The Best 10 Places to Eat in Chiba, Japan

Chiba has a lot of sightseeing spots such as Tokyo Disneyland and Kamogawa Sea World. Surrounded by a rich natural environment, there are also a variety of amazing local foods to enjoy such as seafood, fruits, snacks and Ramens. In this article, we will introduce the best 10 local dishes you must try in Chiba!

1. Pineki

1. Pineki
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One of the most famous local products of Chiba is peanuts. “Pineki” is a direct sales store of peanuts and offers “Peanuts Soft Serve Ice Cream”. It is milky and creamy with a full of peanuts flavor. This ice cream is very popular that many Japanese tourists come “Pineki” to have this ice cream.

“Pineki” also offers a variety of products using peanuts that you can’t find in other stores. Let’s find some souvenirs after having a tasty ice cream!

Name: Pineki (Kimura Peanuts)
Address: Shimo-Sanagura 236-3, Tateyama-shim Chiba
Opening Hours: 9:00am – 6:00pm
Open all year round
Access: 20 minutes walk from Tateyama station

Map: Map to Pineki

2. Biwa Club

2. Biwa Club
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Loquats have been grown in Tomiura, Chiba since 1751 and it’s one of the great local products of Chiba. “Biwa Club” in “Michi No Eki Tomiura” in Tomiura offers a variety of dishes using loquats such as “Loquat Soft Serve Ice Cream”, “Loquat Curry” and “Loquat juice“.

Needless to say, the most popular products is the ice cream because it tastes great! There is also a higher-quality loquat ice cream called “Super Premium Loquat Leaves Soft Serve Ice Cream”, which has real loquat on it. Try these awesome ice creams!

Name: Biwa Club
Address: Aoki 123-1, Tomiura-machi, Minami-bousou-shi, Chiba
Phone: +81-470-33-4611
Opening Hours: 10:00am – 6:00pm
Open all year round
Access: 15 minutes walk from Tomiura station

Map: Map to Biwa Club

3. Umi No Syokudokoro Namura

3. Umi No Syokudokoro Namura
photo by yutakatakubo   /   embedded from Instagram

The speciality of this restaurant is Japanese anchovy, which is one of the main local products of Chiba. “Japanese Anchovy Oshizushi (a type of sushi consists of rice and seafood pressed in a box)” and “Japanese Anchovy Namerou (Miso based Japanese anchovy tartar )” are especially recommended as they are famous local dishes of Chiba.

Apart from these two, the restaurant offers a wide range of Japanese anchovy dishes such as dumplings, ”Duke-don (marinated raw Japanese anchovy on rice)” and Japanese anchovy in a tomato sauce. You should definitely try fresh Japanese anchovy of Chiba if you are a seafood lover!

Name: Umi No Syokudokoro Namura
Address: Kaihotsu 196-1, Wada-cho, Minami-bousou-shi, Chiba
Phone: +81-470-47-5477
Opening Hours: 11:00am – 4:00pm
Closed: Wednesday
Access: 15 minutes walk from Minami-mihara station

Map: Map to Umi No Syokudokoro Namura

4. Takeyura Shokudo

4. Takeyura Shokudo
photo by ishiimegumi0904   /   embedded from Instagram

The Isumi area of Chiba is famous for bamboo shoots and wild boar meat. If you want to try such local products, we highly recommend “Takeyura Shokudo” in “Michi No Eki Takeyura No Sato Ohtaki”.

There a wide range of menus you can choose from. Popular dishes are “Minced Wild Boar Meat Cutlet (200 yen)”, “Curry With Minced Wild Boar Meat Cutlet (980 yen)” and “Ramen with Wild Boar Meat Stewed In Soy Sauce”.

There are also bamboo shoots dishes such as “Ramen with bamboo shoots(600 yen)”, “Steamed Meat Bun with bamboo shoots”. Try some dishes that you are interested in!

Name: Takeyura Shokudo
Address: Ishigami 855, Ohtaki-machi, Isumi-gun, Chiba
Phone: +81-470-82-5566
Open all year round
Access: 20 minutes walk from Higashi-fusamoto station

Map: Map to Takeyura Shokudo

5. Isone

5. Isone
photo by 2ou16   /   embedded from Instagram

Tomitsu in Chiba is known for conger eel. In “Isone”, you can enjoy the famous conger eel dish, “Conger Eel Rice Bowl”.

We recommend “Hakarime 2-shoku Don”, which consists of “Shirayaki (grilled conger eel without seasoning)” and “Kabayaki (conger eel basted with a mixture of soy sauce, sugar, and sake)” on rice. You can enjoy conger eel cooked in two ways while typical “Conger Eel Rice Bowl” only includes “Kabayaki”. “Hakarime 2-shoku Don” is limited to 10 for a day, so make sure to get here early if you want to try it!

However, don’t worry even if you missed “Hakarime 2-shoku Don” because there are other tasty dishes such as normal “Conger Eel Rice Bowl”, “Conger Eel Tempura Rice Bowl” and “Conger Eel Sushi”!

