The 10 Best Unagi Restaurants You Must Eat in Ueno, Tokyo

Ueno is a place you want to enjoy when you visit Tokyo. Located only a 7 minutes train ride from Tokyo, many tourists visit here! One of the main tourist attractions is the “Ueno Zoo”. You can also enjoy the American town of Yokohama here. Today we will introduce to you the top 10 places to enjoy eel here.

1. Izuei

1. Izuei
photo by akyoleelee   /   embedded from Instagram

Izuei is located 5 minutes from Ueno Station. When you go through the Japanese style entryway you will find the shop also has a wonderful atmosphere. With this being a shop that particularly handles eel, there are several different types offered.

You can enjoy the regular “Unajyu”, which is eel on rice for 2700 yen. You can also enjoy eel with a soy-sauce based seasoning (2,592 yen)or the eel with a salt based seasoning (3888 yen).

They way they cook the eel is what makes the amazing flavor you will experience. This method has been used for 200 years. There are many types of dishes to enjoy your eel with as well as sides for you to choose from.

Come and enjoy the truly traditional flavor of eel!

Name:Izuei (main shop)
Address: 2-12-22 Ueno Taito-ku Tokyo Prefecture
Access:5 minutes from JR Ueno Station

Map: Map to Izuei (main shop)

2. Kameya Issui-tei

2. Kameya Issui-tei
photo by mai121985   /   embedded from Instagram

When you go through the curtains with a turtle on it you will find yourself in a very traditional environment. Here you can forget about the noise of the city.

The price for a bowl of rice and eel is 2600 yen and the price of a rice and eel bento is 3600. The rice is sweet and a perfect match with the savory yet sweet eel. The texture of the eel is also perfect. Come here for a lunch in true luxury.

Name:Kameya Issui-tei
Address:2-13-2 Ueno Taito-ku Tokyo Prefecture
Access:3 minutes from JR Ueno Station

Map: Map to Kameya Issui-tei

3. Unagi Kaneichi

3. Unagi Kaneichi
photo by haungsandy   /   embedded from Instagram

The rice here is topped with plenty of eel. You can enjoy the smell of the eel from the moment you enter and can anticipate a highly perfected meal. The meat will melt the moment you put it in your mouth.

Because this shop is not along any main roads you can enjoy very delicious eel without all the noise of people who come to enjoy it.

Even within the very popular Ueno area, this is a less than known restaurant so we must take the opportunity to introduce it. If you are looking to discover a new favorite to be able to boast to friends about, this is the place to go!

Name:Unagi Kaneichi
Address:1-23-5 Ueno Taito-ku Tokyo Prefecture
Hours:11:00~14:00 / 17:00~20:00pm
Access:7 minutes from JR Ueno Station

Map: Map to Unagi Kaneichi

4. Unatoto

4. Unatoto
photo by saoriksdkt   /   embedded from Instagram

This is located at a very convenient location only 2 minutes from the station. When considering enjoying high-quality eel in Ueno, you might not think the prices would be reasonable.

However, this is a restaurant where you can enjoy good eel for a reasonable price. Here you can enjoy a bowl of rice and eel for just 500 yen!

The double size is 1000 yen. You can also enjoy a specialty meal for 1500 yen. To be able to enjoy a specialty eel meal for less than 2000 is extremely rare. Come enjoy reasonable and delicious eel!

Name:Unatoto (Ueno shop)
Address:6-11-15Ueno Taito-ku Tokyo Prefecture
Access:5 minutes from JR Ueno Station

Map: Map to Unatoto (Ueno shop)

5. Shinbashi Nobori-tei

5. Shinbashi Nobori-tei
photo by tzutzu514   /   embedded from Instagram

Here also you can enjoy reasonable eel. If you want to enjoy your eel with green onion come here! The combination of the textures of rice, eel, and green onion is wonderful.

Here you are able to enjoy whether you are looking to please your wallet as well as you stomach or if you are looking for the true eel experience for more! Come, visit, and take your pick.

Name:Shibashi Nobori-tei (Ueno Hirokoji shop)
Address:4-3-10 Ueno Taito-ku Tokyo Prefecture
Access:2 minutes from JR Ueno Station

Map: Map to Shibashi Nobori-tei (Ueno Hirokoji shop)

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6. Funachu

6. Funachu
photo by kj1330   /   embedded from Instagram

Here you can enjoy delicious eel in a traditional yet casual environment. The lunch offered here includes eel on rice, Japanese fried chicken, and Japanese fried shrimp.

