The 10 Best Izakaya You Must Visit in Naha, Okinawa

If you want to enjoy the cuisine of Okinawa, why not enjoy an izakaya with live music. These are a great place for tourists and locals alike to enjoy. Here are 10 potential Izakaya to visit! Please be sure to try out this unique experience.

1. Live & Shimauta Live House Shimauta

1. Live & Shimauta  Live House Shimauta
photo by junpankuma   /   embedded from Instagram

This is a live house found on the main street of Naha. It is easy to find due to the “Okinawaya” souvenir shop found in the same building.

Mostly it is the Ne-ne-zu who formed in 1990 that perform here. There have been member changes within the band but their style and traditional nature is an experience worth it.

The live shows begin at 7, 8:30 and 10 p.m. There are 3 different sections in front of the stage but they all offer a wonderful view. You may smoke in the B・C sections.

Depending upon the show all seats may become non-smoking so please check with us if this does make a difference for you. Enjoy our drink menu with Orion beer and other alcohols as well as Sanpin tea and other soft drinks. The Okinawan cuisine offered here is also worth the visit.

Enjoy the food and drinks while the island music plays. You will surely enjoy your time here!

Name: Live&Shimauta Live House Shimauta
Address: Haisai Okinawa bld. 3F 1-2-31 Makishi Naha City Okinawa Prefecture
Phone: +81-98-863-6040
Hours: 18:00~23:00

Map: Map to Live&Shimauta Live House Shimauta

2. Tobarama

2. Tobarama
photo by oragokuu   /   embedded from Instagram

Tobarama is a traditional folk song of the area and is where one of those closest to this culture, Kousei Miaya, presents.

This shop is made up of a 1st and 2nd floor each with the atmosphere of a traditional home of Okinwa. There is no live music on the first floor so it is perfect for a more quiet meal while the 2nd floor allows you to enjoy the live music.

Why not visit one floor for lunch and the other for dinner? There is plenty of delicious cuisine to try!

The live music is a 7, 8, and 9 p.m. At the end of the live concert, the audience is welcomed to join in dancing a traditional dance. This shop is located in convenient location so be sure to stop by!

Name: Okinawa Cooking Tobarama
Address: 2-7-25Makishi Naha City Okinawa Prefecture
Phone: +81-98-862-3124
Hours: 11:00~24:00

Map: Map to Okinawa Cooking Tobarama

3. Nikou

3. Nikou
photo by syk1209syk   /   embedded from Instagram

Live music is wonderful as well but if you are looking for delicious Okinawa cuisine this is the shop!

The ingredients used here are made with mainly produce from Okinawa prefecture and the fish and vegetables are all purchased at market. The dinner course begins at 3000 yen but the lunch courses are even less. Taco rice, Okinawa stir-fry and Okinawa soba noodles as well as Ishigaki beef are among the various items on the menu.

The atmosphere here is extremely relaxing and you can choose from the various seating available. There are also counter seats for those who come on their own.

From all seats you can enjoy the Shamisen being played starting at 7:30, 8:30 and 9:30 p.m. each day!

Name: Nikou
Address: 2-1-18 Makishi Naha City Okinawa Prefecture
Phone: +81-120-588-677

Map: Map to Nikou

4. Jizake yokocho

4. Jizake yokocho
photo by   /   embedded from Instagram

This was the first izakaya to open with live music. Now there is a variety of shops all over Okinawa with live music but why not come where it all began?

This is a shop that is fully equipped with a variety of drinks. The food menu is also extensive and will allow you to enjoy all the delicacies of Okinawa.

Especially the stewed pork is created and cooked with such care that is just melts in one’s mouth. If you need someone to make a recommendation to you try the “Ryukyu Ryori set” that will give you a variety of Okinawa cuisine such as the stewed pork, sashimi, mozuku and Okinawa soba noodles.

The popular live shows start at 6:30, 7:30, 8:30 and 9:30 p.m. The first show is earlier than other shops so if you have an early morning the next day why not visit here!

Here you will be welcomed to dance or play drums. This is a fun experience for children and adults alike!

Name: Ryukyu Dinning Live House Jizake yokocho
Address: 2F 2-8-13 Matsuo Naha City Okinawa Prefecture
Phone: +81-98-860-9511
Hours: 18:00~23:00
Live Music fee: Adults 500 yen

Map: Map to Ryukyu Dinning Live House Jizake yokocho

5. Angama

5. Angama
photo by layla_lq   /   embedded from Instagram

This shop takes up the whole multi-story building. It is named after a cultural event of Ishigaki Island.

There are 7 stories in there building and the live shows happen in the stage on the 3rd floor. They begin at 7, 8, and 9 p.m. and the guests are different from those in Okinawa each day. Enjoy the food and drink while to experience the music and singing unique to Okinawa.

Here they also serve a wide variety of Okinawa Cuisine from different types of meat to a type of seaweed called mozuku and tempura. All dishes served are those that go well with sake.

On the 1st floor you can choose a counter seat if you visit alone. Because this shop is located on Kokusai Street central to Naha City and Okinawa as a whole it is a great location to stop by for a meal!

