So Impressive! The Best 10 Night View Spots In Toyama!

Who loves the night views? Who loves spending your time with your loved ones? Now, I will introduce the best 10 spots in Toyama that you can see the beautiful night views. Speaking of night views, there are so many kinds – from the ones close to city, to the ones in rural areas. When you go out for night views, just make a plan considering the weather or the season so that you won’t miss it. Depending on where you go, you might need a torch!

Toyama City Hall Observatory Deck

Toyama City Hall Observatory Deck
photo by ta.ueno   /   embedded from Instagram

“Toyama City Hall Observation Deck” was designated as “Tateyama Aogu Special Class (Tateyama Aogu Tokuto Seki)” although it is located at the city hall. From the observatory deck at a height of 70m, you can see the night views of Toyama city. If you are keen, just visit here in the evening when sun goes down so that you can enjoy the magical views of houses start putting lights on, and the silhouette of the mountains of Tateyama, or Mt.Kureha.

As the entry is free of charge, you can visit here whenever you like. When you feel like seeing the night views of Toyama, this is the first place!

Name: Toyama City Hall Observatory Deck
Address: 7-38, Shin Sakura Town, Toyama City, Toyama
Time: 81-Apr-Oct Mon-Fri) 9:00-21:00 (Apr-Oct Sat/Sun/Pub) 10:00-22:00 (Nov-Mar Mon-Fri) 9:00-18:00 (Nov-Mar Sat/Sun/Pub) 10:00-18:00
Close: 29th Dec-3rd Jan
Access: Walk 9 mins from Toyama Station

Map: map to Toyama City Hall Observatory Deck

Mt.Futagami Manyo Line

Mt.Futagami Manyo Line
photo by koutaman226hd   /   embedded from Instagram

“Mt.Futagami” is one of the most popular sightseeing spots located on Mt.Futagami Manyo Line. This is where you must try if you love to see the beautiful night views in Toyama. Especially, Shiroyama is great for the most beautiful night views. At the square of Shiroyama, there are a statue of Kannon and some benches so that you can just take a rest and simply enjoy the views.

Here, you can overlook the city of Toyama, or even Toyama Bay. It takes a few minutes to the square from the parking, but it is a nice walk. Try visit here!

Name: Mt.Futagami Manyo Line
Address: Jimagura, Higashi Ebisaka, Takaoka City, Toyama
Access: Drive 20 mins from Takaoka Station by car

Map: map to Mt.Futagami Manyo Line

Mt.Inaba Observatory Deck

Mt.Inaba Observatory Deck
photo by paine0505   /   embedded from Instagram

When it comes to night views, many of you might think of the ones from top of the mountains. If you are the case, then don’t forget here – “Mt.Inaba Observatory Deck”! Mt.Inaba is a must-try spot for the night views in Toyama.

On top of Mt.Inaba with an elevation of 346m, there is a farm – which turns into the night view spot at night from a standard sightseeing spot during the day! As there is an observatory area along the road, you can just park your car and see the night views of Oyabe City. It is going to be a romantic night for couples!

Name: Mt.Inaba Observatory Deck
Address: Oyabe City, Toyama
Map: map to Mt.Inaba Observatory Deck

Castle of Wind (Kaze no Shiro)

Castle of Wind (Kaze no Shiro)
photo by ine_nagatsuki   /   embedded from Instagram

One of the most popular night view spots is here – “Castle of Wind (Kaze no Shiro)”, located just 20 minutes away from Toyama Interchange by car. Kaze no Shiro is an observatory deck located on Mt.Sarukura with an elevation of 345m. From the parking, you will walk up about 450 stairs talking about 10 minutes. When you are done with stairs, you will soon find an unique building. That is “An Observatory Deck of Kaze no Shiro”.

The night views from here to overlook Toyama Plain are so impressive! It is said to be one of the best sceneries in Toyama, and it actually is worth walking all the way up to the top. This is also what you must experience in Toyama!

Name: Kaze no Shiro
Address: Funakura, Toyama City, Toyama
Phone: +81-76-443-2072
Access: Drive 20 mins from Toyama Interchange

Map: map to Kaze no Shiro

Toyama Airport Observatory Deck

Toyama Airport Observatory Deck
photo by toyama_airport   /   embedded from Instagram

When you go on a trip to Toyama, many of you might use the airplane, arriving at the airport. Yes – the airport could be the place for seeing the night views! Here at Toyama airport, you can see the departure and arrival of the planes from an observatory deck. Especially at night, it looks as amazing.

You can enjoy the views for completely free! The airport is a safe place as well, so you can visit here with your family too. And what’s more – there are so many shops and restaurants and kids would love it too!

