The 10 Best Places to Eat in Ibusuki, Kagoshima

Ibusuki is the famous hot spring town in Kagoshima. Warm weather and good quality of water is popular to tourists. If there are good food, it sounds better, right? Today, we would like to introduce good places to eat in Ibusuki top 10. If you visit Ibusuki for sightseeing, please stop by!

1. Ibusuki ramen

1. Ibusuki ramen
photo by tsuguyo   /   embedded from Instagram

There are lots of ramen places all over Japan. There are many ramen that use local food or feel local culture. Ibusuki is where make “Honkarebushi” which is most expensive fish flakes the most in Japan.

So they corporate local fish flake company and made “Katsubushi ramen”. They use “Honkarebushi” for soup and also for topping too. Fish flakes are used for base of miso soup or base of food from long time ago.

You might want to drink the soup all. At “Ganso Ibusuki ramen nidaime”, you can eat ramen with lots of black pork that is famous in Kagoshima.

It is a little far from where hot springs are in Ibusuki, but it worth it. If you tell them that you saw their website, they will give you one glass of soft drink for free. If you come to Ibusuki, please visit!

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Name: Ganso Ibusuki ramen nidaime
Address: 412-4, Jyuccho, Ibusuki, Kagoshima
Phone: +81-993-23-4035
Time: 11:00~14:30/ 17:00~22:00
Close: Thursday

Map: Map to Ganso Ibusuki ramen nidaime

2. Ontamarandon

2. Ontamarandon
photo by shesibyl   /   embedded from Instagram

Ibusuki is famous for hot spring called “Sunamushi onsen”. “Ontamarandon” is popular for local people that uses sunamushi onsen. It is a rice bawl that has egg from local farm and made it onsen egg in sunamushi onsen.

In the city, more than 20 places serve “Ontamarandon”, and they use different vegetables, fish and meat. Also they have different kinds of flavors. Our suggestion is the restaurant that is in Michinoeki Yamagawakokatsuokaido.

The menu is called “Katsuo gorotto kakuni ontamarandon”. There is a onsen egg in the center and there are lots of bonitos around. It is only 800 yen with soup and tsukemono. If you come to Ibusuki, you should try it!

Name: Ichibasyokudo (Michinoeki Yamagawako Katsuokaido)
Address: 1-10 Yamagawakinsei, Ibusuki, Kagoshima
Phone: +81-993-27-6507
Time: 11:00~15:00
Close: Third Wednesday (If it is holiday, next day will be closed)

Map: Map to Ichibasyokudo

3. Ontamaranton

3. Ontamaranton
photo by jigebido88   /   embedded from Instagram

It is a rice bawl with black pork and onsen egg like Ontamarandon. They use local vegetables. In the city, about 15 places serve menu with onsen egg, they make Japanese, Western and Chinese with it. Our suggestion is “Kurobutato kyodoryori Aoba”.

It matches with fresh onsen egg and black pork. You can also have shabushabu or tonkatsu at this place. They also have local food that matches local imoshochu. Please try Kagoshima food!

Name: Kurobutatokyodoryori Aoba
Address: 1-2-11 Minato, Ibusuki, Kagoshima
Phone: +81-993-22-3356
Time: 11:00~15:00/ 17:30~22:00
Close: Wednesday

Map: Map to Kurobutatokyodoryori Aoba

4. Katsuo no tataki

4. Katsuo no tataki
photo by ibusuki_tourism   /   embedded from Instagram

You may want to eat good sea food if you come to Kagoshima. Makurasaki is famous city for bonito but there are many places that you can have good bonito in Ibusuki too.

Our suggestion is Kuriya shokudo that is located at hotel that is said cheapest hotel that you can see ocean in Japan. You can use the restaurant even you don’t stay there.

It is located near JR Yamagawa station so it is convenient to stop by during sightseeing. Lots of prople who visit here order “Katsuonotataki teishoku”. You might be surprised with the size. Please try!

Name: Ryokanshokudo Kuriya
Address: 7350 Yamagawanarikawa, Ibusuki, Kagoshima
Phone: +81-993-34-0214
Time: 7:00~15:00/ 17:00~22:00

Map: Map to Ryokanshokudo Kuriya

5. Somen nagashi

5. Somen nagashi
photo by anukukku0909   /   embedded from Instagram

“nagashi somen” is what you pour somen noodle from the top of slope then pick them at the bottom and eat. It is said that started at Takachihokyo, Miyazaki.

But in Tosenkyo, Kagoshima, it is called “Somen nagashi”, and you won’t see in any other prefectures. On the table, they have bowl like doughnut, and somen noodle is rounding with water.

Tosenkyo is where they started somen nagashi and there are three places you can eat. Our suggestion is “Masunoya”. They use special order somen noodle and soup that they make at their own factory.

