Top 10 Must-Try Restaurants to Enjoy Local Dishes in Tokushima

The Shikoku region is located at the end of the bridge from Japan’s main island: Honshu. The Tokushima prefecture, located in the Shikoku region, is rich in seafood and land-based foodstuffs. There are many things that are known nationwide, but if you want to taste the seasonal foods, it is best to eat in that area Hence, this article is all about the best 10 yummy delights that you can find in the Tokushima Prefecture. Enjoy the abundant variety of seafood, famous ramen restaurants and hidden gem cafes!


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About 7.5 km from JR Naruto Line Tachimichi Station, 18 minutes by car from Naruto IC on the Kobe Awaji Naruto Expressway, there is a “Binbiya” on the side road where the car goes. There is an amber colour signboard drawing a yellow fish, and there is a large fish tank in the store. If you want to taste the seaside town of “Naruto”, ” Binbiya” is a restaurant you should definitely stop by.

Binbiya offers local fresh seafood on the menu such as the sweet and savoury sashimi, as well as tempura, simmered foods, mild taste of ‘Binbi-Meshi’ (rice pilaf included plenty seafood, cooked in an iron pot). This restaurant is a popular for both the locals and outside of the Tokushima. If you want to taste the delightful cuisine of Tokushima, here is the best!

Name: Binbiya
Address: Hashikadani-20-2 Kitanadacho Awata, Naruto, Tokushima
Phone: +81-88-682-0023
Time: 9:00 to 21:00
Access: about 13 minutes by car from Kyokaimae station

Map: map to Binbiya


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A popular local Izakaya “Arashi” is located a 3-minute drive from Naruto Station. There are table seatings and tatami rooms in the pub, making it a spacious structure. Not only fresh seafood but also plenty of local vegetables such as Naruto Kintoki and Naruto Daikon with ample of minerals.

Sashimi set meals and meals are popular, but it is also a factor to increase repeaters, such as crispy deep-fried a la carte dishes and the simmered Tai, or red snapper, with plenty of Tai extract. The Tokushima local cuisine menu are abundant, and you might not able to stop eating! Additionally, it is a restaurant that you want to come back again.

Name: Arashi
Address: 51-1 Kitanohama, Okuwajima, Muyacho, Naruto, Tokushima
Phone: +81-88-686-0005
Time: 11:00 to 21:00
Close: Wednesday
Access: 3 minutes by car from Naruto Station

Map: map to Arashi

mother’s NARUTO Honten

mother’s NARUTO Honten
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‘mother’s Naruto Honten’, offers a home-roasted coffee and a fresh-baked bread “Mothers Naruto Honten”, is also recommended in Tokushima. It is a cafe with a bakery shop that has been loved by locals and has become able to enjoy dinner since 2013. It looks like a log house, and in the morning many people queue for freshly baked bread, and it will be sold out by noon.

A morning menu with fragrant and glutinous bread, a set of juicy cutlet using Awa pork for lunch and dinner, and curry filled with onions from Awaji, serving like flowers, are popular. Home-roasted coffee is popular, too and this shop is an oasis or Tokushima locals.

Name: mother’s NARUTO Honten
Address: Ebisuyama-36 Muyacho Okuwajima, Naruto, Tokushima
Phone: +81-88-685-1183
Time: 8:00 to 21:00
Close: No regular holiday
Access: 13 minutes on foot from Naruto Station

Map: map to mother’s NARUTO Honten

Chuka-Soba Inotani Honten

Chuka-Soba Inotani Honten
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A ramen restaurant “Chuka-Soba Inotani Honten” is famous throughout the country. The ramen shop itself is an orthodox with the outward appearance of the red signboard, however since exhibiting at the Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum, its name has become known, and many celebrities have visited the shop. The local specialty “Tokushima Ramen” comes with spicy and well-seasoned soup based on a dried sardine broth, and raw eggs, is the secret of its popularity.

Raw eggs and fine noodles are intermingled in a sweet and thick soup. Many people from outside of the Tokushima, who are attracted to the unique taste. If you like ramen, try to taste this Tokushima local ramen!

Name: Chuka-Soba Inotani Honten
Address: 4-25 Nishidaikumachi, Tokushima, Tokushima
Phone: +81-88-653-1482
Time: 10:30 to 17:00
Close: Monday * If Monday is a public holiday, the next day’s holiday will be closed, or again as soon as it is sold out
Access: 10 minutes on foot from Tokushima Station

Map: map to Chuka-Soba Inotani Honten

Ramen-todai Omichi Honten

Ramen-todai Omichi Honten
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“Ramen Todai Omichi Honten” is a famous Tokushima Ramen shop established in 1999. Now it has become a popular shop that opens branches not only in Tokushima but also in Kansai. The best recommended specialty is “Tokushima Ramen” with a rich soup. Sweet and sour soup combined with a special soy sauce drip and simmered with pork bone for a long time, and the raw egg of the topping intertwined with medium-thick noodles for an exquisite taste!

If you ordered a pork belly as a topping, you might feel to have a bowl of white rice. It is a restaurant where you can taste the rich ramen thoroughly. Please taste the Tokushima ramen to the fullest.

