The 10 Best Places to Eat in Gion, Kyoto

Kyoto is a popular visiting spot in Japan. Once you step into this area, you’ll be amazed with its special atmosphere. Today, I’m going to introduce 10 famous food in Gion area.

1. Gion Kinana

1. Gion Kinana
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7 mins walk from Gion Shijo station, this store serves a local food, Kyo Kinana. Kyo Kinana is an ice cream made of Kinako (soy powder) and it has a mild taste.

There are six kinds of Kyo KInana available; plain, black sesami, red beans, black sugar syrup, yomogi(mugwort) and matcha.

Name: Gion Kinana
Address: 570-119 Minamigawa, Gion cho, HIgashiyama ku, Kyoto shi, Kyoto
Tel: +81-75-525-8300
Store hours: 11:00-19:00
Access: 7 mins walk from Gion Shijo station

Map: Map to Gion Kinana

2. Gion Koishi

2. Gion Koishi
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In this shop, you can enjoy Kyoame (kyoto candy). Its taste hasn’t changed since its opening. Also besides Kyoame, there are many delicious Kyoto sweets you can find in here. In summer time, they serve shaved ice!

Name: Gion Koishi
Address:286-2 Kitagawa, Gion cho, Higashiyama ku, Kyoto shi, Kyoto
Tel: +81-75-531-0331
Access: 6 mins walk from Gion shijo station

Map: Map to Gion Koishi

3. Charyo Tsujiri

3. Charyo Tsujiri
photo by mikahasegawa1005   /   embedded from Instagram

You can enjoy Kyoto-Uji Matcha sweets at this shop. The most popular item here is Match parfait. If you are in Kyoto, you must try it!

Name: Chayo Tsujiri
Address: 530 Kawara cho Kodaijimon mae, Shimogawaradori, Kodaiji, Higashi yama ku, Kyoto shi, Kyoto
Tel: +81-75-541-1228
Store hours: 11:00-18:00
Access: 13 mins walk from Gion Shijo station

Map: Map to Chayo Tsujiri

4. Ryokujyuan Shimizu

4. Ryokujyuan Shimizu
photo by mica.sosochun   /   embedded from Instagram

Konpeito is a kind of candy which is believed to had been delivered from Portugal. So it used to be an expensive item. Still it is used as a wedding gift and at other special occasions.

It’s not a regular candy, it’s like an art work. This store is the only Konpeito specialized store in Japan. Get one for yourself, and some for a souvenir!

Name: Ryokujyuan Shimizu
Address: 38-2 Yoshida izumi dono cho, Sakyo ku, Kyoto shi, Kyoto
Tel: +81-75-771-0755
Store hours: 10:00-17:00
Closed on wed and every fourth Tuesday
Access: 10 mins walk from Demachi yanagi station

Map: Map to Ryokujyuan Shimizu

5. Kamo Mitarashi Chaya

5. Kamo Mitarashi Chaya
photo by kayo_iwsw   /   embedded from Instagram

Does Dango cross you mind when it comes to Kyoto? Somehow, we crave for it when traveling. This is a great place for enjoying Mitarashi dango. Perfect as a snack when you explore in Kyoto town!

Name: Kamo Mitarashi Chaya
Address:53 Matsunoki, Shimogamo, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto shi, Kyoto
Tel: +81-75-791-1652
Store hours: 9:30-18:00
Access: from Shimogamo Jinjya mae bus stop

Map: Map to Kamo Mitarashi Chaya

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6. Yayoi

6. Yayoi
photo by hinacohinaco   /   embedded from Instagram

This is a Chirimen Sansho specialized store. (dried whitebates and Japanese pepper) In Japan, people have been eating this by putting on top of the rice. This store’s products are flavorful and you can’t find it anywhere else. Perfect for a gift, or get one for yourself.

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Name: Yayoi
Address:481 Shimogawara Kiyoicho, Gion, Higashiyama ku, Kyoto shi, Kyoto
Tel: +81-75-531-8317
Store hours: 10:00-18:00

Map: Map to Yayoi

7. Shichimiya Honpo

7. Shichimiya Honpo
photo by yasuhiro_1030   /   embedded from Instagram

There are many kinds of peppers used in Japanese food. Originated in 1650, this store offers many varieties of red pepper flakes and other condiments. Find your favorite one here!

Name: Shichimiya Honpo
Address: 2-221 Shimizu, Higashiyama ku , Kyoto shi, Kyoto
Tel: +81-120-540-738
Store hours: 9:00-18:00
Access: JR Bus from Kyoto station, 5 mins walk from Shimizudo bus stop

Map: Map to Shichimiya Honpo

8. Ichimojiya Wasuke

8. Ichimojiya Wasuke
photo by itititititi   /   embedded from Instagram

Do you know Aburi Mochi? It’s baked Mochi on a stick and many Kyoto people have loved it for a long time. The store itself looks like a very old building, so it attracts many people passing by. Its roasting aroma and white miso sauce are amazing. You won’t be able to resist the deliciousness.

Name: Ichimojiya Wasuke
Address: 69 Murasakino Imamiyacho, Kita ku, Kyoto shi, Kyoto
Tel: +81-75-492-6852

Map: Map to Ichimojiya Wasuke

9. Shinma do

9. Shinma do
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Located near Kamigamo Shrine, this Yakimochi (baked mochi) store was originally opened in Meiji 5 year. They still keep their tradition and original taste. They carefully select their ingredients, red beans from Bizen, and Sweet rice for mochi from Shiga. The store closes when the items get sold out, so don’t visit at late time!

Name: Shinma do
Address: 4 Kamigamo Misonoguchi cho, Kita ku, Kyoto shi, Kyoto
Tel: +81-75- 781-1377

Map: Map to Shinma do

10. Tako tora

10. Tako tora
photo by uni_wo_ow   /   embedded from Instagram

Takotora is a famous takoyaki store in Kyoto. They use big and fresh octopus. Their takoyaki is prepared by cooking for 30 mins. It’s crispy outside and soft inside. Tako-chinmi is also their popular menu. It is some cut octopus on top of cabbage, finished by spicy sauce. It’s a must try!

Name: Tako tora
Address: 15-3 Ichijoji Akanomiya cho, Sakyo ku, Kyoto shi, Kyoto
Tel : +81-75-791-5205

Map: Map to Tako tora

Enjoy Kyoto food in Gion!

Gion is such a beautiful area, so many people enjoy walking around here. If you get a little bit hungry, these are great places to stop by for a snack on your break!

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