The 10 Best Yakiniku Restaurants You Must Eat in Nagoya, Aichi, Japan

Nagoya is the 3rd largest city in Japan alongside Tokyo and Osaka. The population is approximately 2,300,000. Here you will find beautiful sights and wonderful food culture. Today we will introduce yakiniku shops we would love you to visit when you get a chance to visit Nagoya.

1. Shinrakan

1. Shinrakan
photo by hirokikassan   /   embedded from Instagram

The seats offered here are traditional yet modern. They allow you to choose the atmosphere for your dinner. The meat they used is specially selected and the whole cow is purchased and prepared.

This allows you to enjoy the juicy meat to the fullest it can be enjoyed. Please be sure to try your beef without rich sauce and enjoy the fresh flavor of the meat.

Parties are also welcome here and for groups of over 15, free shuttle service is offered. You can also enjoy a Kalbi beef set during lunch hours. Take the time to stop by and enjoy!

Name:Shinrakan (Meito main shop)
Address: 5-1 Gokuraku Meito-ku Nagoya City Aichi Prefecture
Access: 1 minute from “Gokuraku Nishi Bus Stop”

Map: Map to Shinrakan (Meito main shop)

2. Bincho Tanyaki Takechiyo

2. Bincho Tanyaki Takechiyo
photo by yurie.tamura   /   embedded from Instagram

Here you can enjoy all the best meats of Japan. Enjoy the full course including a total of 12 dishes including A5 meat and other appetizers for just 4000 yen with our “Aoi course”.

You can also enjoy bottomless drinks for 1500 yen. We also recommend the specialty platter comprised of rarer portions of meat. The dessert here is home-made and a specialty in itself so come and enjoy!

Name:Bincho Tanyakiniku Takechiyo
Address: Manten bld. 1・2F 1-1-20 Aoi Higashi-ku Nagoya City Aichi Prefecture
Access: 1 minute from Shinsakae Station

Map: Map to Bincho Tanyakiniku Takechiyo

3. Pekuche

3. Pekuche
photo by mayumi_nagano   /   embedded from Instagram

Here you can enjoy the best Korean cuisine of Nagoya. The Korean cuisine offered here is from the Kudara-era. You can enjoy the yakiniku course with other Korean appetizers and dishes. The pork brand served here is “Hida Kenton”. Enjoy the large servings offered here.

Come here to enjoy the true flavor of Korea in Nagoya. Many Korean shops are popping up in different areas of Japan. However, to enjoy the true Korean flavor this is the place to visit!

Address: 2-19-16 Nakata Chikusa-ku Nagoya City Aichi Prefecture
Access: 6 minute from Imaeki Station

Map: Map to Pekuche

4. Hidagyu Ittouya Bakuroichidai Nagoya

4. Hidagyu Ittouya Bakuroichidai Nagoya
photo by naonao6524   /   embedded from Instagram

Specially selected whole Hida cows are purchased for use here. The ranking of the beef served here is of course A5 with special prepared meats that are unique to Nagoya. There are dishes that can only be enjoyed here.

This restaurant is also open for lunch. Come here to celebrate a special day. Relax in the atmosphere offered here and savor the moment.

Name:Hidagyu Ittouya Bakuroichidai Nagoya
Address:Astrale Meieki 2F 2-41-10 Meieki Nakamura-ku Nagoya City Aichi Prefecture
Access: 3 minute from Nagoya Station

Map: Map to Hidagyu Ittouya Bakuroichidai Nagoya

5. Niku Tamashi

5. Niku Tamashi
photo by ahyappe   /   embedded from Instagram

This restaurant just opened in July of 2016. However, it has already made a name for itself. It was produced by the popular French restaurant “BISTRO DIA” and brings in the highest brands of beef from all over Japan.

The sirloin and rib-roast is delicious as well as other portions of the meat such as the aitchbone and the rump.
Here you can enjoy luxurious meat in hamburger form as well as other high-end beef on rice. Come here for delicious meat in Nagoya.

Address:4-15-15 Meieki Nakamura-ku Nagoya City Aichi Prefecture
Hours:11:00~13:30 / 17:00~23:00
Closed Wednesdays

Map: Map to Nikutamashi

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6. Sumibiyakiniku Gyuubei

6. Sumibiyakiniku Gyuubei
photo by kevincky0325   /   embedded from Instagram

Here you can enjoy A5 rank Hida beef and A4 and A5 rank black-haired beef. This shop is themed with traditionally modern décor and the atmosphere will truly allow you to relax. We recommend the mixed platter that allows you to try a variety of different meats.

