The 10 Best Tempura Restaurants You Must Eat in Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan

Asakusa, Tokyo is always full of visitors from around the world. There is the Kaminarimon and many other sight-seeing spots such as Sensoji where you can ‘feel’ history just by walking around Asakusa. In this article, we would like to introduce you to 10 tempura restaurants you have to visit. Tempura is one of the most famous Japanese food and so we hope this article is helpful!

1. Tempura Nakasei

1. Tempura Nakasei
photo by tmt3bigholiday   /   embedded from Instagram

Tempura Nakasei is a 7 minute walk from Asakusa Station. They opened in the Meiji Era and so they are definitely an old-established restaurant.When you go under the noren (Japanese shop curtain) you will see the traditional Japanese world.

We especially recommend the Raishinage which is shrimp and adductor muscle of yellow clam deep fried in sesame seed oil and you can enjoy the pleasant smell the second you put it in your mouth.

They have a teishoku which includes the Raijinage, rice, miso soup and konomono (Japanese pickles). They also have private rooms for 2 – 32 people, but reservations are needed.

Name: Tempura Nakasei
Address: 1-39-13, Asakusa, Taitoku, Tokyo
Tel: +81-3-3841-4015
Access: 7 minute walk from Asakusa Station

Map: Map to Tempura Nakasei

2. Shitamachi Tendon Akimitsu

2. Shitamachi Tendon Akimitsu
photo by davidyeh1014   /   embedded from Instagram

Shitamachi Tendon Akimitsu is a 1 minute walk away from the Tsukuba Express Asakusa Station. They are often on the media and they won the 2015 and 2016 Gold Medal in the All Japan Donburi Union and so the food is wonderful.

We especially recommend the ‘Godaime Tendon’ (2500 yen) as it uses seasonal ingredients and is absolutely delicious. You will love the crispy and hot tempura. If you have a chance, we would also like you to try the ‘Godaime Tendon Kiwami’ (5500 yen).

It is a little expensive, but if you order it you will understand why. They only make 5 bowls of the ‘Godaime Tendon Kiwami’ every day but how about trying their tempura when you visit Asakusa?

Name: Shitamachi Tendon Akimitsu
Address: 1-26-5, Asakusa, Taitoku, Tokyo
Tel: +81-3-6231-7444
Hours: 10:30~21:00
Holidays: None
Access: 1 minute from Asakusa Station

Map: Map to Shitamachi Tendon Akimitsu

3. Mochizuki

3. Mochizuki
photo by yuimiyumi   /   embedded from Instagram

When you think of tempura you might think of a Japanese style, but at Mochizuki (3 minute walk from Asakusa Station) you can enjoy tempura in a modern atmosphere. From the window you can see Sumida River and Tokyo Sky Tree and if you come at night time the view is beautiful.

At lunch time, they have a different menu so you can enjoy both. The lunch set ‘Mochizuki Hiru Gozen’ (2982 yen) includes kobachi (a small dish), chawanmushi, sashimi, nimono, a dish of the day, tempura, rice, miso soup, Japanese pickles and a dessert. At nighttime, you can enjoy the Kaiseki style dinner (4860 yen or more) so how about a romantic dinner?

Name: Mochizuki
Address: 1-23-1, Azumi, Sumidaku, Tokyo
Tel: +81-3-5608-5002
Access: 3 minute walk from Asakusa Station

Map: Map to Mochizuki

4. Tempura Seikou

4. Tempura Seikou
photo by satohnaomi1115   /   embedded from Instagram

Tempura Seikou is a 5 minute walk from Asakusa Station. They won the Michelin Bib Gourmand in 2015, 2016 and 2017 and they are the only restaurant to win this prize as a tempura restaurant in the Asakusa area so you would definitely like to visit when you go sightseeing in Asakusa.

The tempura course is 4000 yen and it includes an otoshi, 10 kinds of tempura and more. For the rice dish, you can choose from 3 kinds of rice dishes and all of them are filled with tempura. Please enjoy delicious tempura in the world famous restaurant.

Name: Tempura Seikou
Address: 1-14-8, Asakusa, Taitoku, Tokyo
Access: 5 minute walk from Asakusa Station

Map: Map to Tempura Seikou

5. Aoi Marushin

5. Aoi Marushin
photo by jampapa0114   /   embedded from Instagram

If you would like to eat at a formal restaurant we would like to recommend you Aoi Marushin which is a 3 minute walk from Asakusa Station. There are 450 seats here and you can enjoy the smell of tempura in the restaurant, too.

They have various dishes, but the Tokujo Tendon (2750 yen) is especially popular. There is shrimp, conger eel, garfish, and vegetable tempura on the freshly cooked rice and it is a gorgeous.

They also have teishoku menus and the tempura teishoku (2000 yen) is very reasonable. They also have tendons (tempura on rice) for children (1523 yen) so we recommend going here for families too.

