Top 10 Tourist Attractions & Best Things to Do in Kushiro, Hokkaido, Japan

This is one of the larger districts in the already very large land of Hokkaido. Here you will find the Akan lake, Japan’s largest marsh area and the only place on earth where red-crowned crane can be found. Kushiro port is also well known for the seafood brought in here. This is a location where people can come to escape the summer heat. In addition, there is not much snow in the winter. Today we will introduce 10 sights that make this area of Hokkaido worth visiting.


1. Kushiro-shitsugen National Park

1. Kushiro-shitsugen National Park

Here in this marsh land of international importance is where the Ramsar Convention was formed. This was the first marsh land protection act in Japan. You may be amazed to know that approximately 60 percent of Japanese land is marshy.

This allows for the viewing of beautiful landscape, lovely wildlife and other nature.You may not step into the marsh area for protection purposes but you may view it from the viewing areas or by canoe.

The summer and winter have drastically different yet equally beautiful sceneries to be seen. Enjoy this park from the vantage point of your choice here. During the winter you may be able to view the red-crowned cranes.

Refresh yourself in the breath taking, natural environment.

Name:Kushiro-shitsugen National Park Onnenai Visitor Center
Address: Onnenai Tsurui-mura Akan-gun Hokkaido Prefecture
Closed Tuesdays and 12/29~1/3
Access: 40 minutes by car from Kushiro Station

Map: Map to Kushiro-shitsugen National Park Onnenai Visitor Center

2. Akan Lake

2. Akan Lake

Akan lake was made by the eruption of a volcano. There are 4 islands located within the lake. There is also a walking tour that allows you to view the sight at which the eruption occurred. You can also enjoy cruising on the Akan lake.

During the winter, the lake’s surface freezes and you can view the ice flowers created on the surface of the ice. Come and enjoy the special beauty naturally produced by the Akan land.

Name:Akan Lake Aze Eco Museum Center
Address:1-1-1 Akankoonsen (Akan Lake Hotsprings) Akan-cho Kushiro City Hokkaido Prefecture
Hours:9:00~17:00 ※Summer Hours 9:00~18:00
Closed Tuesdays
Access: 130 minutes by Akan bus from Kushiro Station

Map: Map to Akan Lake Aze Eco Museum Center

3. Akan Lake Hot Springs

3. Akan Lake Hot Springs
photo by imukotoko   /   embedded from Instagram

We mentioned that Akan lake was created by volcanic activity. As a result there are wonderful hot springs nearby. Since the springs were opened it has been approximately 140 years, and they were first used by the Ainu people.

Today there are many areas to enjoy including the pleasure cruising, hotels, food, and shopping. In this town, there is a free shuttle bus that makes rounds of the town, connecting each hotel, the visitor center, and the Ainu Kotan Center.

Recently it was the sight in which a Chinese movie was shot. This was not the first time this was chosen as the location for film shooting.

The hot springs water here contains sulfur and is anywhere from 38 to 85 degrees. It is wonderful treatment for pain, tiredness, rheumatism, and chronic bowel irritation. Come visit this town and the hot springs to be fully refreshed!

Name:Akan Lake Hot Springs
Address:Akankoonsen (Akan Lake Hotsprings) Akan-cho Kushiro City Hokkaido Prefecture

Map: Map to Akan Lake Hot Springs

4. Akan Lake Ainu Kotan

4. Akan Lake Ainu Kotan

Hokkaido was populated by the Ainu people first. Ainu Kotan is where the Ainu people continue to gather. Here you can enjoy a memorial hall to learn about their style of life and see performances of their traditional activities.

You will particularly be interested by their traditional dance performances. You can also purchase traditional crafts of the Ainu people such as carving.

You can also enjoy Ainu food in one of the over 30 specialty restaurants found here. Be sure to visit when you come to Kushiro and learn the original culture of the land.

Name:Akan Lake Ainu Kotan
Address: Akankoonsen (Akan Lake Hotsprings) Akan-cho Kushiro City Hokkaido Prefecture
Access: 130 minutes by bus from Kushiro Station

Map: Map to Akan Lake Ainu Kotan

5. Akan International Crane Center

5. Akan International Crane Center
photo by naoko411seki   /   embedded from Instagram

When you visit Kushiro you may wish to sight the famous red-crowned crane. However, they are a bird living in the wildlife and a view cannot be guaranteed.

Do not be concerned because at the “Akan International Crane Center” you can see the work being done to protect this species and view the species itself. No matter the season, you will have the opportunity to view the red-crowned crane.

