The 10 Best Restaurants in Akita

Akita Prefecture is famous for the rice-growing area, the staple food of Japanese cuisine. A rice brand called “Akitakomachi” is famous. Such delicious rice production area Akita Prefecture should have a lot of delicious things! However not only rice. From the famous “Kiritanpo” to the sweets, Here is a list of 10 local restaurant to accompany your travels in Akita!


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The famous gourmet that you can not miss in Akita Prefecture is “Kiritanpo”! Akita Kiritan Poya is close to Akita Station, making it an excellent location for getting close to sightseeing. If you order a Kiritanpo nabe, you can see baked Kiritanpo in the hearth in front of you. Kiritanpo, which has a slight charcoal fire flavour, has a strong presence in the pot and is really delicious.

In addition to Kiritanpo hot pot, you can also enjoy Akita specialties such as Aburigakko and Hatahata. Since local sake is also plentiful, it is a perfect way to enjoy the delicious things of Akita! This restaurant is suitable for those who cherish the moments slowly.

Name: Akita Kiritanpoya
Address: 2-7-6 Nakadori, Akita
Phone: +81-18-801-2345
Time: (Mon-Sat): 16:00-1:00 next day(Sunday): 11:30 am-1:00 am (only on Sundays, lunch is available)
Close: all year round
Access: 4 minutes walk from Akita Station

Map: map to Akita Kiritanpoya

Yokote Yakisoba

Yokote Yakisoba
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Yokote Yakisoba, famous for its popularity as a B-class gourmet, is the one of the recommended foods when you visit Akita Prefecture. Originally, Yokote Yakisoba was popular among people in Yokote City. A group of local restaurants launched a campaign “Yokote Yakisoba Norenkai” to promote Yokote Yakisoba and revitalise the region with the dish. Its name became known throughout the country by participating in the B-1 Grand Prix. Currently, there are less than 50 member stores, and the members are struggling to win the annual Yokote Yakisoba Shitenno decision match.

We recommend this time, the long-established “Fujiharu Shokudo”, a regular of the four heavenly kings. It is a small shop, but it is a famous shop that many celebrities also visit! The well-cooked sauce is delicious and fits perfectly with soft noodles. It is a taste that you feel like to eat many times.

Name: Fujiharu Shokudo
Address: Oya Shinmachi Donomae 22-3, Yokote
Phone: +81-182-33-5687
Time: 11:30 to 14:00
Close: Fixed holiday
Access: 10 minutes by car from Yokote Station

Map: map to Fujiharu Shokudo

Hatahata Zushi

Hatahata Zushi
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Akita Prefecture is also rich in fresh seafood. Speaking of fish in Akita Prefecture, Hatahata is famous. Speaking of Hatahata, the image of grilled fish may be strong, but what is popular among locals is Hatahata Zushi!

Hatahata Zushi is a kind of Narezushi- is fermented fish pickled with rice, and it may seem that some people may pull it a bit. However, it is delicious because the taste of vegetables is also infused into the marinated hatahata! It is recommended that you eat it in a pub with a large number of sakes, as Hatahata Sushi also suits local sake. The recommendation is ” Sake-doko Berabo”. It is a popular restaurant which you can enjoy the local cuisine of Akita Prefecture.

Name: Sake-doko Berabo
Address: 2-39 Yanagicho, Noshiro
Phone: +81-185-54-2066
Time: 17: 00-23: 00
Close: Monday
Access: 11 minutes on foot from Noshiro Station

Map: map to Sake-doko Berabo

Inaniwa Udon

Inaniwa Udon
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One of the local gourmets that you can not miss in Akita is “Inaniwa Udon”! This Inaniwa udon is thinner than general udon and uses slightly thicker noodles than hiyamugi noodles. Gentle soup stock goes well.

If you want to enjoy such Inaniwa udon, this ” Sato Yosuke Shoten Flagship Store” is recommended! In addition to a restaurant which you can eat Inaniwa udon, there is also a udon factory here, and you can observe the process of making hand-made udon. You can not easily experience to eat udon made in front of you, right? Isn’t it a memory of a special trip? Please enjoy.

Name: Sato Yosuke Shoten Flagship Store
Address: 80 Aza-Inaniwa Inaniwa-Cho Yuzawa
Phone: +81-183-43-2911
Time: (meal): 11:00 to 17:00 (meal)(factory tour): 9:00 to 16:00
Close: No regular holiday
Map: map to Sato Yosuke Shoten Flagship Store

Butter Mochi

Butter Mochi
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Butter Mochi is a famous product of Kita Akita City, which is familiar to Akita people. As the name suggests, you can find butter which is mixed with egg yolks and sugar in. The characteristic of butter Mochi is that the mochi is soft and stretches. As they do not use preservatives, they spoil rapidly, however do not become hard on the next day of purchase and you can just eat as fresh.

Such butter Mochi can be eaten at Takanosu Road Station. At Takanosu Road Station, various butter Mochi are sold, so you can compare them with each other! It is a recommended shop we want you to go in Akita.