Name: Aoi Marushin
Address: 1-4-4, Asakusa, Taitoku, Tokyo
Tel: +81-3-3841-0110

Map: Map to Aoi Marushin

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6. Tentake

6. Tentake
photo by rika.iwama   /   embedded from Instagram

If you want to eat tempura in a dynamic way, Tentake which is a 6 minute walk away from Asakusa Station is perfect. The Kakiagedon here is about 2000 yen and it’s very filling.

The crispy tempura is placed on the rice which tastes sweet and when you see the lid of the bowl placed on the tempura it will definitely make you hungry.

They also have tendon (tempura on rice) and vegetable tempura and much more on their menu. If you would like to get full eating tempura, this is the place to go.

Name: Tentake
Address: 2-4-1, Asakusa, Taitoku, Tokyo
Tel: +81-3-3841-5519
Access: 2 minute walk from Asakusa Station

Map: Map to Tentake

7. Tempura Tento

7. Tempura Tento
photo by real_yokohama   /   embedded from Instagram

Tento is a 6 minute walk away from Asakusa Station. When you are eating by yourself, you might feel uncomfortable going to an expensive kaiseki style restaurant.

Tempura Tento welcomes you even if you are eating by yourself and will make you feel at home. There is often a long line in front of the restaurant so you can tell their food is great.

Although it is a very popular tempura restaurant, they serve kakiage Tendon and Shrimp Tendon with miso soup and Japanese pickles for 2000 yen. If you are looking for a ‘hidden’ famous restaurant, this is the place to go to!

Name: Tento
Address: 1-41-1, Asakusa, Taitoku, Tokyo
Tel: +81-3-3841-5802
Access: 2 minute walk from Asakusa Station

Map: Map to Tento

8. Masaru

8. Masaru
photo by masumi23ron   /   embedded from Instagram

Masaru is so popular that there is a long line even before the restaurant opens. The restaurant is located in one of the back streets after you go through the Kaminarimon, the entrance to Sensoji.

They are unique in that they use sesame seed oil to deep fry the tempura served so you will be able to smell the roasting smell of sesame seed oil in the restaurant.

The Tendon served here has a sweet sauce and the combination of the sauce and sesame seed oil is wonderful so you won’t be able to stop eating!

There is so much food in the bowl you might not be able to place the lid on top, but you won’t be able to stop eating. Please try Masaru, the popular tempura restaurant in Asakusa.

Name: Masaru
Address: 1-32-2, Asakusa, Taitoku, Tokyo
Tel: +81-3-3841-8356
Hours: 11:00~14:00
Access: 3 minute walk from Asakusa Station

Map: Map to Masaru

9. Tokusen

9. Tokusen
photo by emi555   /   embedded from Instagram

If you like the traditional drinking places in Japan, you will love Tokusen. They are a 6 minute walk away from Asakusa Station and you will be able to enjoy the Showa Period atmosphere once you go under the noren.

The outside of the restaurant doesn’t look new but you can definitely enjoy the taste.

You can also enjoy the luxurious conger eel bowl and they also have Katsudon and Kakiagedon which both go great with your beer. If you would like enjoy the old traditional Asakusa style, how about beer and tempura?

Name: Tokusen Asakusa
Address: 2-4-4, Asakusa, Taitoku, Tokyo
Tel: +81-3-3841-5596

Map: Map to Tokusen Asakusa

10. Tsurisho

10. Tsurisho
photo by hayataka29   /   embedded from Instagram

You will definitely want to experience Tsurisho at least once! They are a yakatabune and you will go down the Sumida River, go through Rainbow Bridge, and then go towards Odaiba.

The Sky Bridge view which you will see during your journey is magnificent and we recommend this amazing experience for reunions, end of year parties, Cherry-blossom viewing, sightseeing and many more events.

If you go on the yakatabune at night time, you will enjoy seeing the neon-lit view. The lunch time course is 6500 yen.

If you would like to enjoy the experience at nighttime they have courses from 10800 yen The tempura includes 7 kinds of ingredients such as shrimp, garfish, big-eyed-flathead, conger eel, squid, sweet potato, and green pepper. Eating tempura on a boat tastes wonderful!

Name: Tsurisho
Address: Sumidagawa Terrace 1-1, Mukojima, Sumidaku, Tokyo
Tel: +81-3-3625-2015
Hours: 10:00~22:00
Holidays: Not decided
Access: 10 minute walk from Tokyo Sky Tree Station

Map: Map to Tsurisho

Let’s enjoy delicious tempura in Asakusa!

We introduced 10 tempura restaurants in this article. Which restaurant would you like to visit? All of them are very popular so please make reservations before you go. You will be able to experience the historical Japanese townscape in Asakusa so please come to visit. You will definitely love it!

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