There are several mixed platters to choose from. You can also choose their all-you-can-eat menu.

The drink menu available here offers a wonderful selection as well. Come and visit, choosing the experience perfect for you from those offered.

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Name:Sumibiyaki Gyubei (Sakaehonmachi shop)
Address:Herald 3chome bld. 2F 3-12-22 Sakae Naka-ku Nagoya City Aichi Prefecture
Access: 6 minute from Yabacho Station

Map: Map to Sumibiyaki Gyubei (Sakaehonmachi shop)

7. Yakinikuya Yamitsuki

7. Yakinikuya Yamitsuki
photo by takecy0616   /   embedded from Instagram

This shop serves specially selected meats that you will only find here. Every single dish on the menu here is popular because they are so delicious!

The thick steaks are something you must try. This is a great place to come on your own or as a couple. It is even great to come here for a group dinner. Whatever your occasion, this is the place to celebrate with the high-quality beef served.

Name:Yakinikuya Yamitsuki (main shop)
Address: 5th Nakamura Heights 4-65 Kounomi-cho Nishi-ku Nagoya City Aichi Prefecture
Access: 7 minute from Shonaidori Station

Map: Map to Yakinikuya Yamitsuki (main shop)

8. Jirouya

8. Jirouya
photo by kosuke_chuda   /   embedded from Instagram

Hida beef is the main beef sold here and it is that which is raised in the Tokai area. You can enjoy their tongue dish of limited quantity or larger-than-plate sized ribs.

There is also a menu item called “10 second ribs” that is grilled for all of 10 seconds on either side. Because of the short time spent in grilling this meat is rare but this allows you to enjoy the full flavor of the meat.

Be sure to try the home-made kimchi of this shop as well. This is a wonderful place to enjoy a luxurious meal of yakiniku!

Address: Marunouchi Higashizakura bld. 1F 3-21-21 Marunouchi Naka -ku Nagoya City Aichi Prefecture
Closed Sundays
Access: 1 minute from Hisayaoodori Station

Map: Map to Jirouya

9. Miso Tonchan

9. Miso Tonchan
photo by ringofabrique   /   embedded from Instagram

Here you can enjoy fresh hormone with the red miso of Aichi prefecture. There are 23 shops of this kind in Japan and 9 within Nagoya City. The price of alcohol here is also reasonable. You can also enjoy sashimi made of the 3rd of a cow’s 4 stomachs and specialty Kalbi.

After you enjoy your meat, how about some Cold noodle or udon noodles? You can also enjoy other Korean dishes or rice. Enjoy this very special cuisine loved by those in Nagoya and throughout Japan.

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Name:Miso Tonchan Ueda Hormone
Address:1-115 Inokuchi Tenpaku-ku Nagoya City Aichi Prefecture
Access: 2 minute from Ueda Station

Map: Map to Miso Tonchan Ueda Hormone

10. Yakiniku Kojichan

10. Yakiniku Kojichan
photo by k.t_no.5   /   embedded from Instagram

This shop is located 22 stories above Nagoya City. Here you can enjoy quality yakiniku with a marvelous night view of the city.

All the options for meat here are delicious. We can especially recommend the beef-tongue, black-haired beef, kalbi, sirloin and chateaubriand. Chateaubriand is an experience you will find nowhere else.

We can also recommend the course cuisine here. It is created to offer the best of the season. Enjoy this meal for your special dinner with your very special loved one.

Name:Yakiniku Kogichan
Address: Unryu FLEX bld. Nishikan 22F 2-1-9 Shinsakae Naka-ku Nagoya City Aichi Prefecture
Access: 2 minute from Shin-sakae Station

Map: Map to Yakiniku Kogichan

Come Enjoy the Yakiniku of Nagoya!

There are many varieties of yakiniku restaurants to be enjoyed in Nagoya. There are the shops that the locals enjoy regularly and there are other restaurants that are higher in class. Some shops are more specialized to Nagoya while others are just the best of what is offered in Nagoya. Today we only introduced some of the options for yakiniku in Nagoya so feel free to do your own research. Find the perfect yakiniku experience for yourself in Nagoya.

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