Name: Isone
Address: Iwase 993-4, Futsutsu-shi, Chiba
Phone: +81-439-65-3535
Opening Hours: 11:00am – 8:00pm
Closed: Monday
Access: 10 minutes walk from Ohnuki station

Map: Map to Isone

6. Kushiage Dokoro Shino

6. Kushiage Dokoro Shino
photo by atazy   /   embedded from Instagram

In this deep-fried skewers restaurant, you can enjoy “Whale Bacon” as well as inexpensive deep-fried skewers! Whales have traditionally been eaten in Japan since the 15th century. Chiba is one of the popular places for whale hunting and has been producing processed foods such as dried whale and whale sauce.

You can rarely have an opportunity to try whale meat in Japan these days as it’s causing a huge controversy. However, you can try “Whale Bacon” in this restaurant. It’s a little expensive (600 yen), but it might be worth it if you are interested in!

Name: Kushiage Dokoro Shino
Address: SK bldg.2F, Kashiwa 4-4-8, Kashiwa-shi, Chiba
Phone: +81-4-7169-9494
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 2:00pm / 5:00pm – 10:00pm
Closed: The second and third Thursday of each month
Access: 5 minutes walk from Kashiwa station

Map: Map to Kushiage Dokoro Shino

7. Chiba Ramen

7. Chiba Ramen
photo by chibaramen   /   embedded from Instagram

“Chiba Ramen” serves “Chiba Pork Rice Bowl”, which has gained popularity recently. “Chiba Pork Rice Bowl” is made of all local ingredients such as local rice and vegetables, and non-meta pork (pork with less fat developed by the university of Chiba) . It costs only 700 yen so you should definitely give it a try!

The restaurant also offers basic ”Pork Rice Bowl” for 650 yen. It includes typical pork instead of non-meta pork, but local rice is still used.

Name: Chiba Ramen
Address: Ario Soga 1F, Kawasaki-cho, Chuo-ku, Chiba
Phone: +81-43-208-1616
Opening Hours: 10:00am – 9:00pm
Open all year round
Access: 15 minutes walk from Soga station

Map: Map to Chiba Ramen

8. Ume No Ya

8. Ume No Ya
photo by wei_ramen   /   embedded from Instagram

The speciality of this restaurant is “Takeoka Ramen”, which has been traditionally eaten at the Takeoka fishing port.

“Takeoka Ramen” is unique in the way that it uses the broth of Chashu (stewed Pork) as a soup for Ramen, while typical Ramen requires a soup made of a variety of vegetables and meat. “Takeoka Ramen” is served with a lot of diced onions on noodles and Chashu at the bottom of a bowl. As the soup is made from the broth of Chashu, you can fully enjoy the flavor of meat!

→The Best 10 Ramen Shops You Must Eat in Tokyo

Name: Ume No Ya
Address: Takeoka 401, Futtsu-shi, Chiba
Phone: +81-439-67-0920
Opening Hours: 10:00am – 7:00pm
Access: 30 minutes walk from Takeoka station

Map: Map to Ume No Ya

9. Yayoi Ken

9. Yayoi Ken
photo by shimanagashi8   /   embedded from Instagram

“Yayoi Ken” is not on a street, it’s on the platform of JR Abiko station. You can enjoy ”Karaage Soba/Udon (fried chicken on soba/udon)” in the train station!

There are many stand-up eating soba noodle stores like “Yayoi Ken” in Japan, but this store is especially famous one. Some people even get off a train to come here!

“Karaage Soba/Udon” is made of two big Karaages on noodles of your choice (Soba or Udon). It’s quite big but very cheap (540 yen). Let’s try it if you have time at JR Abiko station!

Name: Yayoi Ken
Address: Honcho 2-4-3, Abiko-shi, Chiba (On the platform of JR Abiko station)
Phone: +81-4-7182-1239
Open all year round
Access: In JR Abiko station

Map: Map to Yayoi Ken

10. Kidoizumi Shuzouten

10. Kidoizumi Shuzouten
photo by supapa   /   embedded from Instagram

In a famous sake store, “Kidoizumi Shuzouten”, you can try Japanese sake. We highly recommend that you try “Hatsu-shibori” if you are visiting here in winter. It’s the type of sake called “Shinshu (new brew of sake)”, which tastes very fresh and has been gaining population of sake-lovers.

Not traveling in winter? Don’t worry! Even if you are not visiting in winter, there are various kinds of sake available. Visit “Kidoizumi Shuzouten” and enjoy high-quality sake!

Name: Kidoizumi Shuzouten
Address: Ohhara 7635-1, Isumi-shi, Chiba
Phone: +81-470-62-0013
Access: 5 minutes walk from Ohhara station

Map: Map to Kidoizumi Shuzouten

Let’s Enjoy Local Dishes of Chiba!

Despite the fact that Chiba is adjacent to Tokyo, it’s surrounded by a rich natural environment. This is why there are a variety of local ingredients and therefore tasty dishes. If you are visiting Chiba, don’t forget to enjoy local dishes as well as sightseeing!

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