The Best 10 Unagi Restaurants You Must Eat in Osaka

Recently, eel has become rarer cuisine and it is no longer always available at a reasonable price. However, it is something you certainly want to enjoy for special occasions. You may also wish to have it on vacation for a special treat. The scent provided by eel cooking over a fire is something unforgettable. Today we will introduce to you the top ten places for eel cuisine in Osaka.

1. Uoi

1. Uoi
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The atmosphere her is quaint as has been around since 1867. They continue to be particular about their cooking methods and the coal used for cooking. Of course the eel they use is that taken from Japan and they adjust where they buy from according to the seasons.

The outside and inside have different textures that come together beautifully to express the flavor of Kansai. Their rice and eel bowls are available in prices ranging from 1700 yen to 3700 yen. The now rare whale is also available on the menu. When you visit Osaka this is a place to visit!

Name: Uoi (main shop)
Address: Osaka Prefecture Osaka City Asahiku Takadono 4-8-10
Hours: 11:00~14:00 / 16:00~21:00
Access: 5 min from Chikatetsu Sekimetakadono Station

Map: Map to Uoi

2. Unagi Nishihara

2. Unagi Nishihara
photo by konosukeupstar   /   embedded from Instagram

In the Kansai district in which Osaka is located, it is very rare that you would have a chance to have Kanto district style eel cuisine. However, this is where you can. The owner was trained in his trade in Kanto so there is no doubt it is the real flavor. The Kanto style takes a bit longer to prepare but this makes it that much softer in your mouth.

The eel here is prepared from the very beginning after you order so it does take a bit of time, but this is not without reason. You can get small for 1900 yen, medium for 3300 yen and large for 4700 yen. The side menu is also something you will not want to miss out on. Come enjoy a drink and eel!

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Name: Unagi Nishihara
Address: Osaka Prefecture Osaka City Chuoku Kitashinmachi 4-12
Hours: 11:00~14:00 / 17:00~21:00
Access: 5 min from Tanimachi 4chome

Map: Map to Unagi Nishihara

3. Izumoya Senba

3. Izumoya Senba
photo by gobbla_osk   /   embedded from Instagram

So you want eat eel at a reasonable price but the price seems to only climb higher out of reach? However, Osaka has the answer for that! One place you can have eel at a reasonable price is “Izumoya Senba”.

The location of the store is the merchant’s town of Senba. Even the merchant’s loved this place so it must be inexpensive and good! For lunch you can get eel and rice, eel wrap and soup for just 980 yen. Even if you get the special it is only 1800 yen. At lunch this is a place bustling with businessmen so we highly recommend going early or late for the lunch hour to enjoy your eel in peace.

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Name: Izumoya Senba
Address: Osaka Prefecture Osaka City Chuoku Senba ChuoTakadono 1-4-3 Senba Center bld. 3rd bld. B2F
Hours: 11:00~21:00
Access: 1 min from Sakaisuji Honmachi Station

Map: Map to Izumoya Senba

4. Hitsumabushi Nagoyabicho

4. Hitsumabushi Nagoyabicho
photo by vivianh_o   /   embedded from Instagram

When it come the eel cuisine there are many different types to choose from. Why not chose to try the taste of Nagoya? Here you can taste the real Nagoya eel flavor.

The eel is cooked crisp with sauce that includes soy sauce from Aichi prefecture. There is a special way to eat your eel that is only the best available. First, you eat it just as it comes. Next, you eat is with wasabi. The third you have with broth. Enjoy your eel three ways at this shop right by Osaka station!

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Name: Hitsumabushi Nagoyabicho (Grand Front Osaka shop)
Address: Osaka Prefecture Osaka City Kitaku Ofukacho 4-20 Grand Front Osaka South bld. 7F
Hours: 11:00~15:00 / 17:00~23:00
Access: 5 min from Osaka StationC

Map: Map to Hitsumabushi Nagoyabicho

5. Kushiyaki Sumibiyaki Nedoko

5. Kushiyaki Sumibiyaki Nedoko
photo by unaginonedoko_  /   embedded from Instagram

Of course the regular eel cuisine is very delicious. How about trying it prepared a slightly different way? Here you can have your eel on a stick. Japanese raised eel is used in many different ways than you may see elsewhere.

There are also many different portions of the eel that you may not be able to enjoy elsewhere that you much come here to try. Aside from the eel items on the menu there are also rare dishes that you must certainly come try. You can also enjoy fresh sashimi here. Come and enjoy the whole eel and more!