You can also enjoy beer with your noon meal. Even just thinking about the delicious food here will make ones mouth water. Come enjoy here and a walk around the surrounding town!

Name:Funachu (Higashi Ueno shop)
Address:5-7-4 Higashi-Ueno Taito-ku Tokyo Prefecture
Access:4 minutes from JR Ueno Station

Map: Map to Funachu (Higashi Ueno shop)

7. Kohuku

7. Kohuku
photo by yuma.ryuryu   /   embedded from Instagram

Here the eel is prepared after being taken fresh from the tank. You can also see the tank for yourself while you enjoy your meal of eel. The sauce here is absolutely spectacular and the rice is perfect with the eel.

Here, there are photos in the menu so you can know for sure what you are ordering to enjoy. This is the perfect place for you to go if it is your first time to eat eel. This is a restaurant recommended in both Ueno and Tokyo!

Name:Unagi Kofuku
Address:3-36-5 Yushima Bunkyo-ku Tokyo Prefecture
Closed Sundays and Holidays
Access:6 minutes from Ueno Hirokoji Station

Map: Map to Unagi Kofuku

8. Negishi Miyagawa

8. Negishi Miyagawa
photo by yoshi0333   /   embedded from Instagram

There is no one who knows a bit about eel restaurants in Japan who is not familiar with this shop. This is a restaurant that can run out of eel so be sure to get there early!

This restaurant has been around for awhile and the taste is one that has been developed over the years. The course meals here are also delicious and semi-reasonable starting at 5460 yen.

You can enjoy other delicious Japanese menu items and a dessert of fruit. You are sure to enjoy your meal here!
You can also enjoy a lunch course meal with 6 items. Come here for seasoned eel in Ueno!

Name:Negishi Miyagawa
Address:1-1-35 Negishi Taito-ku Tokyo Prefecture
Closed Tuesdays
Access:5 minutes from JR Ueno Station

Map: Map to Negishi Miyagawa

9. Iriyakishimojimmonzen Nodaya

9. Iriyakishimojimmonzen Nodaya
photo by cocounipoe   /   embedded from Instagram

This shop was opened in the Meiji-era. This shop is not only a classic restaurant but it also buys straight from the professionals of eel fishing so there is nothing to find lacking in the quality.

You can also enjoy a very rare variety of eel. Come here for an experience you can find nowhere else.
You can also enjoy the Iriya set meal. This is the meal where you can enjoy both salt-seasoned and soy-sauce seasoned eel in one meal.

One variety is enjoyed in Eastern Japan while the other is enjoyed in Western Japan. Come enjoy eel here you can enjoy not many other places!

Name:Iriyakishimojimmonzen Nodaya
Address:2-3-1 Shitaya Taito-ku Tokyo Prefecture
Hours:11:00 till sold out / 17:00 till sold out
Access:5 minutes from Uguisudani Station

Map: Map to Iriyakishimojimmonzen Nodaya

10. Ginza Naruto

10. Ginza Naruto
photo by k0527   /   embedded from Instagram

If you are looking for a quick meal but would like to enjoy eel this is the shop to come. Here you can enjoy eel and then continue with your shopping. However, the taste and texture has not lost any of the wonderful flavors that you would expect from eel.

You can also order take-away here so it is a great place to stop for a souvenir. More than anything the shop that consists of only counter seats is wonderful for those coming here alone.

Located in the basement for a department store, the convenience of this shop is unbeatable. Visit and be amazed at this absolutely delicious “convenience”.

Name:Ginza Naruto (Ueno Matsuzakaya shop)
Address:3-29-5 Ueno Taito-ku Tokyo Prefecture
Access:Direct from Ueno Hirokoji Station

Map: Map to Ginza Naruto (Ueno Matsuzakaya shop)

Let’s Enjoy Eel in Ueno!

In Ueno you can find a variety of atmospheres. This is a spot where you can enjoy a variety of different cuisine including your choice of a variety of eel specialty restaurants. Did you find one that peaks your interest in this article? Maybe you will find one in your walk around town. Whatever the case, come to Ueno and come enjoy eel!

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