The 10 Best Places for Lunch in Nara, Japan

Nara is where has lots of nature in Kansai area. There are lots of sightseeing spots such as Nara park that is famous for deer, Todai temple and Horyu temple. Kyoto is famous for sightseeing but Nara is also popular place for sightseeing too. Today, we would like to introduce where to eat lunch when you go to Nara top 10. If you go to Nara, please visit!

1. Gen

1. Gen
photo by nbkay   /   embedded from Instagram

We have to introduce this restaurant if we introduce good restaurants in Nara. It is a soba restaurant that is located in residence. It is famous not only in Nara but all over Japan as you can taste real soba.

Our suggestion of their menu is of course soba. You can enjoy lots of kinds of soba. If you want to go for lunch, we suggest you to book. How about eating good soba in Nara?

Name: Gen
Address: 23-2 Fukuchiin, Nara
Phone: +81-742-27-6868
Time: 11:30~13:30/ 18:00~21:00
Access: 15 minutes from Kintetsu Nara station

Map: Map to Gen

2. Kamaage udon Suzuan

2. Kamaage udon Suzuan
photo by oshirukopota   /   embedded from Instagram

“kamaage udon Suzuan” is where you can eat Kamaage udon. Kamaage udon is what they don’t wash with cold water so you can taste clam. You can eat Kamaage udon at this restaurant.

They use two different kind of flour for udon noodle and that matches the soup. Please visit for lunch!

Name: Kamaage udon Suzuan
Address: 5-1-26 Umaminaka, Kouryou, Kitakatsuragi, Nara
Phone: +81-745-55-9116
Access: 20 minutes from Goido station by foot

Map: Map to Kamaage udon Suzuan

3. Tsuyoshi-no-croquette honpo

3. Tsuyoshi-no-croquette honpo
photo by hi_rug15   /   embedded from Instagram

“Tsuyoshi-no-croquette honpo” is located at 20 minutes from Gakuenmae, in Nara by foot. You can eat good croquette at this place. You can eat inside or you can take it home. It is very tasty as it is crunchy.

They also open for lunch. You can eat meal that uses seasonal food. Croquette comes together of course. You can choose either shrimp cream or salmon cream croquette. Please try fresh croquette!

Name: Tsuyoshi-no-croquette honpo
Address: 1-1-1 Gakuenyamato, Nara
Phone: +81-742-41-3300
Access: 20 minutes from Kintetsu Gakuenmae station by foot

Map: Map to Tsuyoshi-no-croquette honpo

4. Mitsuba

4. Mitsuba
photo by maylalalowrider   /   embedded from Instagram

Mitsuba is a ramen restaurant that opens for lunch. You can eat soy sauce ramen and sault ramen at this place. The soup is very creamy and has babble as they mix with mixer.

Our suggestion is “Butachikishio chashumen”. The soup is like cappuccino. Please come to eat lunch!

Name: Mitsuba
Address: 3-3-15-1 Tomiotomachi, Nara
Access: 4minutes from Tomio station by foot

Map: Map to Mitsuba

5. Pokupoku

5. Pokupoku
photo by kaho_ktns   /   embedded from Instagram

“Pokupoku” is located at Naramachi where you can feel old days of Japan and where you can eat tonkatsu. It is a small café owned by marriage couple but it is popular.

They use Yamato pork which is local pork brand from Nara for tonkatsu. Once you eat it, you might not be able to stop eating rice. Tonkatsu comes with a small plate of seasonal meal. It is hard to book this place but please visit!

Name: Pokupoku
Address: 23 Shonanincho, Nara
Phone: +81-742-31-2537
Access: 10 minutes from Nara station by foot

Map: Map to Pokupoku

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6. Manabian

6. Manabian
photo by ericw69   /   embedded from Instagram

If you feel you want to eat good curry in Nara, Please visit this place! “Manabian” has been loved for 20 years in Nara. Their popular menu is Yamatogyu curry which they use Yamato beef.

You can choose level of spice. Lots of people may feel they want curry for lunch. If you come to this area, how about stopping by? Please enjoy!

Name: Manabian
Address: 2-1-49 Nishidaijihigashicho, Nara
Phone: +81-742-36-3223
Time: 11:00~15:00/ 17:00~22:00
Access: 3 minutes from Yamatonishidaiji by foot

Map: Map to Manabian

7. Shoko

7. Shoko
photo by ma08co02   /   embedded from Instagram

This is an all reserved restaurant. If you are thinking to eat soba in Nara, please call them. Their popular lunch menu is Shokozen.

You can eat soba of course but also you ca eat seasonal vegetables too. They have tatami table. It is good to eat on Tatami as you eat Japanese food. It is worth visit.

Name: Shoko
Address: 4-13-8 Oujicho meishin, Kitakatsuragi, Nara
Phone: 0745-72-7757
Time: 11:00~15:00
Access: 15 minutes from Misato station by foot

Map: Map to Shoko

8. Arurukan

8. Arurukan
photo by hicha_t   /   embedded from Instagram

“Arurukan” is located at 5 minutes from Kintetsu Nara station, and you can eat handmade lunch at this place. Our suggestion is Daibutsu steak.

This steak is 350g, so you may not be able to eat it all by yourself. They open for lunch too, so how about trying it once?

Name: Arurukan
Address: 31-2Mochiidonocho, Nara
Phone: +81-742-24-1344
Time: 11:30~14:00/ 17:00~21:00
Access: 5 minutes from Nara station by foot

Map: Map to Arurukan

9. Nanatsumori

9. Nanatsumori
photo by yuina_n318   /   embedded from Instagram

“Nanatsumori” is a café and photo room. It is famous café in Nara. You can eat Chicken nanban, taco rice and curry for lunch at this place.

Our suggestion is monthly plate. The menu changes every month but it will make you full, so please try. If you want to eat lunch relaxing, please visit!

Name: Nanatsumori
Address: 1-19-4 Kataokadai, Kamimakicho, Kitakatsuragi, Nara
Phone: +81-745-72-2523
Time: 8:00~17:00 (11:00~14:30 is lunch time)
Access: 15 minutes from Hatada station by foot

Map: Map to Nanatsumori

10. Konara

10. Konara
photo by mayumi__222   /   embedded from Instagram

“Konara”is like a secret café in Nara. It is owned by old marriage couple. It is in residence so it is in quiet place so you can eat, relaxing.

They have café menu like coffee of course but we would like you to try lunch. The menu changes whenever you go, so you can enjoy every time you go. Also they are healthy. Please visit!

Name: Konara
Address: 1-11-4 Takayamadai, Kashiba, Nara
Phone: +81-745-78-1455
Time: 8:30~17:00
Access: 8 minutes from Nikami station by foot

Map: Map to Konara

Let’s eat good lunch in Nara!

Today, we introduced where to go for lunch in Nara, top 10. They are all good. Have you found anywhere you like? When you travel Japan, lots of them might go to Osaka or Kyoto, but how about visiting Nara too? Please enjoy Nara!

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