The Best 10 Places to Eat in Asakusa, Tokyo

In Asakusa, Tokyo, there are many sights to see such as the Skytree and the Senso Temple. It is where traditional Japan and modern Japan meet and live together. Here, there are also all your options for Japanese cuisine available. Today we will introduce sweets, tendon, motsu and other varieties you can find here in Asakusa!

1. Marugoto Nippon

1. Marugoto Nippon
photo by tomoko_takada   /   embedded from Instagram

30 seconds from the Tsukuba Express’s Asakusa Station is where this restaurant is located. They opened in 2015 and are the perfect location to find gourmet from all across Japan. They were only restaurants found in department stores but have now opened up on their own as something bigger and better.

1st flour at Marugoto Nippon
photo by catherine.cathy   /   embedded from Instagram

Like in any kids dream, the juice here is served out of the tap. There are different areas where you can enjoy different Japanese sweets. You can also purchase different items to take home.

2nd and 3rd flour at Marugoto Nippon
photo by pakupakuan   /   embedded from Instagram

On the 2nd and 3rd floors you can buy different traditional crafts and experience making different dishes. You can experience the different cultures from the different areas of Japan right here. Being able to experience the countryside cuisine from the city is a truly special experience.

4th flour at Marugoto Nippon
photo by 1tsuki0505   /   embedded from Instagram

The 4th floor is the restaurant where you can have many different menu items originating in different places in Japan. No matter what floor you are on it is here you can experience Japan as a whole.

Name:Marugoto Nippon
Address:Tokyo Taitoku Asakusa 2-6-7
Access:10 minutes from Asakusa Station

Map: Map to Marugoto Nippon

2. Asakusa Hanatsukido

2. Asakusa Hanatsukido
photo by al_sheny   /   embedded from Instagram

This shop originated in 1945. Its Japanese sweets are also well known but it is most well known for its “Jumbo Melonpan”. This bread is sold freshly baked and people line up for this special treat.

This is one of the well known treats of Asakusa so you must come enjoy. There are about 3000 sold every day. The texture and flavor are something like you have never experienced before. It is definitely a treat worth the wait!

Name:Asakusa Hanatsukido
Address:Tokyo Taitoku Asakusa2-7-13
Access:2 minutes from Tsukuba Express Asakusa Station

Map: Map to Asakusa Hanatsukido

3. Umezono

3. Umezono
photo by shyamamogumogu   /   embedded from Instagram

This shop opened in 1854. The name was taken from the shrine in which it was said to originate. The specialty here is zenzai which is asuki beans simmered in sugar. Chestnut is also often added.

Here two types of mochi is added for extra elegance. The second and rarer type that is used is made with a special grain and it adds a wonderful fragrance. There are not many places in Tokyo to enjoy this so please come here and enjoy!

Name:Asakusa Umezono
Address:Tokyo Taitouku Asakusa 1-31-12
Closed the second Monday of every month
Access:5 minutes Chikatetsu Asakusa Station

Map: Map to Asakusa Umezono

4. Asakusa Daikokuya

4. Asakusa Daikokuya
photo by shirlytwirlyx   /   embedded from Instagram

When you open up the bowl there is tempura nearly overflowing. “Asakusa Daikokuya” is where this amazing tempura rice bowl can be found. When opened in 1887, it was also a soba shop. At the end of the Meiji era they began to sell tempura.

The tempura is fried with pure sesame oil and is an amount that overwhelms the rice beneath. The slightly spicy sauce is what brings many tourist to visit here. Come and taste!

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Name:Asakusa Daikokuya
Address:Tokyo Taitoku Asakusa 1-38-10
Access: 5 minute walk from Chikatetsu Asakusa Station

Map: Map to Asakusa Daikokuya

5. Daigakuimo Chibaya

5. Daigakuimo Chibaya
photo by minoka21   /   embedded from Instagram

This is the only specialty “daigakuimo” shop in Asakusa. “Daigakuimo” is a traditional Japanese sweet potato dessert with sesame. Its popularity among university students during the Taisei era is the origin of its name.

The menu at this shop is very simple with “Daigakuimo”, “Kiriage” and “Fukashiimo” being made availible. All of these are handmade right here, and you also have to opportunity to eat them freshly baked. The daigakuimo here is are rare round shape and the amount of honey is just perfect so when you get a chance you must visit!

