The 10 Best Breakfasts Restaurants You Must Eat in Nagoya, Japan

When you order coffee in Nagoya, it comes with toast, rice balls, salads etc. This is called ‘morning service’ in Japanese and is said to have started in the 1960s when someone ordered something to drink and a boiled egg and peanuts were served with it. ‘Morning Service’ can be enjoyed around the country, but Nagoya is the most famous place for it. We will introduce you to the best places for ‘morning service’ in this article.

1. Kissa Liyon

1. Kissa Liyon
photo by achpi_   /   embedded from Instagram

‘Morning service’ is usually served early in the morning, but “Kissa Liyon” which is near Nagoya Station serves ‘morning service’ all day. “Kissa Liyon” is famous not only in Nagoya, but famous around Japan.

If you order the ‘morning service’ here, you will get a choice of a sandwich, or a slice of toast with a boiled egg. If you order the toast and boiled egg, you will also get a slice of castella with it so we recommend you to go early in the morning!

Name: Kissa Liyon
Address: 1-24-21, Meiekiminami, Nakamuraku, Nagoyashi, Aichi
Morning service:8:00~18:00
Holidays: None
Access: 4 minute walk from Nagoya Station

Map: Map to Kissa Liyon

2. Komeda’s Coffee

2. Komeda’s Coffee
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“Komeda’s coffee” is not only famous in Nagoya now, but is well known around Japan. They are famous for their Shiro-Noir (ice cream on a warm doughnut shaped croissant) and they also serve ‘morning service’.

If you order something do drink here, you will get a slice of toast and boiled egg, sweet bean paste and toast or toast with egg paste. The thick sliced toast has special cuts in it so it can be easily eaten.

Name: Komeda’s coffee, Honten
Address: 3-13, Kamiyamacho, Mizuhoku, Nagoyashi, Aichi
Telephone: +81-52-833-2888
Morning Service: 6:30-11:00
Holidays: None
Access: 15 minute walk from Irinaka Station

Map: Map to Komeda’s coffee Honten

3. Café de SaRa

3. Café de SaRa
photo by chaco7suke7   /   embedded from Instagram

“Sace de SaRa” has been on the media many times for it’s’ ‘unusual’ toast which includes toast with black sesame seed paste.

If you order something to drink (out of 4 drinks including coffee) you will get a toast with black sesame seed and toast with brown sugar, or with jam and egg, or toast with brown sugar and egg.

Name: Cafe de SaRa
Address: 1-30-16, Nagono, Nishiku, Nagoyashi, Aichi
Morning service:8:45~11:00
Holidays:Sunday and Monday
Access: 4 minute walk from Kokusaicenter Station

Map: Map to Cafe de SaRa

4. Hanagoyomi

4. Hanagoyomi
photo by makity6   /   embedded from Instagram

If you order something to drink such as coffee (390 yen or more), you will get a salad or a ‘chawanmushi’ and a rice ball or ‘ochazuke’ here but they also serve toast for morning service.

If you would like have rice for breakfast, here is the place you need to visit.

Name: Hanagoyomi
Address: 1F ChikaramachiAabania, 4-72, Chikaramachi, Higashiku, Nagoyashi, Aichi
Morning Service: 7:30~10:00
Acces: 12 minute walk from Takaoka Station

Map: Map to Hanagoyomi

5. Pineapple Mint

5. Pineapple Mint
photo by aipoon0329   /   embedded from Instagram

Pineapple Mint hast been on the media recently and so you may have heard of the name. The owner is very friendly and makes you at home. The morning service is very substantialicious.

You only have to pay for something to drink and you a slice of toast, salad, scrambled eggs, yoghurt, and home-made soup. You are also allowed to order toast as many times as you like! If you pay an extra 100 yen, you can get a rice bowl instead of toast.

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Name: Pineapple Mint
Address: 3-6-6, Meiekiminami. Nakamuraku, Nagoyashi, Aichi
Morning Service:14:00~17:00, on Saturdays 10:00~12:00
Holidays: Sunday
Access:10 minute walk from Oosukannnon Station

Map: Map to Pineapple Mint

6. Top Fruits Yaobun

6. Top Fruits Yaobun
photo by qoomalon   /   embedded from Instagram

Fresh Fruits Yaobun serve fresh fruit juice which include fruit such as banana and kiwi fruit. You can also get different kinds of fruit with your morning service.

