The 10 Best Ramen Shops You Must Eat in Kagoshima, Japan

Many will answer that one thing they want to be sure to enjoy in the Japan is ramen. There are many different varieties available all over Japan and each is quite unique. Now, ramen shops made to imitate the Japanese style are popping up across the globe. Today we will introduce 10 shops that provide a delicious ramen experience. When you are touring Kyushu please be sure to try them out!

1. Aiai Ramen

1. Aiai Ramen
photo by rie___ueno   /   embedded from Instagram

Located a convenient 10 minute walk from Taniyama Station, is where you will find ”Aiai Ramen”. The normal varieties of ramen include pork broth ramen, shoyu ramen, miso ramen, and shio ramen.

Here the dish served is “Ushio Ramen”. It is a ramen made with special salt from Okinawa. The simple taste is so delicious you could enjoy many refills.

The “Umaushio Ramen” is their original ushio ramen with Yuzu added for an extra unique flavor. You may feel you are on a tropical island by just eating it. There are also other varieties of ramen for you to choose from. Come enjoy the ramen of Kagoshima with the variety offered here!

Name: Aiai Ramen (Aeon Kagoshimamae shop)
Address: 3-77 Toukai-cho Kagoshima City Kagoshima Prefecture
TEL: +81-99-260-0024
Hours: 11:00~21:00
Access: 10 minutes from Taniyama Station

Map: Map to Aiai Ramen

2. Menya Tomato

2. Menya Tomato
photo by ohg42   /   embedded from Instagram

This shop is located 3 minutes from Kagoshima Tenmonkan-dori. Here is served an Italian ramen made with tomato. Tomato goes so well with pasta that it is no surprise that it would go well with ramen.

However, there are few opportunities to enjoy it. Here you can also enjoy Tsukemen (dipping noodles) with tomato seasoning.

There are only a limited number of this dish served a day, and it is a very popular menu so come early and enjoy. Take your choice of Tsukemen, Spicy Tsukemen, and Basil Tsukemen. If you want to enjoy Italian and ramen this is the place to come! You are sure to enjoy the harmony!

Name: Menya Tomato (Tenmonkan shop)
Address: 1-5 Kureha-cho Kagoshima City Kagoshima Prefecture
TEL: +81-99-222-5773
Access: 1 minutes from Izuro-dori Station

Map: Map to Menya Tomato

3. Sanpei Ramen

3. Sanpei Ramen
photo by shi_no1221   /   embedded from Instagram

This is a ramen chain that started in Kagoshima but has also opened up in other prefectures. It is located 5 minutes from Tenmonkan-dori Station. When considering ramen in Kyushu, you may think of the famous pork-based broth.

However, the ramen that “Sanpei Ramen” is best known for if black-miso ramen. Because this shop is the true original, it is extra special and extra delicious. You will know this shop by its red and yellow sign and when you enter you will be amazed by the flavorful smell that bursts forth!

There are several kinds of Black-miso ramen available. There is the basic flavor, the lighter flavor, and the original richer flavor. As toppings you can enjoy pork or pork offals from black pigs. There is something about the color black around here. Come enjoy the black-miso ramen of Kagoshima!

Name: Sanpei Ramen (Terukuni main shop)
Address: 15-13 Terukuni Kagoshima City Kagoshima Prefecture
TEL: +81-99-210-7888
Hours: 11:00~21:00
Access: 5 minutes from Tenmonkandori Station

Map: Map to Sanpei Ramen

4. Men’s Lapasha

4. Men’s Lapasha
photo by s3b1ew   /   embedded from Instagram

This is a shop that is continually trying out new things. Recently there was even a cup-noodle made by them and sold in convenience stores in Southern Kyushu.

Here you can enjoy a variety of ramen including those with lighter flavors and those with richer flavors. Pork-broth Pasha is the most popular. However, the seasonal flavors salt-lemon and salt-green-onion are also delicious.

There is also a Pork-based Broth Curry Ramen that only sells 20 bowls a day. It made news in the Kagoshima Ramen Battle and is still extremely popular. Come to Kagoshima to enjoy this highly recognized ramen.

Name: Men’s Lapasha (Kitata main shop)
Address: 11134-1 Kitata-cho Kagoshima City Kagoshima Prefecture
TEL: +81-994-43-7555
Hours: 10:30~21:30

Map: Map to Men’s Lapasha

5. Batten Ramen

5. Batten Ramen
photo by kazu0713   /   embedded from Instagram

“Batten Ramen” is right in front of the Harara elementary school bus stop. The name means “X” but the taste is “O”. The traditional atmosphere of the shop is one that ramen lovers with love.

“Akamaru Ramen” is one of the most popular items on the menu. The broth is pork-based with a large amount of green onion. There is so much green onion that it fills up the soup.

There is also garlic in the ramen so if you are looking to boost your vitality; this is the ramen for you.

