The 10 Best Ramen Shops You Must Eat in Miyazaki, Japan

Food is good in Kyushu. Today we would like to introduce Miyazaki Ramen. When you think Kyushu ramen, you might think of Hakata Ramen which is thick Tonkotsu ramen but Miyazaki ramen is lighter than Hakata Ramen. Please visit!

1. Furaiken

1. Furaiken
photo by hiroshi_the_m.a.d   /   embedded from Instagram

“Furaiken” is a place we have to introduce when we talk about Miyazaki Ramen. Their soup is very thick and you can taste real flavor of Tonkotsu. They use only water and pork bone for the soup. That’s why you can taste real flavor of Tonkotsu.

They use original noodle that matches the soup. They have 10 branches in Miyazaki. If you go to Miyazaki, please visit!

Name: Furaiken Kano honten
Address: 1836-2 Kanokou, Kiyotake, Miyazaki
Phone: +81-985-84-1620
Access: 8 minutes from Kano station by foot

Map: Map to Furaiken

2. Ramen Yataibone

2. Ramen yataibone
photo by ukijun75   /   embedded from Instagram

There might be a lot of people who don’t know this place as it has just opened recently. “Ramen Yataibone” is where you can eat old style of Ramen. They use original noodle. It is only 500 yen for one ramen.

It is also famous for original Gyoza so please order with ramen! If you want to eat good Miyazaki Ramen, please visit!

Name: Ramen Yataibone
Address: 1185 Suzumeda, Shin beppucho, Miyazaki
Phone: +81-985-28-2945
Time: 10:30~ 14:00 ( it will close when they run out of soup)
Close: Wednesday, Sunday, Holiday
Access: 30 minutes from Miyazaki station by foot

Map: Map to Ramen Yataibone

3. Ramen honpo Satoimo

3. Ramen honpo Satoimo
photo by tomoti519   /   embedded from Instagram

“Ramen honpo Satoimo” is Miyazaki Ramen restaurant that serves original noodle and Tonkotsu soup that uses Miyazaki pork. It is a place where from kids to old people can enjoy the taste.

They use noodle that is made at the factory next door and it matches their soup. Their chashu pork is tasty too. Ramen is only 550 yen, and Chashu omori is 700 yen. Please enjoy Miyazaki Ramen!

Name: Ramen honpo Satoimo
Address: 1445-107 Haranomae, Oshima, Miyazaki
Phone: +81-985-32-6868
Time: 10:30~ 22:00
Close: Wednesday
Access: 17 minutes from Miyazaki jingumae station by foot

Map: Map to Ramen honpo Satoimo

4. Ganso karamen Kochiya

4. Ganso karamen Kochiya
photo by mog_________mog   /   embedded from Instagram

“Ganso karamen Kochiya” is where you can eat spicy noodle that is popular in Miyazaki. It is very different from regular Miyazaki Ramen and looks different too. As it is spicy, there are lots of people who eat after drinking.

You can tell how spicy it is to look the red things in the soup. You can adjust the spice so if you don’t like spicy, you don’t have to worry. If you like spice, how about trying the hottest “Super Gekikara”?

Name: Ganso karamen Kochiya
Address: 7-27 Chuodori, Miyazaki
Phone: +81-985-20-0843
Access: 14 minutes from Miyazaki station by foot

Map: Map to Ganso karamen Kochiya

5. Koguma Ramen

5. Koguma Ramen
photo by apaiser2525   /   embedded from Instagram

“Koguma Ramen” is in Miyazaki that has been opened for 45 years. This place is popular as you can eat real Sapporo Ramen. You can eat interesting ramen at this place. The name is “Gyunyu ramen” which means milk ramen.

They add milk to Tonkotsu soup and make it creamy. You may wonder if it tastes good milk and ramen but you will know once you eat it. Please try!

Name: Koguma Ramen
Address: Diamond building 1F, 3-2-13 Tachibanadorinishi, Miyazaki
Phone: +81-985-29-9803
Time: 18:00~ 26:30
Close: Sunday
Access: 12 minutes from Miyazaki station

Map: Map to Koguma Ramen

6. Ramen Hanamura

6. Ramen Hanamura
photo by miyazaki_ramen   /   embedded from Instagram

You can eat soy sauce Tonkotsu ramen at this place that is owned by a person who was a chief of Japanese food. Even you drink all soup, it is not greasy.

Chashu pork is cooked for long time so it is very soft and matches ramen. If you come to Miyazaki for sightseeing, please eat Miyazaki Ramen at this place!

Name: Hanamura
Address: 2543-1 Hongominamikata, Miyazaki
Phone: +81-985-56-7756
Time: 11:00~ 21:00
Close: Monday
Access: 14 minutes from Minamikata station by foot

Map: Map to Hanamura

7. Teshio

7. Teshio
photo by meen_meen_meen_meen   /   embedded from Instagram

It is rare to serve Ramen that uses Japanese soup called wadashi in Miyazaki. Teshio is a place you can eat ramen used wadashi. Wadashi is a little sweet. You might want to drink it all.

The restaurant doesn’t look like Ramen restaurant. It is worth eating as the looks is nice and clear soup.

Name: Teshio
Address: Jinjyoyokochonai, 6-28 Chuodori, Miyazaki
Phone: +81-985-26-5722
Close: random
Access: 13 minutes from Miyazaki station by foot

Map: Map to Teshio

8. Ramen Rinko

8. Ramen Rinko
photo by takeru0419   /   embedded from Instagram

“Ramen Rinko” is where you can eat best chicken Ramen in Miyazaki. It is located at 5 minutes from Miyakonojo station by foot.

Chashu that is topping for ramen matches their ramen. Not only male but female can enjoy too. Their soup is limited so if you want to eat, we suggest you to go early of the day. Please try!

Name: Rinko
Address: 15-9 Kitahara, Miyakonojyo, Miyazaki
Access: 5 minutes from Miyakonojyo station by foot

Map: Map to Rinko

9. Miyazaki Ramen Hibiki

9. Miyazaki Ramen Hibiki
photo by gogowong486   /   embedded from Instagram

We would like to introduce Miyazaki Ramen place called “Miyazaki Ramen Hibiki”.

They have two kinds of ramen “Tonkotsu kuro” that is thick and “Tonkotsu aka” that is light. You can choose noodle from 4 types of noodle when you order. Please visit!

Name: Hibiki Otsuka
Address: 4400 Osako minamihira, Otsuka, Miyazaki
Phone: +81-985-50-9232
Close: Wednesday
Access: 15 minutes from Minami Miyazaki station by foot

Map: Map to Hibiki

10. Tomato Ramen Auwa

10. Tomato Ramen Auwa
photo by chiyooo.g   /   embedded from Instagram

You can eat tomato ramen at this place. You may not be able to eat tomato ramen at any other places. They use basil noodle.

They put basil into the noodle and it matches tomato soup. If you order “takikomi gohan”, you can put the rice into the soup after you eat noodle so you can enjoy as risotto.

Name: Auwa
Address: 1021-4 Kanoukou, Kiyotakecho, Miyazaki
Phone: +81-985-64-9938
Time: 11:00~22:00
Close: Monday
Access: 10 minutes from Kiyotake station by foot

Map: Map to Auwa

Let’s eat good Ramen in Miyazaki!

Today, we introduced places to eat ramen in Miyazaki, Kyushu. There are lots of ramen like Tonkotsu ramen and tomato ramen in Miyazaki. There might not be anyone who doesn’t like ramen. If you go to Miyazaki for sightseeing, please enjoy good Miyazaki Ramen!

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