The 10 Best Places for Lunch in Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto is the traditional capital of Japan. It was the capital for around 1000 years. Here you can enjoy the traditional town and its sights as well as the delicious cuisine. There are many tourists visiting Kyoto everyday and there are certain places they must visit for lunch. Here we will introduce the top ten!

1. Iwasaki

1. Iwasaki
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Here you can enjoy true Kyoto cuisine. The menu if prepared according to the best ingredients of the season. The seating inside is only available at the counter giving it a very unique atmosphere where you are up close and personal with the chefs.

There are many items on the menu that include fish giving it an overall high-class feel. Come and enjoy the high quality of Kyoto cuisine that is offered here!

Address:723 Oike (noboru) Kamanza-cho Chuo-ku Kyoto City Kyoto Prefecture
Hours:12:00~14:00 / 18:00~21:00
Access: 5 minutes from Karasuma Oike Station

Map: Map to Iwasaki

2. Oryori Hayashi

2. Oryori Hayashi
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Here you can enjoy an atmosphere of history. The building and its décor is traditional. You will truly feel that you are in Kyoto. There are individual tatami rooms for a more private dining experience.

All of the traditional cuisine here is made in the most carful manner. You will want to take the time to enjoy each and every dish that is placed in front of you. This is the place to come to enjoy the traditional food of Kyoto in a traditional atmosphere!

Name:Oryori Hayashi
Address:448-61 Kjii-cho Kamigyo-ku Kyoto City Kyoto Prefecture
Hours:11:30~13:30 / 17:30~19:30
Access: 5 minutes from Demachiyanagi Station

Map: Map to Oryori Hayashi

3. Soujiki Nakahigashi

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This is a restaurant known for the delicious Kyoto cuisine that is offered here. The outside of the building and the inside are traditional in design. You can choose to enjoy a counter seat or a private room according to the dining experience you are wanting.

When you choose a counter seat you can see the chef up close and enjoy a very personal dining experience. Each menu item is taken special care to make sure it is presented at its best. Visit here when you are in Kyoto!

Name:Soujiki Nakahigashi
Address:32-3 Ishibashi-machi Jyoudoji Ukyo-ku Kyoto City Kyoto Prefecture
Hours:12:00~13:00 / 18:00~19:00
Access: 3 minutes from Ginkakujimichi Bus Station

Map: Map to Soujiki Nakahigashi

4. Nakamura

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There are many varieties of Kyoto cuisine available here. When you bow under the curtain in the entry to the store you will find a lovely interior with personal seating areas. All of the items on the menu are spectacular and worth their slightly higher price.

This is a shop that has received 4 Michelin stars and is where you can enjoy the highest quality of Kyoto cuisine!

Address: Oike (kudaru) Tominokouji Chuo-ku Kyoto City Kyoto Prefecture
Phone: +81-75-221-5511
Access: 5 minutes from Karasuma Oike Station

Map: Map to Nakamura

5. Gion Nishikawa

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When you enter, choose the type of seating that suits the style of dinner you wish for the evening. Counter seats and table seats are available. There are also a large number of dishes available.

You can enjoy beautiful kaiseki cuisine as well as sushi. The lunch kaiseki begins at 5000 yen and the dinner kaiseki starts at 15000 yen. For some of the best of Kyoto cuisine come here to enjoy!

Name:Gion Nishikawa
Address:473Shitakawara-machi Toriimae-machi (noboru) Yasaka Shitakawara-dori Higashi -ku Kyoto City Kyoto Prefecture
Hours:12:00~15:00 / 18:00~20:00

Map: Map to Gion Nishikawa

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6. Kyokaiseki Kichisen

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This shop is also known for its delicious kaiseki cuisine. Because it is kaiseki, the prices are slightly high but you can also enjoy the slightly more reasonable lunches.

In addition, the seasonal ingredients used create the most delicious of dishes that cannot be experienced anywhere else. With counter seats and tables you can choose to enjoy a meal here as a couple or with a larger group.

The table areas are tatami so come enjoy the traditional atmosphere of Kyoto for a slightly more reasonable kaiseki lunch.

Name:Kyokaiseki Kichisen
Address:5 Tadasu-no-mori (Morimoto-cho), Shimogamo, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City Kyoto Prefecture
Access: 15 minutes from Kyoto Station

Map: Map to Kyokaiseki Kichisen

7. Aji Fukushima

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Kyoto cuisine can have a very pricey image. However, here you can enjoy kaiseki cuisine for less than 5000 yen at lunch.

Even if you are shying away from traditional kaiseki because of the price this is a place you may consider coming. Not only the food but also the atmosphere is something to be enjoyed.

You will truly be amazed at the delicious food to enjoy here. It will be one of the wonderful memories you remember of Kyoto.

Name:Aji Fukushima
Address:570 Minamigawa Gion-cho Higashi-ku Kyoto City Kyoto Prefecture
Hours:11:30~13:00 / 17:30~20:00
Access: 7 minutes from Gion Shijyo Station

Map: Map to Aji Fukushima

8. Nihonryori Tokuo

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When you see this shop you may feel it is outside of your price range. However, you can enjoy for lunch around 6000 yen and the variety of food that can be enjoyed for this price is wonderful.

The amount of food served and the quality is something you will not find somewhere else. Be sure to make you reservation by the day before because otherwise you will miss this opportunity.

You can also choose to enjoy your dinner in a personal room for a more relaxed dinner. Enjoy the fullness of what Kyoto has to offer here.

Name:Nihonryori Tokuo
Address:151 Tenou-cho Bukkoji (noboru) Kiyamachi-dori Shimogyo-ku Kyoto City Kyoto Prefecture
Hours:12:00~14:00 / 18:00~22:00
Access: 5 minutes from Shijyo Station

Map: Map to Nihonryori Tokuo

9. Tempura Matsu

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Here you can enjoy delicious tempura just as the name of the shop suggests. It is conveniently located a 10 minutes’ walk from the station and is located in a lovely neighborhood. There are non-tempura menus on the item to also be enjoyed.

Relax in the atmosphere offered by this shop and enjoy its delicious tempura. You will not be disappointed by what you enjoy here.

Name:Tempura Matsu
Address:21-26 Oonawaba-cho Umezu Ukyo-ku Kyoto City Kyoto Prefecture
Hours:11:30~13:30 / 17:00~19:30
Access: 6 minutes from Matsuo Taisha Station

Map: Map to Tempura Matsu

10. Ogawa

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This is a restaurant that has opened more recently in 2010. Though it is newer the atmosphere created is very traditional. The dishes served are all prepared to create the best presentation of flavor and color.

You will truly enjoy this meal with your eyes and taste buds. Here you can only choose a chef’s selection but the quality of the food and the care put into its preparation is exceptional.

You must make a reservation to enjoy a meal here but you will not be disappointed with your complete experience here! It is a place you will be recommending to your friends.

Address:347-51 Kitagawa Gion-cho Higashi-ku Kyoto City Kyoto Prefecture
Hours:12:00~14:30 / 18:00~22:00
Access: 10 minutes from Gion Shijyo Station

Map: Map to Ogawa

Enjoy lunch in Kyoto!

There are many different wonderful places to enjoy a traditional lunch in Japan. You may have trouble knowing where to go but we have introduced you to a few of the most traditional. Find the one that fits your travel plans best!

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