Name: Toyama Airport Observatory Deck
Address: Level 4 Domestic Terminal, 35, Akigashima, Toyama City, Toyama
Access: Drive 20 mins from Minami Toyama Station by car

Map: map to Toyama Airport Observatory Deck

Village of Ainokura Gasshotsukuri

Village of Ainokura Gasshotsukuri
photo by takumaaaa11   /   embedded from Instagram

One of the world heritage sites in Toyama – “a village of Ainokura Gassho Zukuri” holds an event of illumination. Although it is limited to the season, you can fully enjoy the night views here! It looks so dynamic that you might think of an old and nostalgic village of Japan. That warms your heart up!

Also, you can overlook an overall village from the observatory deck. Especially the evening makes a great view. It looks as if it is in a world of pictures or something. Try see it now!

Name: Village of Ainokura Gasshotsukuri
Address: 611, Ainokura, Nanto City, Toyama
Phone: +81-763-66-2123
Access: Drive 20 mins from Johana Station

Map: map to Village of Ainokura Gasshotsukuri

Kurobe Farm Makiba no Kaze

Kurobe Farm Makiba no Kaze
photo by armeria04   /   embedded from Instagram

“Kurobe Farm Makiba no Kaze” is located at an elevation of 425m with an awesome view. As it is basically a farm, you can actually see the animals too – and kids would love that! This is definitely one of the most popular tourist spots.

Especially a soft serve that you can try here tastes amazing. And at night, you can just park your car and enjoy the night views. It does not matter when you visit, but you can enjoy this site all day long from morning to night.

Name: Kurobe Farm Makiba no Kaze
Address: 4, Hiroya, Tochiya, Unazuki, Kurobe City, Toyama
Phone: +81-765-52-2604
Access: Drive 20 mins from Kurobe Station by car

Map: map to Kurobe Farm Makiba no Kaze

Takashimizu Rindo Observatory Square

Takashimizu Rindo Observatory Square
photo by hiroko.165s   /   embedded from Instagram

One of the popular sightseeing spots in Nanto City – there is “Takashimizu Rindo Observatory Square” which is renowned for beautiful skunk cabbages. As it has a high elevation, you will see the amazing views.

Don’t forget to visit here at night – you can just sit in a car and overlook the city of Nanto and Oyabe. Night sky looks amazing too – why not visit?

Name: Takashimizu Rindo Observatory Square
Address: Iriai, Kitano Minoya, Nanto City, Toyama
Map: map to Takashimizu Rindo Observatory Square

Tofukuji Nature Park

Tofukuji Nature Park
photo by hoppe_ciao   /   embedded from Instagram

“Tofukuji Nature Park” is a huge park that can be enjoyed by everyone with a barbeque area, an athletic area, and even a golf area. The location is just perfect with an elevation of 300m, and the night views are especially great. You can enjoy a neon of houses in Toyama Plain.

If you want to enjoy the views, staying overnight is strongly recommended. Of all, SL House is where you must try! It is self-contained with a bathroom, fridge, kitchen, and plates and cutlery! You can go see the night views and sky whenever you want, and it is great for making a fantastic memory.

Name: Tofukuji Nature Park
Address: 41, Tofukuji, Namekawa City, Toyama
Access: Drive 20 mins from Namekawa Station

Map: map to Tofukuji Nature Park

Tonami Yumenotaira Sankyoson Observatory Deck

Tonami Yumenotaira Sankyoson Observatory Deck
photo by 8a8i8   /   embedded from Instagram

There is a night view here at “Tonami Yumeno Taira Sankyo Son Observation Deck”. Old, but nostalgic views of village and Sankyo village in Tonami Plain can be seen here. Sankyo village is a popular sightseeing destination itself, and everyone loves its night views.

The best season to visit is just before rice-planting. From sunset until night, moon will shine those paddy fields and reflection looks amazing. Within a short walk distance, there is a square called “Sankyo Village Observatory Square” too. This is the place where you must try!

Name: Tonami Yumenotaira Sankyo Village Observatory Deck
Address: 160, Gotani, Tonami City, Toyama
Phone: +81-763-33-7666
Access: Drive 25 mins from Tonami Station by car

Map: map to Tonami Yumenotaira Sankyo Village Observatory Deck

Make a Great Memory of Night Views In Toyama!

How was it? If you are planning to visit Toyama and keen on seeing those beautiful night views, try the best 10 spots! Many people might take a rest at night when going on a trip, but don’t waste your time anymore! Let’s be active at night, and visit here and there to take photos for yourself!

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