If you are concerned about the smell that will stay with you in your next activities, you should choose the “Aomaru Ramen” that doesn’t have garlic but still has much green onion. This is one shop you will want to try in Kagoshima.

Name: Batten Ramen
Address: Daikou bld. 102 3-6-28 Jousai Kagoshima City Kagoshima Prefecture
TEL: +81-99-252-4351
Closed Mondays
Access: 1 minutes from Harara Shogakoumai Bus Station

Map: Map to Batten Ramen

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6. Komurasaki

6. Komurasaki
photo by yonha_7   /   embedded from Instagram

Since the beginning this shop has protected its originality. There are tables as well as counter seats. From the counter seats you can enjoy as view of the ramen being prepared. The price is 1000 yen and yet this ramen will give you a rich feeling.

The pork used as topping becomes more and more juicy the more you chew on it. The pork, vegetables, and soup work together to create the perfect harmony in a dish. The price here is also extremely reasonable. Come here and enjoy what is offered.

Name: Komurasaki (Tenmonkan shop)
Address: 11-19 Higashisengoku-cho Kagoshima City Kagoshima Prefecture
TEL: +81-99-222-5707
Hours: 11:00~21:00
Closed on the 3rd Wednesday of each month
Access: 3 minutes from Tenmonkandori Station

Map: Map to Komurasaki

7. Kuroiwa Ramen

7. Kuroiwa Ramen
photo by goto.akio   /   embedded from Instagram

Most Kyushu ramen is well known for their pork-based broth which is usually quite rich. However, in Kyushu the broth is usually milder. At “Kuroiwa Ramen” you can enjoy this sort of specialty ramen of Kyushu. With the medium sized noodles the soup and noodles go straight in!

Each and every ingredient used is specially selected and yet the price for one bowl starts at only 780 yen. This is also a shop recognized nationally that you will not regret checking out!

Name: Kuroiwa Ramen (main shop)
Address: 9-9 Higashisengoku-cho Kagoshima City Kagoshima Prefecture
TEL: +81-99-260-0024
Hours: 11:00~21:00
Access: 10 minutes from Taniyama Station

Map: Map to Kuroiwa Ramen

8. Horie Ramen

8. Horie Ramen
photo by timmoko   /   embedded from Instagram

This is a more hidden ramen shop. The lady who works here serving will bring about a sort of nostalgic feeling to you. The flavor is also something that cannot be beat. Enjoy not just the flavor here but also the atmosphere created.

After you enjoy a meal here you will have felt that you were served by your mother for the first time in a while and you will be very pleased. Enjoy the warmth offered here.

Name: Horie Ramen
Address: 2-8 Horie-machi Kagoshima City Kagoshima Prefecture
TEL: +81-99-222-8569
Hours: 11:00~14:00
Closed Sunday
Access: 3 minutes from Izuro-dori Station

Map: Map to Horie Ramen

9. Garufu

9. Garufu
photo by k15mai6   /   embedded from Instagram

If you are looking for a place that not only gives you the best specialty noodles but also allows you to enjoy all your favorite toppings this is the place to come. The “Garyufu (your style) ramen” is topped with raw green onion, cooked green onion, bean sprouts, cabbage, garlic chips, pork and fried seaweed.

The pork is made with Gulf’s specialty sauce and is cooked slowly over a period of time creating a meat that just melts in your mouth.

We recommend the lightly cooked pork ramen with egg. The pork may seem to call out your name from on top of the soup and ramen. Come enjoy this joy of Kagoshima.

Name: Garufu (Tenmonkan main shop)
Address: Oak bld. 1F 14-3 Higashisengoku-cho Kagoshima City Kagoshima Prefecture
TEL: +81-99-227-7588
Access: 1 minute from Tenmonkan Station

Map: Map to Garufu

10. Ramen Touge

10. Ramen Touge
photo by kanaigoto01   /   embedded from Instagram

Located 3 km by car from Hyokiyama Station, the large size served here is only 650 yen. The small size is 550 yen meaning for just 100 yen you can enjoy so much more.

When you bet ramen topped with pork the volume of meat on top is also amazing and we highly recommend it. The pork is thick and covers the ramen all the way around. If you can never get enough pork on your ramen this ramen is for you.

There is also miso-based ramen to try here. If you are looking to eat your fill, visit here, you will not be disappointed!

Name: Ramen Touge
Address: 308-3 Fumoto Mizobe-cho Kirishima City Kagoshima Prefecture
TEL: +81-99-558-4408
Hours: 11:00~15:00
Closed Sundays
Access: 7 minutes by car from Hyokiyama Station

Map: Map to Ramen Touge

Enjoy the Best Ramen of Kagoshima!

There is so much ramen to be enjoyed in Kagoshima. Most ramen is pork based. However, there are also many different bases and flavors available these days. Come enjoy a walk on some of the streets of Kagoshima and you will surely be surprised by whatever ramen shop you happen to enter.

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