You can get the fruit anytime during the day, but you can only get the toast and boiled egg during the morning service time. If you would like to charge up on vitamins, here is the place!

Name: Top Fruits Yaobun
Telephone: +81-52-852-0725
Morning Service: 8:00~10:30
Access: 7 minute walk from Sakurayama Station

Map: Map to Top Fruits Yaobun

7. Kissa Hokubutei

Kissa Hokubutei has a Hawaiian atmosphere and has been introduced on TV. It’s not close from the station but they have an all you can eat style morning service.

They serve a few kinds of bread, salad, and food in the all you can style morning service (60 minutes), and the bread is especially famous. You can also order homemade pancakes which are fluffy and absolutely delicious!

Name: Kissa Hokubutei
Address: 54-1 2F, Hattan, Toyoba, Toyoyamacho, Kasugaigun, Aichi
Holidays: None
Access: 20 minute walk from Hira Station

Map: Map to Kissa Hokubutei

8. Namikoshijyaya Chunichi building

8. Namikoshijyaya Chunichi building
photo by chan_riiika   /   embedded from Instagram

Namikoshijyaya is owned by the traditional Japanese sweets shop “Namikoshiken” and so it is famous for its’ Japanese style menu. There are drinks such as Green Tea Espresso and Japanese Tea Coffee and also orange juice (420 yen each).

If you order one of these drinks you will get a sweet red bean toast or seaweed toast and you can also order a drink and ‘zenzai’ (Japanese style dessert) for 525 yen, too.

Name: Namikoshijyaya Chunichi building
Address: B2F, Chuunichi Building, 4-1-1 Sakae, Nakaku, Nagoya, Aichi
Telephone: +81-568-28-5505
Morning service: 7:00-16:00 (finishes when bread is finished)
Holidays: None
Access: 3 minute walk from Sakae Station

Map: Map to Namikoshijyaya Chunichi building

9. Chapeau Blanc Osu-honten

9. Chapeau Blanc Osu-honten
photo by tobechi915   /   embedded from Instagram

Something to drink for 490 yen comes with a bread, sandwich and boiled egg all you can eat at Chapeau Balnc Oosuhonten. The morning service is only available from 9 to 11am, but there are always 5 or 6 kinds of bread such as bread with walnuts, melon flavored bread, sugar rolls etc.

There are also 3 kinds of sandwiches (egg, ham, and potato salad) served and when one kind is finished, they will get another kind ready. This is very cheap for only 490 yen! Although there is usually a long que here, it is highly recommended.

Name: Chapeau Blanc Osu-honten
Address: 2-16-26, Oosu, Nakaku, Nagoyashi, Aichi
Telephone: +81-52-231-0223
Morning service: 9:00-11:00
Holidays: None
Access: 5 minute walk Oosukannon Station

Map: Map to Chapeau Blanc Osu-honten

10. Chante Kojima

10. Chante Kojima
photo by akrntt   /   embedded from Instagram

During the morning service time, you can enjoy the all you can eat home-made bread at Chante Kojima. As you will be served at the table, you will not be able to choose what kind of bread you want, but you will be able to choose whether you like sweet or delicatessen-based bread.

You will get three kinds of bread on one plate so you might want to be careful when you order more bread. The drinks are all 380 yen and so considering the amount of bread you can order, we highly recommend Chante Kojima!

Name: Chante Kojima
Address: 1-701, Nakahira, Tenpakuku, Nagoyashi, Aichi
Morning Service: 7:00-12:00
Holidays: Tuesdays, 3rd Wednesday of the month, during the summer

Map: Map to Chante Kojima

Let’s eat an amazing breakfast in Nagoya!

Morning service can only be enjoyed in Nagoya, and we would also like to recommend it to people who usually don’t eat much in the morning. If you don’t eat, you run out of energy and feel down, but if you enjoy the morning service in Nagoya, we are sure you will enjoy the rest of your trip!

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