time: Weekdays: [Bar]19:00〜4:00 on the next day, Sat & Holiday: [Cafe]11:30〜17:30 / [Bar] 19:00〜4:00 on the next day, Sun: [Cafe]11:30〜17:30 / [Bar] 19:00〜24:00
Access: 3 minutes walking from Ikebukuro Station

Website: http://tantei-cafe.com/
Map: map to Detective Cafe Progress

5. Find your favorite! A popular cafe in Tokyo “Stationery Cafe”

5. Find your favorite! A popular cafe in Tokyo stationery cafe
photo by sputnik0908   /   embedded from Instagram

“Stationery Cafe” located in Omotesando is a heaven for people who love stationery. There are many varieties of stationery in the store, and you can check how comfortable to use your favorite stationery by actually using it. And you can also buy what you like right there.

Even it is fine you write memories of your trip in your notes or diary with your favorite stationery. It is also fine to write a letter and send it to someone! If you find comfortable stationery fits in your hands, it’s certain you will definitely be able to work more effectively! When you come to Tokyo for sightseeing, why not find one of your favorite items here? It’s great for souvenirs too!

Name: Stationery Cafe
Address: B1 Floor of Uchida Building, Jingumae 4-8-1, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Phone: +81-3-3470-6420
Time: 10:00〜23:00
Close: None
Access: 4 minutes walking from Omotesando Station

Website: http://www.bun-cafe.com/
Map: map to Stationery Cafe

6. That’s a great big city Tokyo! “Fab Cafe” where you can try the latest appliances

6. That's a great big city Tokyo! fab cafe where you can try the latest appliances
photo by riv7   /   embedded from Instagram

There are a 3D printer and a laser cutter set in the “Fab Cafe” in Dogenzaka in Shibuya. If you like build up some things by yourself, surely you will get so just by entering the shop! At this cafe, you can actually experience build up things using the 3D printer and laser cutter.

It is said that some people make accessories and the other people make smartphone case. I bet you might forget to drink coffee as you will concentrate too much on making things. When you go to Tokyo, why not visit there and make your own original goods?

Name: Fab Cafe
Address: 1st Floor of Dogenzaka Pia, Dogenzaka 1-22-7, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Phone: +81-3-6416-9190
Time: Mon~Fri: 10:00~21:00, Sat&Sun: 11:00~21:00
Close: None
Access: 4 minutes walking from Shinsen Station

Website: https://fabcafe.com/
Map: map to Fab Cafe

7. You can have healthy food here! “Suns – Cafe to get cheerful”

7. You can have healthy food here! suns - cafe to get cheerful
photo by madame.voyage   /   embedded from Instagram

“Suns – Cafe to get cheerful” is located 3 minutes walking from the Hanzomon Station on the Hanzomon Line. The feature of this cafe is the vegetables used for food here. You can get very body-friendly food because they are using pesticide-free or organic vegetables, or ingredients that do not use preservatives at all.

And what’s surprising is that they do not add any electromagnetic waves to food, considering the damage to the food. This means that they do not use a microwave. As the restaurant’s name shows, you will definitely feel better if you eat the food here! Please visit there when you come to Tokyo.

Name: Suns – Cafe to get cheerful
Address: Hayabusa-cho 3-19, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Phone: +81-50-5593-5954
Time: (Mon~Fri) 11:30~15:00 / 17:00~22:30, (Sat) 11:30~20:00
Close: Sunday & Holiday
Access: 3 minutes walking from Hanzomon Station

Map: map to Suns – Cafe to get cheerful

8. A popular cafe with the theme of robot animation that represents Japan “GUNDAM Cafe”

8. A popular cafe with the theme of robot animation that represents Japan gundam cafe
photo by jaeyeon.66   /   embedded from Instagram

This cafe with the theme of robot animation “Mobile Suit Gundam” representing Japan is a place that can entertain people of all ages from children to adults. A lot of Gundam figures and related goods are displayed in the shop and you can look and enjoy by just viewing those. And life-size character panel is also displayed, so you can enjoy photography together.

If you are a Gundam lover, you will definitely enjoy it! If you come to the store even you do not know well about Gundam, you will want to see the animation Gundam. How about experiencing the world of Gundam representing Japanese animation?

Name: GUNDAM Cafe
Address: 2nd Floor of Divercity Tokyo Plaza, Aoume 1-1-10, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Phone: +81-3-6457-2778
Time: 10:00〜21:00
Access: 3 minutes walking from Tokyo Teleport Station

Map: map to GUNDAM Cafe

9. Time travel to the Taisho period! Cafe “Kasohyoh” where you can feel old Tokyo

9. Time travel to the Taisho period! Cafe kasohyoh where you can feel old tokyo
photo by okimono_qsun   /   embedded from Instagram

“Kasohyoh”, the cafe has renovated a Japanese house actually used in Taisho period used, is a traditional folk cafe that also has the other face of kimono shop. Kimonos, obi, and other accessories that match kimonos are displayed in the shop, and you can freely pick them up to look at.

In addition, it is recommended to check this cafe’s schedule in advance because the open day as the cafe and the kimono shop are separated by a monthly schedule, as this café has two faces. On the day they are open as a kimono shop, you can also have tea ceremony and kimono dressing classes there, so you can enjoy both the cafe and the kimono shop as well. Let’s go to feel Tokyo in Taisho period!

Name: Kasohyoh
Address: Shimoochiai 2-19-21, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Phone: +81-3-3565-3265
Time: 11:30〜18:30
Close: Mon, Tue, Holiday (Cafe is closed in Wed as well)
Access: 6 minutes walking from Mejiro Station

Website: http://kasoyo.com/
Map: map to Kasohyoh

10. Popular spots in Tokyo where you can enjoy traditional culture from the past! “Rakugo Cafe”

10. Popular spots in Tokyo where you can enjoy traditional culture from the past! rakugo cafe
photo by kazoonkt   /   embedded from Instagram

This “Rakugo Cafe” is, as the name shows, a cafe where you can enjoy watching Rakugo (Japanese traditional entertainment), which has long been familiar to people in Japan. A lot of goods such as books, CDs, and DVDs about Rakugo are sold in the shop, and you can actually watch Rakugo by a speaker at night.

It is recommended to go especially for people who feel hesitation to go to full-fledged seat or people who go to Rakugo for the first time. They can enjoy Rakugo casually. Speaking of Rakugo, there is an image that it is for a high age group, but because of the relaxing atmosphere in the cafe, this place is popular for many young people. Please try Rakugo in Tokyo there!

Name: Rakugo Cafe
Address: 5th Floor of Kanda Kosho Center, Jinbo-cho 2-3, Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Phone: +81-3-6268-9818
Website: http://rakugocafe.exblog.jp/
Map: map to Rakugo Cafe

Would you like to visit those recommended cafes in Tokyo?

What did you think? The cafe, which was fashionable and a place to rest a little richly, now has various themes and ideas depending on each store, and it is changing as a place to enjoy, not just a place to take a break. How about having unique memories at those interesting cafes while taking a break during the trip and. Even it is called just “cafe”, it is a recommended tourist spot where you can spend your time in various ways!

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