They use “Tosenyo keidawakisui” for water that was chosen 100 good water in Japan. They make the water ten hundred thousand tons a day and the temperature stays 13 degrees through a year. You can have somen nagashi not only in summer but through the year. Please try!

Name: Tosenkyo somen nagashi Masunoya
Address: 80 Kaimonsenda, Ibusuki, Kagoshima
Phone: +81-993-32-2084

Map: Map to Tosenkyo somen nagashi Masunoya

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6. Kominka lunch

6. Kominka lunch
photo by ayalogkago   /   embedded from Instagram

We suggest “Bairi” for people who want to make time to enjoy meal at old house that has built more than 100 years ago. “Bairi” was built in 1914 and renovated for more than one year. They use old stuff for door, decorations and furniture.

They have only “Atsuhime gozen” for lunch. They grow vegetables at their own garden, and get rice called “Hinohikari” from their private farmer. They have tofu for only 6 people for a day, so if you can order, you are lucky.

At café time, they have sweets like anmitsu, zenzai and waffle. You can’t make reservation but you can put your name on the list on the day you go from 10 in the morning. If you want to go, you should go there early!

Name: Bairi
Address: 2848-2 Iwamoto, Ibusuki, Kagoshima
Phone: +81-993-25-5111
Time: 12:00~16:30
Close: Tuesday, third Wednesday

Map: Map to Bairi

7. Okra

7. Okra
photo by 42moto   /   embedded from Instagram

Did you know Ibusuki is the city that makes okra the most in Japan? Okra is summer vegetables but they can be on the market from April to November. They contain lots of vitamin and mineral.

If you want to eat lots of okra, Komakijyaya that is in Michinoeki Ibusuki sakanakan is the good place to go. Please try “Sakana don” that has okra and seafood that they get in that morning.

This menu is sold only from May to October. Also Komaki miso soba is good too. It’s in Michinoeki, so you can enjoy shopping or using restroom too. They have good view as well.

Name: Komakijyaya (Michinoeki Ibusuki Sakanakan)
Address: 52-4 Komaki, Ibusuki, Kagoshima
Phone: +81-993-27-9022

Map: Map to Komakijyaya

8. Broad beans sweets

8. Broad beans sweets
photo by cakehouse_andersen   /   embedded from Instagram

“Cake house Andersen” is popular western sweets place in Ibusuki. Once you go into the store, you will see lots of colorful fruit cakes. They have like apple pie, cheese cake, cream puff and strawberry cake so people who like sweets should go.

Ibusuki is where is famous for okra but also they make broad beans the most in Japan too. Sweets that use broad beans is popular as local food in Ibusuki.

There are a few places that make sweets with broad beans, they have it at Cake house Andersen too. It is good for souvenir of course but also good for to eat at where has nice view. Please stop by when you feel you want something sweet.

Name: Cake house Andersen
Address: 888-1 Jyuccho, Ibusuki, Kagoshima
Phone: +81-993-22-4505
Time: 8:30~19:30
Close: Monday

Map: Map to Cake house Andersen

9. Black pork food

9. Black pork food
photo by akamasa_33   /   embedded from Instagram

If you come to Kagoshima, you should eat black pork. We suggest “Ajisai Musashi” that has lots of black pork meal. They use black pork from Tanikado farm that is near Lake Ikeda.

They serve lots of menu that se black pork like shabushabu, steak, katsu and spareribs. They have single meal or course, also they have about 100 kinds of shochu. Please enjoy good food and alcohol together.

Name: Ajisai Musashi
Address: 1-19-6 Omure, Ibusuki, Kagoshima
Phone: +81-993-23-3888
Time: 18:00~23:00 (need reservation for lunch time 12:00~14:00)
Close: Wednesday

Map: Map to Ajisai Musashi

10. Oden

10. Oden
photo by htm.haeo   /   embedded from Instagram

“Horoyoi” is where has been loved by local people from long time ago. It is popular to the tourists who stays at Ibusuki onsen too and has opened in 1960.

For the flavor, they use miso, and all stuff is with sticks. And it’s only 100 yen for 1 stick. There are 8 counter seats and 5 table seats.

If you sit on counter, you have to grab what you want from the pot and eat. They have small meal too. How about ending the day in Ibusuki with oden and shochu at this place?

Name: Oden Horoyoi
Address: 1-9-26, Minato, Ibusuki City, Kagoshima prefecture
Phone: +81-993−22−3814
Time: 17:00~24:00
Close: Sunday

Map: Map to Oden Horoyoi

Let’s Enjoy Delicious Local Food in Ibusuki!

After relaxing in Sunamushi hot spring, you want to eat something good, don’t you? There are lots of places that local people go and famous places in Ibusuki. Japanese, Western and sweets, please choose depends on how you feel. If you come to Ibusuki for sightseeing, please enjoy!

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