Name:Daigakuimo Chibaya
Address:Tokyo Taitoku Asakusa 3-9-10
Closed Tuesdays
Access: 10 minute walk from Chikatetsu Asakusa Station

Map: Map to Daigakuimo Chibaya

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6. Ganso Kamameshiharu

6. Ganso Kamameshiharu
photo by shii827   /   embedded from Instagram

Kamameshi is where soy sauce and mirin are added to rice in a one person serving pot before being cooked. The Kamamoshi you can find at “Genso Kamameshiharu” is made with no extra broths but only the very basic ingredients as mentioned above, In this way, the original flavor of each ingredient can be enjoyed.

This is why the word “Ganso”, meaning founder, is displayed largely on the billboard in front of the store. Right after the local earthquake, this dish was put together with the simple ingredients that were available.

This shop tops the charts on many gourmet websites and extremely well known. Not only tourists, but also the locals love to come to this traditional restaurant so we can recommend it to you with confidence.

Name:Ganso Kamameshiharu (Asakusa main shop)
Address:Tokyo Taitoku Asakusa 1-14-9
Closed holidays and the days before holidays
Access: 5 minute walk from Chikatetsu Asakusa Station

Map: Map to Ganso Kamameshiharu

7. Asakusa Imahan

7. Asakusa Imahan
photo by nannyy   /   embedded from Instagram

This restaurant has continued to deliver quality beef for the 4 eras of Meiji, Taisho, Showa and Heisai. The main shop, which is located on Kokusaidori, serves sukiyaki, shabushabu and steak with meat gathered from many different locations in Japan.

Also, the bento menu is very popular. These, however, are not sold at the Kokusaidori restaurant. The bentos are available at department stores or can be ordered from where they are made. If you want to try the bentos, be sure to order them ahead of time.

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Name:Asakusa Imahan (Kokusaidori main shop)
Address:Tokyo Taitoku Mishiasakusa 3-1-12
Access:0 minute walk from Tsukuba Express Station

Map: Map to Asakusa Imahan

8. Funawa Café

8. Funawa Café
photo by changzi18   /   embedded from Instagram

“The Funawa” is sweet potato yokan served with agar, a Japanese type of sweet like Turkish delight, white syrup, and black syrup. Funawa Café is the place where this can be tasted since its origin in 1905. This treat comes with origami.

The most popular item on the menu here though is the “Sweet Potato Yokan Parfait”. You can also have many different types of traditionally Japanese treats and their more modern variations. Come and enjoy a Japanese treat true to your liking!

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Name:Funawa Café (Asakusa shop)
Address:Tokyo Taitoku Raimon 2-19-10
Access: 1 minute walk from Chikatetsu Asakusa Station

Map: Map to Funawa Café

9. Yoshoku Kurofunetei

9. Yoshoku Kurofunetei
photo by machunao   /   embedded from Instagram

This shop has its roots in the Meiji era and its name was “Torinabe” meaning chicken hotpot. After that is branched out as a café and a restaurant with Chinese menu items. In 1986 it came into the shape it is today with “Café Kikuya” on the first floor becoming “Yoshoku Kurofunetei”.

This restaurant has evolved from a more modern café in the Taisei era to a place of western gourmet with great notoriety. Hayashi Rice, Seafood Gratin, Croquette, and Sandwiches are on the menu making it a place of “Japanese Western gourmet”. When you are visiting the area please do come and taste where Japanese culture took root.

Name:Yoshoku Kurofunetei
Address:Tokyo Taitoku Ueno 2-13-13
Access: 5 minute walk from JR Ueno Station

Map: Map to Yoshoku Kurofunetei

10. Asahi Beer Hall D’s diner

10. Asahi Beer Hall D’s diner
photo by maroko7   /   embedded from Instagram

The beer towers on the counter are the trademark of this shop. Here they have beer towers from all 4 main beer companies in Japan. Here you can taste and compare the different types of beer. This shop is well known worldwide for this very reason.

Of course, not only are their many types of beer but also many kinds of food items to go with the beer. The chef’s recommendation are various and include the “Egg Hamburger”, “Beer-Marinated Meat”, “Very Big Mega Sausage”, pasta, and ajillo. Come and visit this world famous beer hall and the comparisons that can be made here.

Name:Asakusa Beer Hall D’s diner
Address:Tokyo Taitoku Asakusa 1-15-6
Access: 3 minute walk from Tsukuba Express Asakusa Station

Map: Map to Asakusa Beer Hall D’s diner

Come and Enjoy Asakusa Cuisine!

Asakusa is certainly full of wonderful cuisine. From the shops that have been here many years to those just opening, there are so many choices available! Their atmospheres are also wonderful so check them out and find the one that suits you best. Surely they will create good memories for your trip.

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