Name: Okinawa Cooking Angama
Address: 1-2-2 Matsuo Naha City Okinawa Prefecture
Phone: +81-98-867-3111
Hours: 11:00~24:00

Map: Map to Okinawa Cooking Angama

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6. Aoiya

6. Aoiya
photo by missrobert   /   embedded from Instagram

Here you can enjoy great homemade food. The pork cartilage spare rib is absolutely delicious. The dishes here are all those that are carefully crafted.

Aside from meat dishes there is also fresh fish of the season available in sashimi form and other dishes with vegetables unique to Okinawa. Each item on the menu here is sure to make you happy.

There are 2 to 3 live shows a day each lasting 20 minutes. There is no charge for the shows and at the end you can join in the traditional dance.

Because of the homelike atmosphere here this is a place you won’t mind visiting again and again. Come by as it is only 1 minutes from the Yui!

Name: Ryukyu Home Cooking Aoiya
Address: 1F 11-8 Azumacho Naha City Okinawa Prefecture
Phone: +81-98-862-8258
Hours: 17:00~24:00

Map: Map to Ryukyu Home Cooking Aoiya

7. Shimauta Live Hatomajima

7. Shimauta Live Hatomajima
photo by tacchin27   /   embedded from Instagram

Here you can enjoy live shows by a group from Hatoma Island called “Yaesei Shimauta Coneys”. In fact the owner of the shop is also a member of the group! Each night the shows are at 8 and 10 p.m. and last for about an hour 20:00 and 22:00. This is a special experience you cannot miss!

There are also different groups and styles that perform. The staff will also teach you how to dance so that at the end every guest can join in.

The cuisine here is also very delicious and sometimes the fish are taken from the ocean by the owners’ themselves. If not they are fresh from the local market.

Enjoy the fresh fish and original island music of which both are the best!

Name: Shimauta Live Hatomajima
Address: 3-1-1 Makishi Naha City Okinawa Prefecture
Phone: +81-98-861-2328
Hours: 18:00~24:00

Map: Map to Shimauta Live Hatomajima

8. Uehara-seikichi no Mise Shimauta-live Nakuni

8. Uehara-seikichi no Mise Shimauta-live Nakuni
photo by indifference555   /   embedded from Instagram

There are not many people in Okinawa who do not know of Shokichi Uehara. He is a very famous performer of Okinawa. Here there are 4 live shows at 7, 8:30, 10, 11:45 p.m..

Because the final show is so late many people visit other locations and end up here later in the night.

The atmosphere is one that will make you feel right at home and it will be tempting to stay long. For a set price you can enjoy the live show, a drink, and a dish.

Enjoy a night true to Okinawa only found here at this location conveniently located in the center of Kokusai Street!

Name: Uehara-seikichi no Mise Shimauta-live Nakuni
Address: 1-3-53 Makishi Naha City Okinawa Prefecture
Phone: +81-98-868-3924
Hours: 18:00~24:30
Closed Wednesdays

Map: Map to Uehara-seikichi no Mise Shimauta-live Nakuni

9. Shimauta Live Juri

9. Shimauta Live Juri
photo by waya602   /   embedded from Instagram

This shop has been taken up by many media outlets. It is loved by the locals and tourists.

Artists come here who are well known not only in Okinawa but also in other parts of Japan. You can enjoy the most traditional of the music of Okinawa but also more pop styles as well.

There are 3 live shows a night at 7:20, 8:30, and 9:45. It is best to decide on a time and make a reservation.

Here you can enjoy from the 108 varieties of alcohol made in Okinawa Prefecture’s 47 breweries. Come and try the variety.
The specialty Okinawa cuisine by the chef is also wonderful. Come and enjoy dishes unique to Okinawa!

Name: Shimauta Live Juri
Address: 2-2-29 Matsuo Naha City Okinawa Prefecture
Phone: +81-98-861-0722
Hours: 18:00~24:00
Live Music fee: ¥500 ※Free for those younger than high school age

Map: Map to Shimauta Live Juri

10. Suitenro

10. Suitenro
photo by calac   /   embedded from Instagram

This is the shop where you can truly experience the art of Okinawa. Not only are the performances traditional but Kaiseki cuisine that is served to you while you watch them.

There are 4 floors starting at B1. The stage is one the 3rd floor. Each floor is specially decorated to suite the theme given it.

The 3rd floor where the stage is found has artwork that goes around the whole room. It shows the history of the Ryukyu Kingdom. Shows are held here at 7 and 8:30 p.m. each night.

Lunch here is light and easy to enjoy as well as traditional to Okinawa.

In the evening you can enjoy course cuisine in very sophisticated colorful dishes. The alcohol available is also wonderful.
Enjoy the relaxed environment and the culture you will find here!

Name: Suitenro
Address: 1-3-60 Makishi Naha City Okinawa Prefecture
Phone: +81-98-863-4091
Hours: 11:00~17:00(lunch) / 17:00~24:00 (dinner)
Live Music fee: ¥800

Map: Map to Suitenro

Enjoy the Traditional Music of Okinawa Izakaya in Naha!

Today we introduced locations to enjoy the food, drink and music in Okinawa. This is a great idea for a group of friends or family but also for those who may be traveling alone. Be sure to enter the shops early as to not miss the shows. You will enjoy the music as well as enjoy joining in the dance. This is an experience on your trip through Okinawa that you do not want to miss!

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