The Best Ramen Ever! The Top 10 Ramen Shops You Must Try In Kanazawa!

Ramen has almost been one of Japanese cuisine. Kanazawa, a city full of history, has a lot of amazing Ramen shops. Not only that, Kanazawa is said to be one of the cities with the best shops! In this article, I will introduce the best 10 recommended Ramen shops in Kanazawa!

Menya Taiga

Menya Taiga
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Located just 5 minutes away from Kanazawa Station on foot, this Ramen shop is known by the locals. Although this is a small shop with a few seats at the counter, there is always a queue everyday. Quite a lot of people are to try Miso Ramen which has a light, but rich Miso flavour. It also has a good combination with ginger on top.

Other than Miso Ramen, there are other menus such as Black Miso Ramen which contains squid ink in it, and the one with a spicy flavour. If you don’t like to wait in a queue, try before 14:00!

Name: Menya Taiga
Address: 6-3, Horikawa Town, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa
Phone: +81-50-3477-8748
Time: 11:30-15:00 / 17:00-23:00
Close: Mondays / Sundays / Dinner on Public Holidays
Access: Walk 5 mins from Kanazawa Station

Map: map to Menya Taiga


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If you are keen on trying one of the best Tonkotsu Ramen in Kanazawa, “Shinsen” is where you must visit! Among the fan, who prefers rich flavour, this shop has become extremely popular. One of the reasons that it keeps its fan – it is Chinese noodles which has rich flavour. The broth sticks to noodles pretty well and nice!

Seasoned eggs on top of Ramen go well with the broth and noodles. You will sure be addicted to its taste! It might be a little far from the station, but you must check this place out!

Name: Shinsen
Address: 4-7-1, Sainen, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa
Phone: +81-76-264-1144
Time: (Weekdays) 11:00-15:00/17:30-23:00, (Sat/Sun/Pub) 11:30-22:30
Close: None
Access: Drive 10 mins from Kanazawa Station

Map: map to Shinsen


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One of the Ramen shops, introduced in the Michelin Guide Toyama/Ishikawa (Kanazawa) in 2016, is here – “Kagura”. As its name, they don’t use additives at all. With Shoyu broth made from small dried sardines, it tastes quite light and mild. Noodles are chewy.

It has 2 kinds of char sius and they are all chewy and nice. In addition, Gyoza, with no additives as well, is one of the most popular menus too. If you feel tired, try them and refresh yourself! If you have a chance to visit Kanazawa for sightseeing, don’t miss this shop!

Name: Kagura
Address: 1-20-10, Teramachi, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa
Phone: +81-76-280-5010
Time: 11:30-14:15/17:30-20:00
Close: Mondays
Access: Drive 9 mins from Nomachi Station

Map: map to Kagura

Kami Yagura

Kami Yagura
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“Kami Yagura”, located 1km away from Kanazawa Station, is the one you must try in Kanazawa! You will find this shop so easily with a flushy sign of the shop! As its sign, the most recommended menu, Ramen, looks so huge and dynamic!

The shop has been inspired by Ramen Jiro, and adding more vegetables are free of charge. Standard Ramen starts from 630 yen, but it is just huge! When you don’t know if you could eat it up, then just try the small one first! The taste is of course guaranteed!

Name: Kami Yagura
Address: 17-13, Motogiku Town, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa
Phone: +81-76-221-0044
Time: (Mon-Sat) 11:00-24:00 (Sun/Pub) 11:00-23:00
Close: None
Access: Walk 14 mins from Kanazawa Station

Map: map to Kami Yagura


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Located just 20 minutes away from Nomachi Station on foot, there is this little shop with 10 seats at the counter – “Fukuzo”. This shop is extremely popular as there is often a queue before its opening hours. One of the most popular menus is called “Fukuzo Ramen”, which makes the best broth with a combination of soy sauce from Kyoto and Kanazawa. “Niboshi Ramen” is what the regular customers often order!

Also, they offer other menus including the seasonal Ramens, and even Saba Sushi, so why not try it now? You might find it a little too far, but it is actually worth walking!