The season we can recommend the most for crane viewing is November to March. This is when the wild cranes visit this wildlife preserve. This is a location you cannot afford to miss when visiting Kushiro

Name:Akan International Crane Center
Address: 40banchi 23sen Kamiakan Akan-cho Kushiro City Hokkaido Prefecture

Map: Map to Akan International Crane Center

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6. Kushiro City Museum

The outside of this building is made to represent a crane flying. The first floor is where information on the nature of Kushiro is displayed.

On the 2nd floor is displayed the history of Kushiro and on the 4th floor is a display on the Ainu people. Here you can learn in-depth about the history and nature of this land.

There is also Harutoriko lake in town to be enjoyed. Another lake that contains fresh and salt water is also here. It is where the Hibuna fish can be found. You can also see the Hibuna variety of fish in the nature center.

We recommend visiting the Kushiro City Museum and the Harutoriko Nature Center at the same time for the full experience.

Name:Kushiro City Museum
Address:1-7 Shunkodai Kushiro City Hokkaido Prefecture
Closed Mondays

Map: Map to Kushiro City Museum

7. Kushiro Fisherman’s Wharf MOO

7. Kushiro Fisherman’s Wharf MOO

At Kushiro Fisherman’s Wharf MOO, you can enjoy shopping with a beautiful view or a beautiful view with wonderful shopping. Within the facilities you will find souvenirs, food, and other shops perfect for destination shopping.

On the 2nd floor you can find the “Kishoro Port Stands” with many different varieties of seafood, specialty Hokkaido fried chicken, Chinese cuisine, yakitori and other delicious foods. There are tables in the center so you can choose your favorites and enjoy them all in one location.

There are also other restaurants with patios, beer halls, and dessert shops. This is a great place to enjoy the food and shopping unique to Kushiro! You will not be bored after a whole day here so come and enjoy!

Name:Kushiro Fisherman’s Wharf MOO
Address:2-4 Nishiki-cho Kushiro City Hokkaido Prefecture
Hours:Different by shop
Closed January 1st
Access: 20 minutes walking distance from JR Kushiro Station

Map: Map to Kushiro Fisherman’s Wharf MOO

8. Koubunkan

8. Koubunkan
photo by nonchan0212   /   embedded from Instagram

Koubunkan is located on the opposite shore from Kushiro Fisherman’s Wharf MOO. It is the renovated location of the old Kushiro Newspaper opened in 1908.

The singer Takuboku Ishikawa spent 76 days working with this newspaper so you will also find much information on him here. There is also a café located inside so come explore, relax, and enjoy.

Here you will find special events held on occasion as well. These include different photo or art galleries.

Address:2-1-12 Oomachi Kushiro City Hokkaido Prefecture
Access: 20 minutes walking distance from JR Kushiro Station

Map: Map to Koubunkan

9. Nusamai Bridge

9. Nusamai Bridge

This is the shop that connects the fisherman’s wharf and Koubunkan. It is particularly beautiful during sunset. The 4 rock pillars, two on each side, include carvings that are especially beautiful in the golden sun of sunset.

You will wish to take a picture to enjoy this view forever. The view here will make you feel that you are in a different world. The beautiful Pacific Ocean and red sky in the background creates a view you will fully enjoy.

This is said to be one of the top 3 sunsets in all of Japan so why miss the opportunity!

Name:Nusamai Bridge
Address: Suehiro-cho Kushiro City Hokkaido Prefecture
Access: 10 minutes walking distance from JR Nemuro Main Line Kushiro Station

Map: Map to Nusamai Bridge

10. Kushiro Red-lamp Street

10. Kushiro Red-lamp Street
photo by jazzpass2007   /   embedded from Instagram

This street is located 1 km from the JR Kushiro Station. It is a street of restaurants with much history. It’s operation begun not long after the war in 1951. There are 26 shops here that offer the best of Hokkaido cuisine.

There is also variety in the shops gathered here including high-class beef, wineries and cafés. Come and enjoy this traditional area in a style unique to you.

Each shop only has counter seats but they are made so that it is not difficult for a traveler to fit in. Come enjoy the traditions of the locals!

Name:Kushiro Red-lamp Street (Kushiro Akachochin Yokocho)
Address:4-1 Kawakami-cho Kushiro CIty Hokkaido Prefecture
Access: 10 minutes walking distance from JR Kushiro Station

Map: Map to Kushiro Red-lamp Street (Kushiro Akachochin Yokocho)

Enjoy the sights of Kushiro!

We have introduced 10 sights of Kushiro. There are a variety of choices that allow you to take a look at the nature, history, and culture of the area. No matter your idea of fun there is something to be enjoyed here with great cuisine and shopping also available. Make the most of your time here by trying something you know you’ll love and trying something unique to the area!

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