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Name: Sumiyaki Nedoko
Address: Osaka Prefecture Osaka City Chuoku Higashishinsaibashi 2-6-11 Midera Lees bld. 2F
Hours: 18:00~2:00
Access: 8 min from Chikatetsu Nanba Station

Map: Map to Sumiyaki Nedoko

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6. Bimanzai Unajiro

6. Bimanzai Unajiro
photo by neko_chan_love   /   embedded from Instagram

The true taste of eel in Osaka can be found here! Each day there is a limit of 10 “Unajiro lunches” that provide the complete experience for a reasonable price of 1400 yen. Their special hitsumabushi is only 1800 yen and their double bento is 4000 yen. The price is based on the quantity provided.

The time put into slow cooking the eel is what makes is spectacular. The amount of fat is also perfect. Come here for Kansai eel!

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Name: Bimanzai Unajiro
Address: Osaka Prefecture Osaka City Kitaku Koubaicho 3-14 Yamatsuta bld. 1F
Hours: 11:00~14:30 / 17:00~21:30
Access: 4 min from Chikatetsu Minamimorimachi Station

Map: Map to Bimanzai Unajiro

7. Fukunoya

7. Fukunoya
photo by yumikomyu   /   embedded from Instagram

“Eel and Egg Bowl” is the most delicious combination and it is provided specially for lunch despite the extreme prices of the evening meals here.

The harmony of the egg and the eel is absolutely delicious but you can also have your rice prepared in a special way. Either dish is a reasonable 2000 yen. In the summer you can also try “hamo”, another rare seafood dish. Please come and enjoy a high quality lunch time!

Name: Fukunoya
Address: Osaka Prefecture Osaka City Kitaku Sonezakishinchi 4-8-10
Hours: 11:30~13:30 / 17:00~22:00
※ Lunch only available on weekdays
Access: 5 min from JR Kita Shinchi Station

Map: Map to Fukunoya

8. Shibato

8. Shibato
photo by ai_cexx   /   embedded from Instagram

This shop has a 300 year history and is a shop with much popularity. They choose their eel from different areas in Japan according to the season and they use a particular coal for cooking it in true Kansai style.

70% of those who visit this store choose their fresh eel and rice. Thin eel is place between layers of rice to enjoy. This is the way eel has been eaten in Osaka for many many years. It is a simple flavor but this is how you can enjoy the true eel flavor. When you come here please do enjoy this menu item. Come taste the traditional taste of Osaka!

Name: Shibatou
Address: Osaka Prefecture Osaka City Chuoku Kouraibashi 4-8-10
Hours: 11:00~14:00 / 17:00~20:30
Access: 5 min from Yodoyabashi Station or Kitahama Sation

Map: Map to Shibatou

9. Unatoto

9. Unatoto
photo by zacharyzhang0425   /   embedded from Instagram

Inexpensive and delicious is the general stereotype of Osaka Gourmet. There is one Eel restaurant that is symbolic of this. Here you can have your eel for one-coin (500yen). You may be concerned about the quality with a price like this, but we can endorse a flavor that does not match the price.

In the entrance of the store you can find a coal fire, and the scent of the sauce reaches out around the whole shop. You can also have and Eel bento for 800 yen and Eel liver soup for 150 yen. Here you can enjoy your eel without concern for the cost. Please experience the food culture of Osaka here!

Name: Unatoto (Osaka Umeda shop)
Address: Osaka Prefecture Osaka City Kitaku Nishitenman 2-7-17 Kotobuki bld.
Access: 7 min from Umeda Station

Map: Map to Unatoto

10. Shizuka

10. Shizuka
photo by kita1115   /   embedded from Instagram

“Shizuka” is a popular eel restaurant in Osaka. They are particular to the methods used from before the Edo-period. First they cook the eel white and then they steam it. Extra fat falls away through this process and even the bones become soft. They are also particular to where they get their eel from and it is different depending on the season. There are quite rare eel available here.

You can also have eel that is extremely rare from Shizuoka for 3500 yen. There are very few shops where you can enjoy this kind of eel so please do come and try this rare eel. Come here where you will find eel you can try nowhere else!

Name: Sandaime Edoryu Unagi Ryori ShizukaUoi (main shop)
Address: Osaka Prefecture Osaka City Kitaku Nishitenma 1-13-7
Hours: 11:00~15:00 / 17:00~21:00
Access: 5 min from Chikatetsu Kitahama Station

Map: Map to Sandaime Edoryu Unagi Ryori ShizukaUoi

Let’s Have the Best of Eel Cuisine in Osaka!

Were there not many delicious looking shops to choose from? Because Osaka is the gourmet capital of Japan, there are many different types to choose from such as those from the Kansai area and those from other areas. Which will you chose? Please try a few to find the shop that is perfect for you!

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