Name: Fukuzo
Address: 4-1-1, Arimatsu, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa
Phone: +81-76-243-2930
Time: 11:30-14:30 / 17:30-21:00
Close: Mondays
Access: Drive 8 mins from Nomachi Station

Map: map to Fukuzo

Maeda Keijirou

Maeda Keijirou
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If you want to fill your stomach with Ramen in Kanazawa, “Maeda Keijirou” is the one. It was inspired by Ramen Jirou, but the tastes of Ramen are not too heavy. One of the most popular menus here is “Keijirou”, which has a huge amount of bean sprouts onto the Tonkotsu Shoyu broth!

They also offer a wide variety of menus including Tsukemen, so try one out! As it is located in middle of the town, you can visit this place after you drink somewhere else. It opens late – which is great, isn’t it?

Name: Maeda Keijirou
Address: 2-7-1, Katamachi, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa
Phone: +81-76-224-1161
Time: (Mon-Thu) 11:30-14:00/18:00-24:00 (Fri/Sat) 11:30-14:00/18:00-2:00 (Sun/Pub) 11:30-22:00
Close: Wednesdays
Map: map to Maeda Keijirou

Menya Tatsu

Menya Tatsu
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If you have something very local, “Menya Tatsu” is the one. As it is located 18 minutes away from Kanazawa Station by car, you might find it far from the station, but the shop itself is always busy as it offers the amazing Ramens.

For this Ramen, they use only the selected and local ingredients. They have a contract with the local farms and thus the ingredients are all fresh! Also, the broth is made taking 24 hours. It has 3 sizes; small, medium, and big, so try the one you like!

Name: Menya Tatsu
Address: 2-12, Tagami no Sato, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa
Phone: +81-50-3461-1278
Time: 11:30-22:30
Close: Irregular
Access: Drive 18 mins from Kanazawa Station

Map: map to Menya Tatsu

No.8 Ramen

No.8 Ramen
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When it comes to No.8 Ramen, many locals in the Hokuriku region think of the soul food. It was actually originated here in Kanazawa City! One of the reasons that it has become so popular must be “Vegetable Ramen”. With the Tonkotsu broth and thick noodles, and the boiled fish paste with the no.8 – this is what you must try!

Although the shop was originally opened on National Route 8, there is another one near Kanazawa Station. Inside the shop is quite spacious that many visitors bring their own suitcases. So, this place is literally great for travellers!

Name: No.8 Ramen
Address: Kanazawa Hyakubangai Anto Level1, 1-1, Kinoshinbo Town, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa
Phone: +81-76-260-3731
Time: 10:00-22:00
Close: None
Access: Walk 3 mins from Kanazawa Station

Map: map to No.8 Ramen


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“Shuusei” is a popular Ramen shop located 9 minutes away from Oshino Station, always with people lining up. Of all menus, Chinese noodles with the fish broth are the best! It has a slight, but nice flavour of bonito flakes!

Also, another popular menu called “Sweet Shrimps Shoyu Soba” is quite unique to the Hokuriku region. A real taste of sweet shrimps matches with the Shoyu based broth! In addition, there is this rare menu “Nodoguro Soba”. If you have a chance to visit Kanazawa, this is where you must try!

Name: Shuusei
Address: 1-64, Yonaizumi Town, Kanzazawa City, Ishikawa
Phone: +81-76-227-8208
Time: (Weekdays) 11:30-14:30/18:00-21:30 (Weekends) 11:30-14:30/18:00-21:00
Close: Mondays
Access: Walk 9 mins from Oshino Station

Map: map to Shuusei


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Located 9 minutes away from Kanazawa Station by driving, there is this local shop “Isshinya”, which offers a wide range of menus including the one with the fish and Tonkotsu based broth! As it becomes so busy especially during the lunch time, just spare some time to visit this place. You will love Ramen with a huge piece of char sius!

The one you must try is “Bonito Mega Max” which contains 20 times of the Bonito based broth. Although it might seem a bit far from the station, there is a parking!

Name: Isshinya
Address: 22, Kitamachi, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa
Phone: +81-76-262-1483
Access: Drive 9 mins from Kanazawa Station

Map: map to Isshinya

Try Must Try Ramen In Kanazawa!

How was it? In this article, I have introduced the best 10 Ramen shops you must try once you are in Kanazawa. All of them have a wide variety of menus. As there has been a bullet train, more and more people have been coming into Kanazawa. If you have never been to Kanazawa, why not try now?

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