The Best 10 Izakaya You Must Visit in Osaka

The food and gourmet capital of Japan is Osaka. When having delicious food you also want delicious alcohol to go with it. Beer, wine and Japanese sake are available in plenty here due to the abundance of producers in the Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe area. Today we will introduce where you can enjoy a drink without concern to cost and other places listed on the Michelin guide. We have chosen those were you can not only enjoy your drink but also the food to accompany your drink.

1. Shiki Shizen Kuidokoro Tachibana

1. Shiki Shizen Kuidokoro Tachibana
photo by xhitsujix   /   embedded from Instagram

Craft beer is quite popular now in Japan. Here at “Shiki Shizen Kuidokoro Tachibana” is where you can enjoy the beer local to Dotonbori. It is sent straight from the brewery in a flavor that cannot be matched!

The shop originated as a seafood restaurant so the dinner menu is also amazing. There are many types of fish that are served fresh and in the winter you can also enjoy blowfish. The bulletin menu of colander tofu is made with the best water and soybeans. You can enjoy a seat at the counter or a private room with a larger group. We can recommend this room for its ability to adapt to you situation.

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Name:Shiki Shizen Kuidokoro Tachibana (Dotonbori main shop)
Address:Osaka City Chuoku Dotonbori 1-9-19 Osaka Shochikuza B2
Access:2 minutes’ walk from Chikatetsu Midosuji Line Nanba

Map: Map to Shiki Shizen Kuidokoro Tachibana

2. Hanakujira

2. Hanakujira
photo by nhamayosuke   /   embedded from Instagram

In the Big Gourmet Michelin guide you can find the shop, “Hanakujira”. In the winter the “oden” found here is in high demand causing lines into the shop to form. The oden here is made with the best dried bonito and konbu. There are 30 types of oden available.

Popular on the menu are types of oden such as daikon or “cheese roll”, where the cheese is rolled in cabbage. Each item is served with special care to the amount of heat used for cooking. Lines do develop here but they are professionals at getting people seated and fed in a timely manner. You can also make a reservation for parties of 6 or more.

Name:Hanakujira (main shop)
Address:Osaka City Fukushimaku Fukushima 2-8-2
Closed New Years and the month of August
Access①:5 minutes walk from Fukushima Station
Access②:3 minutes walk from Shinfukushima Station

Map: Map to Hanakujira

3. Sake ya Sakana Yoshimura

3. Sake ya Sakana Yoshimura
photo by ayuuuuuuuuuuuun   /   embedded from Instagram

When you want to enjoy the perfect cuisine with Japanese sake, this is the place to come! Inside there are only counter seats available and you can enjoy jazz music in a relaxed environment. The Japanese sake here is brought from each part of Japan. A total of 30 types of sake to be enjoyed hot and cold is available.

The cooking is that which matches the sake of the season. If you tell your type of sake they will introduce you to the best one to match your taste. You can also enjoy sets with smaller servings of 3 types of sake to find the best sake to match your taste. Because it is a small shop, be sure to reserve your spot for this very special experience.

Name:Sake ya Sakana Yoshimura
Address:Osaka City Kitaku Tenjinbashi 1-12-22
Closed on Sundays and Holidays
Access:5 minutes walk from Osaka Tenmanmiya Station・Minamimorimachi Station

Map: Map to Sake ya Sakana Yoshimura

4. Umazake Kamunabi

4. Umazake Kamunabi
photo by kaori.1114   /   embedded from Instagram

“Umazake Kamunabi” is has 1 Michelin star and it extremely popular. There are counter seats for several dozen people as well as tables for 6. Each day they are packed out with customers so you must reserve in advance. The menu includes sashimi fresh from the day, grilled fish and other dishes.

Because this is a shop to taste Japanese sake, there is only one kind of beer available. Those who do not enjoy Japanese sake may not enjoy here as much. However, on the other hand is you love Japanese sake, this is the place you want to be! For those coming in groups up to 3 a la carte can be ordered. However, if your parties is over 4, you must choose from a 3500 yen course or 5000 yen course. Come here and enjoy this special experience!

Name:Umazaki Kamunabi
Address:Osaka City Chuoku Uchikyuhojimachi 2-7-12 1
Access:5 minutes walk from Tanimachi Yonchome Station

Map: Map to Umazaki Kamunabi

5. Robatayaki Mizukakejaya

5. Robatayaki Mizukakejaya
photo by na.yuna.u   /   embedded from Instagram

Hozenjiyokocho is as a famous sight you will want to visit in Osaka. “Robatayaki Mizukakejyaya” is the shop found along this stone paved path. As its title indicates, this is a “Robatayaki” restaurant. This means that much of the food is grilled over hot coals and served piping hot.

Perhaps the most popular item on the menu is the buttered scallops. There are also many who visit this restaurant from abroad. You can also choose to enjoy you meal in an individual rooms with a larger group. This is a shop that can answer to various needs. Come here to enjoy the full atmosphere of traditional Osaka!