Name: Roadside station Takanosu
Address: Ozutsumimichishita-62-1 Tsuzureko, Kitaakita
Phone: +81-186-63-0111
Time: (April-November): 9:00-18:00(December to March): 9:30 to 17:00
Close: January 1
Access: 7 minutes by car from Serizawa Station

Website: Map: map to Roadside station Takanosu

Aigake Kamishiro Curry

Aigake Kamishiro Curry
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Aigake Kamishiro Curry is a popular taste as a B-class gourmet. It is curry rice with two different types of flavours: one side is traditional curry made by mixing flour, curry powder, and other side is curry rice with modern curry flavor. Put Iburigakko on rice instead of pickles. Besides, hot spring soft boiled egg is also topped, and complete your curry.

This traditional curry tastes fishy and somewhat sweet, and it tastes nostalgic. If you want to eat this Aigake Kamishiro curry in Akita Prefecture, please go to Sakura Komachi. It is convenient for waiting time of trains and so on. Please stop by.

Name: Sakura Komachi
Address: Nakanozawa 14 Kadodate, Senkita
Phone: +81-187-53-2070
Time: (breakfast): 7:00 to 9:00(cafe): 9:00 to 11:00(meal): 11:00 to 21:00
Access: In side of Kadodate Station yard

Map: map to Sakura Komachi

Hinaijidori Chicken

Hinaijidori Chicken
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Local chicken in Akita prefecture called “Hiuchi chicken”. This brand is famous enough to get in Japan’s top three. If you want to eat such a hiuchi chicken, go to Akitahiuchiya! At Akita Hinauchiya’s directly-managed store, which is engaged in the production and processing of Hinauchi chickens, you can get Hiuchi chickens.

There are grilled chicken and chicken steaks at night, but with Oyakodon which served during lunch time, you can taste delicious chicken and eggs. As they offer from single item menu to course, you can choose depending on availability of your stomach. When you come to Akita Prefecture, please try it.

Name: Akita Hinauchiya
Address: Omachi 21 in Odate
Phone: +81-120-701-718
Time: (except sun): 11:00 to 14:00 / 17:00 to 22:00(Sunday): 11:00 to 14:00
Close: Wednesday
Map: map to Akita Hinauchiya

Omagari Natto Jiru

Omagari Natto Jiru
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The taste of Omagari natto jiru, is an excellent gourmet that can only be eaten in Akita Prefecture. It is a natto juice that seems available to be made at home even if natto is contained in miso soup, but the combination is exquisite, such as local mushrooms and / or hot spring boiled eggs and so on. It fits with this natto juice and other rice and pickles! It is the taste only because the delicious Akita rice.

There are many shops that offer Omagari natto jiru, but how about Wa-Daidokoro Hana that also has a seating area? Although it is a hotel restaurant, the taste like home made and the set of natto jiru is also affordable.

Name: Wa-Daidokoro Hana
Address: Green Hotel Omagari 1F, 18-1 Asahicho, Daisen
Phone: +81-187-86-3311
Time: 7:00 to 9:00 / 11:00 to 14:00 / 17:00 to 22:00
Access: 3 minutes walk from Omagari Station

Map: map to Wa-Daidokoro Hana

Babahera Ice Cream

Babahera Ice Cream
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If you want to enjoy the summer in Akita, “Babahera ice cream” is the best option for you. Babahera’s “Baba” means “Auntie” in the Akita language. It’s Babahera ice cream named because it’s an ice that Auntie sells using a spatula! The word “Baba” is attached, but it looks pretty pink and yellow. When you take a bite, strawberries and banana sorbet melt in your mouth and you feel happy.

Babahera ice cream has a history of over 60 years. You can purchase at major supermarkets in Akita Prefecture! When you come to Akita Prefecture, please purchase it!

Name: Babahera Ice


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The sweet that you should eat when you come to Akita Prefecture is this “Kinman”. This Kinman is a good confection that everyone Akita knows. It looks like a small size Imagawa-yaki, but its classy white bean jam wrapped in castella dough with a slight honey scent.

If you want to enjoy this sweets of the Akita people’s purveyor, please go to Kinman Honpo. Here you will find old-fashioned delicious kinman. They also sell a kinman that collaborated with Hello Kitty, and it’s cute and delicious! Please try it.

Name: Kinman Honpo
Address: 2-6-2 Nakadori, Akita
Phone: +81-18-834-3822
Time: 6 minutes on foot from Akita Station
Map: map to Kinman Honpo

Enjoy Delicious Foods in Akita!

How do you find our recommendations? This time, we introduced 10 recommended gourmets to eat in Akita Prefecture. The gourmets introduced this time are all popular items from Akita Prefecture. You might feel ‘What to eat!’ However, there are many local gourmets in Akita Prefecture besides this 10 pieces. When sightseeing in Akita Prefecture, please enjoy not only tourist attractions but also delicious gourmet food.

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