Top 6 Tourist Attractions & Best Things to Do in Tsukiji, Tokyo

The Tsukijiichiba is renowned as a place where you can have delicious seafood in Tokyo. Inside and outside the Market, there are many shops for gourmet as well as the sightseeing spots. The famous sightseeing spots are dotted around in the neighbouring Tsukiji area. You can taste ultimately fresh fish there. The following places are carefully selected and recommended.

1. Sushizanmai Honten

1. Sushizanmai Honten
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The “Sushizanmai” is one of the representative sushi chain shops in Japan. It is known as a shop where you can have the carefully selected marine products for a cheap price. Another point for recommending the “Sushizanmai” is that it is open for 24 hours without any closed days.

Most sushi shops in Tsukiji are closed on Sundays and the time for lunch and dinner is fixed. Quite often, it happens that some people visit a shop out of opening hours so that they couldn’t eat at all. However, you don’t have to worry about such a happening at the “Sushizanmai”. It is good news for people who visit Tsukiji for the first time.

In the Tsukiji area, there are a few “Sushizanmai”, but the most popular shop is the “Sushizanmai Honten”. The reasons for its popularity are the delicious sushi taken for granted, the convenient access and the spacious interior of the shop. They are accustomed to responding to foreign visitors.

Name: Sushizanmai Honten
Address: 4-11-9 Tsukiji Chuo-ward Tokyo
Opening hours: 24 hours
Access: a 7-minute-walk from the Tsukiji station

2. Tsukiji Itadori Unitorakurau

2. Tsukiji Itadori Unitorakurau
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When you walk in the Tsukiji area, you can find the signpost which says “Akauni” (red sea urchin) at many places. The “Akauni” is called “a dream sea urchin” among people who are knowledgeable about foods. They are expensive and very tasty. There are hardly any places where you can eat “Akauni” in Tokyo. Please enjoy some at the “Unitorakurau”.

This shop, “Unitorakurau” is a sea urchin specialist which is different from other sushi shops. The sea urchins which they order from the producing areas all over Japan cover 5-8 different types, including the “Akauni”. You can compare the taste of different sea urchins.

Name: Tsukiji Itadori Unitorakurau
Address: 40-10-14 Tsukiji Chuo-ward Tokyo
Opening hours: 10:00 – 22:00
Access: a 6-minute-walk from Tsukijishijo station

3. Tsukiji Shoro

3. Tsukiji Shoro
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In Tsukiji, “Rolled Omelette” is as famous as sushi. The beaten eggs mixed with a little soup stock and grilled in a square pan are called “Rolled Omelette”. It is popular to emphasize the sushi as a good supporting role.

The “Tsukiji Shouro” has been supported by customers for half a century as a shop which provides delicious Rolled Omelette in Tsukiji. The characteristic of the Rolled Omelette of the Tsukiji Shouro is less sweet and the aftertaste is refreshing. Therefore, even for the foreign visitors who are not familiar with Rolled Omelette, it is accessible. The collection of the 7 bite-sized Rolled Omelettes and the Rolled Omelette sandwiches are popular.

Name: Tsukiji Shouro
Address: 4-5-1 Tsukiji Chuo-ward Tokyo
Opening hours: 9:0 – 18:00
Access: a 4-minute-walk from the Tsukiji station

4. Tsukiji Honganji

4. Tsukiji Honganji

Tsukiji Honganji is an unusual temple in Japan, as it has an ancient Indian Buddhism architecture. It was built in 1617 near Asakusa, but it was burnt down. Afterwards, it was transferred and rebuilt in Tsukiji. For its reconstruction, the land was reclaimed from the sea and the new land(ji) was created(tsuki), so the area was named Tsukiji.

The copper roof decorated with the leaves of a linden-tree has been shining blue-green. At the entrance, the imaginary animal called “Carla”, a look-like Sphinx is minding the gate.

Inside the main temple has been newly repaired and is a brilliantly shining gold colour. The stained glassed windows are beautiful. This is the origin of the history of Tsukiji. So, please drop in on your trip to enjoy an Indian taste in Japan.

Name: Tsukiji Honganji
Address: 3-15-1 Tsukiji Chuo-ward Tokyo
Access: a 3 minute-walk from the Tsukiji station

5. Namiyoke Inari Jinja

5. Namiyoke Inari Jinja
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This is the shrine which has been dedicated to the Guardian deity of Tsukiji for more than 350 years. People’s prayers, “not to have big fires or the sea disasters” and their wishes, the “prosperous business in the Tsukiji Market” have been put forward. The Namiyoke Inari Jinja has stone monuments which show people’s appreciation towards the ingredients which gave the blessings to people like “sushi”.

They are the “Katsugyo tsuka(mound)” (live fish), the “Anko-tsuka” (Monkfish), the “Ebi-tsuka”(prawns) and the “Tamago-tsuka”(eggs). After eating delicious sushi, why don’t you visit there? Will you say “I’m sorry” or “Thank you.”?

Name: Namiyoke Inari Jinja
Address: 6-20-37 Tsukiji Chuo-ward Tokyo
Access: an 8-minute-walk from Tsukijishijo station

6. Hamarikyu Onshi Teien

Hamarikyu Onshi Teien

It is located at a 10-minute-walking distance from the Tsukijiichiba. The garden of the feudal lord who had ruled the area in the Edo-era has been maintained and renovated into the large scale park.

That’s the Hamarikyu Onshi Teien. It has a grand pond with piped in the sea water, surrounded by the nature and has a beautiful contrast with the sky scrapers beyond. Many sightseers have been attracted by the beauty of this park. You can go right round the park in 1 hour on foot.

Name: Hamarikyu Onshi Teien
Address: 1-1 Hamarikyu Teien Chuo-ward Tokyo
Access: a 9-minute-walk from the Shiodome station

Let’s enjoy the Tsukiji-sightseeing to the full!

What is your impression about the articles? Tsukiji which is especially popular worldwide has a lot of famous sightseeing spots and is full of gourmet offerings. When you visit Tsukiji, on the top of tasting delicious sashimi and sushi, please visit some popular places. You could have wonderful experiences there, besides the gourmet meals.

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