Name:Houzenjiyokochou Robatayaki Mizukakejaya
Address:Osaka City Chuoku Nanba 1-1-20
Access:3 minutes walk from Nanba Station

Map: Map to Houzenjiyokochou Robatayaki Mizukakejaya

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6. Grand Front Kinki University Suisan Fishery Lab

6. Grand Front Kinki University Suisan Fishery Lab
photo by vikki0314   /   embedded from Instagram

This restaurant is run by the fishery lab of Kinki University! Here they serve “Kindai Tuna” which is the first tuna to be completely farm raised. They also bring other fish and vegetables from their facilities in Wakayama prefecture which is just nearby.

Also served here is the Umeshu made with plums from Wakayama and many other different types of alcohol. Of course you can enjoy the “Kinki University tuna”, but you can also enjoy other rare parts of tuna. Please enjoy the tuna that has graduated from university!

Name:Grand Front Kinki University Fishery Lab
Address:Osaka City Kitaku Oofukacho 3-1 Grand Front Osaka Knowledge Capital 6F
Hours:11:00~15:00 / 17:00~23:00
Closed according to the schedule of Grand Front Osaka
Access:Right by JR Osaka Station

Map: Map to Grand Front Kinki University Fishery Lab

7. Osaka Yakiton Center

7. Osaka Yakiton Center
photo by tomy_1963   /   embedded from Instagram

In the streets of Japan there are many stand-and-drink shops. However, sometimes these shops can be difficult to enter. However, here we introduce one that women can feel at ease to enter alone.

Here they do not serve yakitori (chicken) but yakiton which is pork. Here you can have the intestines of pork fried on a stick. You can not only enjoy it on a stick but also you can enjoy pork sashimi and a slowly cooked hot pot of pork cartilage.

Here you can also enjoy over 100 types of Japan’s best known types of sake. You are able to choose to serve you drink on your own which is also a rare opportunity. In addition, due to the shop being opened from 3p.m., you can enjoy a drink while it is still light.

Name:Osaka Yakiton Center
Address:Osaka City Chuoku Nanba Sennichimae 3-19
Access①:3 minutes walk from Nanba Station
Access②:5 minutes walk from Nihonbashi Station

Map: Map to Osaka Yakiton Center

8. Romaken

8. Romaken
photo by kamijun1208   /   embedded from Instagram

This is shop in the tunnels connecting the 1st through 4th Osaka station buildings. In these tunnels are great places for businessmen to enjoy lunch or an evening drink. “Romaken” is an especially popular izakaya here.

Here, with your order of 380 yen you can enjoy limitless black-labeled Sapporo beer for 30 minutes for just 500 yen! First you choose 2 from 6 small dishes available. Then you are able to continue to serve yourself from your own jug. This is a shop perfect for those that drink little or much.

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Name:Romaken (Osaka Station Mae 3 bld. shop)
Address:Osaka City Kitaku Umeda 1-1-3 Osaka Station Mae 3rd bld. B2F
Access:2 minutes walk from Chikatetsu Midosuji Line Nanba

Map: Map to Romaken

9. Whisky Dining WWW.W

9. Whisky Dining WWW.W
photo by sivaxyz   /   embedded from Instagram

One of the main alcohol producers of Japan, Suntory, created this shop for the purpose of promoting its alcohol.

When you enter, the history of Suntory and furniture made out of whiskey barrels is displayed. Beyond that is the WWW.W shop. The concept of this shop is “Whiskey of high quality and a menu that brings out the best in it!”. The dishes here are those that all go well with whiskey.

Here you can enjoy the “World Whiskey Tour” that includes 5 different types of whiskey from around the world. Perhaps you can find your own personal favorite. For those who do not yet know the brilliance of whiskey we also recommend this shop.

Name:Whisky Dining WWW.W
Address:Osaka City Kitaku Oofukamachi 3-1 Grand Front Osaka Knowledge Capital 2F
Hours:11:30~14:30 / 17:30~23:00
Access:Right in front of Osaka Station

Map: Map to Whisky Dining WWW.W

10. Kouhaku

10. Kouhaku
photo by m.nobue   /   embedded from Instagram

Kouhaku is in the basement of Lucua alongside many drinking shops. The theme this shop is known for is its French oden, which is many different ingredients boiled in beautifully flavored broth.

Some may not be able to imagine the mix of “French” and “oden”. However, when you taste the “Mushroom Cream Sauce Daikon Procino” or the “Whole Tomato and Sausage Soup” you will see what wonder can be born. You will enjoy every piece you try.

You can also enjoy the choicest wines and champagnes at the most reasonable of prices. With all this in one place it is no wonder that people line up to enjoy! Come enjoy where Japanese and French cuisine come together.

Name:Kouhaku (Lucua Osaka shop)
Address:Osaka City Kitaku Umeda 3-1-3 Lucua Osaka B2F
Access:Straight in front of Osaka Station

Map: Map to Kouhaku

Enjoy Osaka Izakaya to Your Heart’s Content!

Being the gourmet capital, of course Osaka has the best izakaya. There are shops were you can enjoy the Japanese sake available and those that are a reasonable 1000 yen. Visit the ones that suit you best always being wary of drinking too much!

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