Name: Ramen-todai Omichi Honten
Address: 1 Chome-36 Omichi, Tokushima
Phone: +81-88-655-3775
Time: 11:00 to 28:00
Close: No regular holiday
Access: 7 minutes by car from Tokushima Station

Map: map to Ramen-todai Omichi Honten

Hanaya Shokudo

Hanaya Shokudo
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A 3-minute walk from JR Tokushima Station, there is a “Hanaya Shokudo” with a blue signboard with a knife and fork. It is a long-established western restaurant that is loved by locals, and the shop with counter and table seating are always crowded with many people. The reason why many students visit is that quantities.

The assorted the popular 6-course lunch plate including a cream croquette with a rich buttery taste, fluffy white fries, deep-fried chicken and hamburgers, are fulfilling! Each dish gives you a passion of chef, and the taste of kindness and the nostalgic taste of western food. It is also a pleasure to enjoy the lunch menu all day, with all of the variety of menu being attractive.

Name: Hanaya Shokudo
Address: 2 Chome-11 Ichibancho, Tokushima
Phone: +81-88-652-7337
Time: 11:00 to 22:00
Access: 3 minutes walk from Tokushima Station

Map: map to Hanaya Shokudo


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How about a rare ramen restaurant, Donoura, in areas where “Tokushima Ramen” is popular? It is also unique to be open from midnight, but the surprising thing is the refreshing “salted red snapper ramen”.

Speaking of Tokushima ramen, rich pork bones and raw egg toppings are typical, but this is a delicious soup with plenty of seafood flavor and salty soup combined with fine straight noodles to make it easy to taste. You can also choose the quantity from five levels, and it is convinced that the shop is full of customers regardless of midnight. Enjoy the soup without leaving any drops with extra rice!

Name: Donoura
Address: Senfuku Building 1F, 1-30 Sakaemachi, Tokushimai, Tokushima
Phone: +81-88-652-5112
Time: 24:00-6:00 the next day
Close: No Fixed holiday
Access: 9 minutes on foot from Awa Tomita Station

Map: map to Donoura

Honetsuki Awao Dori Ikko

Honetsuki Awao Dori Ikko
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The “Honetsuki Awao Dori Ikko” has a distinctive exterior appearance and a classic atmosphere in the restaurant. As you can see at this restaurant, you can eat thigh meat of “Awao chicken with bones”. First of all, you will be amazed at the spectacular appearance, but at the moment you put it in your mouth, you will be surprised again by its taste!

The richness and sweetness of the characteristic chicken that spreads through the mouth, elastic crunchy and secret spices are fabulous! You will be addicted to the taste of the marinated sauce and chicken. Without knowing, you can eat whole chicken. Local chicken dishes are also popular, and you can enjoy the courses and the hot pot. Let’s enjoy Tokushima local foods!

Name: Honetsuki Awao Dori Ikko
Address: 1-46 Nakano-sho, Tokushima 770-0932, Tokushima
Phone: +81-88-623-2311
Time: 17: 00-24: 00
Access: 4 minutes by car from Tokushima Station

Map: map to Honetsuki Awao Dori Ikko


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WUTO-WURK is a stylish Western-style restaurant with a seaside view of Tokushima. The log house has a plastered wall with a view of the sea, so you can enjoy the calm atmosphere. The popular menu is a hamburger. Using hamburger ingredients carefully selected with a motto of safety and security, the taste changes every season and continues to be loved by the local people because they can be enjoyed different flavours many times.

The restaurant allows customers to enjoy a soy sauce-based hamburger with a juicy gravy and rice cake and a sour hamburger with tomato and mozzarella cheese. It is a restaurant that you feel like going to see the ocean view and hamburg flavor every season. Don’t miss it!

Address: Kitashinden-1-2 Tachibanacho, Anan, Tokushima
Phone: +81-884-27-3377
Time: 11:00 to 21:30
Close: Tuesday
Access: 7 minutes by car from Awachibana Station

Map: map to WUTO-WURK


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“Mercy COFFEE” is a hidden cafe that looks like a normal private house in a residential area. This cafe has own farm, “Mercy farm”, and uses fresh vegetables grown in-house for salad to be able to enjoy in the cafe with a natural calm atmosphere.

A popular menu is a fried chicken plate with plenty of freshly picked vegetables. The fried chicken is crispy and fragrant outside, and the inside is juicy enough to be full of meat juice. Deep-fried chicken has become popular and can be taken out. Of course, you can also take vegetables and homemade baked sweets with you. Why don’t you try to be relaxed!

Address: Nishizoe-40-1 Minobayashicho, Anan, Tokushima
Phone: +81-884-24-9388
Time: (weekdays): 11:00 to 16:00(holiday): 11:00 to 17:00
Close: Monday
Access: 7 minutes walk from Minatorin Station

Map: map to MERCI COFFEE

Let’s have delicious foods in Tokushima!

Did you find out your favourite food? Today, we have introduced top 10 must-try restaurants to enjoy local dishes in Tokushima. As Tokushima faces the Pacific Ocean, abundant seafood is attractive! Tokushima also has many famous tourist attractions such as the Naruto Bridge and Whirlpool Road. We would be delighted if you could visit Tokushima for sightseeing and food experience. In that case, please refer to this article.

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